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Cutting my hair short! | Billiedawnwebb
I honestly had alot of fun cutting my hair and its so nice and soft now compared to before! before i cut it i hadn't washed it for about 4 days so thats why it looks kinda greasy, but once i washed it, it got alot shorter too and i dig that. twitter: billiedawnwebb instagram: billiedawningle
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My plug collection!
hope you enjoy this video! i was asked a lot to make this and i honestly didn't even know i had as many pairs of plugs as i do! https://www.customplugs.com/collections/plugs-all https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCaptainCosmos/items?ref=pagination&page=2 i'm just assuming no one needs the hot topic url. ig: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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HOW TO: easy winged eyeliner!
hello! i do apologize for the lack of quality! but i tried my best! Song by: Never Shout Never
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my tattoos! | stories and meanings!
these are my tattoos, i love them all and i show you guys my new one i got :D instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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i wanted to make a halloween makeup tutorial for you all! so here it is! its a cute skeleton look :D instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Dyeing My Hair Half & Half | Pastel Blue & Blonde!
ayee, hope y'all are doing well. I've been blonde for a little and missed having half and half hair so i decided blue was the way to go ! Blue Jean Baby is so lovely i'd say it's one of my favorite blue hair dyes now! maybe at some point i'll dye the blonde half of my hair a different color but I like this half natural vibe I have going on! if you're interested in getting this dye the link is here :) https://arcticfoxhaircolor.com/products/blue-jean-baby Music: Maduk - Go Home Dirty Palm - Oblivion (Feat. Micah Martin)
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My mom tattoos me!
here is my tattoo! i'm honestly so in love! bats are so beautiful. my mom is my tattoo artist and she works at "sorry mom" tattoo in virginia! go get a tattoo from her? :D
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How I make my colorful freckles!
makeup used for freckles and etc.: Kat Von D liquid lipsticks: Mother, Lovesick. lime crimes liquid lipstick: thistle Kat Von D ink liner: neruda urban decay: moondust in recharged jeffree stars skin frost: so fucking gold ig: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Goodbye 2015! | billiedawnwebb
SORRY ABOUT BAD QUALITY. wow this was a crazy year! these are my photos from this year and they are in order for the most part. its crazy to see how much everything has changed! im happy with my life and i feel like alot of things happen for a reason, even if it does suck sometimes. instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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My Boyfriend Dyes My Hair!
I hope you all enjoy this video, we planned on making my hair purple if you couldn't tell 😂 but the blue is pretty too! My hair had a little green tinge to it so that might be why it didn't turn purple, so id suggest using this on recently bleached hair! I was out of the country for a bit with Drew and recorded this, it's mostly just us goofing off but aye why not. Drews youtube: youtube.com/drewissharing the dye we used: http://www.crazycolor.co.uk/shop/products/ in lilac ig: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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My Skincare Routine! | Billiedawnwebb
Thank you all for watching! I do like to switch up my routine every now and again with some new products but this is what I do most of the time! its all pretty simple and easy to do even if You're lazy(aka me) let me know if you want to see me make more stuff like this, ill make sure to do so :) Hailicare Revive: https://trulydivinecouture.com/collections/facemasks/products/hailicare-electric-face-cleanser-vibrate-pore-clean-silicone-cleansing-brush-massager-facial-vibration-skin-care-spa-massage?variant=34032371410
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Room tour/Hello Kitty collection!
i hope you all are having a good day! i didnt do much today but I made this :D instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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How I Do My Makeup!
Billiedawningle - Instagram BillieDawnWebb - Twitter Thanks for watching! Primer- Almay smart shade CC luminous primer Foundation- covergirl Tru blend Eyebrows- Anastasia dipbrow pomade Mascara- miss manga Voluminous black angel Eyeliner- revlon color stay LipStick- NYX soft matte lip cream
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How I Do My Eyebrows | Updated | BillieDawnWebb
A lil eyebrow tutorial, hope you enjoy and I hope you all go try this stuff out if you haven't already! Nyx always knows what they doin. I also dyed my hair again if you couldn't tell, its like a grey white color now. also ima be 22 in about a week so what is life. https://www.nyxcosmetics.com/tinted-brow-mascara/NYX_169.html?cgid=root insta: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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how to: sock bun with extensions!
i thought this would be a cute idea because i just recently started wearing my hair up :) instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb these are vpfashion extensions and if you use my discount code you can save 10$ ! http://www.vpfashion.com/diy-dye-your-hair-with-white-blonde-indian-remy-clipin-hair-extensions-d613a-p-8947.html "billiedawningle01"
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Goodbye 2016! | billiedawnwebb
Happy New Year! i wanted to make a big compilation of my past year, these memories aren't all of my year but theirs a lot of fun memories in here. im glad i got to make this and this year has had some ups and downs but im glad to have it end on a positive note. its crazy how 2017 is already here, it feel like just yesterday it was just turning 2016. i hope you all end your 2016 on a good note and make many amazing memories in 2017 because i know i cant wait to!
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thank you for watching! i used colorjamz hair dye. i used both of their pink dyes and their "notsoshy" violete. twitter: billiedawnwebb instagram: billiedawningle
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How to make fake bangs!
i was really excited about this! i love my bangs but i hate the amount of maintenance they need, so this is a nice way to have bangs when ever you wish! instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Dyeing Our Hair Orange and Purple!
Yo my friends! First off, be sure to like and subscribe(to pewdiepie ofc) i'm finally getting back into uploading more and theirs soo many hair dye videos that I haven't uploaded yet so i'm going to work on those for you all. I am going to be branching out into some more types of videos soon as well. I can't do food asmr bc i'll cringe at myself, but I really like the ones where people talk and pretend to do makeup on someone or the ones where you just tap on a lot of things lol ya know what I mean hopefully. but yeah. hope you enjoyed this! (btw the bottle says not to dye your eyebrows with the dye!! So don’t be dumb like us oml) Ayallas channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN7t6-ymkwsb99LoHe5pYjg music: Distrion & Electro-Light - Drakkar
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Best friend tag!
me and ayalla did the bestfriend tag. she didnt want to do the other half for her channel so here is this. instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Finally bleaching my roots!
i finally decided to do it! i miss them. rip roots. also im obviously not a pro so dont take what i say too heart. this is just what works best on my hair! IG: Billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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i hope you enjoy this video! i know i enjoyed making it and i cant wait to make more! extensions from: vpfashion http://www.vpfashion.com/diy-dye-your-hair-with-white-blonde-indian-remy-clipin-hair-extensions-d613a-p-8947.html my discount code: billiedawningle01 i own all rights and content to this video. instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Glowy Skin & Natural Makeup Tutorial!
Helloo, I hope you all enjoy this natural makeup look! I wanted to make this video because I believe I dont have any natural looks on my channel yet, so here is this. i thought it would be a little refreshing. I do this makeup look or different variations of it pretty often but this time in particular I felt so pretty what the heck. I feel like this takes about 25 minutes to do. glitter is so tempting but i didn't put any on this look. hope you enjoy the video! love yall, thank you for watching!! products used: •ULTA Fabulous Face primer •Coty Airspun loose face powder •Tarte blush: DAZZLED •BareMinerals bareSkin foundation •NYX Matte Finishing spray •NYX dolleye mascara •Toofaced Sweet Peach palette •Tarte Blush: Paaarty •Cover FX enhancer drops: celestial •becca highlighter: moonstone •NYX micro brown pencil: taupe •Essence brow gel •smashbox lipstick: Audition Music: Kisma- fingertips Debris & Dazers- Double D
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Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette ❤️ | Eye Makeup Tutorial/Review!
Sup! sooo I could not wait to dig into this palette! It Is now my number one fave & every single color is so intense, beautiful, and easy to work with. This is my first ever "review" so sorry it's not the best but I hope you like it anyway :) yall dont even know how excited I was to get this in the mail, oml the palette of my dreams tbhh! products used: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette JS: posh spice liquid lip JS: Androgyny liquid lip JS: 714 liquid lip lashes are kiss lashes doubled up NYX doll eye mascara used unicorn glow highlight from ShopHush and Cover FX enhancer drops: celestial
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Valentines Day Try On Clothing Haul | Dolls Kill
#DollsKill #VDAY Here is a very late valentines day haul! (Also Hi uploading again look at me go) Hope you enjoy and love these cute items as much as i do! here are the links to them :) https://www.dollskill.com/sugar-thrillz-cherub-angel-crop-tee-white.html https://www.dollskill.com/sugar-thrillz-satin-mini-dress-cherub-blue.html https://www.dollskill.com/sugar-thrillz-satin-cherub-mini-skirt-blue.html https://www.dollskill.com/sugar-thrillz-babydoll-sheer-dress-pink.html https://www.dollskill.com/sugar-thrillz-heart-ring-bra-pink.html https://www.dollskill.com/sugar-thrillz-heart-ring-panties-pink.html song is: Song: Ehrling - You And Me (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/8HJSl7AiJNg
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Eyebrow Tutorial!
Sorry my camera is so out of focus! This is how i do my eyebrows, nothing fancy. hope you enjoy! makeup used in video: Anastasia's dip brow in taupe, Kat Von D lock-it concealer, and Urban Decay brow gel. instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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how i decorate my face!
i get alot of questions on my stickers so here you go :D instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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updated: How I Do My Makeup!
sorry im not the best at these! but i promise i will get better over time with lots of practice! i just think makeup is fun and i love doing it so i wanted to share that with you all by making this video :) instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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'Cloud 9' Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial! ☁️
Hey y'all! I put a lot of work into this cute cloud look so give it a like for me please! :) I always feel so inspired by valentines day each year to do something pastel and adorable! I didn't really incorporate any hearts into this one but, i'll probably upload another one before valentines day with them! oo i also forgot to mention I used Swarovski crystals. Music: Herbal Tea-Aryll Fae Niviro-Diamond BEAUZ & JVNA - Crazy (Radio Edit) 3rd Prototype - Shadows (Radio Edit)
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Dolls Kill Lookbook/Haul |BillieDawnWebb 💀
Okay, so I’m doing a clothing haul for Dolls Kill and ended up just being really goofy for half of it and battling mosquitoes the rest of the time. Grade A quality video if you ask me. Like and subscribe if ya like! Will possibly film another but this was my second time filming this video because it came out blurry! Hope this is kinda enjoyable let me know if you like it and would like to see more like this! 😂 thanks so much for watching. 💗 Everything in video: https://www.dollskill.com/widow-longline-lace-shorts-black.html https://www.dollskill.com/widow-lace-crop-top-black.html https://www.dollskill.com/killstar-mitsuyo-nu-lolita-dress.html https://www.dollskill.com/twiin-error-dress.html https://www.dollskill.com/widow-long-sleeve-embroidered-mock-neck.html https://www.dollskill.com/double-tattoo-choker-black.html (guess they sold out??) https://www.dollskill.com/vegan-leather-double-leg-harness-black.html https://www.dollskill.com/current-mood-cosmic-creature-teddy-backpack.html ( similar but not the same sadly) https://www.dollskill.com/poster-grl-born-to-shine-high-waisted-pants.html https://www.drmartens.com/us/c/womens-mary-janes https://www.glassesusa.com/pinkgold-medium/ottoto-allium/35-m11014.html?q=ottoto%20allium music: Niviro - The Apocalypse Different Heaven - OMG
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Modakawa Try On Clothing Haul! | BillieDawnWebb
hey hi hello here is this. hope you enjoy my lil clothing haul. maybe i'm finally getting better at these! what was your favorite item? Modakawa-http://bit.ly/Modakawa-2s5OEiC My Hero Academia Cosplay Wig-http://bit.ly/MK0775YT My Hero Academia School Uniform-http://bit.ly/MK0722YT Japanese Koi Fish Trumpet Sleeves Top-http://bit.ly/MK0920YT Japanese School-girl Stripes Stockings-http://bit.ly/MK0181YT Japanese JK School Uniform-http://bit.ly/MK0574YT-1 Heart Embroidery Pumpkin Beret Hat-http://bit.ly/MK0911YT Pink Heart Soft Hoodie-http://bit.ly/MK0483YT-1 Cute Antlers Oversized Hoodie-http://bit.ly/MK0468YT-1
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Huge $600 DOLLS KILL Try On Clothing Haul!
Just wanted to show off all these sick clothes from Dolls Kill! don't forget to like and subscribe! I actually just saw that the "Its Alive!" hoodie is on same for $15!! so def check out their site rn for lots of sales! https://www.dollskill.com also just in case you were curious, i'm almost 5'4 and 110lbs literally loved everything I wore and am living for cargo pants. I just enjoy showing off clothes and posing in them, okay so here is this! look at me doing the YouTube things more regularly. Cruel lntentions O-Ring Crop Top Runnin Late Cargo Pants Platinum Knot Into You Crop Top Sunny Wont Be Tamed Lace Top Hit My Line Crop Top Uniskelly Purse Blingin To The Bone Body Harness Get Faux Thigh-High Tights Zombabe Player Costume Set Its Alive! Hoodie Sugar Thrillz GELATO SKIES FLEECE SHORTS Sugar Thrillz GELATO SKIES FLEECE SWEATSHIRT Sugar Thrillz HEART OF HEARTS FUZZY BRA Current mood DREAM QUEEN FUZZY BACKPACK Poster Girl MIND YA BIZNESS SUSPENDER CARGO PANTS Current mood KAWAII CREATURE FLUFFY SLIPPERS Current Mood HELLO HEAVEN SHEER DRESS Songs: Elektronomia- Heaven Lemon Fight- Stronger (feat. Jessica Reynoso)
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Glitter Rainbow Glam Makeup Tutorial 🌈 | BillieDawnWebb
hello, I did a little rainbow makeup for you all! 💗 hope you enjoy, like and subscribe if ya like it. Also let me know what other types of videos you'd like to see from me , bc I know sometimes makeup tutorials get repetitive. is Anyone going to VA Beach Warped Tour?? ✨ i'm going to be there n will probably make a video on it when it gets closer :) The lashes look a little different than when I bought them because I had gotten eyelash glue on them and just went with how pointy and fairy like they got. Products: 🎨 ABH dip brow pomade in medium brown, and blonde for freckles Nyx tinted brow mascara Nyx studio perfect primer Cover FX blurring primer Fenty Beauty foundation 120 maybelline fit me concealer Laura Mercier setting powder Too Faced coco contour palette P.U.R contour and highlight palette Too Faced dazzled blush unicorn glow highlight collection Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette BH Cosmetics take me to brazil palette Beauty Creations Sweet Heart matte lip Stila Glitter liquid eyeshadow Perlina (aka the best thing ever ok) nyx doll eye mascara. unknown purple eyeliner. i'm srry lashes: eylure exaggerate 149 lashes Boxy Charm link! https://www.boxycharm.com songs: Defqwop - heart afire (ft.strix) Mountkid - Dino social media: ig: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb sc: billiedawningle
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Things I hate.
just some random things i hate that i figured id share. :D hope you guys enjoy this!
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Dying my hair navy blue!
thank you so much for watching! sorry for my low energy, i did not sleep much before recording this! hair dye: http://arcticfoxhaircolor.com/ hair extentions: http://www.vpfashion.com/ my discount code: billie01 insta: billliedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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My makeup favorites! 2016 | billiedawnwebb
this was my first time trying something like this! i know i say LIKE and UM a lot but bear with me you guys i'm trying to be less awkward/camera shy! feel free to ask questions in the comments, i will try to answer most!
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GRWM | Summer Hair + Makeup!
This is my first get ready with me so bear with me! they will get better in the future okok i promise. other than that i hope you all enjoy my video! thank you sm for watching!! Get 70% off all Duvolle styling tools. Promo Code: BILLIE70 http://duvolle.com ! and Peak Cosmetics Get an extra 10% off when you use my code: BILLIE10 http://peakcosmetics.com face makeup: -maybelline master prime -makeup forever ultra hd -maybelline bb fresh in 110 light medium -elf duo concealer and highlight - cover fx celestial drops - pearl becca highlighter -natural collection bronzer -nyx finishing powder brows -anastasia dip brow pomadein taupe eyes -urban decay eyeshadow primer -peak cosmetics summer palette -aura in venus palette lips -peak cosmetics duet Bonica
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How I do my colorful/Glitter Makeup!
sorry if my directions suck and stuff. i tried to explain what everything is and what i was doing but im new to this! instagram : billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Kawaii Fashion Clothing Haul! Youvimi 💗
http://youvimi.com discount code: Billie Wig With Two Small Bun:https://bit.ly/2QqmsEQ 3-piece skirt::https://bit.ly/2AAvXau white Chiffon Blouse: https://bit.ly/2zywIkM black anime tee : https://bit.ly/2DT7GQg Angel & Little Devil's Wing Clip : https://bit.ly/2rh3RNg black Hot Pants: https://bit.ly/2zyFhfk v cutesy clothes and accessories 💗 ! love kawaii harajuku Japanese street fashion sm. I hope you all like this! i have a couple more videos like this as well and i enjoyed just sitting and talking instead of how i used to record clothing hauls! I wasn't feeling the best for awhile and was not completely happy with just doing makeup tutorials but wasn't sure how to expand what i do so i've been trying to think of some good ideas! hopefully they come to me lol! ☺️ music: Mike Vallas & Jagsy & quaggin. - Left My Heart In Pain Andromedik - Titan (Radio Mix)
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Q&A | What is my sexuality?
heres a short q&a for you all!
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Glittery Black & Green Cut Crease! | billiedawnwebb
I loved doing this look, it was really fun and i hope you all recreate it as well, thank you so much for watching! also, i used: Nyxs liquid lipstick in Stockholm and Kat Von D's liquid lip in BowNArrow i forgot to mention that in the video! instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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5 easy alternative hairstyles! | Billiedawnwebb
i wear these often when i don't have extensions in and i hope you all enjoy them as much as i do! they are all pretty basic hair styles and they are easy to do and dont take long. :) instagram: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Dying my hair Smoke Blue w/ Lime Crime Unicorn Hair color.
I was so excited to get this dye in the mail! the colors are very beautiful it dyes very evenly, i just love it so much! i cant wait to try out some of the other colors as well, i definitely recommend trying it out! sorry for how late i am at posting, i've been doing a lot of stuff recently and just haven't had the time but i'm trying to find some! dye used: Gargoyle dye: https://www.limecrime.com/hair/unicorn-hair-semi-permanent-hair-color/gargoyle-dark-grey Dirty Mermaid dye: https://www.limecrime.com/hair/unicorn-hair-semi-permanent-hair-color/dirty-mermaid-seafoam-green blue smoke dye: https://www.limecrime.com/hair/unicorn-hair-semi-permanent-hair-color/blue-smoke-royal-blue ig: billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Burnt Orange Makeup W/ Faux Freckles! | Billiedawnwebb
hope you enjoy! had fun doing this makeup look. i normally don't do stuff like this but i actually really like how it came out, sorry all i have been posting is makeup tutorials lately! ill get on posting a different variety of things soon! Want your Deck of Scarlet palette? http://bit.ly/2mG8X2h Sponsored by: deck of scarlet: https://www.deckofscarlet.com/ ig : billiedawningle twitter: billiedawnwebb
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Dying My Hair Peach!
I made some diy peach dye and I loved the results! any white conditioner works to dilute the dye btw because i forgot to say it in the vid! i should be back to uploading weekly, may slowly create a scheduled time to post! because im getting more comfortable in front of the camera :) songs: Raven & Kreyn- get this party Prismo - hold on dye from: https://arcticfoxhaircolor.com/ and https://ionathome.com/ twitter: billiedawnwebb ig: billiedawningle
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Dying Hair With My Best Friend! 🖤💗
This is more of a chill video, I was just vibing with the music while we were dying our extensions. there's just something so calming about dying hair! sorry if this video isn't very informative about how to blend them and such, but if you would like that, he could make another video JUST on extensions! I do have footage of how I cut them to make them blend better. If you all would like to see that I can put it in another video. :) ily all and thank you for watching! all the links are down below Ayalla: https://www.youtube.com/user/emoguysaresexxxyyyy hair dye: https://arcticfoxhaircolor.com/ Extensions: https://www.vpfashion.com/ songs: Raven & Kreyn - Biscuit (extended mix) Aryll Fae- Herbal Tea T-Mass - Ignoring My Heart Rob Gasser- Ricochet
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How I Style Glasses | Summer Lookbook!
GlassesUSA.com You can find my glasses online at GlassesUSA.com. Sign up for 50% off + free shipping http://bit.ly/Billiedawnwebb--GlassesUSA (Receive free basic lenses, premium and marked down frames excluded) Ottoto Marino - http://bit.ly/Billiedawnwebb--OttotoMarino Ottoto Baresi - http://bit.ly/Billiedawnwebb--OttotoBaresi Ottoto Allium - http://bit.ly/Billiedawnwebb--OttotoAllium Ray-Ban 3546 - http://bit.ly/Billiedawnwebb--RayBan3546 Versace VE2161 - http://bit.ly/Billiedawnwebb--VersaceVE2161 hope you all enjoyed this little video. Really felt motivated and positive this day. i'll have a few more vids out this week too n I can't wait to show y'all! I also want to do more videos like this with clothes, so let me know if you like that idea! thank you so much for watching!
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Dear future me! | Billiedawnwebb
this is just a video for me to look back on in a few years to see how much i have grown :) i also seem really awkward im sorry!
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Very Extra Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial! | Billiedawnwebb
I'm so happy to show you all my valentines day makeup look! I did this last year too but I wanted to take that look and make it a lot better this year! i kinda just want to do a bunch of fun looks likes this all the time on my channel.let me know if that's something you'd be interested in! I hope you enjoy it. everything is listed below ofc.Also don't forget to like and subscribe! ❤️ makeup products used: •BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil palette •Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette: star power, china white •NYX Matte Finishing spray •ABH Medium brown dip brow pomade •Coty Airspun loose face powder •Tarte blush: DAZZLED •BareMinerals bareSkin foundation •Makeup Revolution: peach lights •Ardell double up lashes •Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette •Nyx Babydoll Blush • stickers and crystals are from michaels and Walmart (swarovski crystals) •ULTA Fabulous Face primer •loreal paris infallible(probs said this word wrong) lip paint in Moon lust. Wig: • wigisfashion.com Music: Jacob- tillberg- ftjohnning Heartless Deamn- Save me Vexento- trippy love Laszlo- Fall to light
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