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Casos de Familia    (Corriendo Hacia la Muerte) 2004
Show Casos De Familia (Judith Grace) Corriendo Hacia la Muerte 2004. Excuse the low quality but this Video was transfered from a VHS to a DVD
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Seadoo Jet Boat Riding thru a Canal in Miami
Canals in miami drive by, Notice the girl screaming at the end cause of the waves i made. She Got scared.
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3 Person Inflatable Tube Pulled by Seadoo Jetboat
Darissa & Rosario Riding the Inflatable in Blue Lagoon Miami Fl
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Seadoo Jet Boat in the Canal
In Miami Canal's passing bridges by Sonia's Sea food Restaurant
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Yusnier Labrada 3
Yusnier Nervioso por las cosas que le tenemos que decir. La Nobia Con los pantalones en la casa!
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Hangouts at Best Buy of Bird Road 40st.  Miami FL 2003
Hangouts Recorded in the Year 2003
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Old Lady Driving, Hits the Gas Instead of Brake & Crashed
Old Lady crashes her SUV & destroys Laundry Machines. She thought she hit the brake instead of the gas pedal.
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Camry on 22's Pulling Jet Boat up the Ramp
Camry with 22 inch Chrome Rims Pulling a JetBoat up the Ramp in Miami.
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Airplane Lifted on a Crane in a Miami Highway
Crane Lifting a Boeing MD-80 From the Miami Int. Airport To George T. Baker Aviation School. A $6 Million Dollar Donation from AA. It Passed on top of The 112 Expressway & Le Jeune Road. Time-Lapse
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Jet Boat In Lake Blue Lagoon
Seadoo Speedster, and Regal Rush in Lake Blue Lagoon By the Airport of Miami
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Yusnier Labrada 1
Sorprendimos a las 12AM a Yusnier Labrada y su Nobia y le cantamos las Mañanitas por su cumpleaños. Esta es la primera vez que el se muda solo. Junio 2
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Seadoo & Regal Rush Jet Boats in Blue Lagoon
Boat Drive by, in Blue Lagoon Lake in Miami by the Airport
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Regal Rush Jet Boat at the Lake
Regal Rush at the Lake
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Jet Boat ride at Night in Blue Lagoon
Night time at the Blue Lagoon in my Seadoo Jet Boat
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PUI Pee Under the Influence
Guy Urinates in front of Surveillance Camera CCTV
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Seadoo Jet Boat Onays Driving
Onays driving The Speedster around the Lake in Miami
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Regatta 2010 Eliott Key Florida
Eliott Key Regatta 2010
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Minuto de Fama 2010
Minuto De Fama 2010 Esther Rodriguez Singing Contigo en la Distancia
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Cleaning a Lumina in Sweetwater year 2000
Cleaning a lumina in Sweetwater & listening 2 music. Recorded in the year 2000.
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Camry Pulling Jet Boat on the Ramp
Me on my 4cyl Camry taking out my Jet Boat out of the water on the ramp. At only 1,500 rpm the most. So no Pressure at all on the engine, for does who said a 4cyl Camry couldn't take a Jet Boat out of the water, believe it or not they were wrong.
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Scared Guy Jumps Off Sandals, Hilarious!
The Alarm Goes off & they get scared, one of them Jumps Off His Sandals
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Seadoo Speedster on the Lake Blue Lagoon
Driving Seadoo Speedster on the Lake Blue Lagoon in Miami, Fl.
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Seadoo Speedster in Lake Blue Lagoon
Jenny Riding Jet Boat in the Lake Blue Lagoon
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Seadoo Jet Boat under Bridges of Miami
Onay's first time under the bridges of miami in the speedster, right behind Pan American Hospital
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Female Frontal Car Collision
Car Crash Head to Head, one driver turns into upcoming traffic "old Toyota Camry" withought looking & Cratches with another vehicle "old Mercedes C class"
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Thief Caught Trying to Steal Bike
Thief goes into Apt Complex second floor balcony to steal a bike & get's caught by 2 Guys watching their surveillance cameras CCTV. Later he runs but get's caught about 50 Ft from there & get's taken 2 Jail.
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Seadoo Jet Boat in Miami
Escuchen lo que grita el camarografo detras, casi al final del video. Listen in spanish what the camera men says while he freaks out cause he thinks he's about to fall off LoL
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Seadoo Jet Boat Under Low Bridges in Miami
Lowest bridge in Lake Blue Lagoon in Miami. It's actually a rail road track the last one we pass by. Notice how he has to lower his head.
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Yusnier Labrada 5
Esto esta comiquisimo! El Momento de La Confecion!
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Yusnier Labrada 7
El Accepta que los pantalones de la casa los tiene su nobia! Ella le mete una galleta!
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Yusnier Labrada 8
Le ponen un cuchillo al cuello a yusnier. El accepta que ella es muy fuerte y que el no puede con ella y que el hoy va a dormir caliente pero en la cocina jajajaja.
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Yusnier Labrada 2
Yusnier after las Mañanitas, when he saw Hester & said he didn't want her there....
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The Mummy part 1
Me the Cherry Popper being mummified
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Yusnier Labrada 4
Explica cuando y donde le pido a su nobia ke se casara con el. Y dice el que no la cambia por nadie.
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Yusnier Labrada 6
Yusnier's First House. Con la cocina mas Grande de todo Miami!
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The Mummy part 3
Taking the mummi apart really hurts the most, but is so funny.
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Tv Show Aqui y Ahora 2000
Tv Show Aqui y Ahora. About Teens Driving in Miami Fl.
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Seadoo Speedster in Lake Blue Lagoon
Riding around in the Lake
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