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How Did I Lose Weight? Why Do I Look So Different Now?
Hello!! I kind of word vomited this out all in one go, so sorry if I am talking too fast. It was really important to me to talk about this though and I hope it not only gives you a better insight into my life but I hope you can take something away from this too. https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ikurazz https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz https://soundcloud.com/ikurazofficial
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What's this Channel about, and get to know me!
My first ever YouTube video! Here I am just talking about my plans for this channel, and a little bit about me too. instagram.com/ikuraz twitter.com/ktenologics soundcloud.com/ktenologics My anime list: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/floraison Music: Make Me Feel (Carpainter remix) - Lolica Tonica Flying Saucer - Carpainter
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Life update and a little rant
Just a quick video letting you guys know whats going on in my world, and a little rant about music. This is just my honest opinion, and me speaking my mind about how I feel, so you are allowed to disagree! See you soon! Music: I'm Coming (in the blue shirt remix) - Pa's Lam System Telemaco Sequence - Stepic Matane - Ebon
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My Everyday Makeup Routine
Hey, sorry it's been so long, but I'm excited to finally do this video, it was fun trying something new :) Let me know if you want more videos like this! ALL PRODUCTS USED: Primer: http://www.stylekorean.com/shop/etude-house-beauty-shot-face-blur-spa15-pa-35g/14309631871235/tag/ikuraz Cushion: http://www.stylekorean.com/shop/laneige-bb-cushion-pore-control-neutral-n11-spf50-pa/1486358362/tag/ikuraz Concealer: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/apieu-moist-cream-concealer-spf30-pa-5-colors-7g/info.html/pid.1054930146 Powder: http://www.stylekorean.com/shop/innisfree-no-sebum-mineral-powder/14309636203227/tag/ikuraz Blush: http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/baked-blush/NYX_128.html Brows: http://www.stylekorean.com/shop/etude-house-drawing-eye-brow-1-dark-brown-new/14309632151387/tag/ikuraz Eyes: http://www.stylekorean.com/shop/memebox-i-m-meme-i-m-eyeshadow-palette-sp01-day-to-night/1478582786/tag/ikuraz http://www.yesstyle.com/en/etude-house-play-color-eyes-cherry-blossom-1g-x-10pcs/info.html/pid.1058586224?cpid=1058586223 Liner: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/koji-dolly-wink-liquid-eyeliner-deep-black-1-pc/info.html/pid.1022592136 Lashes: https://www.priceline.com.au/rimmel-scandaleyes-reloaded-mascara-in-black-12-ml Highlight: https://www.sephora.com.au/products/anastasia-beverly-hills-glow-kit-nicole-guerreiro/v/default Lips: http://www.stylekorean.com/shop/peripera-ink-the-airy-velvet-05-elf-light-rose/1493105603/ Setting Spray: http://www.urbandecay.com/all-nighter-setting-spray-by-urban-decay/ud803.html?cgid=4_500#start=2&cgid=4_500
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What do I do as an Anisong DJ?
Talking about what kind of music I play when I DJ as ktenologics, my style of DJing and where I find my music. All songs are mentioned below! https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ktenologics https://soundcloud.com/ktenologics Cola Splash - Cola Splash Punch Mind Happiness - Carpainter tatu'd lolis (extended mix) - goreshit ラバ x ラバ(HUGKISS 160 EDIT)
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Where do I buy my Anime clothes from?
This video I show you some online shops that I use to buy my clothes from, which some of you requested! I chose to include just a few, as the video was a bit long. Also my audio didn't record at the last section, sorry 'bout that. Village Vanguard: http://vvstore.jp/ Park: https://park-harajuku.stores.jp/ Galaxxxy: - JP store: http://galaxxxy.joe-inter.co.jp/ - US store: http://www.galaxxxyrocks.com/us/ - Europe: http://www.keep-it-secret.co.uk/webshop/category/galaxxxy/39/0/title-az/1/index.html Mandarake: http://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/ Treasure Japan: https://treasure-japan.com/ Music: Shai - I Don't Wanna Be Alone (Double Clapperz Refix) Submerse - Gundam °FLUX - First Impact
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My Skincare Routine/How I Keep My Skin Clear
* i forgot to take a thumbnail lol* I tried to film this video 4 times but I was never happy with it so here it is! Please let me know if you have any questions :) Products used: Etude House - Berry AHA Bright Peel Perfect Scrub http://www.yesstyle.com/en/etude-house-berry-aha-bright-peel-perfect-scrub-120ml-120ml/info.html/pid.1049714627?cpid=1049714626 Etude House - Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming http://www.yesstyle.com/en/etude-house-wonder-pore-whipping-foaming-200ml-200ml/info.html/pid.1038751910?cpid=1038863363 Etude House - My Beauty Tool Facial Cleansing Brush http://www.yesstyle.com/en/etude-house-my-beauty-tool-facial-cleansing-brush-1-pc/info.html/pid.1035102518 The Face Shop - Chiaseed Hydrating Toner http://www.yesstyle.com/en/the-face-shop-chiaseed-hydrating-toner-145ml-145ml/info.html/pid.1051153607?cpid=1051153606&tcuc=AUD Etude House - Moistfull Collagen Cream http://www.yesstyle.com/en/list.html?bpt=48&q=etude+house&bcc=14105#/q=etude+house&bcc=14105&ss=120&bt=48&bpt=48&sb=136&l=1&s=10&pn=3 Shiseido - Aqualabel Moist Protect Milk http://www.yesstyle.com/en/shiseido-aqualabel-moist-protect-milk-uv-spf-28-pa-red-40ml/info.html/pid.1025066486 Memebox - I'm Cleansing Oil #02 Fresh Oil https://us.memebox.com/product/5525 Soap & Glory - PEACHES AND CLEAN DEEP CLEANSING MILK http://www.soapandglory.com/peaches-and-cleantm-deep-cleansing-milk Innisfree - It's Real Squeeze Mask http://www.yesstyle.com/en/innisfree-its-real-squeeze-mask-1pc-16-flavors-rice/info.html/pid.1038744917 Soap & Glory - WISH UPON A JAR http://www.soapandglory.com/skincare/skincreams-moisturisers/wish-upon-a-jartm Etude House - Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack http://www.yesstyle.com/en/etude-house-bubble-tea-sleeping-pack-100g-black-tea/info.html/pid.1054770033 LUSH - Popcorn Lip Scrub https://au.lush.com/products/lip-scrubs/popcorn MUSIC: Warm Colors - Youmi Hold on VIP - Flava D Riverside - Yudachi Norm - Moyoyo
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Review & Styling my UniWIgs Lacefront Wig! UniWigs Trendy
Hey friends, I received this Wig from Uniwigs and I thought I would do a little review and styling of it, as I have never had a lacefront wig before so its a new thing for me. http:/goo.gl/3CXCfx If you are interested in this wig, you can use the coupon code AK10. See you soon!
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The Most Kawaii Fashion Ever! (My Lucky Bag Story)
Hey! I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it, it certainly was an experience. If you want to check out the store its: https://wagado.fashionstore.jp/ The shopping service I used is: https://treasure-japan.com/ Music: Stepic - Dedenne Stepic - V字上昇Victory (stepic retweet) https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ikurazz https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz https://soundcloud.com/ktenologics
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I'm Back! (Holiday + Patreon Launch)
Hey, sorry its been so long since I've posted! life has been a bit hectic lately but I'm back on schedule. PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ikurazz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ktenologics Music Takashima - SENSHA-DO ANTHEM BEATS Lolica Tonica - Eyes on you Lolica Tonica - Luv Charm (feat. Yura Mari)
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May Music Favourites + Opening Fanmail!
Hi hi, sorry I've been gone, things got a lil hectic. Mailing address: BASKETBALL OUTLET 462 SMITH STREET COLLINGWOOD VICTORIA 3066 AUSTRALIA (RE: IKURAZ/BRITTANY) Carpainter Sydney event: https://www.vividsydney.com/event/music/sequenceslive-carpainter-kyoto-skies Carpainter Melbourne event: https://au.eventbu.com/melbourne/no-chill-farewell-shows/2974388 1. Blacklolita - Dream Machine/Innocence EP https://blacklolita4407.bandcamp.com/album/dream-machine-innocence 2.DJ Kurara - Under Power https://dancecorps.bandcamp.com/releases 3. Ducky - SH3LT3R (DUCKY B00TL3G) https://soundcloud.com/ravetoolz/sh3lt3r-ducky-b00tl3g 4. Slick Shoota - Do Right EP https://pitchriderrecords.bandcamp.com/album/do-right-ep 5.Serji - Bubbled Up, Break Down https://lilium.bandcamp.com/album/lilium-x4
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March Music Favourites!
My favourite songs of March, I found a ton of good stuff this month and it was hard to trim it down to just 5 but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Lolica Tonica - Eyes On You maltinerecords.cs8.biz/160/ Giuliano Rascan - 80's Kids(Masayoshi Iimori Remix) https://soundcloud.com/masayoshi-iimori/sets/giuliano-rascan-80s-kids Future Candy(Hylen Remix) https://soundcloud.com/hylen/future-candyhylen-remix Welcome JP(PandaBoY Jungle Park Remix) https://soundcloud.com/pandaboy/welcome-jppandaboy-jungle-park-remix JINGO JUNGLE (KAN TAKAHIKO Remix) https://soundcloud.com/kntkhk/jingo-jungle-kan-takahiko-remix https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ikurazz https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz https://soundcloud.com/ktenologics
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April Music Favourites!
It feels like I just made my April Favourites video, but here we are! So many good releases this month, and I have picked a few that are hard to find! 1, 4 and 5 have free downloads so go go go! They are all linked. 1. Black Lolita - Tengai Makyo https://soundcloud.com/lanchr/blacklolita-tengai-makyo 2. NOR - Break It Up (Frequency Blitz 5) http://shop.attackthemusic.com/album/frequency-blitz-5 3. Kokushimusou -(国士無双×HyperJuice - Anthem)視聴Trailer https://exit.sc/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fanthemshop.thebase.in%2Fitems%2F5696251 4. The Sub Account - ID https://commune310.bandcamp.com/album/commune310-sakura 5. Stay Alive (MPEG-7 drop da BR3AKS R3MiX) https://soundcloud.com/athena_ne/stay-alive https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ikurazz https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz https://soundcloud.com/ikurazofficial
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First Fanmail Unboxing + Trying Hokkaido Snacks (Opened my  Mailbox!)
So I received my first ever fanmail, thank you so much! It was fun to try things that I never have before, I hope you guys can get your hands on some of these treats too! MY MAIL ADDRESS: BASKETBALL OUTLET 462 SMITH STREET COLLINGWOOD VICTORIA 3066 AUSTRALIA (RE IKURAZ/ BRITTANY) MUSIC: Mavis Bacon - Bermont Mavis Bacon - Lavender Hair https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ikurazz https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz https://soundcloud.com/ktenologics
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Life Update - Why I've Been Away
Man it's been a really hectic April lol. Sorry for missing my schedule, it will be back to normal soon + extras! Music: Neon Flower - Kiichi White Pool - Yuuyu
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