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Tommy Vercetti Must Die (Parody Trailer)
this video was made by a guy called Dracoblue a fair few years ago, i believe the avi that was going round at the time had a view problems on certain pc's, i recently found this on one of my old disks & converted it so youtube could finally trans-code it properly :D enjoy... the video is footage from vice city, the Audio is the sound from a movie advert/trailer/preview called "Romeo must die" Updated Info It was directed in a "DracoBlue" production by my friend called Hannibal. http://www.youtube.com/user/DracoBlue
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Airwolf Versus TopGun
mavrick and Goose goe head to head with airwolf in this Air to Air combat video, using footage from Airwolf & Top Gun, this is a prity old video now and has'nt been uploaded before as its 101mb, i thought id just see if it'll squeeze onto youtube, so fingers crossed LOL i might re-render if it wont, as usual you can download it from http://Airwolf.filefront.com
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Highlander The Raven Tv Series Intro
Highlander The Raven Tv Series Intro Info: Highlander The Raven was a spin off made after the Highlander series Elizibeth Gracen reprised her role as the Imortal Ammanda who plauged Duncan Macleod with her devilish charms in the highlander series. in the raven shes the main star of the show Trivia: kronus from the 4 horsemen stars in an episode (but plays a diffrent immortal) Joe Dawson (the watcher) make a guest star apearence in a 2 parter desalvo (from the gymm in highlander series) starred in an episode as a mortal trying to reclaim a land deed only 1 season ever made (22 episodes) not sure but i dont think any of the other highlander series "Regulars" actualy guest starred, but i could be wrong also i think the release date was 1998 this may NOT be used for piracy, the videos on this list are to promote TV series please DONT ask me to upload full episodes
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Airwolf Versus FireFox (the original)
a Parody Edit from Airwolf Video Footage and the Movie FireFox, making a Fake Air to Air Combat Video, audio and video is mixed to bring a TV show and Movie into 1 Story as Clint Eastwood takes on JMV, REDLINE CRAPPY AUDIO SAVED THIS VIDEO FROM NBC DELETION!!! Sadly most my other parody edits have been deleted & this ones been vandalized with a click to skip advert by the owners of firefox, although could be worse, if the audio was clearer then universal would of deleted this due to the airwolf audio....
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Gabrielle's Theme Guitar in Flashpoint
i was a little weary about posting this as i thought the backing was from somewere else (and its not) wich means i can host this file Yeee Haaa, the guitar is by a dude called RMZ (you can see his videos on youtube) and the backing is by a guy called AirwolfSweden who has other backings here http://www.airwolfsweden.info this is a Quality Video with a Qulaity track (sory i could'nt pan back and show the full mountain hes standing on, because the airwolf island mod is still secret at the moment this is Video 1 of 3, also see other 2 Airwolf guitar videos on my playlist
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Walking About Inside The 1996 Dr Who Movie Tardis
Walking About Inside The 1996 Dr Who Movie Tardis
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Highlander Music Video (connor)
Highlander Music Video (connor) i was board. Sadly this video has been Block in America.
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Dr Who - Regeneration scenes - 1 thru 8
Dr Who - Regeneration scenes - 1 thru 8.mpg
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Street Hawk Footage & Slides
this was a video i made about a year ago, ive recently got street hawk in better quality, so i might make a new video, i may even remake the "airwolf vs street hawk" wich i never released, this video may look poor at the start, i used the orginal intro for the MAIN THEME, then when the FULL THEME kicks in its all merged footage and slides then it leads out with the tv talking, it looks better After the intro has finished
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OFP School - Lesson 02
the 2nd OFP School lesson deals with placing units into a Chair and keeping them their, once you've watched this you should have no problems with units in Chairs gigs of addons over at http://ofp.gamepark.cz
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Wings of Apache Vs AirWolf
Wings of the Apache was the UK release name for "FireBirds" starring tommy lee jones and nicholas cage, and was basically a movie about helicopter training (better than top gun) and featured the Apache gunship, see the DEA looking for Airwolf and Airwolf kickin its ass, Airwolf takes down the Apache, this video was made back in 2005
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Airwolf  Fan Made Promo 1
i would of liked to of added more to this, composits, sound fx, more clips in a faster pace near the end (but im lacking in drive space) i realy wanted to throw an aw video together (it feels like its been years since i made one) and i needed a break from highlander. so i killed the 2 gig i had left, copied in some bits and put this together fans should be gratefull i did'nt sting them all LOL trust me if id had the drive space we could of been lookin at an april fool called "Airwolf Movie 2009" Leeked Trailer, and trust me with the RC footage i have, you'd of all been wondering :p or even an "Airwolf The Game On PS3 April 2008" with tweeked ofp footage i realy wish id had the drive space ROFL o well, enjoy Note: to universal marketing, this is how ye publisize a show as groovy as airwolf with dark kickin adverts like this :p i look forward to making more when i have drive space :)
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Airwolf DXDLL Test Can It Be Done
Tv Show Concept Airwolf DXDLL Test Can It Be Done, the idea is to use Airwolf mod's from flashpoint & voice actors to make a NEW Airwolf tv series (season 1 is out on dvd) ive always wanted to make some as the show finished years ago, anyways this video is a test of flashpoints systems (mainly removing the games GUI onscreen crap) and seeing about Realisum (like reflections over water) working well so far as you can see from the video, music is by edward campos
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How To Play Surface of The Sun Keyboard Lesson Tutorial NO.1 EASY WAY
This is a rough keyboard tutorial for John Murphys "Surface of the sun" i noticed by visual & hearing, that many people appear to play this with basic octaves & chords, which means it lacks a certain depth in many places, its like when people say shine on your crazy diamond starts with the classic D Minor (well it does for gilmour) but not for the keyboard : / basic this main build ups in tune is 4 notes, chords, octaves, but its how you shape the chords that helps this tune build up its level as you play it. Essentially its an EM (an E Minor) not just an octave of 2 E's, to begin with you essentially have 2 E's, 2 C's, 2 G's and 2 D's (to begin with) but the structure changes as it rises and it appears as though they take the octive of say E (so thats 2 E's) then they take an E Minor and bin 2 notes, leaving the B in place, so essentially your now holding E.. B.. then another E then your holding C.. G.. C, then G.. D.. G, then A.. D and F sharp (G Flat) during the progression up the keyboard the chords change shape, so you have to work around them (and remember only the D is generally a real chord) the rest are an octave with a note from a matching chord for that octave so with that in mind i will just explain the D (because that seams the most varied) D = F sharp, A, D D = D, F sharp. A D = A, D, F sharp note if your going UP the keyboard, a black note is a Sharp, if your travelling down the keyboard the black note would be a Flat, so an F sharp, is also a G flat its rough, took forever to render (which it was tried on 2 pc's before it finally rendered on a 3rd) :( anyways good luck with it & remember, learn your chords, play with octaves, then mix and match the 2 and explore the varied ways of re-shaping chords you know :) Their is now also a 2nd tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0veabhOfPc that is more in depth and in the correct (yet harder to follow) key.
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Airwolf Main Theme On Guitar
this is a parody video using an amazing guitar rendition of Airwolfs "Main Theme Tune" the video is based Within the PC GAME, "Operation Flashpoint Resistance" and shows String fellow hawke on lead guitar and Dominic Santini on Base, their are 3 Videos in this set, containing 3 versions of airwolf tunes (performed by amazing people on guitar) this videos music is by "Edward Campos" Airwolf & Character Mods by AWM, Guitar/Drumer mods from the gamepark OFp site
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Airwolf Vs Stealth (stand alone sample)
this edit is a stand alone & slightly edited version of the Aw vs stealth (shown on the end of this tutorial here) http://youtube.com/watch?v=B3I1646Vwis this edits the final edit for now, i just wanted to uplaod it seperatly for tubers, also this edits got a few more sfx
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Dem Kirby Sock Robbers (kirby smackhead 2) R18+
The Kirby La La Is A Fictional Character and doesn't represent a real person or place, any relation to anything is purely co-incidental & is not intended to specifically Insult any one person or race. This Material is R18+ and is meant for a Mature Audience of sorts, with a sense of humor!!!! Lyrics (c) TheWraith517 Kirby La La has A facebook Page, please like it to show your support http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/TheWraith517-Some-Rare-Kirby-La-La-Sightings/159396945414 and his own youtube channel http://youtube.com/user/therealkirbylala this song is rated aged 18+ and is Performed by ME, its the Sequel that was made to 1 thats currently going round liverpool as a ring tone : / i duno why because i aint heard it since 2002, this 2nd track was the 2nd of 3 wich were done in the same night, kinda live i guess LOL. it was 1st played on a CB Radio back in 1998 over CH19, 1..9..A ... roger LOL i just made it up as i went along with the backing tape it was based on a couple of people (off the cb, they used the rig like a sales network for smack) i dont actualy have anything against kirby, its just they have the Highrise and the washing lines on the veranda LOL, smackheads rob socks of your washing line and use them as gloves (when they steal your prized possessions to sell for £10 and a roll of foil) to fix their habit this song is an Anti Herion song from me (and i live in liverpool so i see this scum around me most of the time im outside the house) kinda like being on the set of a zombie movie for More information Read the Playlist Details here http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CF1DAD6601CC025E GO Make A VOTE: http://wraithandjonesproductions.2ksite.com/has-the-kirby-la-la-legend-lowerd-heroin-usage-t499.html Back this song before some dick head tries to get it banned (when CLEARLY its made a difference in history & should be Rememberd for that difference) if ANYTHING its an insite into what does shape minds, rather than a big green man with a fuckin lollypop stick sating stop look & listin
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Seagul Tries To Steal USB Hub
Seagul Tries To Steal USB Hub attached to lap top, soooo it apears even 15 floors up it just ain't safe to leave a lap top on the window ledge in bootle liverpool ¯\(º_o)/¯
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Highlander Audo Books Official Intro (Big Finish Audio Books VOL 1)
Highlander Audio Books Official Intro (Big Finish Audio Books VOL 1) This video is uploaded to PROMOTE the Audio Stories only, NO money is made from this video by the up-loader NOR are the stories offered here for free. We are just helping Big Finish spread the word to fans and nothing more. SO DO NOT LEGALLY BITE THE HAND THAT HELPS FEED YOU
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Airwolf Fire & Rescue Truck (The Real Rosenbauer Advert)
Airwolf Fire Rescue Truck Advert (the ORIGINAL VERSION from the Rosenbauer web site) i uploaded this so it can be compaird to my parody edit of this here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=I8oyzp7q4ew i also uploaded this to take away some of the strain caused to their site by airwolf visitors who will probably never actualy be interested in a fire truck (just the fact it was called Airwolf)
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Airwolf Vs Blue Thunder 2005
in the past their were 2 Airwolf Vs Blue videos but the exported render was very small and pixelated :'( although they were great :) this video is not realy a remake of the other 2, its just a new versus version in better quality (i did'nt make the 1st 2 AWvBT) i only made this version of it and this aint that great ive yet to realy finished this, it still needs fx & some tweeks
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Play It Today (1987 Advert)
Orbis Book & Audio 40 Part Collection... Orbis Publishing Ltd. was a United Kingdom-based publisher of books and partworks. The company was founded in 1970 and changed its name to De Agostini UK Ltd. in 1999, after being acquired by the Italian De Agostini group. "Partworks" published by Orbis included: The Home Computer Course, The Home Computer Advanced Course, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft, War in Peace, War Machine, The Elite: Against All Odds, The Blues Collection, The Unexplained, The British Empire, Play it Today, The Orbis Publishing Company that formed in 1994 is unrelated.
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OFP School - Special Feature
this is a basic example Video showing how i FAKE COMBAT in Flashpoint, theirs a Mission for RANAirwolf and Airwolf over at http://Airwolf.filefront.com (in the Flashpoint Help folder) with preset game logics and actions already added to unit in the Example missions, scripts are also included and ready to use, the file is called "Airwolf Director Scripts Pack 01" you can also Download this video Here http://files.filefront.com/OFP_School___Special_Feature/;5994245;;/fileinfo.html
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Target Assassin (Part 1 of 4)
Click (MORE) TO Expand This BOX for Full information ON Target Assassin (Part 1 of 4) "THIS" 4 part version of Target Assassin is a BluePrint for a future movie idea (a working IMPROVISED screen play) wich we shot in 2 (yip thats right) TWO afternoons 24th August & 31st August (2008) we only had DAN on the 24th to shoot this as he was heading back to rugby (a place NOT the sport) LOL. it was kinda just a day out with toy guns with a rough idea for an assassin movie, the only thing wich was realy written (back at home) was the bit with the gun against the tree, the scope & the zoom into the side of the MP5, the rest was basicly improvised on set, wich shows in a few places. i kinda made a joke out of the phone calls because on set ye dont think about some things (its only when ye watch the clips & think) "wtf was he thinking with all the extra calls" LOL dan maybe moving up to liverpool next year (if so) then i plan to sit back & actualy write a whole script for this project & expand it into a full movie :D marks made his own edit of this (on youtube) & called it "The Hunted" but it lacks some extra stuff like the scene with the whole "get that door" scene & its edited a lot diffrent from mine & his uses dan's voice as the guy who hired the hit MUCH MORE TIME & WORK will go into the FULL movie next year (if we make it) its worth watching both as you'll see just how diffrent the editing styles are & give an idea of just how cool the full film will look anyways enjoy :D part 2 (of 4) is also online now ps if you check my "Target Assassin" PLAYLIST information, theirs a link to a photobucket picture gallery (click my name then on my page click PLAYLISTS & scroll to see the list)
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OFP School - Lesson 01
This Our 1st Video Lesson for the Operation Flashpoint "Commands" we figure you can open the Mission Editor ? so .. the 1st in a collection of videos this video deals with how to use a command code from "Operation Flashpoint Resistance" the code today being... =============== setDammage =============== using this code you can "Blow Stuff Up" or repair it essentialy 1 is Dammaged and 0 is fixed as you'll see in this Video we place a tank on the map and Name it "we name it so the game knows who is being damaged" we place a trigger and use the command to Blow the tank and we blow a tanker ship ....... then the video moves onto STATIC objects (stuff you CANT name) like houses "Pre Built" onto the islands we show how to reviel its ID number and show the command code syntax to destroy the location by Object ID Code, instead of name if you have problems with the setdammage command try this bomb = "LaserGuidedBomb" camcreate getpos CAR1 (remember to name the unit CAR1) once you've watched this you should have no problems with Blowing MOST stuff up (With oguht any weapons) and you'll learn a few more flashpoint tips & tricks another Cheesy O.F.P help Video by The Wraith..... Download this video and Other OFP Tutorials, mods and stuff in the "Operation Flashpint Folder" over at http://Airwolf.filefront.com video showing how to download all the AWM mods from OFP site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMH2mf3Eo8A
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Airwolf Vs Flight Of Fury (teaser)
Airwolf Vs Flight Of Fury (teaser) facing a stealth bomber that can actualy go invisable just a teaser edit, i was soooo gaggin to do a follow up to the stealth edit posted on Airwolf.org Flight Of Fury is a steven seigal movie about someone who steals a stealth & seigal goes to steal it back
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a big Airwolf Special Thanks to AWMod (RedStar)
a big Airwolf Special Thanks to AWMod for getting the gta redstar into Operation Flashpoint for fans to enjoy using with a Quality airwolf to, its prity much a big re-write and looks amazing
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Airwolf Gabriels Theme Keyboard Lesson Tutorial
Cheep Gabriels Theme Lesson, remember I personaly play by ear, this is NOT an exact representation (nor am i charging a fee for this tutorial) now ive noticed in the past, i get a lot of plant pots saying (not bad, could be better) PMSL this is NOT a performance its a ""bit"" of HELP for fans trying to learn the tunes (nothing more) if you can do better then please DO, save me a job... as NO one else is doing these, you can iether take it or leave it :P i also much prefer to play in my own style (a re-creation is a RIP-OFF of someone elses work) so on the AWM score i generaly tried to put my self into the music, wich is NOT levi's own style, this video covers most the bits, but it does lack a fair few bass notes, but if "your" hearts in it, theirs enough here to figure it out so enjoy.... ps i will endevour to work on the main theme sometime & break it down, but again.... it wont be a performance or a perfect reconstruction take these as CHEEP LESSONS (or as a mate calls them) Plinks Plucktorials were we teach you to plunk like a plicker LOL any BS comments and i'll just lock comments, so no one will be able to ask questions IF you learn something from this rate it if you dont then rate it on what you consider fair please rate it none the less, consider it a thank you for my time :) Note That No ratings = No Interest No Interest = Why Make More ? All the AWM/Dreamwolf Tracks Can be Download FREE as MP3 Here http://www.reverbnation.com/AWMScore The Soundtrack Also has covers Availible on its Official FaceBook Page http://www.facebook.com/AWMScore and the MOD now also has a FaceBook Page Here http://www.facebook.com/AirwolfAWM
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The All NEW Airwolf Fire Rescue Vehicle (parody)
This is a parody/comedy edit video, it uses Audio from an actual AIRWOLF fire & rescue truck advert, but the audio is Overlaid with Custom airwolf (the TV show) footage & slides, which creates a sort of advert (as though airwolf was a fire & rescue chopper) instead of a combat helicopter. Thanks to edward smith for some of the photos used in this video. You can now watch the ORIGINAL fire truck Advert HERE http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0u9irrT4ypg
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The Day The Giro Never Came
Parody video were "Marsh Lane" in "Bootle Liverpool" gets destroyd leaving 100's of la la's with no giro PMSL Effects ? Fire= ArtBeats Explosions & Smoke/Dust= Action Movie Essentials Glow= Sonic Foundrys Editing Software= Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4 (c)TheWraith517
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Damnation Alley (clip)
this is the singing clip from the old movie called "Damnation Alley" special thanks to sci-fi for airing the movie and allowing people to re-live a classic jan micheal vencent & george peppard movie :)
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Behind The Scenes The Stars Video GTA VC
put the faces to the voices in this original gta behind the scenes classic
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GTA VC Acces 7 Unlocked Locations in Vice City ?
http://cid-0806acde03fd1485.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Odd%20GTA%20Mods ^^^^ LINK ABOVE TO THIS MOD ^^^^^ HELP BELOW READ IT!!! MIRROR BACK UP LINK BELOW http://freewebs.com/hartwellhigh/ultimate%20accesible%20interiors.rar (special thanks to Ulrich228 for hosting the mirror link) VCM VERSION NOW HERE (GET IT WHILE U CAN) http://www.mediafire.com/?liia32d0eb9w8as CLICK (more) & READ THIS ======================= (this is for the PC) ======================= "for PS2 info read the video COMMENTS" you no when you PLAY vice city at the begining KEN ROSENBURG runs into his Office, we pose'd a question back in 2004, what if you could follow him ? come on you no you tried the 1st time ye played it did'nt you ? what about the Bistro (in the opening VC video) would you like a Closer look at the body hanging in the freezer ? well GTA uses FILES to show Videos In Game, the videos people SKIP are actualy places in Vice city (like a film set realy) sadly vice city locks these locations, back in 2004 the airwolf design team opend 7 places so YOU the fans could WALK IN, ye thats right, go the money laundry place, recoarding studio, bistro, love fist rock concert (go back stage to) LOL, or swin by the Bikers bar for a beer and game of pool, well this video takes you on a TOUR of the 7 places to help you find them in the game, you can get the mod (and this video in higher resolution) here (No teleport crap needed, this is a PROPER MOD with COL Files) the music is 1 of 4 GTA Remixes i made, 3 were released as mp3 on codename vice a few years back, this track was kept for the video, after all 7 locations was a mission impossible made possible hehhe "17th december 2004" the FORD KA is'nt a KA as many say its actualy an (ESCORT COSWORTH) and thats ALSO avalible in the GTA folder on my FILEFRONT site also check out the "GTA mod lesson video" it'll show you how to install it ======================= Most Common question Q) what is that at 2:57 ? A) its a zombie from the "GTA Long Night" zombie mod ======================= HELP ? YOU need IMGtool (google it) YOU need windows notepad (YOUR START MENU) YOU need to no how to copy & paste LOL YOU need winrar or something to Unpack the actual file you downloaded.... still stuck READ THE DAM README FILE STILL STUCK..... GOOGLE..... go to google.com and type or COPY How Do I Install Map Mod GTA VC and HIT ENTER..... ADDITIONAL NOTES: ============================ ANY ERRORS? chances are you left (original VC COL files inside the IMG) you MUST remove them before adding ours!! for some reason col files are in MAP Folders AND Inside the IMG, YOU MUST Delete The Same files NAMES from the img as what comes with the mod (search for them and delete them (then ADD ours) do NOT try to replace Originals, REMOVE THEM also note "Replace" option on IMG Tool has NEVER worked (ever) so go through the IMG, find & delete all the files that look like the ones in the mod folder (then add the files) don't forget to rebuild archive, don't just exit img tool, rebuild the img first using the Rebuild Image ALSO ======================== not rebuilding is a common mistake (see the GTA3.IMG) only holds files, It holds no other IMAGE STRUCTURE data, BUT.. it has a 2nd file GTA3.something (not sure, its been MANY YEARS) but basic the 2 files work like a BIN & a CUE, rebuilding the IMG adds the new information into the CUE ;) Note the "read only" also has to be off both files, thats why they recommend removing read only from the whole folder (not just the img) ;)
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Airwolf Sighted at the Jepepis Pizas
Airwolf Sighted at the Jepepis Pizas, this video is a Parody Edit of Airwolf wich was filmed by YouTube User http://youtube.com/user/foxtype1973 my edit essentially changes all the sound & adds a Video effect of the Turbo Flash :) you can watch the Original Version (with Original sound) from here http://youtube.com/watch?v=imvqBq2MBfg
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01 - PS2 Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec "wraiths first ever go 2001"
my first ever experiance of gran turismo 3 A-Spec on Rally Mode, dig that full 360 spin :P being more used to the likes of Driver 1 & 2, colin mcrea 1 & 2 and VRally 2, you can imagine my delight at having a go at Gran Turismo 3 on the PS2, i picked the mitsubishi lancer evo as it was the nearest looking car to my tastes (mainly the Ford Seria Saphire Cosworth) it was after this little go that mark mentiond their was an escort cosworth, you can see that in video 2, check out the playlist here for the rest of these PS2 rally videos http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=706E94FF9A430AC7
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The Lady on Her Back
a desert blooper were 1 co star gives up and crashes back to bask in the hot morning sun, not very lady like at all :p this also shows 2 of the 3 sots i got during this blooping blunder jeez i file like fookin Dennis Norden PMSL i wonder how many Loosers will flag this video just because of the videos name ROFL UPDATE: 12 January 2008 another copywrite claim has Forced me to change the MUSIC in this video, the music you NOW HEAR is from YouTube audio swap option and is called I'll Come Back and is performed by Masonic
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How To Play Surface of The Sun Keyboard Lesson Tutorial NO.2 HARD WAY
This is a follow up tutorial from the original (youtube first may i add) tutorial for Surface Of The Sun :D anyways i new i was playing it in the wrong place, but it sounded more comfortable, anyways cut a massive story short, made a midi file, used midi ilistraitor to portray it best it could & recoarded it.. enjoy (note after uploading) its iether still transcoding or youtube no longer likes camista studio codecs change the youtube playback rate to 720 for HD and the video is much more clear ps original hands on lesson (NO.1) is here (and an easier Key to play it in) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-EazlQPDjA
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Target Assassin Theatrical Trailer (16.9 Wide Screen)
Target Assassin is a NO budget movie starring the cast from the "Highlander Rogue Warrior" Fan Made Trilogy this is the 1st sample preview, many effects shown are just in the preview (not from the movie) so some things will probably look different in the final production Cant Wait To See More ? sad gits lol, check out the Photo gallery Added To Here, its got Photo's on set along with video stills, cover art & a couple of odd video clips that may or not be on youtube (little clips are mainly from the dvd menu transitions) http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m102/TheWraith517/Target%20Assassin%20AKA%20The%20Hunted/
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Learn To Play - Message Home (from) Stargate Atlantis (keyboard mini lesson)
many wonderd how i did the message home theme on my stargate OFP video, so here is a Message home from Atlantis (keyboard mini lesson) ber in mind the SG-OFP video with the tune was made over 2 years ago, and i was playing from UNDER the keyboard LOL (i never had midi capability at the time i made this, but Apophis88 sent me a midi) so ive converted the midi into a sheet music based PDF file for adobe acrobat heres the link to the PDF file :) http://www.mediafire.com/?e9pigqklwg3xx9l You can now hear my 2016 Version of this i played here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-xpj9DXhvk
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Fooockin Kirby La La (kirby smackhead) R18+
The Kirby La La Is A Fictional Character and doesn't represent a real person or place, any relation to anything is purely co-incidental & is not intended to specifically Insult any one person or race. This Material is R18+ and is meant for a Mature Audience of sorts, with a sense of humor!!!! Lyrics (c) TheWraith517 Kirby La La has A facebook Page, please like it to show your support http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/TheWraith517-Some-Rare-Kirby-La-La-Sightings/159396945414 and his own youtube channel http://youtube.com/user/therealkirbylala this song is rated aged 18+ and is Performed by ME, its currently going round liverpool as a ring tone : / i duno why because i aint heard it since 1998, this was 1 of 3 in a set (although i did do others on diffrent subjects) anyways i stuck a video together so i can put it on here for people as my main site from 2001 bers little resemblence to what it did OR the subject matter containd within, so when people look for TheWraith517 (to download more of my music) they only find game mods and pc cracks : / so now people can find my crapy little songs on here.. for More information Read the Playlist Details/Descrption here http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CF1DAD6601CC025E sock robbers beware
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Airwolf Live The Dream Vol 01
this is my 1st proper attempt at putting footage together for a serious home made edit, (no scripted cams) most the music is by me and my mate, the dialogue is from mixed episodes the footage is all ingame, also there's NO blue screening done in the cockpit, that's all ingame even the scripted monitor screens, my fps still needs tweaking "a lot" other than that, i think she's good to go :) Airwolf mod is out over at http://www.airwolfofpcwa.blogspot.co.uk i did have a submarine somewhere, maybe ill make a sequel lol PLEASE ber in mind this is NOT the way ide SHOOT this scene (the directing has none at all) what this is a TEST off is EVERYTHING "BESIDES" directing/cam scripting the main focus is the SCREENS & the actual scripting of the monitors (everything you see is IN GAME) only post edit is the "music & talking" even the sound effects are in game
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Highlander The Methos Chronicles (Fan Preview)
this is a fan based preview for the official methos chronicles, if you want more info on it, PLEASE read the video description here http://youtube.com/watch?v=qCrz7ZeykJc rather than ask loads of nutty questions i made this preview my self, thats dialog from the sorce & yes thats a bit of music from highlander 3 :D
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Night in The Valley
Night in The Valley is another FPS test (im still having problems with my new gfx card) if people could POST their OFP setting numbers for me LOL, i could try your settings on my comp :p also this video is just showing of my remix of the Season 4 Love Theme, wich i jazzed up :) this video is based on the SMALLER ofp airwolf island :)
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Airwolf's Gabriel Montage
cheesy romatic look at airwolfs Gabriel dubbed to Leathal Weapon (main theme from LW1)
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Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Logo Rotating Screen Saver (Longer Preview)
Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Rotating Logo Screen Saver http://stargatetributes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/PegasusLogoSCR.html This Is THE BEST VERSION EVER MADE Many Aspect Ratio Current Are Available
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Airwolf Live Performance ?
all's im going to say is the violin, 22 seconds into it (from 22 secs to 24 secs) that says it all i could of fixed it but i got board LOL its an interesting idea though :)
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airwolf eagles seranade odd keyboard lesson 01
airwolf eagles seranade odd keyboard lesson 01, just a rough example, played from behidn the camera stand LOL video was requested & was rushed, might make a better one sometime with more of a feely feel to it, this is kinda slow (as its atutorual lesson) NOT a performance : / you can get a rough tab here https://www.facebook.com/download/preview/110974059503510
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no longer works on some accounts How To Block ANYONE From A Facebook Page Even If They Don't Like It
If your FB account has been moved to the Updated servers and you No longer see an ID number (within the Highlighted text) Look above it and you will actually see a FB URL of the users account, all you do is block the users URL now instead of the actual ID number, which in turn makes this Much Easier to do now as you don't need to Find the specific ID of the person, just their FB URL This has been uploaded to a couple of channels, just to make sure the info gets out their. Please Share this and rate it so peopel know its genuine. How To Block ANYONE From A Facebook Page Even If They Don't Like It or have never commented on it, we've been told since releasing this video that it also works on chrome, but id still recommend browsing with firefox.
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Stargate Infinity Cartoon Intro
Stargate Infinity was a REAL Cartoon spin off from the MGM block buster series, it was only shown on Kid's TV channels and Spanned 26 episodes, more info is avalible on gatewolrd.net under the franchise section :)
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Redstar Demo SetUp (with added audio)
this just shows redstar control ingame with airwolf Outside the window and ive overlaid the audio and the player is "Senator Deets" just a short teaser and visual refrence to the Demo template mission avalible HERE http://files.filefront.com/AWM_Redstar_Demo_Mission_v1/;6248503;;/fileinfo.html
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