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Manga Lessons: shojo eye (girl)
[Music: Tip taps tip - Halcali] I'M SOOO SORRY FOR EVERY ENGLISH MISTAKE I DID (I'm from Germany hoho)!!! And for the slowly drawn smileys.. :P And my voice lolololol (-///o///-) Anyways...(hello xD) I drew this tutorial because I was asked by many people aaaand.... actually I just made it on paper but then I tried making a video out of it... somehow I had much fun doing it. *_* An because it took much time creating it I decided to upload it on YouTube... hihi. It's only an eye tough xD Well then. Hope u like it just a little! Follow me on twitter: @oshimee Please don't imagine how I would read this xD That's embarrassing. (I'm just saying cuz I tend to do that xDD) Btw this is my first video I ever uploaded on the Internet!! *proud* Well then again. Best wishes, Oshime :3
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Manga lessons #2 : shojo eye (boy)
Heeeeeeelloooo everyone!! xD Again: I'M VERRY SORRY FOR MY ACCENT AND ANY MISTAKES IN THIS VIDEO!!! (I'm still German u know?) xD Yea... what can I add? Uhm... next tutorial will be about hair *u* and after this I plan a head and face tutorial :3 Hope u will watch my next videos!! Best wishes, Oshime -3
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Manga Lessons #3: shojo head (girl)
Hello!! I'm back with a new tutorial! :D this video was really hard for me!! it was so difficult to describe how to draw what and where xD I hope u forgive me my mistakes... I'm not so good in English but I really give my best :'D Well I hope it helps u! I think my next tutorial will be a head if a boy :'D yes still not the hair... sorry!!! xD but I have to do the head first so that u want have problems on placing the hair afterwards! xD well... That's it again ;D Come follow me on twitter if u want to see more ;3 -- @oshimee
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