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The Rock Island Line. Donegan
Early Lonnie Donegan 1957..... The concealed 'pig iron' might be referring to smuggling slaves to freedom. "Rock Island Line" is an American blues/folk song, which was performed and first recorded by Lead Belly in the 1930s. Versions of the song have been recorded by many other artists. While the song is ostensibly about the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, from the lyrics there is evidence to suggest that the "railroad" referred-to is actually the Underground Railroad, a slave escape route Wikipedia
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Last Train to San Fernando -Johnny Duncan & Bluegrass Boys
1950's classic. But is it skiffle or just country and western?
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DIGGIN' MY POTATOES -1954 -  Chris Barber - Lonnie Donegan
Very early recording of the Skiffle King at the National Jazz Festival singing the vocal with the Chris Barber Skiffle Group.
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Slide Delta - Mississippi John Hurt
Nice bit of guitar
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Railroad Bill - Lonnie Donegan
The death of Railroad Bill - Private detectives, rail detectives, lawmen, and citizens were after Bill, or at least the $1250 reward on his head. A posse was taking a break in the store of Tidmore and Eard in Atmore when a lone, black man with a slight limp walked through to the counter. Nobody paid him much attention except the storekeeper who recognized him as Railroad Bill. After Bill's last visit, the storekeeper placed a double barrel shotgun within reach so that he might win that reward. He was so afraid of Bill that he didn't go for the gun. Bill sat himself on a barrel and proceeded to snack on crackers and cheese, the posse continuing their conversations just across the room. Leonard McGowin had recognized Bill going into the store. Again, Bill's reputation, the legend that he could only be killed by a silver bullet, his known ability with a gun, caused McGowin to hesitate. McGowin went around to a side door and fired his rifle from outside, issuing a fatal wound. On the way down, Bill went for his gun, but was hit again by a shotgun blast from the storekeeper. It took the startled posse a moment to figure out what was going on and then they opened fire on the corpse. Railroad Bill's body was strapped to a board. His guns were placed on his person and he was placed on public display. In every "colored waiting room", in every major depot, from Atmore and Brewton to Montgomery, citizens were given the chance to pay 25 or 50 cents to view the remains or have their pictures taken with the notorious outlaw. The photo here of Leonard McGowin standing over the body, was widely sold for 50 cents by a company in Brewton. The body was buried in an unmarked grave in Pensacola. The only genuine picture of McCoy is the final one of his body strapped to a board. All the others are of various other African American bad men and notable characters of those days. I couldn't find a picture of 'a .38 barrel on a .45 frame' so made do with various 45's and 44's. Bill's gun sounds quite feasible. The smaller .38 calibre and the heavy .45 frame would give you much reduced recoil and the with the long barrel you should have pretty accurate firearm. More on - http://www.northwestfloridacomm.com/Wild_Bill_McCoy.htm
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Precious Lord Take My Hand-1954-Chris Barber &Lonnie Donegan
Musical drive through the snowdrops cwms (valleys) of Pembrokeshire
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The legend of The Midnight Special is that a train would pass the prison each day at midnight and its headlight would flash through the bars and into the prison. The superstition was that if the light shone on you, that meant you would be the next man to get out of the prison. Lead Belly saw John Lomax as his Midnight Special, his way to get out of Angola. He asked Lomax to record a song he had written, a plea to Louisiana Gov. O.K. Allen to release him from prison. Lead Belly asked Lomax to deliver the recording to Gov. Allen. At the end of the song, Lead Belly made sure to tell the governor his given name and exactly where he could be found in prison. Then in the late 1950's Lonnie got it into the charts and from then on.. Or.... The Midnight Special is a replay of the auld devil's black coach or hunt or horse myth which is coming to take us all away. ...................... Coming for me soon :-(
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The Temperance 7-Sergeant Pepers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Petula Clark's vaudeville version. Broadcast on the B B C back in the 1970's
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Pick a Bale of Cotton - Lonnie Donegan
Lonnie Donegan's version of this Leadbelly classic.
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HAVE A DRINK ON ME - Lonnie Donegan
Too late the bars shut. You can buy the next one.
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TIGER RAG - Chris Barber's Jazz Band
Chris Barbers Jazz Band with Lonnie Donegan on banjo.
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Freight Train - Chas McDavitt - Nancy Whisky
Nancy Whiskey From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Nancy Whiskey (b Anne Alexandra Young Wilson, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland, 4 March 1935 -- d 1 February 2003) was a Scottish folk singer, best known for the 1957 hit song "Freight Train". While attending art school in Glasgow, Anne Wilson performed on the local folk club circuit where she met fellow singer and guitarist Jimmie MacGregor who introduced her to blues and hillbilly music. She took her stage name from a folk song which had a chorus of "Whiskey, whiskey, Nancy, whiskey". She was signed to Topic Records and moved to London in 1955. Although reluctant to surrender her reputation as a solo performer, she was persuaded to join the Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group to record Elizabeth Cotten's song "Freight Train". The record made the UK top five in 1957, and she also toured the USA with McDevitt's group. After a second, smaller hit, "Greenback Dollar", Whiskey left the group to resume a solo career and marry musician Bob Kelly, who became a member of her backing group, the Teetotallers. By the 1970s, she had largely retired from music.
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Bourbon Street Parade - Ken Colyer's Jazzmen - 1954
Wonderful line up for the Jazz Festival in London 1954. Ken Colyer, Jim Bray, Lonnie Donegan, Bruce Turner, Monty Sunshine.
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Moaning the Blues - Mississippi John Hurt
This is from a tape I copied about 15 years ago while working the night shift. On the same tape is - Since I laid my Burden Down - Stack O'lee - Chickens - Slide Delta etc
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St. Louis Blues -  Bessie Smith
Louis Armstrong on Cornet, Fred Longshaw on Harmonium and Bessie Smith vocals. What a trio of Talent.
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This Train - Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group - 1954
This example of the earliest Ken Colyer Skiffle group involves a distinct collaboration between Ken and, of course, Lonnie Donegan, both instrumentally and vocally. For skiffle Chris Barber played string bass which had been his second study instrument at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Bill Colyer resumed a position he had held with The Cranes when needed on washboard. This Train features Ken and Lonnie in a duo vocal
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The Six Five Special - 1957 - Bob Cort Skiffle Group -
The original version that played to open the first few shows before Don Lang took over. The guitarist I believe is Ken Sykora.
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AVEBURY SOLSTICE 2003 - Clannad - Magical Ring
Avebury get together on one of the last years without too many restrictions.
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My tribute to a great movie and a great singer.
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Ken Colyer - 'Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet' - 1954
The morning gathering at Milford Haven Marina for the start of the 2007 run. Background music - Ken Colyer - 'Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet' - 1954.
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Avon Cities Skiffle Group - 'Green Corn'
Ray Bush and the Avon Cities Skiffle Group
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' Michigan Water Blues'  - Ken Colyer 1954
One of my favourite Colyer numbers.
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Waiting For Benny - Charlie Christian
Thanks to Sony for allowing this to stay on.I have not the nerve to add in any pictures to this. Just turn the sound up and listen. According to my 1960 EP sleeve notes this was recorded while the sound engineer was setting up and the Benny Goodman band was getting ready while they waited for Benny Goodman. Charlie Christian played a few notes from Smooth One and the others just joined in. Towards the end you can hear the sound engineer call time on them. If true then you can hear genius and the muse actually creating a jazz master piece. Keep your sound up and listen to it happen. Later issued as composed by Benny Goodman, who wasn't there. Available form Amazon and others if you want really good sound. It's said that Charlie Christian found the Goodman organization musically restricting. I think this shows if you compare Smooth One, written by Goodman, with Waiting for Benny. Waiting For Benny is a 'warm up' track taped for balance by the engineer before the recording session proper got under way; they were not intended for issue but are of interest as illustrations of the genesis of jazz inspiration— one can hear one of Cootie's rare un-muted trumpet solos, and the germ of A Smooth One, from Christian, on Waiting For Benny.
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Since I've Laid My Burden Down- Mississippi John Hurt
No idea where/when this was recorded. Thanks for all the information everyone. The company I was working for was Quick Circuits in Loverock Road, Reading. If Andy ot any of the others whould like to say 'Hi' please do.
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PUTTIN' ON THE SMILE - Peter Sellers
Great 1959 classic skiffle from a lost artist
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Freight Train - The Cranes Skiffle Group
Interesting to compare one group with another. Yes. You are all thinking Nancy Whisky but there were lots of other groups played this number. Don't judge, just enjoy. Video was taken on the the Bala Lake Railway in June 2007. The sheepdog lives there.
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Can't You Line 'Em - Dickie Bishop & Chris Barber's Skiffle Group
Late 1950's skiffle from Chris Barber with Dickie Bishop singing the vocal
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Black and Tan Fantasy - Ken Colyer 1954
Sort of music I want played at my funeral
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The Dutch Swing College - Dippermouth Blues
They're still gong strong and have their own web site. Worth a visit.
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Can't You Line 'Em - Lead Belly
Classic Leadbelly number. Unknown recording date.
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The Cotton Song - Colyer / Donegan
One of the lost tapes of 1954. Recently rediscovered and now at long last available on CD from Amazon - Upbeat Jazz URCD198 has 18 numbers by Cloyer's Jazzmen and his Skiffle Group.
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We Sure Do Need Him Now - Ken Colyer
Another of my Welsh road movies with a Colyer backing with Lonnie on the banjo.
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Ottilie Patterson - Blow, Blow, Thy Winter Wind
Ottilie sings the Shakespear sonnet 'Blow, Blow thy Winter Wind'. Ottilie was a keen Shakespear fan and adapted several of the Bards sonnets to jazz. Chris Barber and Ottilie Patterson.
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Stool Pigeon - Kid Creole and The Coconuts
Not sure why I like this.
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Frank Sinatra - Peter Sellers - SWINGING ALL THE TIME
Matt Monroe as Frank Sinatra
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Stagolee - Mace Gill
Many thanks Mace for allowing me to use this. Sorry for the delay on putting it my channel but I'm a wee bit disgruntled with YouTube and Warner.
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Casey Jones - Lonnie Donegan /Ken Colyer 1954
A nice change from the more frantic style of skiffle that followed the skiffle revolution of the 50's. Video was shot on the 2007 Pembrokeshire Vintage and Classic car run in Wales. Camera car is a Dutton Phaeton III built in 1988 based on an early 70's 1600 Ford Escort. 2 litre Pinto engine added in 2003.
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Chris Barber - You Can't Win - 1964
Narberth classic motor bike scramble - 2006 - backing music Chris Barbers Jazz Band playing 'You Can't Win' recorded 1964
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Harmonica Blues - Barber and Donegan
It's a hard life once you retire. Photos taken on Pendine Sands and around Pembrokeshire.
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Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred-Ottile Patterson / ChrisBarber
Chris Barbers Band with Ottile Patterson. Recorded 1964. Ottile was a fan of the bard and she wrote and recorded four sonnets to mark William Shakespeare's 300th anniversary. The pianist is Johnny Parker. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Llandow circuit near Bridgend, Wales. car's a Dutton Phaeton III with a 2L Pinto engine.
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Pick a Bale of Cotton - The Delta Skiffle Group
One of the forgotten groups of 1950's British skiffle
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Really Rocking - J J Gale
One of my tapes I dubbed working nights at QuickCircuits Loverock Road Reading Berkshire
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'Rhymer's Favourite' -  Allen Sisson - fiddle
Nice bit of fiddle by the Georgia State Champion while I go for an early spring drive.
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Old Man River - Paul Robeson 1936
From the sound track of the classic Jame's Whale 1936 movie 'Showboat'. I've heard lots of other singers sing this number but no one matches the feeling and passion of Paul Robeson.
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Kites and buzzards photgraphed over my cottage in the Preseli Mountains.
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Davenport Blues - The Dutch Swing College
Classic revival style jazz.
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Miles Davis - trumpet, George Coleman - tenor sax, Herbie Hancock - piano, Ron Carter - bass, Tony Williams - drums. Recorded 14th May 1963 in New York
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Hark! The Heralds Angels Sing. Royal Choral Society with Arnold Grier
The week before Christmas 2010. The car is a 1993 VW GTi advantgarde cabriolet. Filmed on location in the Preseli Mountains, Wales on the Pembrokeshire - Carmarthenshire border. Camera is a Kodak mini-cam mounted onto the dash board with plasticine.
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llanboidy vintage tractor run october 2013 login bridge.
Tractors on the run from llanboidy cross the Login Bridge,
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'New Bad Penny Blues' Humphrey Lyttelton
Humph' with a rework of one of his old ones. To be honest I prefered the original but with a longer piano intro. I'm told Humph' hated this number from the word go.
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