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MyPieRogative comes to Saturation Hall - The Trailer!
MyPieRogative comes to Saturation Hall, and asks if she can try some pie. Of course, Rosemary says - but not until she's been initiated with custard down her running pants, and proved herself by totally gunging Rosemary's jodhpurs and polo shirt! Messy comedy mayhem follows as both women totally destroy each other with mess. For the full scene, visit Saturation Hal at http://wench.gungemaster.com/?set=gm-2f213
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Veronica Ravenblack in A Perfect Day For The Mud - The Trailer
Available to download: http://gungemastercom.umd.net/download_info/a_beautiful_day_for_the_mud - Veronica goes mudlarking! A beautiful day, a beautiful girl, and some beautifully soft and creamy mud! Veronica heads out to the Marsh House mudbanks dressed for pleasure in just a swimsuit, short denim dungarees, belted at the waist, and Union Jack wellies. First, bathed in beautiful late afternoon sunlight, she poses for a whole set of photos in the lush green fields by the river. Then she changes into a pair of lace-up leather boots, walks over to the mudbanks, and before very long those nice clean dungarees are totally drenched and coated in mud, as is Veronica, from head to foot, including total face and hair coverage! In the full video she slides down the mudbanks on her bottom, sinks into the soft liquid mud at the gully bottoms, does more sliding down the banks, including lying on her front and also backwards, head first, on her back, rolls around and uses her hands to spread mud all over herself, and finally does two full face-dunks into the liquid clay! The full scene is 30 minutes long and is available initially (for six months from July 2014) in the Members Lounge at Saturation Hall, it will also be released to the Saturation Hall Download Store on Midwinter's Night, 21st December 2014. Veronica does love a good mudbath!
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Clara The North Road Cyclist - The Trailer - Saturation Hall
Morgana dishes out the punishment for trespassing, This video is the trailer, description of the full scene available from wench.gungemaster.com/?set=gm-2f170 follows: For more than two hundred years, ever since the terrible events of the fell winter of 1794, the old North Gates of the Langstonedale estate have been locked and chained shut. The North Road is still passable as a road as far as Purity's tumbledown cottage, beyond that it's now little more than a sheep trail and shunned by most of the people of the estate, many of whom swear it's haunted. So when one day one of the gamekeepers happened upon a wandering cyclist, all decked out in a pristine skinsuit, attempting to ride the ancient roadway, half way between Purity's cottage and the long abandoned gates, there could only be one outcome. Back to the Hall she was brought, down in the dungeons she was chained up, and Morgana set about teaching her just what happens to those who trespass on this estate. Of course, the fact that the errant Clara had managed to get onto the estate in the first place, and her costume's ideal suutability for total gunging, might possibly suggest that this was perhaps her intention all along? Clara wears a red, white, and blue Sky Sports cycling skinsuit, while Morgana wears her floor length black PVC everyday Dominatrix dress, which is well worn from numerous wearings and gungings. Clara is securely chained to the dungeon wall, and Morgana sets about her with treacle, custard, and rice pudding. Once Morgana thinks Clara has learned her lesson, the dominatrix unchains her and then orders her to gunge the mistress, ensuring the job is done thoroughly and with plenty of gunge poured inside the back of Morgana's dress. Both women end up completely drenched in gunge from head to toe, including full hair and face coverage.
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PVC, Pudding, and Pie! - The Trailer
Now available as a download: http://gungemastercom.umd.net/download_info/pvc-puddding-and-pie Description of the full scene follows - watch this trailer for a small sampler, visit www.gungemaster.com to obtain the full scene - it's in the Members Lounge from June 2014 to December 2014, and will later appear on the download store. Chastity and Friday plaster each other with custard in black shiny catsuits! Chastity the Head Gardener, and Friday, the diesel engineer, had a question which needs an answer. What is the best type of catsuit to wear for a thorough flanning, custard covering, and milk filling? So of course they each dress in their preferred version, and merrily set about each other with the mess! Friday wears a long-sleeve, long leg catsuit, which fits her lovely figure perfectly, and she teams it with completely transparent "crystal clear" wellies, through which we can see her feet. Clean and dry for the moment, but probably not for long! Chastity takes a different approach. She dresses in a sleeveless short catsuit, with fishnet tights, and shiny black wellies. Friday volunteers to take the first hits, and so in quick succession, Chastity delivers three firm flannings, one each to Friday's chest, trunk, and shapely bottom. These are rapidly followed up with two cartons of milk poured into Friday's catsuit at the neck, a little collecting in her transparent wellies, where we see the milk filling the boots, engulfing her feet, and rising till it overflows. Next Chastity pour cartons of custard all over Friday's suit, and the willing victim helps to spread the mess all over her outfit, laughing as she slides custard coated hands across her shiny PVC clothes, ensuring no clean spot escapes while Chastity continues to pour more custard over her. Needless to say, it's Chastity's turn next! Splat! Splat! Splat! go the flans, filled with custard and topped with squirty cream, one each to chest, trunk, and bum. Now it's Chastity's turn to have fresh milk poured into her bodysuit, some leaks through the through fishnet clad legs, to collect in her nice black wellies. The custard covering comes next, Chastity now being the willing helper in her own messing as Friday drenches Chastity's bodysuit and fishnets, and her bare arms, in lots and lots of custard, including using her hands to spread custard over Chastity's legs. By the end of all this, both girls are completely coated in goo from the shoulders down, but their heads and lovely hair remains conspicuously clean. Clearly this will never do - it's pie sandwich time! A pie sandwich each, delivered firmly to either side of their heads and mashed in, and then a full custard shampoo each too, thoroughly mashed into their beautiful locks. And then, to finish, the piece-de-resistance, a full milk facial each! A full carton of milk poured down each other's faces, Friday first, then Chastity, a complete deluge of white! Which outfit is best for a thorough flanning? We're not really sure, so you'll have to watch the scene yourself and make your own mind up based on the evidence.
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Shiny Satin Soup Trousers - The Trailer
Trailer / promo video for scene No: gm-2f105, "Shiny Satin Soup Trousers", featuring chamber-maid Maude (19) pouring tomato soup into her shiny satin-finish trousers and swimsuit, and then drenching herself in baked beans and chopped spaghetti.
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Messy girls - Veronica gunged in her purple PVC catsuit - the trailer!
Oh dear! Veronica and Eliza have made a terrible mess of her ladyship's dungeon, and not cleaned up after themselves. Only one punishment will do, they must gunge themselves and each other, while wearing their own clothes! Veronica gets the treatment first, dressed in her own purple vinyl catsuit, and a pair of union jack wellies, she has her suit filled, gunge down the back of her neck, wellies filled, a rice pudding and syrup shampoo, a pie to the face, sits in a cake, and has her suit filled with fizzy cola! The full scene is 19 minutes long and also comes with over 500 high res photos, and is available from December 2013 for six months in the Members Lounge, and will later appear on the download store. Saturation Hall - www,gungemaster.com Members Lounge and Download Store Visit today!
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Muddy girl - A Muddy Maude - Fully clothed mud, mudslides, sitting in mud
Maude the chamber-wench takes a walk in the mudbanks dressed in beautiful high waist jeans, white t-shirt, denim jacket, and black Doc Marten boots. She walks into the mud, falls over on her bottom, rolls around in the mud, makes mud angels, and goes mudsliding down the steep riverbank. This is the trailer video, the original is 18 minutes of fully clothed muddy mayhem, available from Saturation Hall. http://www.gungemaster.com
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Felicity the Catsuit Mud Angel - Fully clothed mudlarking in spandex - the trailer!
Felicity takes to the mudbanks in full spandex! High Summer has come to Langstonedale, and Felicity the Serving Wench decided to spend a relaxing day off, dressed in a shiny black spandex catsuit and thin shiny black jacket, playing, sliding, slopping about, and making mud angels, in the rich slippery mudbanks of the Marsh House estate. She slips and slides her way into the mud, falling over once and landing on her bottom on a relatively dry bit to start with - but he beautiful shiny catsuit doesn't escape for long, as within moments she's sliding down into the very sloppy liquid mud at the bottom of one of the gullies, and from then on she just gets more and more covered in mud, revelling in muddy pleasure as she slides, rolls, sits down, lies back, and eventually crawls through the all-enveloping muck. Once she's well covered she takes her jacket off, revealing the still clean upper half and sleeves of her catsuit - which she quickly completely messes up by filling her jacket with liquid mud and putting it back on again over the clean spandex. The full video of this scene runs for 24 minutes and is non stop mud action all the way through. The video operator went right into the mud with Felicity and the entire scene is shot from just a few feet away, so there is no zooming in, no missed action, and no shaking camera, you can enjoy Felicity's time in the mud as if you were right there beside her. The video has full original sound with no crew chatter, just the sounds of the countryside and Felicity squelching in the almost liquid Lincolnshire clay. This is just the trailer - the full length video was released to the Langstonedale Members Lounge in March 2016 and later to the Download Store. Visit http://langstonedale.com/?set=gm-2m27 for free photos and full details of how to obtain this scene.
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Trailer for Three Girl Mud Party In Dresses!
This is a trailer for a scene available at http://langstonedale.com/samples/gm-2m52/i2.html Scene Three of a three-part set, with Maude and Maria already in the mud now Felicity, dressed in a lovely red plaid mini-dress with a lovely white 'Wednesday Addams' style collar, joins the party. Just like Maria did, Felicity soon finds herself sliding down the mudslide the others have made, and before long all three girls are covered in mud and taking turns to slide, roll, and splash down the mudbanks and into the very sloppy mud at the bottom of the gully, which becomes more exposed as the tide goes out. Once all three are totally covered they lark and splash about for quite a while, including a raucous game of "Three In A Bed" which sees them all rolling down the slope to end with a splash in the sloppy mud at the bottom.
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Long Denim Skirt Drench - Langstonedale Mud and Water
"Willing wench Chastity doused in milk and water in a long denim skirt" This is a trailer, full scene description is: Originally a bonus scene for December 2015, watch as Chastity, dressed in a black spandex swimsuit, floor-length blue denim skirt, and blue denim jacket, is first drenched in milk, and then doused with buckets of water, by Evelyne the cook. Chastity, standing up, has her swimsuit filled with milk which floods out and all down the front of her skirt too. She turns round and has more milk poured inside the collar of her denim jacket, some wets through the jacket from inside, the rest flows out and down over back of her skirt, soaking it to match the already wet front. After the milk, Chastity has buckets of water poured over her clothes, then more buckets thrown at her, front and back, and then finally she sits down and has a full bucket poured all over her head, further soaking her now-drenched clothes. Evelyne, dressed in a black leather skirt, boots, and a black short-sleeved skirt, stays mostly dry but gets milky water slightly splashed over her leather skirt as she drenches Chastity. For full details look here: http://saturationhall.com/samples/gm-2q021/i2.html Technical: The video has full original sound.
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Morgana and Scarlet in Denim and Rainwear - The Trailer
This is the trailer for Saturation Hall's "Denim and Rainwear" scene featuring Morgana and Scarlet utterly drenching each other in custard, fully clothed. Morgana wears dark blue high waist jeans with a black spandex swimsuit and white patterned plimsolls, while Scarlet wears a genuine vintage 1970s blue denim jumpsuit with clear wellies. Scarlet then adds a pink nylon poncho, while redhead Morgana dons a transparent PVC raincoat with a bold printed flower pattern. The full scene, available from October 2016 in the Saturation Hall Members Lounge and later from our download store, is 54 minutes long, all bar the first few minutes of which is non-stop fully clothed messy action. See http://saturationhall.com/?set=gm-2f167 for full details and free sample photos.
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Messy Lady Jasmine in custard filled camouflage coveralls!
Official trailer for gm-2f99, Lady Jasmine Soldier Girl, featuring Lady Jasmine of Saturation Hall, dressed in a tight fitting camouflage jumpsuit and converse-style boots, totally drenching herself in custard, syrup, and cream. First she pours a little cream, then a litre of milk, and then a whole carton of custard, inside her jumpsuit. Then she works in the dungeon preparing a cake to sit on, still with all that custard inside her jumpsuit. She sits in the cake, gets up, gathers up all the spilled bits and puts them back on the chair, adds some custard, and sits down in the mess again. Later on she does press-ups with face-planing into a gateaux, and then gives herself a treacle, custard and cake shampoo. By the end of the scene she's totally drenched in mess, from head to toe, with not a single clean inch anywhere!
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Rainwear in the river - British Summer Beachwear 2012 - The Trailer!
The summer of 2013 has been exeptional, with long sun-drenched days. The washout summer of 2012 was much more typical, and Chastity has created the perfect outfit for a normal British summer - waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket, union jack wellies, and a black bikini, and she puts it all to the test in the estate river.
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Messy wedding dress drenched in beans - trash the dress extreme!
Kitty wears a beautiful white bridal gown with a train, white stockings and cream leather shoes, and gets totally drenched in raw eggs, tomato soup, and gallons of baked beans! Our messy girl gets raw eggs poured down inside her dress, then soup, and then beans all over, including a bean shampoo and facial. She also places both feet, with her cream leather strappy heeled shoes on, in buckets of baked beans. Savoury wedding dress filling, and savoury shoe gunging!
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The Gunge Comparison - Main Trailer - Felicity and MyPieRogative!
Felicity and Maria try out a new type of gunge - the main trailer. In the summer of 2016, Dunk Tank Dave of GungeTankBabes started offering a new "luxury" gunge to the market, and so of course we had to try it out. Maria MyPieRogative brought a sample with her when she came for her summer visit to the Hall, and so with Felicity's help she demonstrated and compared the new with the traditional. Both girls dressed for the comparison in vertically striped shorts, dark blue for Maria, red for Felicity, brand new white t-shirts, and white sports socks with coloured banding to match their shorts. Multiple comparisons were done, including pouring the different gunges on each other's arms, then down their shorts, into their t-shirts, all over the outside of their outfits, filling ezch other's socks, and finally full buckets poured over each other's heads. Maria and Felicity really hit it off together and the entire scene is comedy from start to finish, it also does effectively demonstrate the differences between the two types of gunge and the various advantages of each. The new gunge is thicker and gloopier, the traditional is wetter and more flowing. Buy this scene to see exactly how the two types compare, with two very fun and willing gunge-maidens to demonstrate them.
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Messy girl in PVC - clothes filling - Kitty in a Catsuit - gungemaster.com
Lady Rose fills her PVC catsuit with custard - http://www.gungemaster.com - first she pours lots of custard down the inside of her catsuit, then she sits down and covers the outside, and her boots, in gunge, before finally drenching her hair in sticky yellow mess. Trailer for scene gm-2f67, "Kitty in a Catsuit". Trailer also includes scenes from the hosedown clean-up. To see the full scene, join Saturation Hall at gungemaster.com today - just $95 for six months memvbership, instant access to over 100,000 fully clothed messy and wetlook photos, and many hours of video.
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Fully clothed girl soaked in milk and water - Chastity drenched in a red boilersuit
Chastity the Head Gardener, dressed in a tight fitting red boilersuit, is drenched in water and milk by Felicity the Serving Wench. First she has milk poured down the inside of her suit at the back, then she sits down and gets her front totally drenched, including a full bucket of milk poured down her suit, before finally being cleaned up with a barrage of buckets of water. This scene is just the trailer - buy the full scene from http://www.gungemaster.com to see the whole sequence. Scene released to the Members Lounge at Midwinter 2013, and will be available in the Download Store at a later date.
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The Green Slimed Bride - The Trailer! - saturationhall.com
Trailer for "The Slimed Bride" available at http://saturationhall.com/samples/gm-2g001/i2.html Description of full video: Brideslimer! Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green! Red-hared Rosemary makes a stunning sight in her beautiful clean white bridal gown, but Felicity, her own blonde locks beautifully set off by her own deep red formal dress, thinks there is just one thing missing. GREEN SLIME!!! Rosemary lies back in the dungeon's tin bath, relaxing for a moment, when Felicity strikes, a full bucket of thick green gunge dumped straight into Rosemary's middle, drenching the beautiful wedding dress in a tide of green all over her front and down between her legs, pressing the skirt of the dress down as it flows. For just a moment Rosemary is outraged, but then she starts to feel the lovely wetness of the gunge coming through her dress, and just gives herself to the moment, enjoying the sensations as Felicity brings another bucket and continues the green slime destruction of Rosemary's dress. Eventually they swap places, Felicity settling back into the green slime bath in her still clean red dress, and letting Rosemary gunge her just as completely as she has already gunged the bride. By the end of the scene, both girls are totally drenched in green slime from head to toe, including full hair and face coverage, shoes and boots filled, and their dresses completely covered front and back, top to bottom.
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Girl in formal dress takes buckets of water then into the river in her dress
To buy the full version of this scene click this link: https://gungemastercom.umd.net/download_info/formal-buckets-of-2013 Formal Buckets of 2013! - www.gungemaster.com Chastity gets soaked in a lovely formal dress. The beautiful Chastity stands by the riverbank on a lovely sunny day wearing a beautiful black formal dress with pink metallic detailing, gets absolutely soaked by buckets of water, and then goes for a swim in the river, still wearing her dress. After a bit she comes out of the river again, sits by the bank, and has more buckets of water poured over her.
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Chastity's Armani Jeans Mud Bath - The Trailer
Trailer for http://langstonedale.com/?set=gm-2m10 released to the Members Lounge at Langstonedale in May 2017, and later to the Download Store. Chastity wears a beautiful pair of black Armani jeans, black heeled boots, black swimsuit andlittle black denim waistcoat, and plunges into the mudbanks! First she steps into the soft mud, watching her thoroughly impractical boots sink into the surface, then she sits down, still in the slightly dryer higher slopes, and spins round on her bottom to ensure a muddy coating on the seat of her jeans. Then she wades into the sloppier mud, sits again, crawls, lies down, slides herself through the liquid clay, and generally has a great time totall coating herself in beautiful flowing riverbank mud. She stops to pose at various points during her mudding, letting us enjoy her outfit as it gradually gets muckier and muckier until not a clean stitch is left. She drenches her hair and covers her face in mud too. Conclusion: Chastity thinks your designer jeans will look even better if you take a mudbath in them. Try it today! Technical: The video is in Full-HD and is 19 minutes long, with full original sound throughout. Chastity keeps her heels on for the entire scene, and it was shot up close and personal with the camera operator right there in the mud with Chastity - no shaky zoomed in from the bank stuff, and you get to see in detail every part of Chastity's outfit, hair, and skin as they make contact with and get coated by the mud.
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Gunged Women - fully clothed messy girls covered in gunge - WAM sampler 2008
Update: As of the start of 2013, six months membership to http://gungemaster.com costs just $50! This is a permanent price change, as the site now rotates its content. All of the older material is available in the download store at http://gungemastercom.umd.net Watch Lady Jasmine and friends, fully clothed, cover themselves, or each other, in a variety of sloppy wet gunge and mess.
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Blue Jeans, Bristol Mud! - Daphne and Friday get muddy together in jeans
Trailer for Saturation Hall scene gm-2m19, available at http://wench.gungemaster.com/samples/gm-2m19/i2.html Description of full scene: "The girls from Langstonedale playing in the River Avon mudbanks" Take two lovely young women dressed in the American classic of blue jeans, plain white t-shirts, and blue denim jackets, add classic British wellington boots, and on a gloriously sunny day, send them into the mudbanks of finest Avon clay to completely cover themselves and each other in as much rich brown mud as possible! They wade in, fall over, sit down, roll around, and end up completely coated in mud, shrieking with laughter all the way through it. At one point they take turns to push each other over in the sloppiest bit, denim-clad bottoms sinking "splat!" into all-engulfing mud, at another point Friday throws handfuls of mud at Daphne, who deftly catches each one and then splats them on her own clothes. Every detail is shown as they go from smart and clean to totally covered, including full views of both girls' jeans getting covered, as well as their top halves. Two wonderful girls in classic outfits having a whale of a time getting totally covered in mud - muddy perfection!
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Chastity at the Pack Horse Bridge - The Trailer
Dressed in high waist dark blue denim jeans and denim jacket over a swimsuit, and with black wellies on, Chastity goes for a wade, paddle, and full swim in the river by the Pack Horse Bridge. This is the trailer for the full scene (gm-2w98), available from March 2015 in the Members Lounge and later in the Download Store. Saturation Hall - www.gungemaster.com - Members Lounge and Download Store.
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Two Girls Waterproof Rainwear Mess test - The Trailer - Saturation Hall
This is a trailer for a full scene available at the Saturation Hall Download Store: https://gungemastercom.umd.net/download_info/rainwear-mess-test Full scene description: Veronica and Eliza have been asked to perform a full-saturation mess test on two suits of rainwear. They may be wearing waterproof clothes, but don't worry, both of them are about to get very messy indeed, inside and out! They start off in gunge underwear, Veronica in a black and grey one piece swimsuit, and Eliza in a long sleeve, long-leg black spandex catsuit. Before they put any other clothes on, they drop a slice of chocolate gateaux, and half a can of custard, inside the back of their respective suits, Eliza in particular continues to react as the cold wetness slips down inside her catsuit and collects under her bottom. Meanwhile Veronica realises she's forgotten her black spandex leggings, and runs off to find them, mindful that she mustn't let the mess in the back of her swimsuit drip on the polished oak floors of the main hall. Over their skin tight gunge underwear, they each slip on an oversized white t-shirt (those aren't going to be white for long!) and then start to put on their waterproofs. Trousers first, carefully pulled up and then tie each other's hoods on properly, so all you can see is their pretty faces, tightly contained in their waterproof hoods. Wellies complete the rainwear outfits. And then the messing begins! Veronica takes a pie to the face to start, the a pie sandwitch, and then lots of custard poured all over her clothes. Meanwhile Eliza, who is initially testing the effects of gunge poured inside her waterproofs, is treated to a very thorough clothes filling, down the front of her trousers, down the back, her hood filled and then raised and splashed onto her head, and her jacket, done up again after being opened for the trouser fillings, filled too. Both girls treat each other to fully mixed mess, custard, tomato soup, beans, they take it all. Eventually it's decided that it's not really fair that Eliza has had her clothes completely filled while Veronica, though well splattered on the outside, is still pristine, clean and dry inside, and so the roles are reversed, and an unresisting Veronica suffers a totally messy fate at Eliza's hands, and is soon reduced to a similarly slippery mess with her trousers and jacket also well filled. Originally shot in 2013 as a custom, this scene is now being made available to download. Not perhaps your usual gunge outfits, but these two girls really bring the scene to life with an amazing, and amazingly messy, performance. Waterproof fabrics are no barrier to a gunge-wild Saturation Hall girl getting herself very messy indeed!
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Wetlook Trailer - Friday and Felicity - Uniforms In The River
This video is the trailer for Saturation Hall gm-2w99, Uniform Dresses In The River. This scene will be live in the Members Lounge from October 2014 for six months, and later will be available in our download store. Visit http://wench.gungemaster.com/samples/gm-2w99/i2.html for availability information for the full length scene and photoset. Description of the full scene: Felicity, in dark blue uniform dress, takes Friday, in a bright yellow nurses uniform dress, into the river by the viaduct for a good splash about! Having waded through the shallows in their pumps, the two girls wade into the deeper water, Felicity bold and confident, Friday a bit more unsure of herself, and proceed to have a magnificent waterfight, standing waist deep in the weter in their dresses. Both end up utterly drenched with lots and lots of splashing and giggling as they drench each other completely.
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Leatherclad librarian in the mudbanks - the trailer - Langstonedale Mud and Water
This is the trailer for the April mud release on http://langstonedale.com - available to members for six months from April 2016, and later in the download store. A leather-clad librarian goes mudbathing! Meet Violet, an acredited expert on antiquarian books and medieval manuscripts, and an enthusiastic fully clothed mud bath girl! Having been owned by the same family for over 600 years, Saturation Hall has accumulated a significant library of rare and ancient documents, a collection that Lady Jasmine is keen to see properly curated and protected for future generations. Which is what first broight the lovely Violet, a fully qualified antiquarian librarian and expert on old English manuscripts, across the moors to our manor house in the hot summer of 2015. Of course no-one spends long here without learning all about the other distractions and methods of relaxation availeble, which explains why, once the greater part of the collection had been fully catalogued, Violet chose a particularly hot and sunny day to take a break from her work, and try a dip in the mudbanks. Violet dressed in a pair of Marks and Spencer black pleather dungaress, worn over a black and pink swimsuit, with black plimsolls, and kept her glasses on too. She walks into the mud, sinking a little further with each step, until she gets stuck, and then falls back with a splat, planting her bottom firmly in the clay. She gets herself free, and then gradually gets muddier and muddier, sitting down in the sloppy parts, crawling back up the gully on her knees and sliding back down on her bottom, eventually lying down on her back and then rolling over towards the camera, rolling the still-clean front of her dungarees into the mud, and then dragging herself along through the slopiest bits on her font. Her thigh-length black hair doesn't escape, initially just getting a bit muddy as she sits and slides about it the mud, but eventually she gives herself a thorough mud shampoo, ensuring every strand is coated, as well as giving herself a full mud facial, with her glasses on and covering them in mud too. She slides down the gully several times, before eventually taking a bucket of river water up to the top of the adjacent slope and pouring it down as lubrication before taking several high-speed slides all the way down the mud slope to the edge of the river before climbing back up and doing it again. She does this while totally covered in mud from head to toe. Technical: The video for this scene has full original sound throughout, there is no crew chatter, just the sounds of birdsong and Violet slopping about in the mud.
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Messy Women - Chastity in Dunagrees drenched in milk!
Trailer for Saturation Hall release gm-2q017, featuring Chastity, dressed in light fawn short dungarees over a black swimsuit, being drenched in milk by Felicity the Serving Wench. Chastity has her pockets filled, then her dungarees filled and soaked, and eventually has her head drenched too.
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Trick or Treat! Felicity and Rosemary in Halloween dungeon mud fun!
Felicity the Serving Wench, and Rosemary, the new head groom, dress up for Halloween in red tartan school dresses with knee-high white socks, and challenge each other to a very muddy game of scissors-paper-stone. Both girls get utterly drenched in mud, and just to finish off, cover each other in glitter confetti too! This is a trailer for the full scene available to members at http://www.gungemaster.com for six months from Halloween 2015, and later in the Saturation Hall Download Store.
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Busty Teena covers herself in cream - The Trailer!
Busty model Teena from London visits Saturation Hall, and dressed in disco hotpants, fishnet tights, halterneck swimsuit and fancy boots, completely drenches herself in cream!
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Trousers in the river - Chastity goes wading in wellies, combats, and swimsuit
Chastity wades into the cold river and gets totally soaked while wearing urban combats, union jack wellies, and a black bust-shaper swimsuit. This trailer shows a few clips from the video, the full release has over five minutes of continuous wetlook action as Chastity walks in and out of the water multiple times, before having a bit of a swim and then crawling about in the water and sitting in the shallows.
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Messy in Milk!  Clothes-filling, gunge-pouring, milk-showering fun with Veronica Ravenblack
Trailer video from Saturation Hall (http://www.gungemaster.com) for set gm-2f45, featuring Veronica Ravenblack, who starts out in a swimsuit, then pulls on a boilersuit and boots, and then subjects herself to a very thorough gunging indeed, including cake sitting, clothes filling, liquid hair, and a massive milk shower over her own head and all down her clothes!
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Prudence the Dungeon Bean Queen - The Trailer!
Watch as the Hall's uniformed housekeeper, Prudence, finds a good use for rather a lot of spare eggs and baked beans. Her uniform dress is very smart, clean, and shiny - but not for long!
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Chastity mud bathing in boots, hotpants, and fishnets!
A brief trailer for our latest release, in which Chastity takes a spectacular mudbath while dressed in boots, fishnet tights, shiny disco pants, and a spandex halterneck top. For full scene details: http://wench.gungemaster.com/?set=gm-2m15
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Miss Pink chained up and hosed down in latex - the trailer
Trailer for gm-2w102 - Miss Pink chained up inthe dungeon and hosed down with cold water, while wearing an all-latex outfit! The trailer only shows a few moments, the full version is available to members of Saturation Hall for six months from September 2014, and later in the Download Store. See http://www.gungemaster.com/set=gm-2w102 for more details and free photos.
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Green Nurse Custard Fun - The Trailer
Official trailer for Saturation Hall set gm-2f93, "Green Uniform Custard Shower", released to members September 2014. Watch as Lady A in her green uniform nurses dress is comprehensively filled, and then covered, in custard by Chastity. Custard down the inside of the dress front and back, then all over the outside, some of what's inside drips out down her legs and all over her white deck shoes. Eventually she lies down in the mess on the floor and rolls about in the goo. During the hosedown (photos only, not on the video) she takes the dress off to reveal a black one-peice swimsuit underneath.
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How to Wash a Welly - the Saturation Hall Method
Daphne demonstrates our approved method for washing mucky and custard-filled boots, using one of our see-through boots, well filled with custard and warm water, to demonstrate the technique. She's already wearing soaking wet dungaree shorts over an equally wet swimsuit, so she has no hesitation in lifting the filled boot onto her lap, shoving her hand and arm in, spraying custard-water all over herself in the process, giving it a good pump out, and then pulling her arm out and pouring the remaining contents all over the front of her outfit. The boot is refilled with water on her lap, she gives it another inside clean, lets it be filled most of the way up by the hose, and then empties it all over herself again. This is how we wash the wellies!
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Adidas Mud Bath - Veronica in the mud in a genuine Adidas jumpsuit
Shot right at the end of the scene, with Veronica completely coated in riverbank mud, this is a trailer for Veronica's Adidas Mud Bath, available at http://langstonedale.com/samples/gm-2m13/i2.html Description of full scene: Veronica Ravenblack pulls on a genuine Adidas jumpsuit over her one-piece swimsuit, and absolutely throws herself into the mudbankks! Veronica sits, crawls, slides, and throws herself face down into the mud, getting her suit and herself totally drenched in mud from head to toe. Her hair, face, clothes, boots, absolutely everything gets totally covered in mud! Note that if you buy access to the full version of this scene then as well as the main muddy video and the fully-clothed dungeon hosedown, you also get a version of this trailer without the caption text across it.
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The Rubber Sludge Factory Maid - The Trailer!
Trailer for the https://saturationhall.com Christmas release of 2017, starring Honeysuckle as the rubber-clad maid trying to keep things clean down at the sludge factory. Needless to say, things don't go to plan, and before long Honeysuckle's rubber maids dress, hold up stockings, shiny black wellies, black rubber gloves, and black rubber slave collar, are getting totally coated in grey gunge!
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Daisy in see through PVC jumpsuit filling - the trailer
This video is the trailer, description of the full video available to members follows: Watch as Daisy, dressed in a silver silky jumpsuit under a transparent rainwear PVC jumpsuit with elasticated waist, fills her see-through suit with cream, custard, and honey. As she pours the gunge in we get to watch through the crystal clear plastic as it pools and collects at the tight waistband, slowly spreading out round her waist till it flows all the way round her back, but the tight elastication of the waterproof suit stops any leaking down to her legs. She sits down and pours more gunge in down the back of her neck, now some does leak down at her bottom and starts to flow down the backs of her legs, but the front still holds firm even as she pours even more goo in. Eventually she pulls out the front of her see-through PVC suit and all the trapped gunge floods down over her trunk and legs in a massive flow, to end up trapped in her lower legs. Eventually, she takes the by now very messy clear PVC suit off, and finishes off her silky silver jumpsuit before giving her bright green hair a very thorough honey and custard shampoo, including pouring custard and honey down her face and through her glasses. Technical: This scene comes as Full-HD video plus almost a thousand DSLR-shot photographs showing every aspect of the action. The video has full original sound, although our own recomendation is to watch it with the sound off as there's not much to hear from a gunge pov and there is some crew chatter and extraneous noises.
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Clothes filling with Chastity - gm-2f94 - The Trailer
Our gardener has her shirt and trousers thoroughly filled! This is a trailer for the scene released in May 2015 to the members lounge, and later to the Download Store. Visit http://wench.gungemaster.com/?set=gm-2f94 for full details of how to obtain the movie. The full scene is over 20 minutes long, shot in Full HD, and shows every details of Chastity's gunging. ============================================ Description of the full scene: Dressed in dark blue combats, black wellies, and a baggy black short-sleeved shirt, Chastity has her entire outfit comprehensively filled and then covered in goo, at the hands of Lady A. First, her shirt is well filled with custard, until we can see the pool of it gathering around her waist. Then she has a pie splattered across the front of her trousers (after she's inspected and approved the pie), and then a full bottle of lemonade is poured into her trousers. A pie to her bum comes next, splattered across the still-clean trousers and then mashed in, and that's followed by a full bottle of lemonade into her shirt. Her trousers are now wet but not so messy inside, so now she has the waistband of her trousers pulled out, allowing all the mixed mess trapped round her waist to drop down into her wet trouser legs. After that it's pie-sitting time, and squelch! - down she goes into a nice gooey concoction. Now that Chastity is sitting comfortably, enjoying the mashed mess under her bottom, Lady A sets about the outside of Chastity's outfit, starting with custard poured all over her shirt, from where it floods down to drench the trunk of her trousers completely. Once the front of her outfit has been thoroughly coated in custard, Chastity lies down on the floor and has her back done too, starting with her botom, then down her legs, and finally having her shirt coated too. And now, with her entire outfit completely drenched in mess, it's shampoo time, and Chastity's hair succumbs to a steady tide of golden syrup. To finish off, Chastity gets a fresh drenching with lemonade, and then gets hosed down. Technical: Note due to crew chatter, etc, the video is silent.
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Lady Jasmine's sexy PVC dress drenched in cream and custard!
Trailer for the June 2015 release from Saturation Hall, full scene available here: http://wench.gungemaster.com/samples/gm-2f101/i2.html Description of the full scene: Lady Jasmine is dressed for the fetish ball, in a mesh-skirted, PVC corsetted strapless dress, boots, and her PVC bondage collar and cuffs. And she's feeling very creamy! She starts subtly, as only she can, a sip, a lick, a finger taste of delight, and then she drips just a little on her bare flesh, a trickle to flow down and vanish in her PVC bodice. And then a little more. And a little more. And so on. Her ladyship utterly drenches her dress in cream, then custard. She pours custard and syrup onto her chair, and takes great delight in sitting in it, squelching the mess into her bottom. She pours cream all down her front, laughing as it goes through the mesh of her skirt to drench the underskirt beneath. Cream and custard flow over and into her PVC bodice and over her skin. Her beautiful, and brand new, calf-high boots don't escape either - she fills them both, one with custard, one with suryp, and totally coats them on the outside too. Once her outfit has been entirely reduced to messy ruin, she sets about her hair, a full syrup shampoo is among her pleasures, followed by a full custard facial, including custard flowing inside her glasses. Lady Jasmine. Landowner, aristocrat, gunge-maiden par excellence! Technical: There are two Full-HD videos in this release, one of her ladyship messing herself up, and then a separate video of the hosedown. Both videos are silent due to crew chatter on the original soundtrack.
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Trailer: Susie takes a mudbath in denim overalls
Trailer for http://langstonedale.com/samples/gm-2m65/i2.html in which Susie takes a spectacular riverbank mudbath while wearing blue denim overalls, a white t-shirt, and wellies, which come off part way through the scene. Visit http://langstonedale.com for more fully clothed mudbath and wetlook scenes.
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Kitty in denim shorts gets soaked in the river - the trailer
Kitty Kodena, wearing blue denim shorts, a purple t-shirt, and black wellies, wades into a river and soaks herself completely. Full video, "The Swimming Shorts" available from http://www.gungemaster.com
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Three Wet Nurses - fully clothed wet women in uniform!
Trailer for https://gungemastercom.umd.net/download_info/three-wet-nurses - watch three lovely young women in nurses uniform dresses throwing and pouring buckets of water all over each other.
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gungemaster.com - Hosedown Shenanigans - wet women
"This would not happen in Germany!" laughs our visiting dominatrix as the head of the brush she's using to sweep the dungeon floor falls off its handle. Meanwhile, Chastity, dressed in just a swimsuit, is attempting to get glitter out of her hair while being hosed down. Yep, this really is what happens at the end of a shoot in the dungeon. Getting that glitter out of Chastity's hair was a nightmare!
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Interview Practice - The Trailer!
Lucia has a job interview coming up, and as chance would have it she's found out that we at the hall were the consultants who designed this particular firm's deep level interview. So while obbiously we can't tell her how to cheat we can offer a few pointers on things that will score well in the various practical parts of the examination. So Lucia, smartly dressed in a skirt suit, with a beautiful silver satin blouse and knee-high heeled boots, meets Honeysuckle, in a smart red designer dress, black tights, black opera gloves, and little red and white check pumps, and Honeysuckle helps Lucia to properly understand what a Hall-advised interviewer will be looking for. Needless to say Lucia's smart business suit doesn't stay clean for long, and neither does Honeysuckle's dress, as she willingly volunteers herself for Lucia to try her techniques out on. This is a trailer, the full scene is available at http://saturationhall.com - to members from January 2018 and later on the Download Store
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Cynthia bathes in Black Latex - wet rubber catsuit!
Meet Cynthia Hoxton-Walkers, method actress and former schoolfriend of Lady Jasmine, who occasionally visits our 600 year old Hall for background on historic characters and lifestyles. And also, for more avant-garde concepts, such as this one where she takes a nice relaxing bath in a full rubber catsuit. This trailer is just 30 seconds, but the full scene is ten minutes long and shows Cynthia wetting herself down in a black swimsuit, then pulling the latex suit on, bathing and showering, gunging herself with bath creme and covering her latex outfit in bubbles, washing it down again with the shower, and finally taking the rubber suit off to finish back in her now soaked black swimsuit. Full scene available at http://www.gungemaster.com - initially to members, later in the download store. Released to members November 2015.
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Messy Wet Girls - Chastity milked and drenched in a green knee length skirt and blouse
Trailer for bonus scene "Green Skirt Milk Bath". In a bonus extra release, Chastity had said simply that she wanted to be soaked and drenched in milk. So we ordered her into a uniform of green knee-length skirt, pale green blouse, and boots, and sent her into the dungeon and Felicity's tender mercies. Felicity starts out gently, with a litre of milk poured into Chastity's blouse where it flows down inside before leaking out at her waist and flowing all over the front of her skirt and into her lap. No sooner has the first pour finished, and barely before Chastity has had a chance to feel the milk seeping down into her underwear, than Felicity breaks out another litre of milk and pours it all over Chastity's front, soaking most of the rest of her blouse. And then Felicity hefts a large pink bucket of milk, and pours it all over Chastity's blouse and skirt in one massive deluge of milk! Even as the remains of that deluge are still flowing through Chastity's clothes, Felicity breaks out three large buckets of warm water, throws two of them, with considerable skill, all over her victim from the side, and then dumps the last one directly over Chastity's head from above.
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Soaking Wet Woman - Lady Full Wellington gets hosed down in her black evening dress
Lady Full Wellington, still dressed in her custard-soaked black evening gown, gets thoroughly hosed down while standing in a tub of water. This free sample is part of the hosedown following a messy shoot in which Lady Full-Wellington had her fine black dress completely covered and filled with custard.
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Maria demonstrates just how sexy a messy boilersuit can be!
This is a trailer for a full scene available here: https://dungeonmasterone.umd.net/download_info/marias-sexy-boilersuit Description of full scene: Maria has heard through the grapevine that some people don't think boilersuits can be sexy, and sets out to demonstrate just how sexy they can be. She dresses in a green suit with nothing underneath it, and assisted by Honeysuckle, in smart office wear, she slowly but steadily gets messy, all the while demonstrating how she can use the tight-fitting suit to massage herself, including cameltoe, and controlling which leg gunge being poured into the suit will flow down. Because control is everything when you want to be sexy. She speaks directly to camera all through the scene, describing what she is doing and feeling, and how much she is enjoying herself too! She has mess poured into her suit front and back, thrown at herself, and poured all over the outside, she ends up completely drenched in mixed mess from head to toe. Messes used include: eggs, custard, gateaux, tomato soup, and cream, and as well as having things poured into her suit and over her head, Maria also does some cake sitting, which she comments feels wonderful in her tight suit, and has soup thrown at her crotch and bottom while standing up. Honeysuckle, in a very smart office dress, tights, and smart shoes, does all the pouring and throwing but stays clean herself through the whole scene. The videos are in HD and have full original sound throughout.
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