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El Risitas - Funniest Laugh Ever!!
You don't need to understand the language...his laugh says it all. You can't not laugh at this XDXD (Hope the FineBros team uses this video for their "Try not to Laugh or Smile" challenge) ;)
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Reacting to Funny Pictures
Bash The Entertainer has finally conquered his mission, searching the internet for hysterically funny pictures that will get you laughing, although that's not it...the real challenge would be: Could you try not to laugh at HIS LAUGHS?! Follow him on Instagram: @bashtheentertainer Follow him on Twitter: @bashthefunny Follow him on Shapchat: mrkfcbucket Subscribe to him on YouTube: Bash TheEntertainer
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Channel Intro
I realised that I've just been posting videos and I never made an introduction, so I sum it all up in this here video 👍🏼😉 I also discuss a bit about myself, what I enjoy doing and what I plan to be uploading in the mere future ✨😂 If you don’t like the monotone voice, lack of expression or lifeless personality, rather not watch it 🙈😅 Music starting at 02:39 : Sad - XXXTentacion (Instrumental version) 🎵
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HJS Drumline Interschools 2018
Drumline of Paarl Boys’ High performing for their last time this year at the most beloved rugby event in Paarl: Interschools!!
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HJS Drumline Brug Street 2018
Pavilion view of Paarl Boys' High School's drumline playing before the first team game against Grey College Bloemfontein on the 5th May 2018. Video quality is much better than the previous year's video ;)
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Brug Invitational Athletics Event 2018
Welcome to the complete video of the Invitational Athletics Event taken place at Brug Street on the 26 January 2018. Eager athletes, boys and girls, participated from various schools including Paarl Boys' High, Paarl Girls' High, La Rochelle Girls' High, Rondebosch Boys' High, Wynberg Boys' High, Outeniqua High, Hoer Tegniese Skool Drostdy and South African College School. This video contains 99% of all track items (yes, I also make time for friends at events you know). I apologize for the video cutting out at 20:50 which leaves out the remaining relay events: u/16 Boys; u/17 Boys; u/19 Women; u/19 Men and Dirigente/Prefekte Relay. I'm currently working on uploading the full uninterrupted video which includes these items unable to be viewed in this video. So sorry :(
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Clockworx 3 Solo (LBP Challenge 2)
Here's another survival challenge that was one of the first to be team picked in the LBP3 community. I find it much more fun with friends trying to stay alive on the layer pad clocks without falling into the ever-increasing Gaps of Death! Created by NuclearFish. My PSN name is Faizter
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Paint Your Way! [1-4 Players] - 1 Year Later...
One year later doing one of my favourite survival challenges on Little Big Planet 3! This time, I've definitely gained more skills at the age of 15, and managed to score 12th position online high-scores (1 player)!! Created by Bootje13, one of the best survival challenge creators in the LBP community, please heart him ;)
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Surprisingly Memeful [Compilation #1]
The following compilation features all the videos posted on my Instagram meme page @surprisinglymemeful before June 2019 (https://www.instagram.com/surprisinglymemeful/) ... and I know I've been very inactive on YouTube, will make up for it ;)
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Brug Invitational Athletics Event 2017
Welcome to the ONLY recorded video of the Invitational Athletics Event taken place at Brug Street on the 27 January 2017. Many eager athletes, boys and girls, participated from various schools. This video contains the 100m, 400m, 1500m and 100/110mH events of all the age groups. However, the field lights went off in the middle of the event, preventing the athletics to complete. Oh well, hope you enjoy ;)
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HJS Drumline at Grey College Bloemfontein 2017
The ONLY full recorded video of Paarl Boys' High School's drumline playing before the first team game against Grey College in Bloemfontein on the 13th May 2017. This was recorded from Boishaai's pavilion view ;) 0:33 "GOLDSTONE!!" 0:38 "GOLDSTONE!!' 2:05 "BLESS IT AI!!"
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Think in Sync with YaadieBoy123
We recently bought The Journey Home DLC for LBP3, and I got my brother to help me complete it. In their first Multiplayer Race called Think in Sync, each of us are controlling a Toggle robot each with different buttons!! So we needed to think alike for this one. In the end, we ranked 704th!! (for 2 player hi-scores) If you are a LBP3 gamer and you have The Journey Home, why not try and beat our score?
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Won Without Breaking a Single Block
In this one game of the Tumble mini game on Minecraft PS4 Edition, I challenged myself to not destoy any blocks, and at the same time win 3 rounds of the mini game. But nevertheless... I DID IT!! Trust me, if there's even one other player that's completely motivated to make you tumble out, this challenge won't be easy!! I was supposed to get the Effortless award, but I guess I was the King of the Hill. Think you got what it takes to win without breaking a single block?
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LBP3 Versus Challenge!
This gameplay features myself and three of my very good PSN friends playing a versus level we found in the LBP community called Powers 2 created by Osvaldo_Sniper. The objective of the level is to stay in a green circle that gives you points. 300 points wins you the game. All players have super powers that they can use to prevent their opponents from getting 300 points first. It's a really fun level (recommended you play it with online friends), but could lag depending on your connection. The players featured in this gameplay are Foever_1; Peanutbutter250; Widdly481 and nambones.
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Hand Tennis 2012
Footage of my old friends and I playing Hand Tennis at the ol' Paarl boys Primary School in 2012. The players: Curtley Hasley, Johnathan Bell, Gabriel Goldstein, Luyolo Peter, Sunin Kim, Chris Prinsloo, Alex Lee, Eathan Holmes, Jordan Harris, Robert du Toit, Lyle Julies, Stuart Scott, Luc van Egdom, Thaamir Moerat, Dylan Arendse, Sihle Ngogela... and myself (the recorder). I managed to record & play at the same time viewed as a 1st-person player in some of the video! Here are all the spikes made in this footage: Chris: 1:07 ; 2:20 ; 2:32 ; 2:50 ; 4:18 ; 5:07 ; 5:46 ; 6:35 ; 7:29 // Gabriel: 1:10 // Eathan: 1:11 ; 1:15 // Lyle: 1:19 ; 1:22 // Johnathan 1:44 ; 2:12 ; 2:47 ; 3:51 ; 4:36 ; 4:49 ; 7:57 ; 9:10 // Curtley: 1:36 ; 1:47 ; 2:02 ; 3:18 ; 8:29 ; 10:10 // Faizal: 2:37 // Luyolo: 3:10 ; 3:27 ; 3:41 ; 5:19 ; 5:32 ; 8:06 // Alex: 3:23 // Luc: 3:59 ; 6:04 (Best spike of 2012) ; 7:10 // Sihle: 5:56 // To view these spikes, simply click on the times highlighted in blue. Please take a little time to like the video & subscribe for more upcoming videos. Hope you'll enjoy it ;)
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Dodgeball on the Sinfonia
The following video features dodgeball rounds played by teenagers who went on the MSC Sinfonia cruise ship from 12th Dec 2016 to 16th Dec 2016. So sorry for the bad audio quality due to the wind, but the teens sure did have a blast ;)
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Invitationals 2018 (Relay Events)
The remaining part of the previous upload that couldn't display the relay events of 2018's Invitations Athletics Meeting at Brug Street.
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Clash Royale Moments September 2018
Almost 4 times longer than my first Clash Royale compilation, this video includes more edits, more featured players & basically, more crazy battles!! 😱 If you wish to make out what I am saying in this video, turn on the Closed Captions 😉 The following clips featured in this video: 0:00 Intro 1v1 0:13 Subscribe to this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIgJeQK81stf-WTg7gQLqKw 0:23 What's new this month? 0:58 Goblin Giant Challenge 2:10 Close Call #3 with JoNnyThrox 2:30 Close Call #2 with JOKERAPOLLO 2:47 Close Call #1 with Recker 3:11 2v2 with JOKERAPOLLO #1 TryHardChampion on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCerYOdx3S3FnHqHowmtyVyA @kl_030 on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kl_030/ 6:22 2v2 with gitte_nurok @gitte_nurok on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gitte_nurok/ 9:09 2v2 with Recker #1 11:06 2v2 with Recker #2 @jodi_jefferies on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jodi_jefferies/ 11:58 2v2 with Roy_MUSTANGG RedYouTuber 64 on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC08mlu18ni25HRT-BJneQSQ 12:49 2v2 with OZZY @keegan_osborne7 on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/keegan_osborne7/ 14:34 2v2 with JOKERAPOLLO #2 17:19 2v2 with lookatthisdude #1 17:52 2v2 with lookatthisdude #2 18:13 2v2 with Zeegh Schagen #3 @zeeghschagen on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zeeghschagen/ 19:47 Final Battle supporting VIRUS KING @raees_peck on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/raees_peck/ 21:00 My Final Battle of the Month 24:00 Outro 2v2 with Aneeq Abrahams Hope you enjoy this compilation!! Comment if you want to be featured in next month's upload 😉
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Hand Tennis 2012 (Sneak Peak)
Still working on the full compilation of the footage I recorded 5 years ago!! Hope you're pumped up for this flashback 😎👌 Recorded before the legendary Hand Tennis gravel court was removed at Paarl Boys Primary.
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Clash Royale Moments August 2018
My first edited Clash Royale video WITH commentary!! If you wish to make out what I am saying in this video, turn on the Closed Captions ;) Featured in this month’s gameplay are the following: Connection Loss in 2v2 w/ @MikaCalvinVDBS My First Legendary King’s Chest 1v1 Ladder Battle of the Month Supporting @killer001 in Clan Wars 2v2 of the Month w/ @gitte_nurok Final Battle of the Month To stay updated for next month’s featured Clash Royale moments please subscribe to this channel 🙏🏽 If you want to do a friendly 1v1 or even 2v2 with me, connect with me on: Instagram: @faizal_saban Facebook: Faizal Saban WhatsApp: 084 444 6591 Twitter: @faizalsaban2000 YOU ACTUALLY SCROLLED THIS FAR 😱 You deserve a high-five 👋🏽 #ClashRoyale #Supercell #Level12
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Just Some 1.00 KD Match
Haven't uploaded a proper BO3 online match on my channel, so here's one TDM I played with 12 kills (and deaths). Yes, I'm a Noob okay?
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Old Friends & New Enemies (Battle Mini Game)
This is a special Battle video of Minecraft PlayStation®4 Edition playing the Battle mini game! The reason I say special, is that not only is it some random gameplay of me and my brother playing Battle; there are a few fantastic features that add to this upload's greatness: 1. My old PSN friend (Widdly481) from LBP3 (last seen in 2015) joins us for this battle video!! 2. Commentary is now activated!! This is my very first video where you can HEAR me and my brother (YaadieBoy123) talking in this battle video!!
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Clash Royale - First Bandit Draft Challenge!!
I present my first ever Clash Royale gameplay on my channel, and it just happened to be my first attempt in the recently ended "Bandit Draft Challenge" that allowed me to use Bandit!! Sadly, I never made 12 wins for the card, but this round was so skillfully played out that I had to show you guys how Bandit attacks in Clash Royale.
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First Battle in China
This Battle on Minecraft PS4 Mini Games was done just shortly before I uploaded it. Today we have a full house battling it out in China (from the Chinese Mythology Pack) and boy did I make a killing this time!! I think this battle probably marks my best win yet.
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Hand Tennis - Curtley spikes Luc
A 15 second Handtennis clip starring Curtley Hasley, Luc van Egdom, Robert Du Toit and Jordan Harris.
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Tumble: The New Mini Game
Ladies and gentlemen, the latest update has just been put out there a few days ago and it's making Minecraft (PlayStation®4 Edition) better!! I had no idea how to play this mini game; this gameplay is literally the first time I played Tumble...but still managed to win it (oh yeah!) The latest mini game (after Battle) is a mini game called Tumble in which up to 8 players are put onto the top of 3 floating layers. Each player fights for survival by destroying blocks underneath their opponents to make them fall into the lava, using either shovels or snowballs!! Finally they have put snowballs to some good use :D Anyways, first player to reach 3 won rounds, wins the Tumble mini game. Remember to comment your PSN, if you have this game, to try Tumble out with me ;)
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Silverback Challenge w/ Musa X YaadieBoy123
This time YaadieBoy123 and I play Dead Ops Arcade 2 with a very good friend of mine (Musa Samodien) playing as nambones!! We manage to reach the Silverback Challenge after round 12 of this mini game and we work together by YaadieBoy123 and nambones (Musa) driving over the Zombies while I am racing against the time!! See how it's done ;)
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Community Level with my Brother
Hey guys!! Here is an outstandingly made community level made by Petitlu98 called Bone-a-Fide Flight [Platformer]. My brother joins me in this one, and we try it out. Only took about 7 minutes, so it's not a hard platformer. I actually wanted to try it because EpicLBPTime did it (here's da link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqJVKQFz29E ...and my friend Gator Johnny did it after he saw us try it (da link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUlyPSxJ-Lc If you're a LBP3 gamer and you haven't tried this yet, give it a shot!!
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Collab #3 w/ Riaan Cyster (aka DarkStatic100)
Playing two Black Ops 3 online TDM games with Riaan Cyster (PSN: DarkStatic100) and TRIXJK11. You'll find that this is also my first upload featuring on-screen captions AND my latest Faizter intro!! Warning: Contains strong language in certain areas of the video and is not suitable for younger viewers.
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Dozen Room Challenge (My Latest Level)
My first level of 2017 published to the LBP3 community 9 months after the previous level "Zombie Survival" (published on 31 December 2016)! Here's to those that need to hone their LBP3 skills and to give even the veteran LBP gamers (at the most) 10 minutes of solving puzzles with various gadgets and devices LBP3 has to offer. Dare to attempt? Music: LittleBigPlanet 3 OST - How You Like Me Now (The Qemists Northern Soul Remix): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBboAMZUmio
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Galaga: My Domination
This classic arcade game is now on PS4, so I decided to play it since I'm also a huge fan of retro games...and since both my parents (especially my dad) are much better at these type of games, I had a hard time trying to take down my father's score on Galaga. Nevertheless, it was done in under 11 minutes, with myself reaching the 19th stage with almost 150000 points! Hope you enjoy the great skills I've put out on this game, and I challenge you to beat my newest high score set in this gameplay ;)
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Exo Survival Detroit with DNsnake
Playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with my good man David Snyman (aka DNsnake). I'm Faizter and he took bottom screen. This was just to see how good he is in surviving in Exo Survival, but clearly we both rang out a bit after round 8...This was still a fun 10 minutes and hope we can get together for another one ;)
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Hand Tennis - The 3 bullet spike to Sunin
A 13 second Handtennis clip starring Sunin Kim, Stuart Scott, Curtley Hasley and Chris Prinsloo.
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Hand Tennis - Robert spikes Thaamir
A 14 second Handtennis clip starring Jordan Harris, Mish-ahl Adams - Stead, Robert Du Toit and Thaamir Moerat.
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Hand Tennis - Jordan spikes Eathan
A 2 second Handtennis clip starring Luc Van Egdom, Jordan Harris, Eathan de-lance Holmes and Faizal Saban.
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Hand Tennis - Gabriel spikes Chris
A 4 second Handtennis clip starring Gabriel Goldstein, Chris Prinsloo, Stuart Scott and Curtley Hasley.
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Hand Tennis - Johnathan's big chicken
A 10 second Handtennis clip starring Johnathan Bell, Curtley Hasley, Chris Prinsloo and Luyolo Peter.
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Hand Tennis - Gabriel spikes Johnathan
A 4 second Handtennis clip starring Gabriel Goldstein, Johnathan Bell, Curtley Hasley and Chris Prinsloo.
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Hand Tennis - Luc spikes Stuart
A 11 second Handtennis clip starring Luc Van Egdom, Stuart Scott, Robert Du Toit and Jordan Harris.
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Another simple play of Hand Tennis
A 21 second Handtennis clip starring Johnathan Bell, Chris Prinsloo, Curtley Hasley and Robert Du Toit.
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Hand Tennis - Thaamir spikes Luc
A 4 second Handtennis clip starring Thaamir Moerat, Jordan Harris, Luc Van Egdom and Stuart Scott.
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Hand Tennis - Stuart spikes Curtley
A 1 second Handtennis clip starring Stuart Scott and Curtley Hasley.
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Hand Tennis - Luc spikes Jordan
A 5 second Handtennis clip starring Luc Van Egdom, Jordan Harris, Robert Du Toit and Stuart Scott.
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Hand Tennis - Jordan's spiked
A 36 second Handtennis clip starring Jordan Harris, Luc Van Egdom, Thaamir Moerat and Eathan de-lance Holmes.
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Top Player in Survivors of Endor
One round of Supremacy. 40 players. Rebels against the Empire, and a grueling 16 minutes of fighting for the most control points. Playing as a Rank 33 Stormtrooper in Survivors of Endor (my favorite map) I spend 16 MINUTES defending and holding them control points from the Rebels. What I found out though in this specific Supremacy round is that if you make the most control point kills, not only will you be featured at the end, but also if you conjured up the most MVP in the round (objective points)... and that is exactly how I made 2 of the 3 Top Player entries :D
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Hand Tennis - Thaamir spikes Luyolo
A 19 second Handtennis clip starring Luyolo Peter, Chris Prinsloo, Thaamir Moerat and Curtley Hasley.
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Biggest score in Heroes vs Villains
This gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 is to mark my biggest score made in the Heroes vs Villains mode. I was obviously marked as man of the match and took a huge bonus in this single match, ranking up twice at once!! I've already reached rank 50 as nambones (PSN name) but now I'm working my way up once again as my official account Faizter. Watch this space if you wanna witness true mastery in Star Wars Battlefront and more ;) Players featured in this gameplay are: Faizter (that's me!), AgentH18, Unimog09, freemanmbplays, El-Diablo16013, Nissedora, xchanny85x, ComicLeo, Klatkage-Meister, taffyt99, OLIVERF1 and huz4yf8h.
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Han Solo (Faizter) Makes a Huge Bounty
After the update for Star Wars Battlefront (for PS4) a few months ago I noticed they added 2 more characters to the heroes and villains roster, and you can now choose which hero/villain you want to be in most modes that has heroes. My favourite hero is Han Solo, and in this gameplay I managed to uphold my name as most kills and damage to heroes and was man of the match (by far!) This is one match I just had to save. Hope you enjoy the great graphics and gameplay ;) Featured in this gameplay: Faizter (that's me!); Igzoarn; MansurZAR; mangato12; mimmo331; King_JJ_2002; EPINTOBASTO; strikerlou; Aman_0404; nadege62223; GEORGIE_BOY_CYP; nini02 and Rshaikh1 You'll find all of these players on PSN (PlayStation Network)
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I am nambones, and part of PSN on PS4. This is my gameplay of COD: Advanced Warfare in the Combat Readiness Program. In part 1 (this video) I made an attempt to beat my high score of 24 kills. See? I am an average gamer like most of you! Hope you enjoy the fun of it ;) Call of Duty® Advanced Warfare https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/tid=CUSA00853_00
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LBP Challenge!
I've decided to try a couple of Community levels that are challenging enough for LBP professionals such as myself. My PSN name is nambones (search my levels sometime!) and this is my first challenge video playing in the level Paint Your Way [1-4 Players] by the creator BOOTJE13 - He makes some of the best survival levels, some that earned Team Picks!! Oh well, hope you enjoy seeing me try this level out and pls subscribe for more LBP Challenges that will come your way! ;)
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