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Old German Parlor Guitar -maybe a Wettengel - playing Greensleeves
This guitar has been made in Markneukirchen, maybe by Victor Wettengel (between 1890 and 1910). I received this old instrument in very bad condition and decided for a complet restoration. Some cracks in the massive spruce tops had to be fixed. The fretboard got a complete makeover. Neck and neckplate received a new piano black shellac coating. Despite of an age of 100 years the sound is still amazing.
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Does the JLD  BridgeDoctor really work? Believe it or not!
This is an easy to make experiment that shows how the JLD BridgeDoctor device acts on an a bellied guitar soundboard.
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Test and short review of an 1969 Hofner 176 de Luxe
Imagine a time where a guitarist has nothing on stage except his tube amp and his guitar. No FX effects, no BOSS, no Line 6 Pod and no floor board with a minimum of 20 pedals like today. In those former times a guitar had to have all "on board" a player needed. One of those sound dinosaurs was the Hofner 176 de Luxe, a very solid, playable and versatile guitar. It has a lot of switches, control knobs, a tremolo - much better than any Strat - and even a string muting device. Compared to a Strat the wiring diagram for the 176 seems to be a nightmare....but... it works!!
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Autoharp    Chromaharp  Bavarian Folk
This is a nice 15 chords autoharp made by RFI (Japan?). The trademark is "Chromaharp". Think it had been manufactured in the 1970ies or 1980ies. It has a nice sound and after some cleaning and tuning work I tried some bars of simple bavarian folk music. The autoharp has been often used by June Carter.
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1984  DEFIL  Malwa  Made in Poland Review Test
Some guys say about Defil guitars they are scrap but after I had one under my fingers I don´t think so. The truth is: the components and also the craftmenship are very different in quality. On the one hand ther is a rocksteady multilaminated neck with ajustable trussrod and a nice Rosewood fretboard but on the other hand it has poor fretwork and a very thick uncomfortable neck profile. On the one hand there are scratchless pots but on the other hand very microphonic pickups protected only by thin plastic caps. But the tuners are well made with fine pitch, there is also an adjastable steel roller bridge and a chomed stringholder. The edges and teardrop soundholes have creme bindings. The body front and back is made in archtop design and has nice nitro laquer. Unfortunetely the knobs are looking a little sleasy. But after some adjustments had been done it plays really nice.
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Höfner 450 archtop - George Harrison While my guitar gently weeps
This old Höfner archtop from 1963 has been completely restored in ruby red finish. Sounds still nice.
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Framus Classical Guitar While My Guitar Gently Weeps  (Cover)
This 1976 Framus Guitar needed some hours to bring it back to live and sound.I don´t know the model or type cause this part of the label is unreadable, perhaps an Aida. The guitar is completely massive and sounds very nice.
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Ural 650 Stratocaster Type Guitar  - Russian Guitar Beauty
This guitar beauty from Soviet Union has been made in Swerdlovsk about 1975. Don´t worry while googling, there has been also some kind of motorbike with the same name. Some so called "experts" say that soviet guitars are scrap, but this is not always true. The Ural has been carefully manufactured, is rocksteady and very heavy. Perhaps the guitar is made from siberian oak. Hence the neck needs no trussrod. The three single coils are well made copies and the controls enable a wide range of sounds, also a nice clear fenderlike tone or more like a humbucker when using the lower filtering push buttons. The upper push buttons enable to choose any possible pickup combination. Painting has been made very carefully and in good quality.
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Eko Modello 100 1960ies Vintage Guitar Review
The EKO Modell 100 was perhaps the longest and best selling model made by EKO in Recanati/Italy. Because of low price it rivals with many German archtop guitars. This one survived those wild early years in the 1960ies and is still in nice and very playable condition.
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Telstar -  The Tornados - The Ventures - The Shadows  - Hopf Telstar Solidbody
Once a great hit by The Tornados "Telstar" had been covered by many bands. Among them - of course- The Ventures and The Shadows. But why not play the solo part with a guitar named also "Telstar". Famous german luthier Dieter Hopf createt in the 1960ies several remarkable guitars, like the famous Saturn. The Telstar standard looks like to be cloned from the Fender Jaguar and Stratocaster body shape. Nevertheless it offers a good quality and durability of all components till this day. Cover with Hughes&Kettner Zenamp in clean mode (some reverb and delay).
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hopf vintage acoustic guitar model
I bought this perhaps 50 years old Hopf vintage guitar for nearly nothing and tried to restore it as good as possible.
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A selfbuilt string tension meter for guitar strings - Saitenzugmessgerät
Many old guitars from the 1950ies or later, especially archtops or thinlines, suffer under various damages caused by hard string tension over the decades. Mostly those old ladies had been stored in humid enivironments. Even when being restored the danger is persisting. Some day I wondered how strong string tension is really. So I decided to build a simple tension meter. Honestly, - I was surprised that a single 0,56" lower E-String stretched to standard E has the same tension than a 11 kg weight hanging vertically on it. Tuning down one half tone reduces over all string tension by more than 10kgs. It´s easy to obtain standard E tuning by using a capo on first fret or on second fret if the guitar has been tuned down two half tones to D.
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Fingerpicking Intro Running  on faith (Clapton cover) Santander Stratocaster
Some Santander Stratocasterguitars rival the original in many ways. This used one costs less than 30€ and has a one piece Neck and a body made from massive wood, no cheap plywood. Equipped with GHS (58-11) boomer strings and after some adjustments of neck, bridge and nut it has a clear, transparent sound. (AMP: VOX AD120 VT)
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Chinese Zhongruan Mondgitarre Moon Guitar Ruan
Bought this authentic zhongruan and I´m trying to learn it to play. The Zhongruan is similar (but not equal) to the Yueqin which is an important instrument in Peking Opera.
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Perfidia from The Shadows (cover) Burns Marvin
I play this old song from the 1960ies with a self built Burns Hank Marvin replica and Vox AD120VT. Based on a Fender/Squier Stratocaster it took about 100 hours of working in order to match the original as good as possible. The headstock had been carved from two pieces of oakwood. It took a lot of work to shape the pickguards and the various stainless steel parts. I also paid attention to the "long horn" and the differing body shape. I didn´t change the tremolo yet.
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Vintage Framus Sorella Jazz Guitar
This old Framus Sorella "Made in the Heart of Bavaria" is in nearly new condition. Manufactured in 1964 it is a relict of the "era of archtop guitars" .
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Old German Guitarzither
This is an old five chord guitarzither made by Hopf/Klingental. The song is a well known Christmas song called "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen" (Sweeter the bells never sound). http://german.about.com/library/blmus_suesserglocken.htm
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Acoustic Guitar Intro "Love will keep us alive" (Eagles)
You can play this nice intro with your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string and start with open A bass. That´s nearly all. Add your thumb to Fis when changing the bass to the 6th string and finish with bass on open d string. Guitar: Nash electroacoustic Amp: Laney A1
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Angie (played with Framus 5/1 vintage)
This 1972 model of a Framus 5/1 is in nearly new condition. Massive spruce top and massive mahagony neck and headstock and a very nice vintage sound.
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The Moody Blues - Question  (Cover) with 12string Framus Luxor Jumbo
This is a really outstanding part for rhythm guitar. With normal tuning it is nearly impossible to obtain the original sound. The special tuning is C G C G C E. The vintage 12string Jumbo has been manufactured by Framus/Bavaria. Distributed as "Luxor" it was a cheaper model than the standard Framus version but nevertheless the guitar has a wonderful clear sound despite its age (approx. 50 years) . The cover is a short version.
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Teisco 2T SB Hertiecaster Soundcheck Demo
It was in the 1970ies when a lot of cheap guitars came from Japan to Europe. Mostly made by Teisco these guitars conquered the malls and were distrubuted also by mail order companies. In Germany they where soon called Hertiecasters referring to the very successfull mall company "Hertie" which sold thousands and due to the fact, that the guitars try to look a little bit similar to Stratocasters. With the exception of the bad laquer on the sides this guitar was nearly in perfect condition. I replaced the missing vibrato arm by a simple fork from which the fork teeth had been removed. For this soundcheck I plugged the guitar to a Roland Cube 40XL in clean mode. See also my test of the 4TB Teisco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNr1XNrITg8
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Vintage old german Klira Lore 865 archtop guitar
This very nice Klira archtop is from the 50´s and is in really good condition.
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Rodebald Hoyer Jazzstar  Jazz Guitar Jazzgitarre Archtop
This nice Jazzstar has been manufactured by Rodebald Hoyer, Kochel, Germany in 1962. It´s a full massive guitar with massive spruce top, massive rip and massive flamed maple back. For a little bit electric support I added a removable Schaller Pickup near the neck and played this demo using a Roland Cube 40 XL
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Hopf Allround Thinline Hollowbody Review The Thrill goes on  Layla
This is a review of a Hopf Allround Thinline Hollowbody guitar. Made in the mid or late 1960ies it is in perfect condition and shape, a really eyecatcher too. It resembles - and rivals- the Gibson ES-175 with florentine cutaway and the Guild slim Jim / Starfire . Altough the many sound adjustments are a little bit tricky and beyond from nowadays standards this red beauty has its name rightly: Allround. The sound is very versatile. Rock, Blues, Country or even Jazz can be reproduced without using any additional electronic effects. AMP: Roland Cube 80X in clean position with no amp modelling, only some few reverb.
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Jolana  Proxima I Test with some Scorpions Licks
The Proxima I once was the flagship of Jolanas Guitars in the mid 1980ies. Shortly after the last Proximas had left the factory in 1989 the company quit. This Mustang style guitar is well built with massive body and one piece neck. Tried some Scorpions stuff with it. Hope you enjoy!
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Chariots of Fire played with persian santur
I got this nice instrument with severe damages. The top broke loose and the rib too. After fixing all parts I glued them together and finally tuned the 72 strings. The diatonic d-tuning gave me the idea for playing my first song with this instrument. So a very old historic instrument meets modern music. Enjoy it - sorry for some mistakes - i am still learning how to play it.
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C.Giant  guitar improvisation
C.Giant Martin style dreadnought guitar. This cheap Guitar made in China has a remarkable sound and quality. I bought it for only 20€. Amp: Laney A1
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A  cheap "selfmade" timple from a 1/4 China Guitar
The timple is the traditional instrument of the canary islands. There are only a few luthiers left who make these nice instruments. A handmade timple from massive woods is not a cheap thing. But in less than an hour you can make some few modifications to an 1/4 guitar. The timple has normally 5 strings (some from Tenerife only 4). Divide saddle and bridge new in equal spacings for five strings. Take a g-string as 5th string and a d-string as 4th string an leave the other strings as they are. Tune the strings to c-a-cis-fis-b. To obtain the original tuning ( g-c-e-a-d) use a capo on 3rd fret. That´s it
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Framus J-370 Standard 6 test  The Kinks   You Really Got Me Cover
This is a 1973 Framus J-370. Body is massive Mahogany, multilaminated rocksteady neck. A very versatile guitar with perfect playability. This old lady has a Fender like twang and also very blues like sound without any further effects. Amp: Roland Cube 80X (clean with a little reverb)
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Guitarzither  German Akkordzither Ihr Kinderlein kommet
Guitarzither (Menzenhauer type) 5/21 which means 5 chords and 21 strings. The age of this instrument is still unknown, could be between 60 and 100 years. The song is an old german christmas song (Ihr Kinderlein kommet). The instrument has rich ornaments in art noveau style (Jugendstil).
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hotel california (guitar cover with doubleneck guitar)
This is a cheap Pasadena doubleneck guitar made in China Amp: Laney A1
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Ostertag Classical Guitar Nr. 14
This rare guitar made by german luthier Ostertag near Mittenwald in 1991 has a remarkable sound in spite of non massive top. Nice details are the Mahagony neck made from two perfect matching pieces glued together by a multilaminated maple piece. The rib is perhaps laminated cherry. The guitar has a built in piezoceramic pickup
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Bakers Jazz Guitar (Gretsch Copy)
Nice jazz theme played with a Bakers Guitar Made in China. Amp: VOX VT30 (AC30HH Mode)
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Review Hoyer HG 652 S - Roland 80X - Hughes&Kettner ZenAmp
Like the founders of Hofner and Framus the Hoyer family escaped after WW II from Schönbach/Bohemia to Tennenlohe near Nuremberg/Bavaria. Hoyer always made high quality instruments for ambicious musicians and never instruments for a mass market. No wonder that Hoyer Guitars are very rare in the present. This HG 652 S came from 1976. After a careful restoration the guitar is still in near perfect shape. It is said that a Hoyer rivals a Les Paul easily as you may read here: http://www.guitarmaniacs.de/cgi-bin/gallery.pl?action=gallery& id=1307 After "A long and winding road" Hoyer guitars are still present today.
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Hofner Höfner 449 Archtop Test Tutorial Always Suffering (R.Stones)
I decided for a tuning in Open G for this 1955 Hofner 449 model (similar to Congress). It sounds nice for this Rolling Stones song from "Bridges to Babylon". For original key put a capo on 2nd fret and be shure to mute always 6th string (lower G). Sorry for some distortion due to micro overload.
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Hüttl Opus 61 Lindberg Bella Nova - Clapton Nobody knows you
This is an old Hüttl archtop guitar from around 1963. This model resembles the Opus 61 and the Bella Nova series once sold by Lindberg in some details as well. The guitar had been equipped with a Framus pickup plate once produced by Schaller. Some amp support is given by a Roland Cube 80XL. The tune follows a blues progression like in Clapton´s Nobody knows you. (Guitar tuned down to Eb).
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Höfner Hofner 176 super de  luxe 1968 with muting bridge - Every breath you take
This old 1968 Hofner 176 super de luxe still sounds quite nice. The guitar had been equipped with a muting bridge. This device works well for songs like "Every Breath You Take" from "The Police". A capo has been used on 2nd. fret to obtain comfortable playing. I recommend tune 10% below standard tuning, because the capo and the muting bridge cause a slightly higher tone.
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EKO Ranger 12  Nights in white satin guitar cover
Some chords of "Nights in white satin" (Moody Blues) played with vintage EKO Ranger 12 from the 70s. An old mighty lady with mighty sound still in perfect condition. The Schaller pickup is not standard but fits well.
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Framus Riviera 1966 Review  Love of My Life Queen Long cool woman
The Framus Riviera is a very nice thinline archtop guitar made 1966 in "The Heart of Bavaria" which means Bubenreuth. The pickup plate came from Schaller and has - after more than 50 years- a still outstanding sound and quality. The low profile c-shaped slim neck offers perfect playability. The tuners in open design - three by each side - are made from brass and steel and have a remarkable precision. Due to the adjustable jazz bridge and the screwed on neck a low action is easy to obtain.
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Hopf Explorer Standard - Sweet Home Alabama - Spirit in the Sky - Smoke on the Water
The Hopf Explorer ist one of the rarest guitars from this old german luthier. It came from the 1960ies and is a very bizarre and psychadelic looking gitar. Top and back have a multi-brilliant coating. The hollow body had been cut out from a massive piece of wood and is still very heavy. A futuristic detail for the 1960ies was a build in fuzz/distortion.
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Defil Luna 22 Bass Test Review
This bass came from the mid/end eighties and had been once made in Poland. The construction is simple but very solid. The sound can be controlled a little bit by four pots. The amp is a Behringer BXL 1800 A.
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Playing "Wild Horses" with 1961 Jolana Marina
East meets west in this short rhythm guitar part of the famous Rolling Stones song "White Horses". The Jolana Marina -once made in Czechoslowakia- has endured the decades of the Cold War. She is one of those crazy guitars with a unique and somehow unusual (some say crude) design and loony construction features like the typewriter push buttons.
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Here comes the sun (cover) - EKO Navajo 12string
This is a nice old EKO Navajo 12string guitar made in Italy 1973. It is in nearly new condition. See more about EKO guitars at "fetishguitars".
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Ural 510 A  - Russian Bass Guitar from 1975 - Keep on running
This is a really nice piece of wood that turned into a bass guitar. But it is not a crude guitar, as some "experts" say. I find it well made and easily playable. Only few tuning had been done after purchasing. Sounds nice and powerful and is - of course - an eyecatcher.
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Clarity Ovation Style Guitar improvisation
Clarity ovation style guitar. This cheap guitar made in China has a remarkable sound and quality. Amp: Laney A1
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Walk don´t run  Cover  Ventures
An old 1960 song from The Ventures and also later played by The Shadows. Im playing it with a modified Fender Squier Strat and VOX AD 120 VT
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Eric Clapton Holy Mother  Intro Cover Tutorial
This is my trial of this minimalistic but fine intro to Clapton´s "Holy Mother". Think it´s quite close to the original. Capo is 2nd fret and it´s G Maj (together A). It´is very important to press always the D on B-string (3rd fret)to obtain the authentic sound (often forgotten in other covers) Amp is Hughes&Kettner ZenAmp (set Tweed 4x10, mono chorus ,tape multi reverb)
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12string songs with  1980s Hofner 490   Stairways to Heaven Hotel California Dust in the Wind
This wonderful Hofner 490 12string form the early 1980s had it´s bridge torn apart but was succesfully restored. See here: http://hofnerhounds.myfineforum.org/about1412.html It´s an easy playable dreadnought with very low action, slim neck profile and a full warm sound with long sustain. Tried some typical 12strings songs like Hotel California, Stairways to Heaven, Turn, Turn, Turn,
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The Shadows Theme for young lovers Cover Tutorial  VOX VT30.mp4
Modified Squier Strat with VOX VT30 amp.
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beck´s bolero (guitar cover)
Played with Santander China Strat and Roland Cube 40
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