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Lacey gets Dunked Doused and Shampooed !!
Brand New Stoogette Lacey gets the Slapstick Shampoo Treatment
Views: 61089 stoogettes4me
Muddy Girls Galore !
Hot Babes, Doing their Best to go for Total Coverage of our Muddy Girl Needs... :)
Views: 141762 stoogettes4me
Dunk Tank Girls Galore !
Over 43 Dunkings of some Wet and Willing Sweethearts !
Views: 165543 stoogettes4me
Lacy Loves a Sloppy Hair Treatment !!
Here's a Helluva How To for a Sensational Stoogette Slop Up !!
Views: 28774 stoogettes4me
Smokin' Hot Babe Gets Dunked and Shampooed !
An Early and Awkward Attempt at Shooting a Sexy Shampoo Video... Oh Well.... Live and Learn..
Views: 143234 stoogettes4me
Dunk Those HOOTERS !!
Smoking Hot REAL Hooters Girls in a Dunk Tank Charity Event !!
Views: 86178 stoogettes4me
HOOTERS vs Bud Girls in the MUD !!
A Celebrity Oozeball Match between REAL Live Hooters and Bud Girls...also Bonus Footage of some Primo Hotties getting Wet and Muddy at this same Event
Views: 167986 stoogettes4me
Pudding Shampoo HairDo's for Dawn and Nanette !!
Those 2 Former Hawaiian Tropic Swimsuit Models use Prop Pudding to give each other Mud Volleyball Style HairDo's !! With Hilarious Results :)
Views: 71047 stoogettes4me
Lacy Lathers Up and Dunks Herself Clean !!
This is the way you Clean up a Stoogette after Her Slapstick Salon Treatment !
Views: 229997 stoogettes4me
Christina Carter gets Slathered and Shampooed !!
My Famous and Fabulous Friend gets a Pudding Slathering and a Delicious Dunking Shampoo !!
Views: 54444 stoogettes4me
Lana Loves Lather
New Girl Lana Lathers up and Yuks it up !
Views: 56101 stoogettes4me
Hosing Girls Galore !
What to Do with a Muddy Stoogette ??... Why, you turn the Hose on Her, Of Course !!
Views: 95619 stoogettes4me
Stoogettes at the Slapstick Salon
Slapstick Hair Treatment
Views: 63210 stoogettes4me
Dawn Gets TOTALLY Muddy and gets a Shampoo from Nanette !
Dawn Attempts a Muddy On-site Promo with Hilarious Results and We also get Treated to Nanette giving Dawn a Good Scrubing and Rinsing..
Views: 54750 stoogettes4me
Hot Tub Stoogettes
Raquel and Serena in their Stoogette Debut
Views: 58995 stoogettes4me
Muddy Sorority Girls Galore !
Here's the REAL Dirt on Sororities as these Slapstick Sisters Slop it Up at their Oozeball Charity / Philanthropy Event.
Views: 31066 stoogettes4me
Pretty Lady gets Dunked Relentlessly with Bonus Muddy Girl Footage
A record Dunk Tank Performance by a Lovely Lady... Also a Double Duty Mud and Dunk Tank Girl
Views: 65814 stoogettes4me
Go Blue Shampoo !!
Dawn and Nanette turn Her Kitchen into a Slapstick Shampoo Salon !!
Views: 36924 stoogettes4me
Mud Sliding Girls Galore !
Pretty Girls Relentlessly Mud Sliding at a Public Mud Volleyball Event...
Views: 35107 stoogettes4me
Bunnies Gone Bad.....What REALLY Goes On in Peter Rabbit's Back Room !
Undercover Cameras Dig Deep into Rabbit Hole Scandal !
Views: 20273 stoogettes4me

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