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My hen making a weird noise! Short video
Hen making weird noise, and opening mouth weird!
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I Chronicles 29:10-13
David blessed the Lord, I Chronicles 29:10-13 in the Bible
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Chickens will eat Graham Crackers
Chickens eating Graham Crackers
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Flat Earth, Hoax? or Reality.  What to do?
flat Earth Controversy, 2 Timothy 2:23-26. What does the Bible say?
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Hearing God's voice
Not hearing God's voice? Want to hear God's voice. What does the Bible say?
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My chickens
Chickens; shed as a chicken coop
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January 12, 2017 Chickens, WHY?
My chickens and why I have chickens. Should u get chickens? Reasons why to have chickens
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Organ music
The Might Wurlitzer Opus pipe Organ 1783 with legendary organist Jesse Crawford
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How to cross creek
Lisa shows us how to cross the creek
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Sunshine & chickens help with S.A.D.
Cure for seasonal affect disorder, SAD, is sunshine and chickens
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My Front porch, on a budget, Southern Style
I decorated my front porch here in the South, on a budget. Most items are from yard sales, or from ppl’s trash, ie curb side. rug is from wayfair.com. I get a lot of compliments on my front porch.
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Hen making weird noise, & gapping her mouth!
Hen making weird sound and gapping her mouth! Does she have gap worms?
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Natural Stream in backyard
We found a natural stream in backyard very close to house, off the back porch
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Paulie the dog demands attention
Paulie the dog demands scatch
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Our new dog, Paul, very spoiled, demands his belly scratched
Our new Jack Russell Terrier, Paul, was a stray, but proves he was spoiled a lot by prior owner. He demands his belly to be scratched.
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My  front porch, on a budget, short form
My front porch here in the South. On a budget. Almost all items are yard sale items, or “curb side” meaning ppl put at their curbs to throw out for trash day. I started being a trash picker when I married my hb, about yr 2005.
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Dogs at Dog Park having fun
Lilly, the white Shitzshu, & other dogs running, having a good day socializing.
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Paulie, the dog, sleeping yet demanding a scratch
Our new dog Paulie sleeping but then demands a scratch
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Revelation 1
revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 1
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Paulie the Jack Russel Terrier will not let Dad sleep
Paulie the Dog, will NOT led Daddy take a nap. Paulie is very demanding, wants a scratch
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Paulie the dog trying to escape
Paulie the Jack Russel Terrier dog is good at running away
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New chicks
tractor supply had Jersey Giant Chicks & Iso browns
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2 new White Silkie Juvenile chickens
4 month old Silkies - can't b sexed yet - so I don't no if boy or girl- this bred is a bantam breed
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Reality is: trials & Theres a God
Facing trials yet theres a God and a heaven
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Female circumcision
Female circumcision or female genital mutilation is wrong
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Hummingbirds fly very fast
2 hummingbirds fly back & forth across my front porch, playing a game of chase
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