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Stars Falling Down (Dance Cover/ダンスカバー)
This was my first time dancing. I don't have much confidence so I am not very good yet. But I know dancing is something I truly want to be good at so I am gonna keep at it see how far I can go. Stars Falling Down - Sung By Kina Grannis/Paul Dateh's remix Original Choreography by Mike Song Based on a mini web series "When It Counts" by Wong Fu Productions. And to my amazing dance partner Sayo for doing this with me.
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Wedding Dress(日本語 ver.) - TAEYANG (Dance Cover/ダンスカバー)
Merry Christmas Everyone! Song: Wedding Dress Original Artist: Taeyang Song Covered: CREAM And Thank you to an amazing person, Mie Kurosaki, for helping translate my terrible Japanese.
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Love Language (日本語 remake) w/ subs
An original short film by the Jubilee Project Jubilee Project のオリジナル短編映画。 With English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles. Click here for the original Love Language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyB_U9vn6Wk My first ever shot short film. Although it is not my original short film, it was definitely a great learning experience to finally shoot one. I can't wait to share and create many other future original ideas really soon. Thanks for watching! Artist 歌手: Peaches Song 歌曲 : New Heights https://instagram.com/b_wong714/ Credit: Po Chen for the Chinese sub
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Let Go - Shota Shimizu/清水翔太 (Dance Cover/ダンスカバー)
Finally, my second dance cover. Hope you guys enjoy it! Song / 曲: Let Go Artist / 歌手 : Shota Shimizu 清水翔太 ft. M-flo Choreography / 振り付け師: Hide
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The Whisper Challenge with ENGLISH & JAPANESE!! (英語と日本語)
My roommate and I first ever video challenge! Ah~..haha Hope you guys enjoy it! ルームメイトと初めてのウぃスパーチャレンジのビデオです! 楽しんでください~ Music Credit to NoCopyrightSounds. Thanks a lot! https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds
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KREVA / MAGIC meets 久保田利伸 (Dance Cover/ダンスカバー)
After almost a whole year, I am finally back with a new dance cover! ついに!ほぼ1年ぶりになっちゃったけど、新しいダンスカバーと共に、戻ってきたよー。 Although I still struggle a lot with movements, flow, and just really まだまだ動きにも流れにもすごく悩みはあるけど getting into and feeling the music, I feel like I tried my best. ただ、音楽に合わせて、音楽を感じようと、ベストを尽くしたつもり。 Just have to keep going and keep trying. 前に進み続ける事、挑戦し続けること、ただそれだけ。 Anyways!....Thanks for watching! \ (^o^) / まあ、でも!見てくれてありがとう! Song and Artist: KREVA / MAGIC meets 久保田利伸 Choreo by: Hide
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That's Christmas To Me Cover - Pentatonix (アカペラカバー/Acapella Cover)
Although I didn't feel to good or confident about this video, I am glad that I at least can say I did it. ^^ On to the next. この音楽を初めて作ってだけどあまり満足しなかった。でもやってみて本当に良かったです。これからもっと頑張ります! Pentatonix Official YouTube Page - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmv1... Pentanonix That's Christmas to Me - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFjdf... Ray Sahetapy Official YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/VjRay07 Ray Sahetapy - That's Christmas to Me Cover - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOYBO...
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Greatest Showman - "From Now On" (Short Karaoke Cover/カラオケカバー)
Hope you guys enjoy my really short karaoke cover of "From Now On'" with my little best baby friend haha
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What Makes You Happy?  ~~(ENG SUB/日本語&中国語 字幕)
What do you guys find happiness in? 皆の幸せは何? Spending time with your friends? 友達と一緒にいる時? Spoiling yourself with all the things you love to eat? Haha 好きな物だけ食べてる時? (笑) Whatever it is, I hope you all can find the happiness through all the good and the hard times. いつでも, いい時も悪い時も幸せを見つけてね Keep believing in yourself! Cus you're gonna be alright! =D 自分のこと信じて!君なら大丈夫! =D
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Moana ~ How Far I'll Go (Dance Cover/ダンスカバー)
私のモアナのダンスカバー My dance cover of Moana! And thank you to Y.S. for taking the video for me! Choreography: Tokyo Disney Sea Dancer Maki Song: How Far I'll Go Song Artist: Auli'i Cravalho
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My Heart Will Go On Cover (カラオケカバー)
Sung this song for a loving and warm-hearted mother, Tanaka-san.
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Ayumi Hamasaki(浜崎あゆみ)- Jewel Dance Cover(ft. Kanon Mizuno)
My first contemporary dance attempt and original dance cover! It was so cold but fun at the same time haha and thank you to Kanon Mizuno for giving me the opportunity to dance to her song cover of Ayumi Hamasaki Jewel Check out her page! Kanon Mizuno Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQLRovF-CBg Thanks for watching! and Merry Christmas!
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One Life - (An Inspirational Video w/ 日本語 & 中文 subs)
Song Artist: Boyce Avenue Song Title: One Life
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Coming Back! ただいま!
Song: One Summer's Day Composer: Joe Hisaishi From Ghiburi Studio
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Jay Chou (周杰倫) - Secret 不能說的祕密 (Song/カラオケ Cover)
My friend and I doing a fun karaoke cover of Jay Chou - Secret 友達と中国語の音楽を歌った。本当に楽しかった! Credit to an awesome friend, Lyn, for recording this. Thanks Lyn! =D
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Yui - Goodbye Days (Karaoke Cover/カラオケカバー)
Just for fun. 楽しんでだけ ^.^
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Almost is Never Enough (Short Cover) - Arianna Grande ft. Nathan Sykes
Me and my friend 1st time ever to do a cover song. Not the best but hope you enjoy it! December 2012
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Evermore (Beauty and the Beast Song Cover/美女と野獣カバー)
My song cover of Evermore from Beauty and the Beast! 私の美女と野獣のEvermoreの曲のカバーです!見てくれてありがとう! Sam Yung Evermore Instrumental Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVc_k... +SamYungOfficial Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi_u... I hope you guys like it! Thanks!...
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Kimi wo Nosete/君をのせて (Song Cover/カバー)
My first Japanese Song Cover Kimi wo Nosete/ Carrying You Making my own song cover or singing in general isn't exactly my greatest strength, but I do hope I can keep getting better and do great soon. Hope you like it ^^ Kimi wo Nosete Piano Version from SIRICHOT MANEECHOT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpjopmBREsuN4R5HOhrEfdA
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