Videos uploaded by user “Johnny L”
Battlestar Galactica Original Series Colonial Blaster by Richard Coyle
This is my Richard Coyle BSG blaster currently for sale on eBay.
Views: 2717 Johnny L
Oblivion Tom Cruise Plasma Pistol Prop Replica
Oblivion Tom Cruise Plasma Pistol prop replica made from Joatrash 3d printed kit from the RPF
Views: 1275 Johnny L
Stargate Atlantis Hero Working Tablet Replica with Production Sims
Hi, This is my Motion Computing M1400 tablet currently for sale on ebay running some of the 5gb of original Stargate production made simulations it has installed.
Views: 2599 Johnny L
Men in Black J2 Blaster Replica
This is my MIB J2 Blaster replica currently for sale on ebay item no.111508945126 if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
Views: 621 Johnny L

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