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Dave transversing Rocky Run Lawrencetown Nova Scotia
My neighbour Dave H. taking his 22' boat out through Rocky Run ,runs between Porters Lake and Three Fathom Harbour, (Lawrencetown beech) on the incoming tide. Not for the faint of heart,as once you start in you shouldn't change your mind. Very dangerous here as you can hit bottom and wreck your motor or get sideways on the pylons and wreck your boat.. LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST HERE
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sedoo explorer on porters lake
seadoo explorer having trouble getting up to speed or up to revs
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Dec 20 2009 plowing Dartmouth Nova Scotia CAN
Ed and Rick in an Ocean Contracting Volvo dump truck with a 12 blade and wing with a 3 bucket salt spreader plowing inbound on Main St from the East Preston turnaround on the #107 hwy Dartmouth Nova Scotia CAN. Dec 20 2009
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Nova Scotia water bombers
water bombing operations from smelt cove lawrencetown during the fire summer08
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may 10 2009 012
seadoo explorer II
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20141229 151939
Winter boating Smelt Cove East Lawrencetown Nova Scotia Canada
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rocky run at low tide
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may 10 2009 010
seadoo explorer first run with new mpem
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Bear cub ..strange noises in Porters Lake
we heard these noises for 2 or 3 consecutive nights in the back yard of our house wich backs onto an area about 5 miles wide and 10 miles long,this ocured in the days right after we had a major forest fire in the area between our place on porters lake and lake echo in june 2008. ithought it had to be an abandoned bear cub the noises were coming from about 20 feet inside the tree line and about15 feet off the ground in a blowdown snarl left from hurricane juan in 2003. sorry about the quality of the audio and video as we were taping in the dark of the night and the clicking you heard was the lens cap
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heading to Smelt cove from kinappp
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Touch and go water bombing
This video is of the water bombers from PQ. and NFLD. loading water in front of our house from Smelt Cove East Lawrencetown during the Porters Lake fire in June 2008. Thanks to all the fire fighters but especially the water bomber guys they saved the day.
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East Chezzetcook beach Jan. 5 2009 032.MOV
this video was taken 2 days after the weather bomb hit the east coast of Nova Scotia on the night of jan 2/3 2009. a full jan.moon combined with the highest tides of the month and with the storm surge it caused, blew out the natural beach stone barrier between the atlantic Ocean and Big Lake in Lower East Chezzetcook...first time ever.. the ice that you see in the video,acording to a local Lady who lives on the beach,was caused when the storm surge broke through and raised the water level so high that it pushed the ice out of the lake all the way to the top of the beach ,an elevation of about 10 feet..what you can't see in the video is that where the water pushed the beach stone into the lake there is a sheer 10 ft drop from the water surface to the bottom of the lake as well as probably a 5 foot drop in the water level from when the lake emptied into the ocean..
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august 12 2014 110
1989 VIP Vantge 1850 . our 18' 1/2 foot with the 195 hp chev 4.6L running a 17' X 15" prop doing 40mph . the boat goes 46 mph wit a 19' x14.5" prop
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august 12 2014 109
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march 28 2009 004
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august 12 2014 108
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20150711 162102
Wyatts new to him 8hp motor on his new Salter Inflatable . first run. a little nervous I think. Smelt Cove East Lawrencetown NS
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august 12 2014 107
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20141229 161636
winter boating on Smelt Cove East Lawrencetown Nova Scotia Canada . ( salt water or southern end of Porters Lake ) December 29 2014 1968-1970 Princecraft hull with a 1980 95hp evinrude.
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august 5 th 2010 093
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august 5 th 2010 065
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first storm of the season
truking west out of hearst ontario halfway to longlac
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