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Detroit 8V71 Marine Diesel
In a 57' Chris Craft Connie. Naturally aspirated.
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1985 PT40 Bluebird Wanderlodge 6v92
video of my 1985 40ft bluebird wanderlodge with a detriot diesel 6v92
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1976 Sea RAY 185 165hp  250ci Chevy
a video of the outdrive, engine, and us cruising in the boat
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1997 Polaris XLT 600cc Snowmobile
Just rebuilt, liquid cooled, no studs. excellent shape. A video of a cruise on the snowmobile. Limited edition, Reverse.
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1994 657cc Sea Doo XP
we got it for free, a little work and it looks great!
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heating your home  with used vegetable oil. Waste vegatable oil. WVO
Useing a .40gph 60degree nozzle. 30 sec. post purge for preheat and 180 sec. post purge cooldown. Rectangle refractory lined with soft fiberfrax.
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1991 Polaris RXL 650CC EFI
A video of our 1991 Polaris 650 running and being ridden. Displays engine compartment.
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1983 42' Chris Craft Commander Detroit Diesels 6V92 TI.
1983 421 Chris Craft Commander 6V92 TI 530hp Detroit Diesel tour and trial, For Sale $70,000 Fresh water boat. Located in Grand Haven Michigan. Call 616-234-3762
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3-71 Detroit Diesel In an Insley Crane
Hasn't run in 6+ years. Couple hours of work and it fired right off!
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57 Foot Chris Craft Constellation Motor Yacht
Maneuvering the 57' Chris Craft Constellation "Gemini" via a hoist for about 1000 yards.
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Polaris 1987 Indy Trail 488 snowmobile
Our Polaris snowmobile being driven, in nearly excellent condition.
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7.5 KW Onan MDJE Generator Start After 3 Year Sit
Has been sitting for over 3 years without running. Bought it for $200. Leak in fuel prevented from running longer. Diesel.
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1989 Polaris Indy Sport 340cc snowmobile
Walk around and running our 340 Polaris sport in a field. She'll max out at about 60MPH. Quick little sled in great shape. Studded track. 1989.
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1987 Polaris Indy Trail 488cc testing in a field.
Running our Polaris Indy Trail machine in a field. non studded track. fan cooled. tops out at around 75-85MPH. 1987.
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488 Polaris Indy Trail 1st person ride
First person driving video of our 1987 polaris indy trail 488cc.
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Dissecting A Cat Heart - Anatomy
Cutting open and revealing the heart of a cat in anatomy class. Latex injected
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