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MAGIC Waking Up Andreas
See more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/savannah-cat.html -- It's a WOW! Watch this and enjoy. The tallest domestic cat wakes up Andreas, the son of Martin and Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs. The cat is Magic. What a cat. A famous cat. The world's most famous cat.
F1 Savannah Action
Read and see more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/savannah-cat.html -- I call this the Savannah Shake because you can dance to it. F1 Savannahs MAGIC & TITAN strut their stuff.
77 Cat Breeds in 4 and a half minutes - phew!
See more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/pictures-of-cat-breeds.html 77 purebred cat breeds shown in a short video as a form of instructional video. This is not meant to show all the breeds. However, the CFA only register 40+ breeds so 77 is not bad! The Savannah cat is missing - sorry.
A Beautiful Relationship - Savannah Cat MAGIC and Andreas Stucki.
See more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/savannah-cat.html -- This is a short video about the world's tallest domestic cat, MAGIC (and probably the biggest - yet to be confirmed at 27-9-09) and Andreas Stucki the charming son of Martin and Kathrin Stucki. MAGIC is a F1 Savannah cat bred and raised at A1 Savannahs and now owned by Bella Gattini Cattery owned and run by Lee and Kim Draper. The music is by Kevin MacLeod called, Long Road Ahead, Celtic and Folk music. It is royalty free. Google "Kevin MacLeod music". I chose it to compliment the close relationship between cat and boy.
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World's Tallest Pet Cat - MAGIC - a female F1 Savannah Cat - probably the most awesome you will see.
See more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/savannah-cat.html -- Tallest Pet Cat - Guinness World Records - official - she was bred and raised at A1 Savannahs, the premier Savannah cat breeder in the world. She is called MAGIC, an apt name for such a stunning cat. Is this the biggest domestic cat? Update 22-9-09: Guinness Book of Records has I am told declared her the tallest domestic cat at 43.43 centimeters (17.1 inches). More to come....
Faolán Edan, the beginning of his life
The early life of a Traditional Persian Cat seen through a series of photographs by Dani Rozeboom
Serval "Dea" Giving Birth
http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/Reproduction-and-Development-of-Serval-Cats.html Watch @ 720p. Please watch to the end. You will see some interesting things, I think. Thanks...Michael
Serval cat - a tame wildcat who acted like a domestic cat
The Flicks and I visited the best known cattery, A1 Savannahs, the home of the Savannah cat. We had an intense and memorable experience. We met this wonderful Serval cat.
Magic Takes It Easy
The world's tallest domestic cat takes a walk with Leonie the five year old daughter of Martin and Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs. See domestic cat breed size: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/largest-domestic-cat-breed.html
My Three Legged Cat
See more: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/three-legged-cat.html -- This is not a glamorous wildcat hybrid. He is a rescue cat with three legs. He has done well. He is loved. And I am the one who loves him.
At A1 Savannahs, f2 Savannahs and Serval play
Plse watch to the end. The agile and athletic f2 Savannah cat.
104 Cat Breeds in Under 3 Minutes
I uploaded this because YouTube messed up the other one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq9u2DNbYoA). The captions were shortened to the point where they were unreadable and I can't fix it without spending hours on the bloody thing.
Bahraini Dilmun Cat
Read/see more: http://cat-chitchat.pictures-of-cats.org/2008/09/bahraini-dilmun-cat.html -- An exotic, naturally occurring cat in Bahrain believed by Kathrin Stucki to be a wildcat hybrid and they look like that to me too. Kathrin took the photos and video material.
On the spot ultrasound testing for HCM and PKD at a cat show in Oklahoma April 2009.
This is a wonderfully efficient service. In this video, PetSafe Diagnostics (President Jack Johnson) do on the spot ultrasound testing for two serious and well known genetic diseases that are found in all cats including, on this occasion, purebred cats. The cat being tested in a very well behaved Persian cat. Thanks to all for permitting me to film. PetSafe Diagnostics are based in Texas and have a website: http://www.petsafediagnostics.com-a.googlepages.com/index.html.
Bengal Cat and Exotic Shorthair
The Bengal cat is relatively active. Exotic SH is relatively passive. You can see that breed characteristic in this short video of them being photographed by Helmi Flick.
TITAN a male F1 Savannah Cat from A1 Savannahs goes shopping
This is the very impressive TITAN a young F1 male Savannah cat in a pet store with his human companion. It is great way to get to know people.
Some Wild Cat Vocalisations
Some vocalisations of Asiatic golden, caracal, snow leopard and puma. http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/some-wild-cat-vocalisations.html
Bengal Cat Slide Show
The Bengal Cat is probably the most popular cat in the USA in 2008
Norwegian Forest Cat Family
Norwegian Forest Cat Family photographed by Helmi Flick. In memory of my girl cat, a Norwegian Forest Cat mix that I lost 15 years ago.
Tortoiseshell Cats
http://cat-chitchat.pictures-of-cats.org/2008/12/tortoiseshell-cats.html --- A lot of fine pictures of tortoiseshell cats and some info on what makes a tortie.
See more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/wild-cat-species.html - All the wildcats (and a few subspecies) are illustrated in this video in (a) the oil paintings of Rochelle Mason and (b) the watercolors of Linda DuPuis-Rosen. These are the premier fine art artists painting the wildcats and their objective is the help protect and conserve these vulnerable and splendid wild animals.
Wild cat hybrid kittens play - it's noisy!
This is good clean play.Kittens learn to bite in play to a level that is acceptable to the other cat and that means that which is acceptable to us as well. Play is therefore part of the socialisation process, which is vital.
The World's Tallest Pet Cat - Walking MAGIC an F1 Savannah cat
The World's Tallest Pet Cat and she is from A1 Savannahs. The video material is by Kathrin Stucki. Produced by Michael @ http://www.pictures-of-cats.org
Dwarf Cats and Miniature Cats
Dwarf Cats are controversial and interesting. See them here and some miniature cats too.
TITAN Charms The Children
Read and see more: http://pictures-of-cats.org/savannah-cat.html -- Please watch to the end. Titan is perfect with children showing how extremely well socialised he is. This really is a fine cat and I am not just talking about his appearance.
Maine Coon - the American Cat
http://pictures-of-cats.org/maine-coon-cats.html -- Maine Coon - America's native cat that has shared the history of America. I wanted to have another go at a MC video and came up with something softer than the first one. I actually prefer the softer stuff, just my style. The picture of ZAK is by me. ZAK is a fine boy, purebred Maine Coon cat. I love that cat. Also see: http://maine-coon.pictures-of-cats.org/
Egyptian Mau - An Informational Video
See more: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/egyptian-mau.html.
Birman Cat
See more: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/birman-cat.html -- Informational Video with photos by the great Helmi Flick.
Abyssinian Kittens
These gorgeous Abyssinian kittens were photographed by Helmi Flick at a cat show in Oklahoma.
Siamese cat history - Thai cat
http://pictures-of-cats.org/siamese-cat-history.html -- The Thai cat is the latest incarnation of the Siamese cat in its long history. This video describes the history and development very briefly.
Norwegian Forest Cat
An informational Video - see more: http://norwegian-forest-cat.pictures-of-cats.org/
Tamed Serval Wildcat
HD video, please click on HQ. Tame Serval plays with the Flicks while visiting A1 Savannahs owned and managed by Martin and Kathrin Stucki.
Photographing a Birman Cat
The Flicks weave their magic again in getting their picture of this Birman
See more of Charlie: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/three-legged-cat.html -- Make what you want of it...
Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs Introduction to the Savannah Cat
A1 Savannahs are the premier Savannah cat breeder in the world. This short video is here to allow me to put it on the Savannah cat page of the Pictures of Cats org website.
Toyger Cat - an informational video
This is an old video with some music. Slightly odd music but I think goes well with the images. See: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/toyger.html I just fancied trying to improve it! Maybe I didn't!
The photographing of a fine Somali show cat "Chase"
Read and see more: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/somali-cat.html -- The Somali cat is a long haired Abyssinian and this cat is a fine example photographed by Ken and Helmi Flick. It looks fairly easy but it is not. There is a lot of preparation, coordination and timing involved. You can read and see more on this breed here: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/somali-cat.html
Serval and Savannah cats playing
HD Video - please click on the HQ button. This shows Serval and Savannah kittens playing at the home of Kathrin and Martin Stucki of A1 Savannahs, probably the best known cattery. The Serval is a wild cat and the Savannah an f2, two generations from the wild and a wild cat hybrid. They got on great as can be seen despite never having met until the day this was filmed.
Ragdoll Cat - An Informational Video
The Ragdoll cat is a large gentle cat and justifiably very popular.
My First Foster Cat
The title says it all
Abyssinian Cat - An Informational Video
The Abyssinian Cat is rightly one of the most popular domestic cats; an attractive and balanced cat.
An outtake. No intro. No music etc. Some people prefer it this way. This jump is higher than the other one.
The Ocicat - an informational video
The Ocicat is a hybrid of three domestic cats, the Siamese, the Abyssinian and the tabby American Shorthair to produce a domestic "Jungle Cat" with no wild blood.
Copy of Chartreux Cat with YouTube music - an informational video
I was told (correctly) that this video I made 4 years ago would be better with music. So I added some from YouTube. It is quite basic but the pictures are from Helmi and she is a great cat photographer and the cats are really classy Chartreux. The Chartreux is one of the oldest and probably the most natural of all cat breeds and one of 4 gray cat breeds. See: http://pictures-of-cats.org/chartreux-cat.html.
Siberian Tiger Picture -- an Informational Video
Siberian Tiger video covering some fundamental information about this wild cat.
British Shorthair Cat
British Shorthair cat, an informational video and a bit of entertainment.
A1 Supreme kittens, the ultimate hybrid domestic felines.
These little F2 Savannah kittens are destined to be prized top quality hybrid domestic adult cats when they grow up.
F1 Savannah at A1 Savannahs
This is a short video to go on my website to show an F1 Savannah. That is all.
A manly cat - two of the biggest cat head butts
This is Titan head-butting the woman who raised him and is shows. Head-butting like this is about reinforcing friendships.