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HorseHair Braid trim tutorial !!
Give your projects that EXTRA volume ! ❤️ Horse hair trim 50 yards ( great price might I add) :http://m.ebay.com/itm/2-White-Stiff-Horsehair-Braid-Wedding-Dancing-trims-accessory-5cm-CC01-50yard-/132074225718?hash=item1ec03cc036%3Ag%3ATakAAOSw241Yczex&_trkparms=pageci%253Afe71d4b0-ebf0-11e6-97a4-74dbd18029e4%257Cparentrq%253A105b35fb15a0a6a5ca2f556fffa141b3%257Ciid%253A3 *** HOW TO CONTACT ME*** Email: [email protected] Personal ig : @modelchic Business ig: @ _bqueenboutique_ Twitter: @modelchic_nikk Snapchat: bqueenboutique
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Puffa/ Bubble jacket DIY
Sorry for the wait ! Enjoy! Facebook : Brandi Nicole Personal IG: Modelchic Business IG: _bqueenboutique_ Snapchat: Bqueenboutique Email: [email protected]
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Bias tape tutorial !
Bias tape is used to get nice clean hems! Bias tape -http://www.joann.com/wrights-x-wide-double-fold-bias-tape/prd34710.html#q=Bias%2Btape%2B&start=1 **HOW TO CONTACT ME** Personal ig - @modelchic Business ig - @_bqueenboutique_ Twitter - @modelchic_nikk Snapchat- bqueenboutique
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"Feather robe" DIY !!!
A very sexy k.michelle inspired robe ! Perfect for lovers day !! Boa : http://www.joann.com/feather-turkey-flat-chandelle-boa-36-grams-2-yards-183-cm-turquoise--1-piece/zprd_10208155a.html#q=Boa&start=3 Chiffon :http://www.fabricsworldusa.com/product/details/3102.html Mesh: http://www.fabricsworldusa.com/product/details/6029.html E6000 glue : http://www.joann.com/e-6000/4357455.html#q=E6000%2Bglue&start=1 **How to get in contact with me** Email: [email protected] Personal ig : @modelchic Business ig: @_bqueenboutique_ Twitter: @_designerbrandi Snapchat: bqueenboutique **Filmed with** IPhone 6 **Edited with** iMovie !
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Getting to know your machine !
This is a video I made for all the newbies to sewing ! I hope it helps ❤️HAPPY SEWING !! Bother machine (It's on SALE!!!) : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Brother-17-Stitch-Sewing-Machine-JX2517/26805131 Bobbins: http://www.joann.com/dritz-class-15-bobbins/8587131.html#q=Bobbin&start=6 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Transparent-Plastic-Class-15J-Bobbins-12pk/33606026 **SOCIAL MEDIA ! ** Personal Ig: @Modelchic Business ig: @_bqueenboutique_ Twitter: @modelchic_nikk Snapchat: bqueenboutique Filming equipment: iPhone 6 Ring light Edited with IMovie
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Vlog 1: Miss New York USA 2018 state finalist !
If you would like to make a sponsorship donation: https://www.gofundme.com/3oxz9gg?lang=en-US How to get in contact with me: Personal ig: @modelchic Business [email protected] _BqueenBoutique_ Twitter: @modelchic_nikk Snapchat: modelchicnikl Facebook: Brandi Nicole Email: [email protected]
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Measurements and your garment !
For all my fashionistas who have a hard time with measurements! I got y'all **HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME** Email: [email protected] Personal ig: @modelchic Business ig: @_bqueenboutique_ Twitter: modelchic_nikk Snapchat : bqueenboutique
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Prom season Q&A !!
A few questions I've ran across in regards to prom season ! I'll run down how I get things done ! And hopefully I can help someone out !! Feel free to comment ! ❤️ email: [email protected] ig: @modelchic @_thebqueenboutique_ snapchat: bqueenboutique twitter: Modelchic_nikk
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Choker DIY!!!
How to make a easy choker to spice up any outfit ! Trim shop:https://haitrimstore.com Ribbon clasps: http://www.joann.com/jewelry-fundamentals-cords-and-more-ribbon-clasps/12314910.html#q=Jewelry+Clasp&start=2 **HOW TO CONTACT ME** Email: [email protected] Personal ig : @modelchic Business ig: @_bqueenboutique_ Twitter: @modelchic_nikk Snapchat: bqueenboutique
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