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Autistic - Minimal Existenz
Autistic, what else... Support them and buy it here: http://www.beatport.com/artists/autistic
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Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones en Chile
Amazing track...
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Autistic - Black Block
Autistic the best! Buy it here: http://www.beatport.com/artists/autistic
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Autistic - Spaghetti Wonderful
Autistic is the best!! My favourite Sound! Spaghetti Wonderful, Stereo Seven Plus Records Buy it here: http://www.beatport.com/artists/autistic
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Rez & Phunkt - Quench Quisine (Marble Arts Remix)
Very nice tune
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Spartaque - Evolution (Original Mix)
Awesome track
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Ito & Star - Sudoku Kid
Good work by Ito & Star
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Heroin - Heroin
Just a legend. I introduce you: Heeeeeeeeroiiin Heroin - Heroin , Grandpetrol Recordings
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Funkbrainer - The Life Is Out (Syap Remix)
Amazing ambient melodic Techno. Support the artist and label! Buy it here: www.beatport.com
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Umek - Complikator
Another masterpiece of Umek
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Piemont - Carbonat
One of Piemont's masterpieces
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Nico - Minimal Chick
Enjoy Pure Escalation @ 3.45
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Vasco & Jersey - Sonnenwende (Andre Traenkner Remix)
Minimal Inspirations...
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Henneberg - Ask Your Druggist
Ask Your Druggist !?!
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The Glitz - White Line (Re-Edit)
1: White Line (Re-Edit) (06:40) 2: White Line (Marquez Ill Remix) (08:12) 3: White Line (Er.ic DrumnBass Remix) (06:24) Big with Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Steve Bug, Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin. Alongside classic club anthems by Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills and Paul Kalkbrenner, the readers of German Raveline magazine voted the underdog 'White Line' as one of the most 25 influential tracks ever! 'White Line' is therefore the obvious choice for the 25th Voltage Musique release, and as a special treat it comes with a fat re-edit and 7 banging remixes. Wait.... isn't 7 the checksum of 25??? Mysterious... just like the real ID of The Glitz when they first appeared on the scene with White Line on Voltage Musique. Join us in celebrating the success of this minimalistic underground hit with various interpretations on two volumes.
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Autistic - Minimal Polizei (Original Mix)
Achtung achtung, Minimal Polizei!!
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Karo - Lighter & Spoon
Powerful,banging Track! I love it, and we all love Karo ;P
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Kobbe & Hugo Rizzo - Technology
Hardest Track I ever heard...Bang! --Techno--
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Style of Eye - Fick
Fick !!
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Autistic - Chemistry (Original mix)
Another Masterpiece by Autistic Autistic are the best!!
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Syap - Departure for UI09 (Original Mix)
Attention: This track will send you to the most infinite parts of the universe!!
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D-Formation - 2 Fact
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Andre Sobota - Black Pearl (Spektre Remix)
Black Pearl...
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Patrik Soderbom - Live Or Die (Original Mix)
Saw! :D Title = Live Or Die (Original Mix) Artist = Patrik Soderbom Label = Bosphorus Underground Recordings Release Date = 13.6.2011
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Last Train (dining Car edit)
Ambient, amazing track. Just feel it...
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Andreas Henneberg - Federschwarz
Federfarben, Ideal Audio
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Vanjee - Tool Box (Mark Alston Boogie Dub Mix)
I heard that one in a bar in Miami and fell in love with it! Enjoy :) Get it here: www.beatport.com
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Clockwork feat. Chasing Kurt - Running Searching
PLEASE NOTE: I know it has been a while, but I'm back! Since then I switched over to more groovy, but aswell relaxed deep house/tech house music, starting right off with a bomb by C/W! Absolutely LOVE the vocals brought by Chasing Kurt, insane!! I'm planning to upload many new tracks in the next couple of days, so stay deep x)
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Buckley - Block Party
Different, but nice track ^^
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Andreas Henneberg - Earth Goat (Original Mix) HQ
Out on 15.1.10 Andreas Henneberg, the man of the hundred projects is back on Voltage Musique Records and comes with a mind-blowing single release. The well known bass line machine Ramon Tapia and the Austrian globetrotter Florian Meindl are chipping in two monster remixes. Let´s get into 2010!
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Johnny Fiasco - Hijacked (Audiojack Remix)
Audiojack's Remix of Hijacked
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Muzarco, Nir Shoshani - Stringer Bell (Marc Marzenit Life Cycles Remix)
Nice Remix by Marc Marzenit! www.punch-music.com www.facebook.com/punchmusic www.youtube.com/user/PunchMusicOfficial www.soundcloud.com/punch-music www.beatport.com/release/stringer-bell/443180
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Dub Makers - I Don't Care What You Think (ResiveR Remix)
Not new, but still a masterpiece...
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Rene S. - Blow My Cake
Just listen to this amazing Track by Rene S. from the Club Oxa
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Dohr & Mangold - Sunrise 5.30 A.M. (Style of Eye Remix)
no comment... 3.40 amazing part...
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Heckmann - Las Vegas
Unbelievable Track by Thomas P Heckmann
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Zoran Dramicanin - Morphoder (Original Mix)
Veery Niice !
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Syap - Versatile
Brilliant track from Syap His new Ep 'Versatile' is out now on Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/syap-versatile-ep/854233 Check it out! Syap : www.syapsound.com www.soundcloud.com/syap www.facebook.com/syapsound www.residentadvisor.net/dj/syap Inlab Recordings : www.inlabrecordings.com www.soundcloud.com/inlabrecordings www.facebook.com/pages/Inlab-Recordings/107303356015299
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Spektre - Seq & Destroy (Extended Mix)
An older, but outstanding track by none other than Spektre...
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Reblok - Extraordinary Freak (Original Mix)
Title = Extraordinary Freak (Original Mix) Artist = Reblok Label = Neurotraxx Release Date = 21.3.11 Thanks Reblok ;-) https://www.beatport.com/de-DE/html/content/home/detail/1/beatport#app=f84&a486-index=3
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Andrea Roma - Iong (Ahmet Sendil Remix)
Nice Ahmet Sendil Remix
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Roman Gertz - Black Steel *EXCLUSIVE*
New exclusive track from Roman Gertz on my channel! Buy on beatport.com! Title = Black Steel (Original Mix) Artist = Roman Gertz Label = Respekt Recordings Release Date = 11.7.11 Thanks a lot Roman ;)
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Stiben Dapper - Hope of Life (Original Mix)
BOMB track! Video Quality: HD (720p) Sound Quality: WAV (1411 kbit/s) Copyright to 'Stiben Dapper' and 'D-ser Records' Buy it here: beatport.com
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Flavio Acaron, Hugh Harry - Hot Momma
PopArt Recordings
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Filth & Splendour - Puerto Banus (Original Mix)
Lay back, smoke some weed and enjoy this amazing sound.
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Reblok - Pure Sex (Original Mix)
Title = Pure Sex (Original Mix) Artist = Reblok Label = Ready 2 Rock Release Date = 31.5.11 www.beatport.com
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