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Long Fiber Composites - Stronger, Tougher, Lighter
Demonstrations of the strength, durability, and weight reduction provided by PlastiComp's long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. Visit our website at www.plasticomp.com for more information on our long fiber materials.
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Recorded Webinar - Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
Recorded webinar provides an overview of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material capabilities along with tips for designing parts and injection molds to maximize their unique properties.
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Long Fiber Composites - High Performance Materials & Designs
Let the long fiber experts at PlastiComp share their material and design knowledge with you. From long fiber’s expanded performance envelope to understanding how to optimize your designs, invest an hour of your time to discover why you should be adding these crucial materials to your toolbox of plastic solutions.
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Product Design & Performance Analysis
As primarily a technology-development company, PlastiComp offer their customers deep industry experience, ongoing research and development, and design agility. Utilizing the support of Alignex and the SOLIDWORKS family of products has helped make PlastiComp uniquely positioned to provide their customers with intellectual advancements that improve product performance and business positions, often in unimagined ways.
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Intro to Long Fiber Composites & PlastiComp
Brief introduction to long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite performance capabilities and benefits along with PlastiComp's ability to tailor these materials to your application's design and performance specifications.
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Make Better Products Using Versatile Long Fiber Reinforced Composites
Expand your toolbox of material solutions by finding out why long carbon and glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites are the go to materials you need to make better products. Learn how to deploy long fiber’s stronger, tougher, and lighter properties and optimize your plastic product designs for structural performance.
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Long Fiber Rinforced Injection Molding Composites   The Lightweight Substitute for Metals
Deploying a partnership philosophy combined with a fully integrated approach to application development, PlastiComp focuses its expertise on moving innovative long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite technology into new markets and applications by applying long fiber’s stronger, tougher, and lighter capabilities to make products better. Ready-to-process Complēt® composite pellets for injection molding provide made-to-order performance by incorporating long carbon, glass, or specialty fibers with thermoplastic polymers ranging from polypropylene to PEEK for application-specific structural material solutions.
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Steve Bowen - PlastiComp in a Nutshell
Interview with PlastiComp CEO Steve Bowen (July 6, 2007)
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PlastiComp's Global Business Platform
PlastComp CEO Steve Bowen talks about the firms global business platform.
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PlastiComp - It All Depends on Everything!
Interview with PlastiComp CEO Steve Bowen.
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Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award - Hybrid Long Glass+Carbon Fiber Composites
Based on its recent analysis of the long fiber composites market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes compounder PlastiComp, Inc. of Winona, Minn., with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Identifying the need to reduce the cost and weight of products, PlastiComp introduced their Complēt Hybrid long glass and carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials for customer applications requiring higher performance.
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