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Kate Pranked
The lovely Kate from Lizzy McGuire getting a hard time.
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Ultimate Stooges Pie Fight.mp4
All the Three Stooges pies I could find (plus a little water...)
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Alexandra's Caboose.mp4
Featuring Alexandra Cabot from Josie and the Pussycats. Her cartoon slapstick humiliations were too numerous to mention (I have about another solid 20 minutes worth) so this compilation concentrates on butt injury. PM me if you are interested in me making some other compilations of her antics.
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Generation Game WAM.mp4
Compilation of clips from BBC1's Generation Game
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Demolition Dad.mp4
compilation of messy scenes from the hard to find Demolition Dad. Requested by scourge11. Apologies for crappy quality.
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Girls in Mud.mp4
Into the mud, Scum Queen! (P.S. If you have a question about any of the clips, please read the comment section to see if the answer is there. If it isn't, please do your own detective work on the internet. I didn't produce any of these clips, I merely found them and edited them together. I am no better placed to find the answers to 'what actress?'; 'what show?'; 'what episode?' than any of you are. If you do have a question that you genuinely think only I can answer then, by all means, ask away. Preceding your question with the word 'please' will assist your cause.)
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Ren Pranked.mp4
Ren Stevens (Christy Carlson Romano) suffering pranks & indignities in the TV show 'Even Stevens'
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Futtocks End
'Silent' short film from 1970 - precursor to Two Ronnies 'The Picnic' & 'By the Sea'. Similar in style to Benny Hill. This is edited to show just the cheeky bits.
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Just the good bits from the movie
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Holly MoM
Saturday morning TV at it's absolute finest. Sorry about the watermarks.
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Alexandra's Antics.mp4
For those of you who asked for more. She's mainly getting wet this time. If I do another it will be pratfalls/bumps on the head. She also gets tied up rather a lot.
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Melody's Messy Moments.mp4
Melody from The Queen's Nose. Is that Zammo out of Grange Hill with the python? Just say no, Zammo - to pies.
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El Castigo de Hoy
In so far as possible, with the guys edited out.
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It's been a while. This may not be to all tastes. It explores the comic potential of losing one's lunch at a lady's expense...
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Angel in Training
Requested by Simohardy
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British Slapstick.mp4
A little slice of bawdy, yet innocent, 70's comedy. "Confessions of a Holiday Camp"; "Carry on Behind" and "Bless this House" respectively.
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bingo pies.mp4
What is it with Bingo and Pies?
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MoM girls.mp4
It wasn't just Holly on Ministry of Mayhem...
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Yankee Zulu.mp4
A Villainess humiliated - 'Home Alone' style in the, frankly rather odd, movie 'Yankee Zulu'.
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Revenge Files
Alistair Fury plays mean tricks on his big sister
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Girls get Pranked
Women & girls getting owned by pesky kids.
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All the Hillary clips I could find - they really are mean to that girl...
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Disney & Nick girls messy 2.mp4
Various clips of varying quality. Couple of Warner Bros in there too.
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Ebisu Muscats Pies.mp4
You might have seen these brutally hard pieings elsewhere, but this is edited down to include as many girls as possible.
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Sooty & the burglar
Some people seemed to enjoy the emu & sophie clip - so here is some more puppet WAM.
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New emu & sophie
An extended version of an older clip with extra material. Thank you to Simon Smith for finding the pizza clip.
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Disney Girls Messy
A compilation of young ladies from Disney (not including brianne prather) and a couple from Nickelodeon getting messy
Views: 173839 bishopberkley
Clowns & Girls.mp4
A compilation of clowns, cuties & custard pies - end of clip is from slapstickstuff.com (volume 44) - visit loads more funny WAM stuff
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Alexandra's Ignominy.mp4
Best line = "Who were you expecting? Scooby Doo?" The rest of my Pussycat stuff. Almost as long as youtube will allow. Is it me or in the 1st sequence with the kite - is she not wearing any undergarments?
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emu & sophie
An annoying bird and an annoying bird...
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Car Trouble
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Harry & Nigella.mp4
Last two clips of Harry Hill giving Nigella's 'stunt double' a food facial. I so hope this develops into a proper running gag.
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They do not make 'em like they used to!
Views: 15539 bishopberkley
Esto es Guerra
compilation of good bits
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World of Wam.mp4
Continental, Latino, New World Soaps, Gameshows & comedies etc No entiendo sino que tengo gusto
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Michela Miti
Views: 20929 bishopberkley
Peter Alexander
From this Austrian entertainer's German TV show in the 1960's
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Italian movie dress rip
Title says it all really
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blow up doll
An elegantly dressed villainess is bested by some German orphan boys. Thanks to Shockermanic for this find.
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Slapstick Shows
A collection of clips from British holiday camps and circuses.
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Dunk the Lady.mp4
Pretty ladies in the dunk tank
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Thelma Todd
old time gags and pratfalls. I'm fairly sure that this should fall way outside any copyright issues by now.
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Newer Emu & Sophie
Found some more content from this great show.
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Henderson Mud.mp4
Found something I'd been searching for for ages. From an Aussie soap called "The Henderson Kids". I don't normally include such a long build up for a scene in my clips but this one is worth it. Spot a young Kylie Minogue in the green dress. The girl going into the mud is Tottie Goldsmith - the niece of Olivia Newton-John
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Vietnamese Pranks
Views: 10308 bishopberkley
Barbara Bouchet
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Frau Holle/Mother Hulda
3 versions of a German fable in which a feckless fraulein gets tarred.
Views: 19346 bishopberkley
Carmen Electra Humiliated
Carmen Electra suffering various indignities
Views: 76825 bishopberkley
Russian Boob gags
Views: 8626 bishopberkley
Humiliating Gameshows.mp4
Where girls compete to look foolish
Views: 15580 bishopberkley

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