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Anime Figure Review: SCulptures Roronoa Zoro figure by Banpresto
This figure has an excellent energy to it. It's not the standard standing pose you usually get but some mid-attack or defense stance. The detailing in the motion is just excellent with the sleeves. Also you got instructions, but I found that you had to change the order slightly because the swords were to difficult to put in Zoro's hands that the sleeves just fell off. I would of gave it 10 out of 10, but I would have to give it an 8 due to the difficulty with the swords. I am not sure if a lubricant will help. Figure measures approx. 16cm tall. If you liked the video and found it helpful please like us on Facebook or G+, or visit our website.
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Banpresto Prize Figure: "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" SQ Figure Tomoe Mami
It's been a while since I have posted up product videos, but now they are back. A new format from the last videos, showing the opening of the figure and the figures promotional poster in the background. I hope this video will be helpful. Please visit our website if you liked the video. Ok, this video is for: Puella Magi Madoka Magica" SQ Figure Tomoe Mami by Banpresto. It is the SQ edition of their figures, which means that they are larger than the normal prize figures and the paint quality and detailing is also much superior. The figure measures 21cm tall. I was amazed by the paint quality and the detailing. The figures does look really good, but I was a bit disappointed with the base. It was rather fiddly to attach the figure to the base. You had to first attach a small rectangular piece to the base. Make sure you attach this piece through the right holes. I had a bit of trouble attaching the figure to the base. I think it would of benefited with some kind of instruction. One of the holes under the feet seems to be a little tight. I had to figure out what the small rectangular piece was for and how to attach it. Overall quality is good & paint work is excellent. Be careful when attaching the figure to the base. Don't apply any pressure to the fragile parts of the figure. I look forward to the next character to be released in this series.
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Tiger & Bunny: Master Stars Piece: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi figure
This figure is the tallest we have come across in the Banpresto figures. It is part of Banpresto's Master Star Pieces. It measures 26cm tall. 5 cm taller than the SQ figures. It comes in fewer pieces than the SQ figures, but was still awkward to fit together. The hand was already attached to the lower body, but was very difficult to attach the upper body without breaking off the arm. I felt that it was best to remove the hand (a little tight so be careful when removing the arm) and attach it to the arm. Them attach the upper body to the lower body and then fix the hand in place. The hand is a little flexible compared to the rest of the figure. Overall a nice well painted figure. Just a little bleed on the black strip on the hat. A tall figure that can stand without a base. Comes with a little support for the figure to slightly rest against.
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Totoro Music Jewellery Box  - twirling Totoro and Totoro theme song
A very cute Totoro Music Jewellery Box by Sekiguchi. Open it up to watch Totoro twirl while the My Neigbour Totoro opening song plays in music box version. Just wind it up and enjoy. Available to buy at Europe's growing anime/manga & kawaii store. Why not take a look to see what other great products we have at www.omoi.fi
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FuRyu Megpoid "GUMI" figures
FuRyu don't have much of a good range of prize figures compared to Banpresto & Sega Prize, but when they do produce figures they are usually brilliant. These GUMI figures are no exception. The paint quality and colours are amazing. They are 17cm tall and I think sometimes it is nice to collect both as Vocaloid & Megpoid figures come around once in a blue moon. Figures are brilliant. The leg support for Gumi Type A is a little loose when attached to the base, but the figure won't fall. Once I attached the figures to the base, I found it very hard to detach them again. Probably it is best advised not to detach them as I broke a piece on the foot that slots into the base for Gumi Type B whilst trying. Please visit our website if you found this video helpful.
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Sega Prize: Miku Hatsune 'Angel Breeze' Premium Figure
It's been a while since Sega Prize have released a 20cm Miku figure. It is pretty easy to put together. You only need to attach the pig-tails. You get a disc which she just sits on. Thats it all done. It is pretty high quality. In regards to paint work - it was good, but the figure I opened had a light paint blemish on one of the pig-tails. The pig-tails were pretty tight to attach - so be careful not to break them. If you are a Miku Hatsune fan, this figure is a must. An unusual pose which should make your collection a little more interesting. Hopefully, they will produce other vocaloid characters as well to go with this series.
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Vocaloid Miku Hatsune lullaby music box (Ievan Polkka)
These Miku Hatsune music boxes are just amazing! Wind it up and leave it play. A great way to get pleasant dreams at night. Dream yourself to Vocaloid world. This music box plays Ievan Polkka. Omoi is an anime and manga merchandise store based in Finland, so anyone from an EU member country can order from our website and enjoy no extra VAT, Import taxes or extra charges compared to buying from outside EU. Nice & Easy. Why not take at look at our fantastic products including cosplay wigs.
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One Piece: SCultures Zoukeio Colosseum Vol. 6 figure: Jango (Banpresto figure review)
Well, this is the hardest figure to make up so far. The small rings that need to be attached to the coat are pretty tedious. I found out that it is best to clear all excess plastic from the rings first before attaching them to the coat. probably once you got them in place you could glue them on. They seem to fall off when touched. Lots of time will be required for this figures and patience. Overall a well painted figure, but don't put this figure together in a rush. Take your time.
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Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist Chibi figures Vol.1 (Banpresto)
Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist Chibi figures Vol.1 by Banpresto. There are three characters in this series: Amaimon, Rin Okumura & Yukio Okumura. They measure approx. 6cm tall. These figures look really cute. Paint work is really good on these figures and they are very easy to put together. Amaimon just sits on his base. Amaimon is the rarest of the three figures so you will notice a higher price compared to the rest. Overall a nice collection to have. Better to have all three figures to make the set as they are only 6cm tall. Although small, quality is pretty good.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica SQ Madoka Kaname figure (Banpresto)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica SQ Madoka Kaname figure by Banpresto. The second figure to be released in this series of SQ Puella Magi Madoka Magica figures. As before quality is excellent and this time they made it easier for you to put the figure together. They also increased the protection of the figure by wrapping it up in bubble wrap. The parts fit together really well. It measures 21 cm tall. What I did notice were small dark marks on the hair, looks like small scrapes. Overall, a very good figure. If you already have Tomoe Mami, then I recommend collecting them all.
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Banpresto Figure Review: One Piece Grandline Men: Smoker (Chaser) Figure
Very easy figure to put together. The quality of the paint is just awesome. The size is approx.18cm tall. I am not sure on the popularity of 'Smoker' ('Chaser' to the younger audiences), but sometimes it gets a little boring always the same characters: Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Zoro etc... so it is great to see some other characters available. Look out for loads of other characters to become available in the same figure series. If you enjoyed the Video please like us on FACEBOOK, G+ or visit our website.
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Figure Review: Persona 4 - The Animation: Izanagi Figure by Taito
This is another great Persona 4 figure by Taito. You get a lot for your money. The only downside is that there is a lot of work required to put it together. I had some moments when I had to think a bit on how to put certain parts together. I hope this video helps you.
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SK Japan: Super Sonico: American School Version figures review
There are two figures in this series. Really the same figure, but with two colour options. The figures themselves are pretty good. They are painted well and look high quality. The disappointing thing is attaching the figure to the base. They don't fit very well. If the figure is attached at least to one point it will stand. If you are a fan of Super Sonico, then this is a figure collection to collect. Who is Super Sonico? Super Sonico is a mascot created for Nitroplus Company's yearly music festival 'Nitro Super Sonico'. Nitroplus make visual novel games.
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Miku Hatsune: Pop The Hatsune Miku book @ omoi.fi
A book for any Miku fan. 48 page book all in Japanese. Includes a music CD with 14 tracks: Our New Standards & Covers of Unforgettable Songs. Visit us at omoi.fi
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One Piece: SCultures Zoukeio Colosseum Vol. 6 God Enel (Anime Figure Review)
This figure is well packaged. The figure does come is sections and will required to be put together. This figure, however was pretty difficult to put together due to the holes being too tight for the inserts to be put in. Also on of Enel's arms had some extra plastic on the connector preventing the hand to be slot into place. I had to cut this extra plastic bit off with a knife. Perhaps it was just an mundane figure. But be warned that you will need some patience in putting it together. Otherwise, paint work and the look of the figure is excellent. Figure measures 18cm tall (approx)
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Persona 4 The Ultimate Kuma: Rise Kujikawa figure by Taito (Japan) Anime figure
Well, one of the easiest figures to put together. This figure is very well painted and just looks great. The figure measures approx. 15cm tall.
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Book contains 208 pages approx. with 100 pages approx in color Book is in Japanese, however this book has mostly artwork. Soft Back. More anime & manga products @ omoi.fi
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Working!! figures: Poplar Taneshima  & Mahiru Inami
A great pair of Working!! figures from the new anime comedy series from Japan. Buy them at www.omoi.fi. The anime store for anime & kawaii fans. Shipping to all European countries, US, Canada & Australia. Figures are released by Sega Prize. Check us out to see the other wonderful anime and kawaii products available to purchase.
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Vocaloid Miku Hatsune lullaby music box (Ballade - Wish upon a star)
These Miku Hatsune music boxes are just amazing! Wind it up and leave it play. A great way to get pleasant dreams at night. Dream yourself to Vocaloid world. I am not sure if the song is correct, but after listening to so many Miku tracks, I guess it is playing Ballade. Omoi is an anime and manga merchandise store based in Finland, so anyone from an EU member country can order from our website and enjoy no extra VAT, Import taxes or extra charges compared to buying from outside EU. Nice & Easy. Why not take at look at our fantastic products including cosplay wigs.
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Pokémon Remote Controlled Pikachu by Takara Tomy
This is an amazing Pokémon toy. My little one has so much fun with this. Very simple to operate. Pikachu comes with a 2 button remote in the shape of a pokeball. Press back and Pikachu stands up and reverses in a circular motion. Probably tail whip :) Press forward and Pikachu falls onto all four and drives forward into attack mode. Pikachu and the remote requires 2 AAA batteries each (batteries not supplied). Instructions are in Japanese. I think it has a standby function. As when my child leaves the Pikachu for a while I had to switch it off and then on again for it to work again, which is a cool feature as kids will often leave it on after playing with it.
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Pokémon Soft Toys: Charmander, Chimchar, Tepig, Torchic & Cyndaquil. (Banpresto)
It is great that Banpresto are now releasing some old Pokémon. In this series there are 5 Pokémon: Charmander, Chimchar, Tepig, Torchic & Cyndaquil. They are all Fire Pokémon. What I noticed that they are smaller than they were a few years back. Probably some cost cutting in Manufacturing. They still remain cute in their production. Quality is good. Takara Tomy versions are much better in quality, but they are more expensive. Also some characters may no longer be available. In that case it is better to get them while they are available. The string attached on the plushies are there for display purposes as they are prizes in the amusements in Japan. If you don't want the string, then cut it off. Just be careful when doing so. I wouldn't attach them to your bag as some customers who did, found that they break off really easily. The little poster in the background reveals what other Pokémon will be released, but what I have seen so far, this year there will be many of the of favorites coming back in plush form. These soft toys are Japan Imported and have a ShoPro sticker. They will not have a Nintendo logo. If you found this video helpful, please visit us at omoi.fi
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Vocaloid: From the sandplay singing of the Dragon
Featuring: Kaito, Miku Hatsune & [KAITO+HATSUNE MIKU+KAMUI GAKUPO]
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A-Channel Figures: Tooru Ichii & Run Momoki by Sega Prize
A-Channel Figures: Tooru Ichii & Run Momoki by Sega Prize 16cm Tall (Approx)
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Studio Ghibli Totoro Room Guard / Light
a wonderful moving Totoro. Light turns on and Totoro moves when a vibration is felt near by or a noise. Also turn the activation on by pressing a button.
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FuRyu: Lily from Anim.o.v.e: Fine quality prize figure review
This is a figure review and video instructions on FuRyu: Lily from Anim.o.v.e: Fine quality prize figure. This is not the standrad prize figure as it is FuRyu's "Fine Quality" range. Lily is a vocaloid from the Vocaloid 3 series. This figure is actually great. A lot of detail is put into this figure. It is really simple to put together and you actually get instructions. The figure fits onto the stand perfectly. It is 20 cm tall. Really, everything is good with this figure. I can't seem to find anything to fault. If I had to be really picky, the mic stand just touches Lily's hand.
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K-ON! Voice Mascot Figures by Movic - Ritsu Tainaka - Figure Review
These are really cute and would benefit buying them as a set. Turn on a little black switch and press the button and hear K-ON! figure speak. Manufactured by Movic.
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Banpresto SQ Prize Figure Review: Azusa Nakano
This K-ON! figure is just awesome, but takes some time to put together. There were no instructions, so it took a bit of time to work out the right way to make the figure up. I hope that this video will help. What I noticed with the SQ figures so far that they don't have the studio stickers, they are printed on the box. This don't mean that it won't change in the future as there never seems to be any consistency with the packaging in regards to these prize items. The quality of the paint work is very good, especially the guitar. What I have noticed that there may be a seam line showing where to parts of the figure were fixed together, but this is really being picky. The figure is really easy to attach to the stand. Only one slot. All the parts fit well which helps. There are 2 pigtails, but they have different shaped slots so you can't really attach them to the wrong side. Overall, a really nice figure. The figure measures 21cm tall which seems to be a standard for these SQ figures. Just need a little patience as this figure comes in many parts. Also important is to make the figure up in area that is not cluttered as the socket to attach to the guitar and cable is really small and can easily be lost. Please visit our site if you found this video helpful.
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Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist: Rin Okumura & Yukio DXF figures Vol.1 Banpresto
An excellent release of Blue Exorcist figures. From the DXF figures series, measuring 16 cm. They are very well packaged. Quality is excellent. Nice paint job on both figures. Rin's hair has streaks of blue. The detailing is very good. Not much assembly required. Just attach the figure to the base. Nice and easy. If you enjoyed this video, please vist our site.
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Mario Boo (Teresa) Night Light with motion sensor by Taito (Japan Import)
This is a fun item to have and also useful. The Boo sensor light is pretty simple to operate. When you turn the light switch on, the bulb does take a few seconds to warm up, so don't be alarmed that the light is not on straight away. Once the switch is on, the light will turn on once it senses movement. It will turn off if it does not sense any more movement. The bulb is LED so it shouldn't drain the batteries that quickly and it is pretty bright. In a way, it does a BOO thing with the light.
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Talking Mameshiba edamame bean bag charm /small plush  soooo cute
Soooo cute, especially with it's cute little voice. Great to annoy people with :). Available for sale at www.omoi.fi Europe's growing Japan Pop culture store.
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Berserk DXF Figures: Griffith & Guts by Banpresto
These figures are amazing. When I opened the box, I was amazed by the amount of detail on them. Although they are 16cm tall, the quality seems much superior to the SQ figures. They are very easy to put together and all pieces fit nicely. I just had a little trouble resting Griffith's helmet on his arm. Very well packed. Some individual pieces were individually wrapped in bubble wrap. I would say that they give the scale figures a run for their money. They also feel pretty heavy. If you found this video please tell your friends about us and join us on facebook. Visit us at omoi.fi
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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt PM figures by Sega Prize
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt PM figures by Sega Prize. These are much larger than the average prize figures. They measure 22cm high (approx). They are no bad. There are some paint discrepancies like some general unevenness on the surface and some slight bleed, but these are prize figures and not scaled created figures which are much more expensive. Available at: Panty: http://www.omoi.fi/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=162_232&products_id=1991 Stocking: http://www.omoi.fi/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=162_232&products_id=1990
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Vocaloid: Graphics Character Collection CV01: Miku Hatsune Book
This box contains 96 pages in colour. Soft cover (B5: 182 x 257 mm) Produced by Kadokawa Shoten
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Axis Powers Hetalia 2013 monthly calendar by Gentosha
If you are a Hetalia fan this makes a great item to collect. A lovely calendar with beautifully illustrations for each month. Print quality is excellent and the paper is quite thick - Very high quality. The calendar is in English, which helps. The illustrations are very nice and when the calendar has expired it is worth cutting out the illustrations and framing them or just stick them up on your wall as small posters.
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Talking Mameshiba Pea plush / bag charm SOOO CUTE
Sooooo Kawaii!!!!! I love the cute voice. You can attach it to your bag and play with it on the train. A great way to annoy people:) Available to buy from Europe's growing Japan pop store www.omoi.fi. Products sold in Euro's. International Shipping available.
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Talking Mameshiba Chili Bean bag charm / small plush soooo cute
These Mameshiba are so adorable and giving them a squeeze is so addictive. This is the Chili Bean version. Sooooo cute, kawaii or annoying? Omoi is an anime and manga merchandise store based in Finland, so anyone from an EU member country can order from our website and enjoy no extra VAT, Import taxes or extra charges compared to buying from outside EU. Nice & Easy. Why not take at look at our fantastic products including cosplay wigs.
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New Cute and Kawaii Mega Man Plush by POPbuddies
POPbuddies released the most cutest Mega Man plush ever. The first in the series of Megaman plushes :)
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Anime Megastore - anime / manga & kawaii merchandise
Well, we got our advert finished. Thanks to my brother and his friend for doing the music for me. I am well happy with it. Being a graphic designer helps :)
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ONE PIECE Master Stars Piece The Roronoa Zorro (Banpresto)
One of the greatest figures produced by Banpresto. Large in size (26cm) and heavy. Lot's of work to put the figure together, but thats why we produce these videos. It helps you to make the figure up without messing it up. Very detailed and a great plus that you can place the swords in the sheath or in Zorro's hands. One word of advice, when carrying the figure, carry the figure from his lower half. The figure is heavy and the top half will come off. You don't want to drop and break the figure after all they work. Please visit oue site omoi.fi.
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Talking Mameshiba Edamame Bean bag charm / small plush soooo cute
Edamame Bean is Back with a vengeance. But wait a minute, this version has a different phrase. Popular of all the bean dogs, soooo cute. Kawaii. Omoi is an anime and manga merchandise store based in Finland, so anyone from an EU member country can order from our website and enjoy no extra VAT, Import taxes or extra charges compared to buying from outside EU. Nice & Easy. Why not take at look at our fantastic products including cosplay wigs.
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PSP game:  Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister [DX Pack] available at omoi.fi
This game is available at omoi.fi. You can also find loads of Anime ,Manga & kawaii merchandise and toys. In this pack, not only do you get a PSP game, but loads of other goodies such as: A headband, some glowsticks, a Miku Hatsune and Izumi Konata crossover T-shirt and more... Rating: CERO 12+
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Omoi - Anime merchandise shop for Europe - Cosplayer Sebastian version
The second version of our little adverts. Due to requests for a Sebastian version, we came up with this little version for all the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) fans. Hope u like :) Don't forget to visit our website. We have lots of anime figures, soft toys and also Kawaii merchandise.
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DISGAEArt! Makai Senki Disgaea illustration collection
Book Contains 192 pages all in color. It is in Japanese however this book is mostly artwork. Join us and view more anime & manga products @ omoi.fi
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official Guide Book you are not alone
This box contains 128 pages with 80 pages in color. Soft cover (A4) Produced by Houbunsha
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Talking Mameshiba peanut bag charm / small plush, kawaii!!!!!!
Soooooo cute talking mameshiba plush. My daughter loves them and you can hear her in the background while I was making this small movie. You can buy them from www.omoi.fi Europe's growing Japan pop culture store don't forget that omoi.fi is based in EU so if you are ordering from an EU member state there is no customs involved so you get you products hassle free and no extra charges for customs clearance and import tax. Trade in Euros.
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K-on! EX Figures Vol.2: Mio Akiyama & Ritsu Tainaka by Sega Prize
K-on! EX Figure Vol.2: Mio Akiyama & Ritsu Tainaka by Sega Prize. These figures are very well made for prize figures. The accessories will need to be attached. Available: Mio Akiyama http://www.omoi.fi/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=162_185&products_id=2000 Ritsu Tainaka http://www.omoi.fi/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=162_185&products_id=2001 More K-on figures at: www.omoi.fi
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Ikki Tousen Xross Impact  Trailer for PSP (omoi.fi)
A limited availability of this special Ikki Tousen Xross Impact game pack at omoi.fi. Game pack includes: Kanu Nendoroid petit, 24 pcs. pogs, Drama CD, poster & special sexy art box. Also join us on facebook & twitter at omoi.fi - Europe's anime, manga, kawaii merchandise & japan toys store.
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Talking Mameshiba Tiger Bean bag charm / small plush soooo cute
Another character in the series. This is the Tiger Bean although I don't hear it growl. A real cute item to have. Squeeze it for hours. Kawaii Omoi is an anime and manga merchandise store based in Finland, so anyone from an EU member country can order from our website and enjoy no extra VAT, Import taxes or extra charges compared to buying from outside EU. Nice & Easy. Why not take at look at our fantastic products including cosplay wigs.
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Clannad Figures: Kyo Fujibayashi & Nagisa Furukawa
For all those Clannad fans out there, are these great pair of Clannad figures. The figures are from the Clannad Scene collection. 25 eur each or the pair for 45 eur. Available to buy at www.omoi.fi the anime store for anime fans. Shipping to all Europe, America, Canada & Australia. Take a look to see what other anime products we have to offer. http://www.omoi.fi/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=162_170&products_id=1366&language=en
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Minecraft Creeper plush with sound by J!NX at omoi.fi
A fun Creeper plush with sound. Squeeze it's belly to make the sound SSSsss... BOOM! For our Finnish customers: Minecraft Creeper pehmolelu äänellä
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