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Southern Style E 0024 Zoom R8 Quick Tutorial  Step by Step
I go much further than in my initial review/overview of the Zoom R8 digital recorder. This is step by step how to choose a drum rhythm track, record a bass line, rhythm guitar track and lead guitar track. I show how to set the recordings up as loops, how to edit the loops, bouncing tracks and how to sequence your tracks, All the basics are covered to get you up and going. In later videos I will address setting marks, using multiple drum rhythms and mastering. Also, if there is interest, I could go into exporting the files for final mixing to a computer and conversion to mp3. Let me know what you want to know and I will try to post it.
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Southern Style E 032 Fender Modern Player Thinline Telecaster Review
Review of a 2011 Fender Modern Player Thinline Telecaster, loaded with Fender MP90 pickups. Crafted in China, this little Tele is a great value for those on a budget and is a gig worthy beast. Fit and finish is top notch. Playability and sound is excellent. A lot to like for not much money.
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Southern Style E 030   DR Pure Blues String Review
Decided to try some DR Pure Blues - Pure nickel strings. These are different than your typical Nickel wound. Not as bright, different feel and tone. If you are looking for a vintage sound, or to tame a bright guitar these may be the ticket for you. And they feel very, very nice. Compared against Ernie Ball Super Slinkies. 9-42.
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Southern Style E 025 Squier Classic Vibe  cv  60's Stratocaster Review
Was home not feeling real well so I decided to shoot another video...this one is a review of a 2010 Squier Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red. The fit and finish on this guitar is very nice. Light, resonant, comfortable and the the stock alnico 5 pickups sound pretty good. I would say these are a good buy used at $150 to $200. Anything more and i would probably just go for the MIM. But, surprisingly, I would say this guitar is gig worthy as is. Enjoy.
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Southern Style E 027 Partscaster Nightmare
See repaired guitar here: https://youtu.be/pSSXl4rodSE See head to head comparison here: https://youtu.be/RMR_MVn_u8M A friend bought this as a used partscaster that was supposedly a custom build. Had some issues so sold it to another friend cheap. Because of the issues, I ended up with it. Guys, please BE CAREFUL when buying these used partscasters....or any guitar from anyone you do not know and/or trust. I will rescue it because I have the parts laying around to do so and it will turn out OK.
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Southern Style E 022 REVIEW  Fender FSR '72 Reissue Custom P90 Limited Edition
Review of the Fender FSR '72 Reissue Telecaster Custom P90, Limited Edition. This one is a 2011 model. Not a common model, but a worthwhile pickup if you can snag one.
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Southern Style E 020     Zoom R8 Review
Quick Introductory Review and my thoughts on the Zoom R8 Digital Recorder. Awesome piece of equipment. New it sales for around $299 or less, and used you see them for $100 or so. Bargain digital recording device. I have posted a step by step basic tutorial on how to do a basic recording here: https://youtu.be/ztBxLfSs3gw
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Smoker test 1
First test of my smoking stage guitar. I planned and built it myself. Lots of trial and error. Could have used more planning...lol. Anyway, first test. Lights did not work, but the smoke did.
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Southern Style E 007 Mystery of Watts vs  Volume EXPOSED!
Is a 50 watt amp twice as loud as a 25 watt amp? How many watts is too much, how many watts are too little? I demonstrate the truth of the matter....you may be surprised.
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Southern Style E 013  Clarification of Quotations
Follow up.... Clarifying my quotations.
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Southern Style E 005 Amp Placement
OK, so you took Dr. Tone's advice and you turned up your mids...now everyone else hears you...but you still can't hear yourself on the stage. I can help you with that in this episode.
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Southern Style E 035 Review of 2008 Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster
Southern Style review of a 2008 50s Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster I picked up last year from a pawn shop. As usual, the Classic Vibe models are impressive guitars for the money. I address the good and the bad, and have no reservations recommending this model for a budget conscious guitarist looking for good guitar for a reasonable cost. *NOTE* Opening instrumental was played in position 4, Neck + Middle pickup - Sorry for the error in the caption.
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Southern Style E 033 Simple Crybaby Wah Pedal Mod Adjustment
My Crybaby always sounded a little shrill/treble-y on the top end to my ears. A friend told me about this simple adjustment that gives you some control over your tone. It works! This is a must see tip if you have a crybaby and I would think it would work on other wah pedals with similar mechanisms. Enjoy.
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Southern Style E 021 Riding the Volume PLUS P90 Humbucker Comparison
Re-shoot of episodes 15 &16 -Combined together for one awesome video...lol! Exploring the versatility of the Les Paul platform and demonstrating the differences between P90 and humbucker pickups. Plus - see my lame attempt at chicken pickin' .. LOL! Enjoy.
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Southern Style E 023 Fender Strat Tremolo Challenge   How I set up mine
Answering the challenge from Bruce to set up a standard Fender tremolo to dive bomb and go crazy with and it return to reasonable tune. A little info about my MIM strat (that I am always changing) and I go crazy with trem....lol! Bruce, I like the 335! :)
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SE Way  Shock Me finale- Woofstock 4-28-2013
We ended our set with Shock Me by KISS with a big finale and an Ace Frehley inspired smoking guitar! This is our tribute to Ace and KISS for all the years of great entertainment they have given us.
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Southern Style E 003 Rivalries
Update on the show/showcase last night in Cola town and my thoughts on band rivalries. https://www.reverbnation.com/bonalisa6 https://www.reverbnation.com/stardog https://www.reverbnation.com/thehaves https://www.reverbnation.com/nopowernocrown https://www.reverbnation.com/osaramusic
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Southern Style E 014 Silencing the Music Critics!  Last Night's Rock Show
Review of last night's show and some clips of the bands. You can make up your own mind.
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Southern Style E 028 Partscaster Nightmare   Fixes and Demo
Put the Partscaster back together and made some fixes along the way. Still a work in progress as the nut needs some more attention but it is now playable and mostly working correctly. Sound samples in the video.
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Southern Style E 026 1 Meet the Biscuits!   Typical Show Day
Loading up, driving to, setting up, sound checking, performing, break down, load out and trip home - A typical day in the life of a local musician on show day. Come with me as I gig with The Black Bottom Biscuits. See behind the scenes of an actual performance.
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Southern Style E 006 Gibson Les Paul v  Fender Strat
I tackle this issue and consult Dr. tone who will REVEAL THE TRUTH and finally answer the question which of these is the best guitar.
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Southern Style E 004 Tone
Some tips on guitar tone...how to stand out in the mix. Also we consult with Dr. Tone for the ultimate advice.
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Southern Style E 018 Happy New Year    Squier Tele Rock Machine
Happy New Year! I demonstrate a Squier Tele Affinity series. Experimented with new mic setup but that failed. Fortunately the camera mic picked up the audio and it turned out OK. The experiment continues.
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Southern Stye E 002 Know Your Role!
Quick video about knowing your role within your band.
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Souther Style E 001
Introductory video which may become a series...who knows? Thought I would give it a try. Thanks to: Bill @guitarstruggles Will at Will's easy guitar Dr. Groovy @ Groovymusiclessons Dave @ Dave's World of Fun Stuff Doug & Pat of the Doug & Pat Show Phillip McKnight of Know your Gear Uncle Doug Ed Dana And all the others blazing the trail...lol!
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Southern Style E 008 Discussion of the 4 amp Comparison in E 007
Discussion of results from comparison conducted in E 007.
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Southern Style E 034 Review of 2018 Fender Mexican Player's Tele
I conduct a Southern Style review on a 2018 Mexican Fender Player's Telecaster. These are wonderful guitars. Gig worthy from the box. This is Fender's replacement for the affordable Mexican made Fender Standard Telecaster, a great series of guitars, but Fender really nailed it with this new line. Up until now, most musicians would get a MIM standard Tele or Strat, change out the pickups, then let her rip! Well, no need to change pickups now...these new ones are fantastic! This is the most comparable MIM to the US standard Telecaster yet. I highly recommend one if you are looking for a killer yet affordable Telecaster.
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Southern Style E 017 Victory!  We have been heard!
Well, we have been acknowledged in the pages of the local periodical which we took on a couple of weeks ago! I declare VICTORY! Your voices have been heard. But the struggle continues folks. Stick together. We will thrive in spite of the critics.
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Southern Style E 009 Live Stage Cues and Lengthening Songs
Discussion and demonstration- The importance of developing good stage communication and cues and a demonstration of these cues in a live situation.
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Southern Style E 019     8 Tips for Writing Songs   plus a FREE bonus tip!
I give you 8 tips to help you with writing your own original songs plus a special bonus tip. All FREE to my viewers!
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Southern Style E 012  Calling Out Critics  Calling for Unity  Edited
Local music critic inspired me to rant about his 'review" of an event that has not yet taken place. A call for unity among local musicians. Link to my Rivalry Video: https://youtu.be/ugCz5knXxhE
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Knotheads SSO Pissed In Perth
In September of 1987, The USS Tripoli LPH-10 stopped in Freemantle, Australia during WestPac '87. Many of Tripoli's sailors made the short trip into Perth, Australia's west coast metropolis, to enjoy all the Aussies had to offer. This song tells just one of the many tales of that adventure. Written by Vic Harrelson 1989, and performed under the bandnames Knotheads, SSO (Subterranean Sonic Offenders) and later Pyramid.
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Southern Style E 010 Solo Tips   Viewing the Fretboard
In response to questions asked as to how I approach the fret board and determine where to solo in different keys. If you have little to no musical theory training, this may help you.
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Southern Style E 031 Craigslist Shopping Rant
Ever shop for musical instruments and equipment on Craigslist? Have you run across "That Guy" that just wants to negotiate, and re-negotiate but never complete the sale? Or you agree to a price, but he just can't ever meet to deliver the goods? Well if you haven't consider yourself lucky. Some of us have run across "That Guy!"
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Southern Style E 011 15 Plus Guitar Licks off the top of my Head
Guitarstruggles asked for licks, I answer with a few off the top of my head. Enjoy!
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Southern Style E 029 Squier CV Stat v Partscaster Comparison
I compare a Partscaster Strat with Mighty Mite and some genuine Fender Parts including Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials with a bone STOCK 2012 Squier Classic Vibe 60s Stratocaster. Which sounds better to you? Considering that a partscaster would cost double or more than a used Squier CV on the used market, and possibly more than a new Squier, which do you think you would choose? No right or wrong answers...just preferences. Amp is a Tweed deluxe Clone.
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