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“如何把app或游戏隐藏起来”(教学)by chin jun shen
如果还有什么不会的不懂的请告诉我。 If there's anything else you don't know, please let me know. 本人第一次做视频请见谅! I do video for the first time please forgive me! 喜欢的人记得订阅或按赞!😘👆 Like people remember to subscribe or click praise! 😘👆
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"最强送餐员" m/v(主题曲)by chin jun shen
这是可以下载的歌。通常在YouTube下载不到的戏和歌,我这里可以下载。 Gmail邮箱[email protected] 我是第一次开video。请多多指教 要是还可以记得按个like 或订阅👆
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“抖音短视频”中国版抖音《chin jun shen》
Chinese dither #ID:mryang911 中国抖音号#ID:mryang911 his YouTube name: mryang 他YouTube名叫:杨家成/Mr yang If you like it, subscribe and click. And share. get out! 喜欢的人记得订阅和按赞。还有分享出去让更多人看!
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“how to hack wifi”如何破解wifi(教学)by chin jun shen
If you like, subscribe to it or click on praise. Oneself excuse me for making the video for the first time. Please forgive me if there is a problem in the video! Because I didn't see it on video
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“如何从YouTube下载视频”(How to download video from YouTube )chin jun shen[教学]
喜欢的人记得订阅和按赞。还有分享让更多人看哟!👆 If you like it, subscribe and click on it. There is also sharing, let more people see yo! 👆 其它还不懂的评论告诉我吧! Tell me about other comments you don't understand!
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