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Mamma Mia Flute Cover
Take two! haha, yeah I know it's not perfect and I make a lot of sarcastic comments about myself in this video but in the words of my her, spongebob square pants, what fubn is life if you cant laugh at yourself?
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Never Shoot Fireworks @ Two Physotic Teens
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! me and my buddy steph made this when my dad was shooting off fireworks.
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We Are The Champions Flute Quartet PLAYED BY ONE PERSON
Please read! This was a band project thing that my friend gave me to edit the shit oput of. baiscally, i had to delete all her mistakes and make it tanstit smoothly so it sounded liek one long song played by four people. its the edition of we are the champions bfrom we will rock yuo and i did try to get piano in the background but it didnt work the audios kind of bad but if you rate high for her, i can invest in some more high tech stuff! comment, rate all that good stuff!
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budgie head bang
I was playing the sims and i looked over at gilligan. im trying to put thid to music but my computer hates me
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WWRY- Tony Vincent-
pictures with captions. lol i crack myself up.
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"Pudgy Wudgy Panic"
My little brother Mike thought of the name. This is our budgie Gilligan and he is OBSESSED with that bell so I happened to catch him nocking it down then going down to the bottom of the cage TO WRING IT AGAIN!
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Not the Brightes Dog in the World
Or dog Shadow barking at the door bell after she sees you standing there then reach over and push it. Not exactly bright, is she? I wanna send this into The Planets Funniest Animals. Ya think it'll work out?
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Talking Violin
What's it saying? **Update** FAQ Q:How bored were you? A:VERY! Q:What's it saying? A:It depends what you think its saying!
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Our Budgies Gilligan and Skeebo Chillin'
They don' normally share a cage but they were having a playdate (in otherwors an excuse to put them together and take pictures :)) andwho's it is what it is, just two budgies chillin.
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What Happens When Gilligan Gets Out
THIS is why they don't have playdates. You should have seen what it was like to get him OUT of Skeebo's cage.
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Servos Are So Rude!
The robot people on the Sims2 are called Servos. They're so RUDE! They were married and not furious with eachother at all. Other Sims don't go this...Not even the warewolves.
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im player 2.
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Mad World
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Finger Puppet Thearter- Episode 3
More coming soon! This one, Joe or Bob, I forget, gets Taburculosis. (Sp???) :) ha ha ha actually this ones kinda pathetic.
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Gilligan Hulas (again!)
This is our budgie Gilligan dancing to Shakira (at the end hisfoot ot stuck and he fell off.)
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Shadow Dance
You are supposed to turn off the sound and play Thriller (Michael Jackson) in the background. I tried but my computer's a butt.
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Finger Puppet Thearter- Episode 2
Episode 2 of Finger Puppet thearter. :) Yay Joe has a nightmare about Barney.
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Finger Puppet Thearter- Episode 1
Okay. I was at my friends house and we were really REALLY bored. So, I being the genius that I am took a bow of marker's adn decided to to this, Finger Puppet Thearter Episode 1!!!! YAY ME!
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Giggy28 Video Mashup- Through the Fire and Flames
Tada. my dad recked it at the end but thats okay cuz its still cool
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I got behides sooo i gave up. Go watch the better, yet still not AMAZING video. This is the original take and i will do a 3rd one around december once i get my recording equipment working agan :D
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Dance Magic Budgies
Dance magic dance from the Labyrinth made budgie style. This was basicall just a test fir movie maker. Im still a noob.
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Gilligan Hula-Dances
Giligan likes to dance. See how he rocks out to "Hips Don't Lie" (you can't hear the music).
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