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Everything's going great! Trump just signed a bunch of bills and laws and stuff. He went to Iran to say hi to the troops! The government is shut down. That means all those lazy people on food stamps will starve to death. And my mom isn't on food stamps. She has a food card. She's so smart. And the stock markets are hi. I bet Trump lowered the interests rate himself! Trump is the worlds boss and America is almost great again.
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hear me write LIBERALS SUCK
I have a way to hide now. I hide behind a text to audio app from right here in mama's basement. I have alot of things to say. I've been noting all this liberal antics and animals. They think communism is a good thing. Well, I'm right here at my desk, next to the washer machine to tell you it not. Crazy liberals are nuts and crazy. They think they know everything about everything when really they know nothing about everything so I'm on my new Android phone and I'm going to tell you news stories all the time. Here me right!
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PELOSY wants to screw TRUMP
So Nancy Pelosy doesn't think Trump is a man, huh? She's probaly gotta big penis just like first lady Micheal Obama does. Trump is a man's man just like my father was before he went to prison! Trump ain't no Nancy.
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Government shut DOWN
We need a government shut down right now. Donald Trump has been fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting for my safety, your safety, our safety. He has been fighting. Safety. And they want to lock him up. They want him in jail. They can't put Donald Trump in jail. He's like Superman. You can't lock Superman up. Just try. You'll see. I have been studying everything. He's not going to go to jail, and we're getting a wall for Christmas. Build that wall! Build that wall! Build THAT WALL! And Merry Christmas, not happy holidays. Liberals are so stupid. They are. They are. Are!
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Jenk off Alexandra Ocasio Cortez tweets secrets
Ever sense liberal jenk off Alexandra Ocasio Cortez took office, it had be nightmare. She's a big tattle tail and has given away secrets on Twitter about things that should be secret. A secret is a secret and she isn't evan right. Then in Wisconsin liberals are crying about laws being passed. Conservative lawmakers make laws because lawmakers make laws and laws need two be followed by liberal jenk offs. If Walker talks the walk all Democrats need listen. Power grab by the pussy is for Republicans to do that. Stop crying and till A O C shut pie hole. Now is time. I'm writing and are the liberals listening? I am talking to you to talk I am. Here me am right.
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Cupcake Gears Thrumming Sugar
I have no idea where I got the "music" track from, but it's the only "song" on my phone
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