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Saturn SD360R Inflatable Boat
Only $799 http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_sd360R.asp Heavy-Duty Inflatable Motor Boat with Aluminum Floor. Affordable Saturn inflatable boat almost 12' long and can take up to 20HP outboard motor. Great boat for weekend pleasure cruise. Why pay tthousands of dollars for regular hard hull boat if you can go all same places in a $800 inflatable boat, and then deflate it and pack into closet till next time.
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What happens when you buy a Saturn inflatable boat
http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_sd600.asp Unboxing and inflation of humongous capacity Saturn 20' Inflatable Motor Boat SD600. #saturn boat #saturn boats #saturn inflatable #saturn inflatables #buy saturn boat #buy saturn inflatable boat #What happens when you buy a Saturn inflatable boat
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HoverSeat is Sitting On Attachment for Hoverboard Drifting Scooter.
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp New Patent Pending design of sitting attachment for electric self-balancing hoverboard. Turn any hoverboard into GoKart. Any type of beach chair or cooler can be installed on aluminum frame that is attaches to hoverboard with patent pending HoverClamp.
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http://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat-xl-attachment.asp to order. New, deluxe seating attachment for Hoverboard - HoverSeat XL comes with a built in soft seat. Can be stored vertically. Have rear storage pouch, side storage for phone and bottle and comes with new improved wheels for smooth ride. #hoverboard #hoverseat #hovercart #hoverkart
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HoverSeat - Quick Instructions.
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp Quick Start Guide - how to use HoverSeat with hoverboard.
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HoverSeat Hoverboard Attachment with Manual Handle Operation
HoverSeat $79 at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp Handles $44 at http://www.boatstogo.com/hoverboard-manual-handles-for-hoverseat.asp HoverSeat is not just for lazy. It is practical and fun. It allows anyone to drive around with ease and transport cargo for miles. Video shows person with disability using HoverSeat to transport gear from parking lot to the fishing pier in a park.
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What is KaBoat?
See this video to find out...
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Saturn 16' Inflatable Motor Boat in Green Color
http://www.BoatsToGo.com Saturn 16' Inflatable Motor Boat.
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Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp New Aluminum Frame HoverSeat video at https://youtu.be/HQm7UorWGQ0. New Patent Pending design converts stand up electric self-balancing hoverboard scooter into comfortable sitting carriage. Patent covers HoverClamp attachment installed on hoverboard and tube that is used to attach to various types of sitting configurations - HoverSeat, HoverBike, HoverCooler and HoverBox. HoverBox concept consist of plastic box or cooler that can be attached to hoverboard. When not in use, wheels can be detached and packed along with hoverboard inside HoverBox for easy storage and transportation.
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HoverSeat train of 2 and 3 people with cargo wagon.
http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp Wow! You can use HoverSeat attachments to make up train to carry multiple persons and/or cargo. Turn your hoverboard from dangerous toys to electric horse!
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HoverSeat use for kids transportation to the beach.
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp How do you quickly get kid and bunch of beach gear from parking lot to the beach half mile away? Easy! With a HoverSeat towing folding wagon.
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HoverSeat - Hoverboard Sitting Attachment
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp New invention that makes a hoverboard safer and much more fun! Benefits of HoverSeat: - Comfortable: Attach your favorite beach chair to the platform, relax, and drive! Perhaps you prefer a fishing chair, a bicycle seat, a box with a cushion, or something else? Any box or seat that can stand on a flat surface and is strong enough to support your weight can be installed on the HoverSeat. Attach a cooler box and ride it to the beach! - Easy to drive: Navigate the hoverboard using only your feet; it can even reverse. The HoverSeat can be used on or off-road, and can ride over grass, gravel, and packed sand. - Practical: The HoverSeat is ideal for a cooler box that is strong enough to sit on. Use the HoverSeat to tow a wheeled cart and then transport bags, boxes, groceries, or a paddle board, or use it to transport heavy or awkward tools. The HoverSeat is strong enough to pull a kayak down to the beach. - No need to carry your hoverboard ever again: Use the HoverSeat to transport your hoverboard back home or back to the car when the charge has gone. - Safer than a hoverboard: No more falling off when the hoverboard hits a crack or bump in the pavement - and sitting is far safer than standing.
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New Saturn SK470XL 15' Extra Heavy-Duty KaBoat.
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/kayaks_SK470XL.asp Double layers of PVC fabric covers bottom of tubes up to rub strake protector, 1.5mm PVC bottom, 2 air chambers per tube. Great inflatable boat for fishing, hunting, diving, exploration, etc. Designed for Alaska wilderness.
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18' Saturn SD518 Inflatable Boat with 25HP motor.
Available http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_sd518.asp Heavy-Duty inflatable motor boat with aluminum floor.
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Saturn Inflatable Boat SD330W with 5HP outboard motor
http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_sd330w.asp for more info. Extra wide 11' Saturn Inflatable Fishing Boat test run with 5HP 2-stroke Mercury outboard motor.
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SATURN 14' SD430 carrying 7 people.
Please visit http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_sd430.asp for more information. This Saturn boat commercially used by parasailing company in South Florida.
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Mars 12' Inflatable Motor Boat with 15HP outboard motor.
On Sale at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_Mars370.asp Tech Specs* MARS 370 Overall Length 12.1' Inside Length 8.7' Overall Width 5.6' Inside Width 2.6' Tube Diameter 18" Chambers 3+1 Person Capacity 5 Loading Capacity 1433 lbs Max Motor Power 30 HP (15" shaft / 150 lbs) Tube Weight 120 lbs Floor Weight 100 lbs Shipping Size coming soon Shipping Weight coming soon Floor Type Marine Plywood Material 1100 Denier PVC Seams Quadruple Overlap Air Valves Recessed One-Way Speed (approx.) 25 mph (25HP w/2 adults) Inflation & Assembly 30 min. Tube Color White w/light gray accent
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HoverSeat pulling cargo and various sitting configurations.
http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp for more info. Quick assembly and various configurations. See HoverSeat off-road at https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=MD9QkmeUn-k This video showing how to ride hoverboard while sitting on it. Now you can ride self balancing electric hoverboard segway scooter while sitting in a comfort and even towing some gear, such as kayak, cooler, carry bag and more. hoverboard sitting,hoverboard sitting down,sitting on hoverboard,hoverboard sit on,hoverboard riding sitting,hoverboard mod,hoverboard modification,hoverboard improvement,hoverboard upgrade,riding hoverboard sitting,sitting self balancing scooter,new way ride hoverboard,riding hoverboard in a new way,hoverboard trick,using hoverboard for,towing with hoverboard,hoverboard invention,hoverboard,hover board,segway,self balancing,swagway,selfbalancing,electric scooter,hoverboard fail,hoverboard tricks,hoverboard unboxing,hoverboard prank,hoverboard challenge,self balancing,scooter,electric unicycle,hoverboard review,hendo,self balancing hoverboard,drifting scooter,smart board,smart drifting,razor,io hawk
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Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayak Pro Angler FK396 Unboxing and Assembling.
Only $575 at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_fishing_kayaks.asp See kayak on a water at http://youtu.be/bIlCISk6AXE?hd=1 Easy to carry and portable to store, this fishing kayak is a must for any RV, campground or any other situation where a fishing portability is important. If you live in a condo or home near the water and want to go fishing, but have no place to dock a full size angler kayak, then this inflatable kayak will keep you ready for fishing in a moment notice.
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Saturn 16.4' SD500 Budget Inflatable Boat. Saturn Inflatable Boat. Buy Saturn Inflatable Boats.
$1199 at http://www.boatstogo.com/16-inflatable-boats-sd500.asp 16.4' motor boat SD500 is a largest vessel in our budget price. New Saturn SD500 inflatable motor boat features huge size, and commercial grade aluminum floor, which provides excellent platform for working, fishing, hunting, diving or cruising around. SD500 rubber raft is same width and tube diameter boat as other budget boats in Saturn line, but it is extra long - 16.4' in length! Available in light gray only. saturn boat, saturn boats, saturn inflatable, saturn inflatables, buy saturn boat, buy saturn inflatable boat
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SATURN 18' KaBoat SK548XL test run with 15HP 2-stroke outboard motor.
Please visit http://www.boatstogo.com/kayaks_sk548.asp for more information. New, extra-long Saturn KaBoat SK548 pushing limits even further. It is 18' long and is a largest KaBoat available today!
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HoverBag - Most Portable Scooter In a World!
Coming soon. From creators of HoverSeat. Now comes HoverBag. Patent Pending design of scooter-in-a-bag concept. Powered by Hoverboard! Everyting fits into the duffel bag!
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Ride Segway Mini Pro Seating with a HoverSeat!
HoverSeat available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp For more pictures: http://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat.asp?selected_section=product_tab_10#product_tabs Video shows do-it-yourself modification of HoverSeat to make it work with Segway Mini Pro. Simple HoverSeat modification allows riding Segway while seating. HoverSeat pull tube was cut shorter, ball bearing wheel caster was installed on a pull tube in a front of frame. Eey-bolt was installed to secure pull tube to frame front. Large carabiner clip was secured over Segway handle and attached with smaller clips to eye-bolt on a HoverSeat frame. We added simple T-handle made from PVC pipes and attached to Segway handle with strap that run through the pipe. 4" ball bearing wheel caster is $18 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PS7P9II/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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Electric Paddle Board Conversion Kit. Motorized SUP.
Motor Mount Only $59 at http://www.boatstogo.com/SUP-paddle-b... Motor mount attaches to paddle board with tie-down straps. Remote foot switch placed on board top to turn on/off with a foot. To avoid fall from sudden start or stop you need to lean on an SUP paddle. 12V 40Ah motor provides about 1 hour ride for 55lbs motor and 2-3 hours for 20lbs motor.
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SD410 Saturn Inflatable Boat with 15HP Outboard Motor. What Inflatable Boat to Buy? Saturn boat.
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-boat-sd410.asp The 13.5' inflatable motor raft from SATURN continue line of extra affordable boats. Saturn SD410 comes with heavy-duty sectional aluminum floor. Hard floor provides excellent platform for fishing, diving, snorkeling or pleasure cruising on a weekends. While it does take time to assemble aluminum floor, compare to quick deployment of popular air deck floor, hard floor has its benefits. saturn boat, saturn boats, saturn inflatable, saturn inflatables, buy saturn boat, buy saturn inflatable boat
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$399 at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-motorized-paddle-board.asp The only Inflatable Paddle Board with folding transom for electric trolling motor. It is 3-products-in-1: Stand Up Paddle Board, Sit-On-Top Kayak and Electric Motor Boat. All you need is MotorSUP board, 20lbs to 55lsb Electric Trolling Motor and at least 12V35Ah battery. You also need remote foot switch for trolling motor, sold for $15-$20 on Amazon and Ebay. Foot switch connected between one of motor wires and battery terminal, in order to turn motor on and off.
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Saturn 12' Inflatable Mini Cat MC365 V1.0
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-catamaran-MC365.asp Saturn new inflatable catamaran MC365 is largest in our series of new mini cat type of boats. It can act as an stable fishing platform, weekend pleasure cruiser for whole family or as an excellent ship-to-shore tender to cross over beach surf. Please note that Mini Cat type of boats are not designed to be sport racers. They do not have sponsors or fiberglass wings as XCAT type of racing boats. Mini Cats are designed to be inexpensive budget solution watercraft that can go nice and easy with small gas outboard or affordable electric trolling motors. However, care has to be taken when going fast against the strong winds, as it may flip boat over if operated improperly with wrong weight distribution. As with any other watercrafts, always wear life jacket and use outboard lanyard kill switch when going fast. Each tube has 2 separate air chambers for better marine safety. Air pressure release valves are built into each tube to prevent over inflation or excess pressure build up due to hot air. Extra wide durable rub strake on bottom of tubes allow beaching even on a rocky line.
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Saturn 15' KaBoat SK470 with 3HP Motor
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/kayaks_sk470.asp KaBoat is crossover between kayak and boat. Because of narrow hull this boat can run faster with smaller gas and electric motors.
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HoverSeat Mini. More compact and portable HoverSeat design concept.
http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp HoverSeat is great. But, it is a little bit too bulky to keep in a trunk of small car. Assembled frame does take some space. So, here is new concept of more portable frame that can fold down to small bag and be assembled in a matter of minutes. That frame designed to be used with low profile folding beach chair that folds into the bag.
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Saturn 11' Pro Angler Fishing SUP Paddle Boards
SALE $399 at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-fishing-paddle-board-FSUP330.asp Saturn extra heavy-duty Pro Angler inflatable fishing paddle board FSUP330 have set of splash guards with grommet holes on both sides of the board for the easy attachment of multiple gear, such as optional kayak seats, cooler, basket, rod holders, etc. Grommets can also be used to secure stand up fishing frame if customer choose to build one with PVC pipes or aluminum tubes. Splash guards with grommets on both sides of SUP paddle board created unique and versatile watercraft that can be rigged and used in a multitude of ways - for stand paddling, for using with optional kayak seat or low profile beach chair, or with sitting directly on a cooler. Optional wood board can be secured between splash guards and multiple fishing rod holders can be mounted on top of wood board to create ultimate fishing machine.
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SATURN Budget Inflatable Boat SD500. Buy Saturn Inflatable Boats. Saturn Inflatable Boat.
Sale at https://www.boatstogo.com/budget-inflatable-boats.asp Can’t afford a big boat? Don’t wanna deal with hassle of marina or boat trailer? Then Saturn line of budget inflatable boats is for you! While maintaining high standards for quality products, we managed to reduce pricing by replacing higher priced air floors with aluminum floor and removing double layers of PVC fabric on a tube bottoms. #inflatable #boats #inflatable #rafts #dinghy #tender #rubber #boat #fishing #boating #diving #inflatableboats saturn boat, saturn boats, saturn inflatable, saturn inflatables, buy saturn boat, buy saturn inflatable boat
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$399- SATURN MotoSUP Motorized Inflatable Paddle Board
https://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-paddle-boards.asp 3-products-in-1: Stand up paddle boards, kayak and electric motor boat. MotoSUP comes with patent pending folding motor mount that can accept small electric trolling motors. 12V 40Ah with 55lbs motor can run around an hour on a full speed, or 2 hours at half speed. Smaller 20lbs motor with 20Ah battery can rund about 1.5 hour. Surely, it is not a jet ski, but still faster than paddling. Some people might call it cheating, but it surely feels good... Electric Paddle Board Electric stand-UP paddleboard Electric SUP Motorized paddleboard Motorized paddle board Motorized standup paddle board Motorized stand-up paddleboard electric paddle board electric paddle electric paddle boat motorized surfboard jetsurf motorized surfboard paddle boarding paddleboard fishing paddleboard yoga paddleboard shark paddle board surfing paddleball tournament 2015 paddle boat paddle boarding paddle ball paddle board surfing paddle boat paddle board fishing paddle board yoga paddle ball world record paddle boarding great white paddleboard shark paddle boarding for beginners stand up paddle stand up paddle board stand up paddle surfing paddle board fishing stand up paddle board fishing bote paddle board fishing electric paddle board electric paddle boat inflatable stand up paddle board inflatable stand up paddle board review inflatable stand up paddle board surfing inflatable paddle board inflatable paddle board review inflatable paddle board surfing tower inflatable paddle board kayak fishing kayak kayaking kayak bass fishing kayak fishing setup kayak camping kayak commercial kayaking down a drainage ditch kayak trailer kayak fishing gone wrong kayak fishing kayak fishing setup kayak fishing gone wrong kayak fishing florida kayak fishing hawaii kayak fishing shark kayak fishing tips kayak fisherman kayak fishing bass kayak fish finder surfing surfing big waves surfing with the alien surfing lake tahoe surfing gopro surfing wipeouts surfing videos surfing mavericks surfin usa longboarding longboard longboarding downhill longboard fails longboard tricks longboard surfing longboard sliding longboard dancing longboarding freeride longboard cruising
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HoverSeat XL Train. Seating attachment for Hoverboard for 2 people.
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat-xl.asp or Amazon https://www.amazon.com/HOVERSEAT-ATTACHMENT-HOVERBOARD-HOVERBOARD-HOVERBOARDS/dp/B07149P329/ HoverSeat XL is a seating attachment for HoverBoard with built in chair. Quick and Easy DIY Mod. Hole was drilled in a middle of rear axle of front HoverSeat. Rear HoverSeat attached to the bolt that is installed into the hole.
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HoverSeat DIY Mod - Hoverboard with External Bike Battery.
FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION HAS ARRIVED!!! Video shows how to replace hoverboard internal 36V 4.4Ah battery with external 36v 10Ah bicycle battery that is mounted on a HoverSeat frame. Benefits of this mod are: (1) almost 3 times longer travel range, (2) reducing risk of fire from hoverboard battery, (3) making hoverboard much lighter to move around, and (4) it is much easier to detach battery for charging, than carrying heavy hoverboard to power outlet every time you want to charge it. All around win-win! * HoverSeat is $69, and available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp * Hoverboars with 10" wheels starts at $250 and up, just google "hoverboard 10" * 36V10Ah bottle type bike battery with charger is around $220-$250 on Ebay or Amazon. * XT60 Battery connectors are $3 on Amazon. * Sand beach chair starts at $10 in Walmart. Put it all together in 30 minutes, and you have new, intuitive, hands-free transportation that is pleasure to drive. All you need to do is to open hoverboard, disconnect and remove its battery, connect XD60 into power cable, drill 2 small holes next to joint point of hoverboard cover, to run extended cables out, and use any type of quick connector to join to bike battery power cable. Bike battery rails attached to HoverSeat pull tube with 2 self tapping screws. That is all. But, now you can ride anywhere for miles and miles, and tow gear behind! TIP! Additional suggested mods to make riding experience even better are: (1) re-calibrate hoverboard from horizontal to 30-40 degree angle footpads position facing hoverseat, and (2) cover all 4 optical footpads pressure sensors with duct or electric tape, so that all 4 sensors are always engaged. Since you no longer riding standing, these sensors are no longer needed. Sensors located on 2 gyroscopic plates located next to wheels. Having sensors always on, means that you no longer need to have your foot always pressing on footpads when riding. Even light push to edge of hoverboard pads will propel it forward nice and easy. However, it is important to avoid holding power button down for longer than 1 second when sensors are closed, because that might damage gyro boards.
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DIY Upgrade HoverSeat XL with bike battery to extend ride.
HoverSeat XL available at http://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat-xl-attachment.asp You can buy 10" wheel hoverboard on Ebay for under $250. Easy DIY hack will allow riding HoverSeat with hoverboard 3 times longer and make it easier to re-charge by moving only bike battery, instead of heavy hoverboard. 1. Remove back cover with power button. 2. Remove hoverboard battery. 3. Make short cable extension using male and female XT60 connectors sold on Amazon and Ebay for $1. 4. Run extension cable out of hoverboard leaving about 2" outside. 5. Bolt bottle-type bicycle battery 36V 10Ah, or any other type of 36V batteries to pull tube of HoverSeat XL. 10Ah 36V batteries with charger and cable around $200 on Ebay. 6. Don't forget to re-calibrate hoverboard with footpads facing rider by pressing and holding power button for 3-5 seconds. 7. For best riding experience, if you are handy enough, you can wrap Gyro sensors with duct tape to disable pressure sensors. This way there is no need to keep feet flat of foodpads and it become much more easier to operate hoverboard. However, hoverboard need to be re-calibrated before doing so. Also, since pressure sensors are disabled, hoverboard will roll on its own, and therefore, it need to be powered on only when it placed under re-calibrated angle.
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New Extra Large 16' Saturn KaBoat SK487 XL w/5HP Suzuki Outboard Motor
Only $999 at http://www.boatstogo.com/kayaks_SK487... This large 16' KaBoat crossover between inflatable boat and inflatable kayak was designed after narrow Asian Dragon boats and ride very fast and easy with 2 people and small 5 HP outboard motor. No other boats will go as fast with such small outboard motor as Saturn KaBoat. When deflated it packs to small size of 48" x 25" x 13" and can easily fit into trunk of any car. Together with a small 5HP outboard motor it is real fun on a water that can be up and running within 5-10 minutes. KaBoat was invented by BoatsToGo, Inc. Patent Pending. Beware of imitations.
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Saturn 11' SD330 Inflatable Boat with 15HP Outboard Motor
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable_boat_sd330.asp Watch Saturn 11' SD330 boat running with 15HP 2 stroke Mercury Outboard Motor.
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How to repair punctures in PVC inflatable boat, raft or kayak.
Visit http://www.boatstogo.com/faq.asp for more info. If you are losing air pressure, (aside from pressure loss commonly caused by colder temperatures), check the boat over for leaks. Start by checking the valves first. The best tool to find leaks is soapy water in a spray bottle. A leaky valve is rare, but if you do find a leak we can send you a replacement valve. We recommend mixing soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray around the valve. If you see bubbles forming, check your valve fitting and base and be sure the valve insert is screwed on tight. You can apply glue from the repair kit to seal small leaks around the valve or holes where the nylon string enters the valve assembly. If you continue to have problems with the valve, it's probably time to order a new one. To find tiny leaks, take the floor boards out, fully inflate the boat until it's hard to the touch. Put some liquid detergent in a bucket of water and scrub it all over the boat with rag or big wash brush. Watch for elusive or tiny bubbles. When you find the first leak, keep looking. You might as well fix them all at the same time! Remember, the number one cause of slow leaks is due to poorly fitted valves. Unscrew the valve and clean the area. Make sure the little rubber O-rings are still good. They are the cheapest repair possible. If you have no luck finding a slow leak with air bubbles, inflate the boat to it's maximum air pressure and try to listen for the leak. If you can narrow the area down, return with a spray bottle to identify the source of the leak. Punctures less than 1/8" in size can be repaired simply without a patch. Deflate your boat, then clean and dry the area to be repaired. Apply a small drop of glue to cover the puncture and let dry for 12 hours. If you need to get on the water sooner, let dry for 30 minutes and then inflate the boat, inflating the compartment with the repair only 3/4 full. This repair might not be permanent so add a drop again at a later date to make it permanent. Your Inflatable Boat comes with a repair kit as standard equipment. It is recommended to do repairs in dry weather. Humidity will decrease glue bond. Cut a piece of repair material large enough to overlap the damaged area by approximately 1" and round off the edges. Apply glue to the under side of the patch and around the area to be repaired. Too much glue will often interfere with a proper repair. Allow adhesive to become tacky for 5 minutes, and then place patch on the damaged area. Use a weight to apply 3-5 lbs. of pressure for 24 hours. After the patch has dried, apply glue around the edges for a complete seal (dry 6 hours).
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Folding Beach Hammock
$69 at http://www.boatstogo.com/folding-hammock.asp Enjoy beach in a comfort with our new folding beach hammock.
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Quick Assembly of Foldable SUP Paddle Board
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HoverSeat MINI Hoverboard Sitting Attachment. Hoverboard Cart Folds Down Into Portable Size!
$99 at http://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat-attachment-hoverseat-mini.asp ================================== HoverSeat MINI is a cheap, convenient and fun means of transport. You can go anywhere; on roads and streets and enjoy making local errands fun, quick and easy. Riding a HoverSeat MINI would make you feel like skiing on land. HoverSeat MINI is best friend of those having physical problem, especially those finding hard to walk as the HoverSeat MINI was designed to move with comfort and ease making the rider enjoy the sense of independence and freedom that comes from mobility. HoverSeat MINI is cheap and affordable, as it does not consume gasoline or any petroleum-based fuels, so are environment friendly. HoverSeat MINI is so compact designed that it could be stored in a small place anywhere in your house, car trunk, or wherever you go. You can even access public transport buses or trains with the electric scooters. Some electric scooters The sitting arrangement of HoverSeat MINI with fold up armrests adds to the comfort of the rider reducing the amount of physical strain on the upper body. We even include folding chair which provides comfortable seating while riding HoverSeat MINI. HoverSeat MINI is only scooter in a world that you can ride with your hands behind your head! HoverSeat MINI is the only scooter in a world that you can ride while having a drink in one hand and phone in another! The HoverSeat MINI frame made of light aluminum tubes which fits easily inside provided draw string carry-on bag, and then into trunk of the car or small closet. When folded, it doesn't take much space. When you want to use HoverSeat MNI, simply take out all components from a bag, insert pull tube into the axle tube, snap on top perpendicular front tube, and slide 2 wheels over axle ends. Then secure folding chair on top with provided Velcro strap, and you are ready to go! Comfortable: Provided bonus folding chair is very comfortable to ride in. It is perfect fit, and feels very relaxed when riding HoverSeat MINI. Practical: Use the HoverSeat MINI to tow a wheeled cart, or hand carts, or grocery wheeled bag, boxes, or use it to transport heavy or awkward tools. Safer than a hoverboard: No more fear of falling from hoverboard and heating the pavement hard. Plus, sitting is far more comfortable than standing! =======================================
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Inflatable Sail Catamaran Paddle Board Combo. Patent Pending. Sailing Stand SUP Paddle Boards.
Order at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-SUP-sail-catamaran.asp Video of use as SUP/Kayak at http://youtu.be/iog2dbDVlmk Set of 2 inflatable paddle boards that are joined together via 2 aluminum benches to create catamaran type hull. Optional sail kit makes it inflatable sail catamaran. You can use this set as inflatable SUP paddle boards, sit-on-top kayaks, swim platform or as a sail catamaran.
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HoverBike - New Transportation Solution Using HoverBoard - Patent Pending.
Visit https://www.boatstogo.com/hoverseat-xl.asp for hoverseat attachment. Patent Pending HoverBike turns any hoverboard into mini electric bike. So easy to ride using feet only. Use handle bar for additional safety. Video shoot from HoverSeat riding next to HoverBike. HoverSeat is a great platform for shooting videos on a move!
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SATURN Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board
$499 at http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-motorized-paddle-board-XL.asp Coming soon. 11'x50" wide paddle board stable enough for reclining zero gravity chair. Folding transom allow installation of up to 55lbs Electric Trolling Motor. Great for fishing and relaxation on a water.
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DIY Swivel Fishing Seat Module For Inflatable Kayaks and KaBoats
This Do-It-Yourself Swivel Fishing Seat Platform for KaBoats and Inflatable Kayaks provides comfortable seating for real anglers for hours of fishing, or for anyone who wish to have nice back support. Rod-holders can be conveniently attached directly to aluminum surface of the platform along with depth and fish finders, GPS, light poles, umbrella shade mounts, etc. The best feature of this swivel seat platform is that you can quickly drop it in or take it out of any inflatable kayak or KaBoat. All you need is 2 aluminum benches, swivel platform, short pedestal, and quick disconnect along with a folding fishing seat of your choice. All these parts are sold in most outdoor, marine stores and on-line. Same type of platform can be modified to be dropped into any type of inflatable boat, raft, dinghy, tender or runabout motor boat for more comfortable ride while operating outboard motor.
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Central Console and Seating for Inflatable Boats.
Patent pending new and revolutionary desing. Cost saving central console and frame seating adjustable to fit into any inflatable boat with air, plywood or aluminum floor. Shown with Saturn SD385 inflatable boat. Please visit www.BoatsToGo.for more information. More videos is at http://www.youtube.com/user/boatstogo
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Inflatable Double SUP Paddle Board / Kayak Combo. Patent Pending.
http://www.boatstogo.com/surfboards.asp Set comes with 2 inflatable SUP paddle boards that have special sleeves for installation of provided aluminum benches that can join 2 paddle board into catamaran. Double-joined paddle boards can be used as a swim platform or with optional sail as a sail catamaran.
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Hovering along South Beach boardwalk in a HoverSeat
Available at http://www.boatstogo.com/HoverSeat.asp New HoverSeat sit-on attachment for hoverboard allow comfortable zipping along South Beach boardwalk.
Views: 23515 Inflatable Boats
New Saturn 18' KaBoat SK548XL
http://www.boatstogo.com/kayaks_SK548.asp On Sale $999 Test with 3.5HP outboard motor.
Views: 13351 Inflatable Boats
Expedition Series KaBoat SK470XL Black
Just $799 at http://www.boatstogo.com/kayaks_SK470XL.asp Extra heavy-duty edition of KaBoat with 1.5mm PVC bottom, overlapped bottom of tubes, reliable C7 valves from UK company Leafield, rub strake all round tubes and 2 seats of rowing oars. Ready for adventure or expedition.
Views: 10456 Inflatable Boats

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