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3. Creating a Flexible Model with SketchUp
How to use groups, components, and layers to your advantage in SketchUp 2013
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The Henry Allerton Lake House
Read more about this project here: http://blog.connorbuilding.com/Reproduction-House-featured-at-Connor-Homes/bid/20071/The-Henry-Allerton-Lake-House The house was designed and built to be timeless and beautiful. A beautiful house on the landscape, well sited and designed by borrowing from local vernacular styles, is a home that will be cared for and passed on from generation to generation. Visit www.connorbuilding.com to learn more.
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1. Welcome to Smart SketchUp
I've set off to create advanced tutorials for SketchUp 2013. Hopefully these an help you create models with speed and precision. A Wonderful Rendering Screencast by Daniel Tal: http://youtu.be/cH7sBKlyf-g Beginner Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL01iW9DAEU&list=PL38D0A996E0154E12&feature=share&index=2
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2. Getting Set Up with SketchUp
I quickly walk through the settings, toolbars, and windows I like to work with.
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9-Day Greek Revival
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4. The Big Time Saver
How to use keyboard shortcuts to improve modeling speed in SketchUp 2013. Please leave feedback!
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Sustainable Water Sources For Haiti
Go to http://friendsofhaiti.org/projects/water-purification-projects/ to find out more. If you are interested in making a gift, click the donate link and type "Water" in the special instructions field.
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