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Urbex: Phantom of the ABANDONED House
Exploring an abandoned house. There seemed to be something strange about a door or something behind a door in this house that pushed back on me viciously as I tried to push in on it. And it was not latched. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: My Slant on this ABANDONED HOUSE | Explore
Exploring an abandoned house built in 1845 with no clues left behind as to when it was abandoned. Judging from the shape of the house, I'd say it's been abandoned awhile. I didn't find the stairs going up to the second floor while I was filming, but did notice an area where they would be while watching the video later. I wouldn't have been able to explore upstairs anyway as there wasn't much of a floor left to walk on. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: CENTRALIA, PA GHOST TOWN Burning Underground
*UPDATE* The time capsule ended up being opened on October 4, 2014 which was much earlier than expected. Centralia, PA is a modern day ghost town with an ongoing underground inferno. Silent Hill was inspired by Centralia's plight. It was also a model for various movies that wanted to give a hell-like appearance in a ghost town. There used to be a WARNING - DANGER sign posted here from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania stating that walking or driving in this area could result in serious injury or death; that dangerous gases are present and the ground is prone to sudden collapse. Centralia was once a prosperous coal mining town with 1,100 population. It included 4 movie theatres, 7 bars, a school and a gas station. In the spring of 1962, a fire which started at the town dump during spring cleanup ignited the coal present at the ground level as this area is very rich in coal. As firefighters worked to try and extinguish that fire, it had already spread to the underground abandoned coal tunnels that are 100 meters in depth. After a couple of decades, attempts to put out the fire failed. State and federal authorities said they didn't have enough funding to do the job right. They tried digging up the coal around the burn site but it was burning faster than they could dig and there are too many tunnels too flood. Approximately 450 acres of underground coal has been on fire since. This type of coal is called anthracite which is difficult to ignite, but very difficult to extinguish. There are 3000 acres of coal field here underground, so with enough oxygen feeding this fire from other mining tunnels, the fire is expected to last at least another 100-200 years, maybe longer. The temperature of the active burn area below ground is 1100-1200 degrees Farhenheit. Tests by scientists and geologists were done here that showed the ground temperature to be around 440 degrees Celsius a foot into the ground. With the threats of hydrogen explosions, carbon monoxide and cave-ins, most residents were relocated in the 80s. The houses were then torn down leaving approximately 11 people behind who refused to evacuate despite the danger and risks involved such as dangerous gasses, explosions and sink holes. The ground beneath could collapse and has done so already. Looking down the now-empty streets, you can see that nature has reclaimed her land, albeit, a dangerous one. Buildings, cars and trees can fall into this pit at any time. The old Hwy 61 that used to bring traffic to Centralia has been destroyed by the underground fire. It is constantly subsiding with smoke usually billowing out from the pits and separations that will continue to get wider and deeper day-by-day. This is called subsidence. This is due to the coal seams the run below ground at steep angles which cause the road above ground to collapse as the coal burns. According to engineers, the only way to stop this fire is to dig the entire 3000 acres of coal field under this town and surrounding area. This would cost $600 million which is more than the US governments were willing to pay. Ironically, a small town just south of Centralia, Byrnesville (of all names) was also evacuated and now empty. Mostly coal miners resided here of an Irish-Catholic desent. Both Centralia and Byrnesville were a tight-knit community, and many did not want to leave. There is a time capsule that still lies buried in the ground in Centralia. This was set up as a memorial for the working class town to be opened in 2016 which would be Centralia's 150th Anniversary. Whether the residents return to open it on that date is yet to be seen. The Weather Channel selected portions of this video for their "Most Toxic Ghost Towns" video. In case you're interested, here is the link: http://www.weather.com/video/most-toxic-ghost-towns-46257?collid=/news/top-stories Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Urbex: Jeremiah's Field ABANDONED FARM
*This house has been demolished as of August 2014.* **History of the farm** After exploring this abandoned farm house, I researched Jeremiah's Field on the Internet which led me to Jeremiah's House which is part of the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre. This organization provides temporary housing and support for new immigrants and refugees to Canada. I then contacted the Centre who subsequently provided me with some background information on this farm: In 1981, the owner of this property, Joe Barth, donated this 100 acre farm to The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre without any conditions. They struggled financially to incorporate the land into the vision they had for their operation. They tried to sell the property in 1989 without success. In 1991/92, a Jeremiah's Field Community Land Trust group attempted to create a land trust to no avail. Organic gardening initiatives proved to be too labour intensive and costly, and given the limited amount of land, farming was not an economical viable option. They attempted another property sale in 1995 again without success. Then the Public Trustee informed them that the land did not support their charitable objectives which was a constant weight on their hearts and minds. In 2006, after 25 years of holding onto the property and trying to turn their visions into workable and viable options for the Centre, they were faced with an unsolicited offer to purchase the property. The Board of Directors had to set aside their deep passion and commitment to the property and look at their fiduciary duties as stewards of both Jeremiah's Field and the entire London Cross Cultural Learning Centre. The property was sold but the house was never used since the Barth's donation leaving it abandoned since 1981 (33 years ago from this date). I can only speculate that a farmer bought the property to add to their existing land, or possibly a land speculator. Thanks for exploring with me! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: OLD Weathered ABANDONED HOUSE Ohio
Exploring a long-time abandoned house in Ohio with furniture still left behind. It was built in 1905. This was filmed in the Fall of 2014. The latest date I found was 1997 on a magazine left behind on the floor. Enjoy, and thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex:  ABANDONED Italianate House of AXED DOORS
Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile, but here is one of my abandoned house explorations from the archives. I do have a few more. I haven't been exploring lately, but do plan on some more explorations in the future. Thanks for sticking with me. Love you guys! 💕 BTW, the birds in the upper bedroom were not trapped and had many options for leaving the structure - there were many entry points where they came in. Birds are very intelligent creatures. The birds were obviously nesting in the overhead light fixture in this room and protecting their young when I entered. I have a great love of birds, and would not have hesitated to give them an exit point if I suspected that they were trapped. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED Roadhouse
Happy New Year, everyone! Another one of my fall (2014) explorations of a 150-seat restaurant-bar that appears to have been abandoned for around 15 years. While exploring, I saw that not much was left behind. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: SKETCHY Abandoned House
Exploring a dilapidated house that appears to have been abandoned since 1986 according to the calendar. A date on a newspaper inside dates back to 1952. I suspect the property is owned by a local farmer as they've maintained the yard around the house, but have left the house to rot. I don't see any signs of vandalism but nature is definitely reclaiming her. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Exploring a badly deteriorated long-abandoned house. I don't have any dates, but you can tell by its collapsing and disintegrating nature that it's been a long time. Enjoy! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED House in Peril
The noise in the background was from a large working farm across the highway. They had a large dump truck backing in and out of a bay along with a tractor in operation unaffiliated with me, this house and property. I've been getting a lot of questions about it so I thought I'd just put the answer in the description instead of typing it out repeatedly. Exploring an abandoned structurally unsound old farmhouse ready to collapse after a few more heavy snow loads, I suspect. Obviously been left abandoned for quite a long time. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: TikiTrex Original "FROZEN IN TIME" | Abandoned
This is a re-upload of the older video “Frozen in Time”. I explored this little abandoned time capsule quite a few years ago, and it was a favourite amongst many viewers. It’s been abandoned since at least 2002, All of the old newspapers and history books are from Lithuania, so it was obviously last occupied by a Lithuanian family or person who appeared to have left most everything behind except possibly their clothing. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) Your support means a lot! ❤️ ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases 🛎 (Animated “Like” by: Alien Green)
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Urbex: ABANDONED Century-Old MANOR Tennessee
Exploring a beautiful abandoned Century-Old Manor sitting on 5 acres in Tennessee. It was built in 1910 by R.A. Swaim Contractors, and renovated in 1983. That is likely when the newer siding was replaced. Several owners had passed through this lovely home throughout its years. The original owners were a very prominent family in the County. The couple passed away in 1939 and 1961. They had a son who passed away in 1999. This also seemed close to the last dates I found in here. The latest sales transaction was in January of 2012 from a Property Holding Company that was owned by a Record Label in Tennessee. They purchased it as commercial property from a Professional Investor and Land Developer in late 2008. The Property Holding Company was terminated on February 28, 2013 as they were delinquent in paying their business registration fee. The assets appeared to have been transferred back to the owners of the Record Label Company, likely to maximize tax advantages. Since it has been owned by investors since 2008, I am assuming it has been abandoned as a home since at least that year, and more likely since 1999 before investors/developers took it over. It is currently off-market and being left to rot as nobody has been around there in awhile judging from the lack of yard maintenance and vehicular tracks onto the estate. Since the power has been cut and the yard was once for sale as commercial property, I wouldn't be surprised if demolition is in the cards. Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned OLD FOLKS' HOME
Update: Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute has since purchased the building to be used for both classrooms as well as dorms for the resident students. Thank you to one of my viewers, Jeffrey Kohut, for bringing this to my attention. Exploring an abandoned nursing home which held 135 beds at one time. It was constructed in 1969 and closed in 2006 at which time, the residents were moved to a new facility. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED House of Slumber PARTIES
**NOW DEMOLISHED** Adventure Riding TV: http://www.youtube.com/AdventureRidingTV https://www.facebook.com/ADVridingTV https://twitter.com/ADVridingTV http://elcat.eastlongmeadowma.gov/ Exploring another abandoned house bought up by York Development in a busy new development area. Seems to have been abandoned since around December of 2010 according to the last date on the calendar left behind. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED Mobile Home
Exploring an abandoned derelict abandoned mobile home with some cool older items left behind. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Exploring an abandoned subdivision in West Central Florida known as Hillside Estates, a housing project. The project consists of 90 units built in the 1970s. According to media sources, several past board members of the Brooksville Housing Authority were misusing funds provided to them by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development as well as not following policy guidelines. They couldn't afford to keep up with the ongoing maintenance and repairs to the homes forcing the residents to relocate with rental vouchers. Because only so many vouchers could be released at one time, there was a staggered exodus from the properties. The residents starting moving out in September of 2012 with everyone expected to be gone by December 2012. Below is a link of one of the news articles that paints more detail: http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/brooksville-housing-authoritys-facts-dont-add-up-yet-about-any-possible/1202617 Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Another Spring of 2014 exploration video for you all! Yes, I did A LOT of exploring during this time period so I would have enough videos to spread out during the summer months which were busy for me this year due to other projects on the go. This long-abandoned house seemed to be inhabited by hoarders that liked to collect magazines and a lot of cards. The latest date I could find was 1978 on a calendar making it 36 years abandoned from the time of filming and exploration. From the state this house was in, this timeline makes sense to me. It does appear they did try to renovate it at one time as the walls have been stripped to the bare studs. But like many abandoned houses I have come across over the years where renovations have begun, it was never completed likely due to lack of funds and/or overwhelming unexpected work involved. I hope you enjoy! And thanks for watching and commenting! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Large ABANDONED Paintballed HOUSE
Exploring an abandoned farmhouse (in the Spring of 2015) where kids have taken their toll on it with paintball guns using the paint left behind. The farmer who owns the land showed up while I was inside but had no problem with me being there taking video. He allowed me to continue and was just checking on the land. Abandoned since approximately 2012 in Ontario, Canada. He told me he was trying to renovate it for a few years but gave up because he was having a problem with renters, so is just leaving it to rot now and farming the land it sits on. He spent a lot of money and time by the looks of things on renovation supplies, cabinetry and new wiring, etc. Such a sad waste. It could be a beautiful farmhouse otherwise. Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Another video filmed in April of 2015. Here we have a short exploration of a collapsing house located in Southwestern Ontario. My last upload was short as well which is why I'm uploading these two closer together. Just an FYI: If I don't state otherwise in the title, the locations will be in Ontario. Please enjoy. :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned Lake EEEERIE House
Exploring an old eerie looking abandoned house that sits on the north shore of Lake Erie. I couldn't find any dates of abandonment, but it appears to have been abandoned for awhile by a family of cowboys. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: UNSPOILED Abandoned House
Exploring an abandoned house that seems to still be in fairly pristine condition other than in the basement where some copper thieves had been. There is a sign out front saying it is the future home of a fencing company, but it has been sitting this way for a few years now. Unfortunately, the previous owners left nothing behind for clues as to when they abandoned the house, but as of April 2016, it still sits abandoned. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Hopelessly SHABBY ABANDONED House
Another Spring of 2015 exploration of a very derelict abandoned house. While exploring this abandoned house, there was a newspaper inside dating back to 1991 and I wouldn't doubt it has been sitting that long. It likely won't be lasting much longer before it starts to collapse. Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned Cat Lady's House (*WARNING: DEAD ANIMAL SCENE*)
**UPDATE** Unfortunately, this house was completely destroyed by a fire suspected by vandalism on February 2, 2016.** HISTORY: An elderly lady, Fern, owned this house before she passed away. According to the Ancestry website, she died at the age of 90-years-old in 1999. She married her husband in 1934 in Quebec, Canada before eventually relocating to this beautiful home in Southern Ontario. She was predeceased by her husband and the estate remained solely in her name. While exploring, I noticed there were some hanging calendars dated from August 2000 as well as a couple of phone books dated from 2002-2003. These later dates along with the cat cremation certificate dated 2002 suggests someone had stayed there for a few years after her passing, possibly family members. A note on the fridge along with a card I found suggests a father and daughter who were supposed to be taking care of the cats. I found information on the County's website from 2012 stating that they are under negotiations with this estate, There are two wills in place. One is to the county and one to the family. This is in dispute. The county is taking care of it for now until it gets settled. At this point, going by these dates, I'm thinking it has been abandoned for around 10 years. *Addendum: The unmarked cop was real. The unmarked cars in this province have markings but they are faded, so only really seen up close. He was pulling people over ticketing them for speeding when I arrived, and had all of the proper computer and lighting equipment they carry inside and outside of their cars. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED Reverend's House of MEMORIES!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my U.S. subscribers! This abandoned house I explored is full of history. If one could spend a full day here exploring, they could learn a lot. I was able to gather a bit of information from the names I had found in the house checking with the Ancestory.com website. The house was owned by a reverend and his wife. He was born in 1897 and passed away in 1971. His wife was born in 1893 but the date of her death is unknown. I was also unable to find her obituary anywhere. However, there were still photos of her in the house in 1980. She graduated from Moody Bible Institute in August 9th, 1923. The couple had four kids together. One was a boy who died at the age of 6 in 1938. It also appears that a few generations of their family beneath them stayed here until time of abandonment which was probably around 1990 as that was the latest date I was able to find on a calendar. Since there was a supposed attic fire in 1988, this date makes sense as to why they may have left at that timeline. Enjoy! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Exploring an abandoned Methodist church located in Indiana. The date inscribed on the structure is 1927 which is when it became a church, but the 3,256 square foot building itself was constructed in 1898 when it was used as a one-room school house beforehand. The church has been abandoned as such since 1959 due to lack of religious support. The property was purchased by a man who lives in Texas in 2009. My sources show that he acquired the property in exchange for assuming tax liabilities. I am assuming that was so he could make money from the State should they decide to purchase the land from him in order to add an interchange at that overpass where the church sits -- an investment. Either that, or for sentimental reasons as he was from the area long before he moved to Texas. These ideas are just conjecture on my part going by the information I was able to find. Nevertheless, it's been left to rot and doesn't appear to be able to be restored due to its poor location sitting on only one acre of land too close to the freeway. Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Exploring an abandoned house that was left with almost everything behind. It appears to have been abandoned since 2008, the date on the calendar, and the latest date I could find in the house. From what I was able to find out, the lady of the house had passed away in 1999, and her husband passed away in 1982. They had a son and a daughter who had families of their own. The phone number to the house was in the daughter's name, and the bills I found inside the house were in the son's name. I wasn't able to find out any information on the daughter, but the son has since moved with his family to a nearby city. He appeared to be a single dad until he vacated this house and met his wife later on. There are no photos of his wife in this house. His wife passed away in May of 2013 at only 56 years of age. It appeared to be a blended family where his deceased wife had a daughter before they met and he had a son. I was not able to find out who was last to vacate this house, why so many items were left, and why they no longer care about the house they obviously grew up in. Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED HOUSE on the Hill
Exploring an old abandoned badly vandalized farm house. The previous owners left nothing behind for clues. It appears a raccoon may be the only creature left living in here. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned BURNT SHACK
Exploring a small shack that had been burnt. Not sure if that is why it was abandoned or not. There was a date on a statement inside from September 15, 2009, so somebody lived there during that time period at least. Before the fire and if fixed up, it probably would have been a cute, cozy and cheap little place to live in. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Knotty Abandoned House
Another abandoned exploration I never had a chance to upload until now. This large house has been abandoned since around 2013. While exploring this abandonment, I noted a lot of knotty pine wood was used in what seems to be another yet failed renovation project. Enjoy. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) Your support means a lot! ❤️ ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Urbex: Kingston Penitentiary Tour
This was a tour through the high security Kingston Penitentiary which just closed September 30, 2013 and opened in 1835 making the prison itself 178-years-old. It was considered the oldest operating prison before its closure. Kingston Penitentiary held Canada's most notorious criminals such as serial killers Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olson, and a famous Canadian bank robber, Tyrone Conn. It was closed because the federal government said it is outdated and too expensive to run, so I guess you could say that these buildings have served their own time. Its future is unknown, but because it is a Heritage Site, it cannot be demolished. I would personally like to see them use it for ongoing tours similar to Alcatraz, but don't believe that will be happening as they have it up for sale. A developer will likely transform the buildings into lakeside condos, but nobody knows as of yet. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED Heaving House
Explored this abandoned house in the Spring of 2015. This video features an exploration of an abandoned dilapidated house built in the 1830s that has a military background being home to one of Canada's greatest military leaders during the First World War. He was born in this house during the 1800s. It has been abandoned since December of 2012 and used as a party house since. It was abandoned after the municipality order they remove a wood stove that was dangerously installed and install smoke detectors. Smoke detectors were installed since and the wood stove removed by order of the fire chief. The land is owned by farmers who farm the land and would sometimes rent the house out. Since the municipality order along with the state of disrepair of the house, they have left it to sit and eventually fall into itself or have it demolished, whichever comes first. Historians wanted to fix it up to preserve the memory of this military hero's childhood home, but it's just too far gone. I'm hoping my video will help serve that purpose. An upstairs bathroom leak caused the kitchen ceiling to collapse, and the exterior bricks are crumbling. The basement has experienced a lot of frost heave which has affected parts of the foundation, so not that easy to repair. Enjoy! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED Karaoke Bar Alabama
Exploring this now abandoned establishment which was called "The Chicken House" in the 70s and 80s where they sold fried chicken through take-out windows. It became a bar in the mid-90s. The legal name was "Full House" but locally known as "Fergy's Place". They had a full regulation horseshoe pit and fire pit for entertainment. The name of the Karaoke was "Suffering Kats Karaoke". The owner explained that they did not close for financial reasons, but rather, political bs. Thanks to the previous owner for providing me this information, and thanks to all for watching. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: DOOMED and ABANDONED Ontario Manor
**NOW DEMOLISHED** Here is a video tour exploring an abandoned manor that ended in demolition (early November 2018) and replaced by new development on its almost 90 acres of land. This 140-year-old manor has a colourful history dating back to 1878. Due to renovations and additions, it did not qualify for heritage status. The estate was named “Dorindale” after the former resident, Dorinda, known as “Dinnie”, age 97 (as of 2018). She survived 3 husbands. Once she moved to a retirement home in the spring of this year (2018), the developer started the demolition preparation. This property was an icon to London, Ontario hosting many annual barn parties. Even one of Canada’s Prime Ministers spent time visiting while writing a book in this manor. The manor, Dorindale, had many horses on the property while also holding greyhound races. Just last year (2017), Dorinda was admitted to the London Sports Hall of Fame as an international judge and accomplished equestrian. She also won the first international dressage competition. So horses were a very big focus at the Dorindale Estate. Dorinda sold the house to Drewlo Holdings (the developer) more than 30 years ago where they allowed her to stay as long as she liked. The agreement between the two was called “life tenancy”. There was a fire at the barn in behind the manor in February of this year (2018). Five horses were inside at the time but fortunately survived and were relocated to others’ stables. The London Theatre Awards are named after Dorinda’s parents. Her father was a judge. Her mother was the granddaughter of Thomas McCormick, the candy making magnate. McCormick’s was a large well-known candy/biscuit factory in London, Ontario which has now closed down and sits abandoned as well. For more information and past pictures, visit the London Free Press (where I obtained this information): https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/the-end-of-an-era Also, here is a link to the demolition request with more info and pics: https://bit.ly/2T6srgH Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) Your support means a lot! ❤️ ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎🛎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases. (Animated ”Like” by: Alien Green)
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Sorry for the "date snafu". Just to avoid repetition, it's already been pointed out and subsequently corrected. Thanks. :) Exploring a house filled with classics, like a time capsule, that appears to have been abandoned for around 23 years (1991). It also appears a farmer uses the land. Sometimes after a farmer passes away, they will pass it onto a neighbouring farmer to use as land extension if they have no family who is interested in it. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned NUT House
Exploring a small abandoned house that was likely abandoned since June of 2004 according to a calendar left behind. What I was referring to little balls were likely black walnuts. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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The family of the original owners have so kindly provided me with information regarding the history regarding this abandoned house and property in which I explored: William Eddie owned the property from 1785-1853 along with his wife, Elspet McDonald, from 1788-1855. They immigrated from Scotland along with their 6 children. The land the cemetery is on was once part of their homestead, and the first person buried there was William Eddie's brother-in-law, Alexander McBean (1784-1847). When William and Elspet passed away, their youngest son, James Eddie, inherited the property. James built the house around 1879. The house was eventually sold to the Simpson family (date unknown), hence, the mailbox with the surname "Simpson" found inside. Lee Simpson's widow left the homestead to her family after she passed away in 1985. Apparently, her family locked the doors and left it to rot. That being said, it's been left abandoned since and shamefully become a victim of vandals and thieves. Thanks to another viewer for this additional information: James Eddie (pronounced EE-die) was injured in an accident involving sheep shears. Blood poisoning set in and he lost a leg, so he wore a peg leg. Apparently, there are still indentations on the stairs from his peg leg. He passed away in 1892 and was buried in the cemetery there. Thank you for watching! And thanks to the family and a local resident for providing me with this information. :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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While exploring this abandoned house, I was able to discover through clues left behind that the last occupant of this house died at the age of 38 in November of 2012. According to the prescription bottle I found, he appeared to be seeing an Oncologist, so likely died of cancer. That would explain the prescription and over-the-counter pain medications found laying around. He had a daughter and a son who appeared to live in the home with him, and had a girlfriend. I'm not sure if the house was abandoned when he died or if he left the house beforehand. It seems to have been abandoned longer than 2012, but not by much according to the expiry dates on the vitamins and magazine dates left behind. My guess is that he rented this house from a farmer who had no desire to continue renting it out after his passing. Thanks for exploring with me! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED 1800s Horse Farm
Another video explored in the Spring of 2014. Join me on this exploration of an abandoned horse farm sitting on a lot of acreage which dates back to 1870 and has been abandoned for around 15 years (circa 1999). There was a barn on the property which was burnt down by vandals around 2004. I found the architecture to be quite unique. Thanks for exploring with me! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: UNTOUCHED Abandoned Farm House
**DEMOLISHED** Exploring an abandoned gorgeous farm house untouched by vandalism with some older furniture and appliances left behind. Everything else was cleaned out, so I had no clues for dates of abandonment. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Exploring an abandoned house full of skeletal remains of dead critters. Seems to be that of cats and a bird along with a bone that belongs to something else unknown. The calendar was last left hanging on March 2005. By the smell and look of things, I'd say it's been abandoned since about that time period - 8 years at time of video. Thanks for watching! :) Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned House on FLORIDA'S SPACE COAST
**Now Demolished** Exploring this house which I saw while driving along Florida's Space Coast. Encountered a man who arrived shortly after to check out the house, also. I wasn't sure of his intentions, but it was all good. He left out a broken window shortly after I approached him. A little history thanks to one of the viewers, Cathy, who used to reside here: The house was built in the early 30s. When they could no longer afford the upkeep, they sold the house in 1971 to the church next door, Temple Baptist, to use as a parsonage before the church was even built. As to why the preacher abandoned it remains unknown. Since it was demolished, I'm assuming he likely sold it to a developer. Here is the link to Cathy's video which shows past photos of this house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijrm439rtMQ Enjoy!~~ Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED BUCKLING Shuttered Shack
Exploring an old desolate abandoned shack I came across with a shed full of junk and large property soon to be swallowed up by new development. Very dilapidated with no clues left behind for date of abandonment. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Exploring another abandoned renovation project. It looks like they stripped the entire house and then ran out of funds and left it to rot. No clues left behind. Not much of anything left behind, unfortunately. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned DUTCH House (Ontario)
Exploring this abandoned house with nice furnishings left behind sitting on a nice secluded pond view property which will likely be replaced by a road according to a sign in the new subdivision beside this property for reasons of expanding, I suspect. I wasn't able to find out why there was police tape inside which remains a real mystery. The last date I was able to find was 2008 from a calendar, so it's likely been abandoned since then. Many items left behind were indicative of former Dutch occupants. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: HUNTER'S Abandoned House
Exploring another abandoned farmhouse I stumbled across while driving down the highway. The latest calendar I found was dated in 2009, so I suspect it has been abandoned since. The former owner appeared to be an avid hunter. It also appears that someone has been stripping all of the heat radiators from this old house so they can get money for the metal. They have them removed from the walls, but just laying in piles. I also noticed many dead birds on the floor upstairs. I also realize the thing I called a "shadow box" was in fact a gun rack. I was looking through a tiny view finder at the time so it's easy to misinterpret some things. Also, a farmer appears to be using the land and outbuildings (so power is still connected to the property) which is often seen here in Ontario. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: Beautifully Eerie Abandoned Estate (THE CEDARS)
**LATEST UPDATE** Sadly, this beautiful well-known local landmark burned down the night of July 7th, 2018. **UPDATE** Thanks to Bruce Lamb, who grew up in this house for fighting for the Heritage Designation which was just passed by the City of London! Now, this house is protected. Way to go, Bruce!** Bruce's website with past photos: http://www.brucelamb.com/the_cedars.asp Exploring a very large abandoned well-known house and landmark in London, Ontario. This house was built in the 1880s and was originally a men's athletic or boating club, or possibly a drinking club that you took a boat to. The previous owners of this house and property were architects who sold the house to a land developer, Drewlo Holdings, in 1978 due to a divorce. The barn was known as "The Cottage", and the house was known as "The Cedars" and was always kept in the family from the time it was purchased from the boat club. The previous occupants rented this property from Drewlo Holdings for 35 years and were evicted in the summer of 2013 for their lack of care of the house. They had ponies and bred Mastiff dogs. Thanks to Bruce Lamb who grew up in this house from 1965 to 1978 for providing me with this information. Since seeing my video, he is now trying to get it Heritage Designated to protect it from being demolished by the developer. Whether he gets the designation or not is yet to be seen. Hopefully so. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 ▶︎Hit the bell to be notified of new releases.🛎
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Urbex: Abandoned MENNONITE House
I'm assuming this house has been abandoned since 2006 according to the two calendars left behind while exploring. The calendars gave off some interesting clues. One was written in both Spanish and German combined. It was from "Riva Palacios Colony in Bolivia" Upon further research, I found that this area was made up of Old Colony Mennonite families from Mexico. Both countries, Bolivia and Mexico, would explain the Spanish language. After further research into this colony, Mennonite Central Committee Canada website states that the students in this Spanish Mennonite colony were instructed in German, so that would explain the combined German language on the calendar. Apparently, some of these Mennonites had returned back to Canada in the 1930s, which may very well be the case of the people who resided in this home. I can't be sure of this, but it seems to be the case. The other calendar was from a general store at a fair that sold Mexican food. The confusion is that there was electricity to this house at one time. But I do know that there are various degrees of Mennonites. Also, this area is known for colonies of the Mexican Mennonite. I also noticed a last name in the house of Hamm which turns out to be a Mennonite name according to the Mennonite Encyclopedia Online website. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Tiny Roadside Chapel (Not Abandoned)
A tiny chapel that I "explored" along the highway just outside of Kintore, Ontario. It is not abandoned. It appears to have been built by a retired farmer and bus driver in 1989. They just leave it open for anyone to visit. It was very refreshing to see it left as-is without any vandalism. It looks like it's going to slowly deteriorate because the owners are getting older and are lacking funds for the upkeep and repairs. It's already seeing signs of decay. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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Urbex: ABANDONED HOUSE of Stairs (Revisit)
I explored this house a couple of years ago when it was freshly abandoned and see it still is. I see it is much more vandalized now than it was back then. This is another house bought by developers. They have rezoned the entire block for a mix of commercial and residential construction. Seems to have been abandoned since 2009/2010 according to latest phone book left behind. Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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This is an abandoned house I explored while visiting Jamaica. It appears they were in the process of building it but didn't finish it. I do not have any history on it. Thanks for subscribing, liking and sharing! :) ▶︎Subscribe 💕https://bit.ly/2NOam30 🛎
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