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Evil Pony..lol!
My partner taking our very moody Shetland for a walk...just after this she chased him back down to the house lol.
Emergency cat shelters!
I have two young siblings, feral cats and I have to make shelters for them as they are outside. I intend to catch and neuter them and one has a home already.
Alfies swimming hole
Our rescued bull terrier doing his thing in a big hole full of water in the woods. ..you can't get him out without getting pulled in!
Aberdeen -supply boats
Aberdeen Station, had a look at the supply boats before getting the train.
The tree video
Joe pushing a tree over in our woods.
Killer Shetland and big soft Friesian
Two of our equines being mud puppies
Devil's Ring 2017
View from my family's woodland to the Devil's Ring which is a ring of trees on hill opposite.
Sawmill and Scottish translation lol
The equipment at the woods where I am building my cabin (my nephew doing most of the heavy stuff and translation of what the name of the hill means lmao!
Devil's Ring Morayshire
My family's woodland overlooking the Devil's Ring which is a Hella spooky place. This video shows the wells that belongs to the bronze age settlement we uncovered.