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UNSTOPPABLE | Dino James | Motivational Video Song |
Story of a young boy who loses hope until he finds out that nothing can be achieved without hard work and perseverance. If a person is dedicated to his work then no one can stop him from being successful. Original Song By :- Dino James Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSallxKpm8Y Directed By :- Elvis Almeida CAST:- Darren Christian Dev Prajapati Abhishek Barot Allen David Hozefa Himanshu Dhruv Morkar Fredric Minj Harsh Soda Manthan Trivedi Elvis Almeida Assistant Director :- Manthan Trivedi Special Thanks to :- Manthan Trivedi Abhishek Barot Edited And Written By :- Elvis Almeida If you think this is good please do leave a Like, give your reviews in Comments , Share and Subscribe.
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Bindass Mafo - Episode 1: Mafa Ae Maari Bhoot Ni - A Gujarati Comedy Film
"બિંદાસ મફો - મફાઅે મારી ભૂત ની" is a short Gujarati Comedy Film. Actually "Bindass Mafo" is a series in which many episodes are there, this one is the 1st episode. This short film has new members of "Half Minded" team. The Lead Character of this film Mafa is played by Nirvish Parikh. Unleash the Hilarious Plot Now...
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Top 8 Vines From Half Minded | Must Watch |
Checkout All The Vines 8.When Somebody Says Maths Is Easy 7.Being Overconfident 6.When You Keep Your Fav Song As Your Alarm 5.When Situations Are Too Scary 4.When Invisible Cape Will Be Invented 3.Gujarati Vine 'Vaanch' ('Vaanch' Means Study) 2.I Am A YouTube Star 1.Prank Went Terribly Wrong Do Like Comment Share and Subscribe.....And Stay Tuned For More Updates #anwarjibawi #topvines #crazyvines #vines
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PRANKMINDED Episode 1 - Auto Rickshaw Prank, Mannequin Challenge Prank And Sleeping Prank
Half Minded Presents 'PRANKMINDED'. Our first prank video. This is PRANKMINDED Episode 1. Containing 2 Auto Rickshaw Pranks, 4 Mannequin Challenge Pranks and 2 Sleeping Prank.Half Minded Presents 'PRANKMINDED'. Our first prank video. Unleash The Humours Pranks.... Like Comment Share And Subscribe For More PRANKMINDED Episodes.
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Sonu Monu - Baap Of Thugs| Episode 1| The Ring|
Sonu Monu is a new series started by our channel. The Plot Revolves Around Two Thugs. Thugs whom noone can befool. Daring, with a luck thugs. Every Episode of this series will uncover the truth of their lives. And will create a hilarious situation. Like Comment Share and Subscribe
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Heights Of Stupidity-Next Level Retard|Short Film|
A short funny and bonetickling video where in next level of stupidity is shown in 3 phases. Do watch this and support us by subscribing if liked our videos. We are a small team who's dreams are bigger. Help us to achieve them. Unlike of our other videos this one is a bit different. Like, Comment And Share. Music Credits Naruto (Sadness and Sorrow) - Taylor Davis Mission impossible theme James bond theme
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Lights! Camera! And Roasting! - A Comedy Roasting Series
Have you ever thought what happens when you listen to a worst singer.......? There this video is all about roasting Moris Menezes YouTube's worst singer....if anybody wants to go to his channel here click on the link :- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQa5oLD4CCCCbwBnPX9S-yw This is our channels first video....hope you all like it. Like, comment and subscribe...."Half Minded"
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Lights! Camera! And Roasting! | Episode 2 | Roasting Nouman Khan|
This is Episode 2 in series of Lights! Camera! And Roasting!. In this we have roasted the legend Nouman Khan. This is first time we made such a long video. I would be uploading subtitles soon. ---------------DISCLAIMER------------------ All Person Names And Location Names Are Used Just For Entertainment Purposes. Please Don't Feel Offended. #Roasting #Noumankhan
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