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DIY mini pond
I build my own little pond for my terrace. It is a simple build, you only need a mixing tub and wooden panels. For decoration I used white stones and water plants. To keep the water clean I installed a solar pump. Check it out! http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to remove the AK 47 foregrip
pretty easy http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Top 10 RC Toys
Here are the coolest and sickest RC vehicles in a Top 10 compilation. Enjoy this best of and comment on your favorite one! http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Steyr SSG 08 .308 sniper rifle
awesome sniper rifle, available in caliber .308, .300 and .338 lapua magnum http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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DIY fluid bed gold sluice
gonna hunt for gold http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Pezzetti Espresso 6-cup Coffee Maker black
traditional Coffee Maker from Pezzetti http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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CASIO Camouflage A168WEGC-3EF
green camouflage http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Intex Easy Pool Set
This is the 10ft x 30in / 305 x 76 cm Intex Easy Set Pool. It is quite easy to set-up. Spread the pool out on firm, level ground. Then inflate the top ring and fill it with water. The pool goes up by itself! Enjoy! http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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DIY coffee roasting
slightly modified Severin 3751 popcorn maker http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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225 sq ft microapartment for 2
living room, bed, kitchen, bathroom, balcony on only 225 sq ft/ 21sqm http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Fishes of the Maldives
There is plenty of sea life left at the Maldives. It's difficult to know the name of all the species. Therefore I made this video, I hope it helps you. What's your favorite fish? http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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3W Hang on Aquarium Filter
This is a cheap China made hang on filter. It needs only 3W to filter 250l/h. So it's well suited for nano tanks. It's easy to install and doesn't occupy any space within the tank. I use it for my 1 gallon aquascape tank. If you want to buy it, you can get it here for less than 7$ http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/coYo7M9S http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Hästens Marquis bed - unboxing
my new bed! http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.co.at/2012/06/hastens-marquis-scandinavian-frame-bed.html http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Dremel SC406 Speed Clic Starter Set
imho best Dremel option to cut carbon fibre http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to make Nitro coffee
you don't need a keg to make Nitro cold brew coffee! http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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How to open a SIM tray without ejector tool
Have you lost your ejector pin? Don't worry, I will show you 13 alternative ways to open the SIM tray of your mobile device. All methods will work for any brands' device featuring pinholes to open the SIM card /Micro SD port. http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Xiaomi Redmi 6a - How to insert SIM and  microSD card
What a great budget phone by Xiaomi! It features a dual SIM function: You can use simultaneously 2 nano SIM cards. Alternatively, you can use 1 nano SIM and 1 micro SD card up to 256GB. However, 2 nano SIM and 1 micro SD card are not supported. You can get the smartphone here: https://goo.gl/tsvBvg http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to use the Lomo Konstruktor
35mm film DIY SLR camera http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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How to insert SIM and microSD card - Xiaomi Redmi Go
Redmi Go is a great budget smartphone by Xiaomi under the Redmi brand. It features dual SIM and offers additional storage for a micro SD card. There are 2 trays, the first for nano SIM 1 and the second for nano SIM 2 and a micro SD card. http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to use Hell's Smoke
Actually, I didn't know how to use the Hell's smoke papers. First, I tried to rub the paper between my fingers. However, this does not work. You have to burn down the paper on metal. Then rub your fingers in the liquid left from the burnt paper. Finally, you can create smoke by rubbing your fingers! You can buy it here https://goo.gl/NSNXCi http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Church's London Oxford brogues
part of Church's city line, brown formal lace ups http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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RC crawler axle build
Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Part 1 of my RC rock crawler build. Front and rear axle are based on the discontinued Axial XR10 kit. Tuning parts from Vanquish Products and RC4WD are used. Motors are Holmes Hobbies Torquemaster Expert 540 http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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DJI Mavic Air Quickshots
You can easily make awesome videos with your Mavic Air by using the QuickShot mode. There are 6 different QuickShots: Dronie, Circle, Helix, Rocket, Boomerang and Asteroid. All of them are shown in this video. If you want to get yourself the Mavic Air too check https://goo.gl/xH5rLs http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Intex Pool Skimmer
The Index pool skimmer catches leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool. The skimmer easily mounts to Easy Set or metal frame pool sidewalls with an adjustable bracket and attaches to the filter pump for automatic skimming. The polypropylene plastic is not affected by pool chemicals and the strainer basket pulls out for easy cleaning. http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Felt IA 14 build
finally i get to ride it http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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SKMEI 1040 Sport Watch
gshock styled made in china sport watch http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Jelly Bean Machine - unboxing
sweeeeeeet http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.co.at/2012/07/jelly-belly-bean-machine-with-assorted.html http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Casio G-Shock GA-120A-7AER unboxing
a very flashy Gshock http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.co.at/2011/09/casio-g-shock-ga-120a-7aer-analog.html http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to make a smartphone FPV monitor
you need a USB video adapter and an OTG USB adapter http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Dr. Mad Thrust 70mm 11-Blade Alloy EDF
3900kv Motor - 1300watt (4S) http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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1:28 RC battle tank
Can you name the name of the original tank? Not sure which model I got... Thanks! http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Steyr SSG 69 .308 sniper rifle
available in caliber .308 and .243 http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Cafelat Robot Test
This was my first espresso shot on my Robot! I used the same grind as for my flairespresso. In order to preheat the basket I put boiling water into the coffee filled portafilter and then removed it. Tastewise I would say it was fruitier than the results I got from the flairpresso which had more edge. However take this with a grain of salt, there is still a lot more dialing in to do. http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to shorten a Rolex strap
save time and money and remove the link on your own http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Dry start method Aquascape
Dry Start Method (DSM) is the process of growing plants out of the water until the aquarium is ready for the plant. Thereby, you can avoid major problems like algae growth, floating plants or water quality issues. http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Casio G-Shock GLX150-1 watch unboxing
I think I m gonna stick to my old gshock http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Glass Lily Pipe Set for Nano Aquarium
This glass lily pipe set for my nano aquarium is the final piece is was looking for. I think it looks great in my ADA mini M tank. Also my better splendors seems to like it :-) http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Bestway Water Slide
This H2O go slider is great fun! unroll it, plug a hose into it and you are ready to go! Jump on it and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiddeeeeeeeee!Have fun! http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Micro drone changes light bulb
This is a really hard task. It s not difficult to screw in the bulb... The hardest part is to get the bulb into the socket! The quadcopter used for this video is a tiny 105 Lantian with 4 brushed 8520 motors. http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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How to install the Intex filter pump
The Intex filter pump is very easy to install. Everything is included. Before filling the pool with water, first insert the water outlet and inlet Then hook up the hoses. There is a simple rule: the upper connection points of the pool an the pump are for water suction, both lower connections are pumping the water back into the pool. Btw, the pump used in the video is the Eco 1250 filter pump. http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Top 10 Toys for 1$
All toys shown in this video are available for less than 2$. Which one is your favorite? Enjoy! http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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gimbal motor speed controller
I m planing to build a single wheel drive rc car, 1 esc per axle http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Ikea ALBERT Shelving unit build
52 screws!!! http://on.fb.me./unboxingexperience
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Casio Men's GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch unboxing
according to the manufacturer this G-SHOCK was engineered for those special secret missions that demand precision and stealth; lol http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series, Folding Sheath Knife 31-000752 - unboxing
better than the compact scout http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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LEGO Hazmat guy - unboxing
released just a few days after the catastrophy in Fukushima http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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WPL C24 RTR 1/16 truck
Great little 1/16 RC truck inspired by the Toyota Hilux pickup. It is available in a kit and ready to ride version (RTR). I went for the RTR as you can immediately start having fun with this RC car after unboxing.You can get it here with worldwide shipping https://goo.gl/yucDhX http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to swap housing doors on GoPro Hero 3
Skeleton door provides better sound quality. however it is not waterproof http://unboxingexperience.blogspot.com/ http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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Gardena Garden Secateurs
Powerful anvil cutting principle: The garden shears have optimal power transmission, allowing them to handle even older woody twigs and branches of up to 23 mm in diameter. Single-hand safety lock: The garden shears can be locked simply with one hand, allowing safe storage after use. http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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How to charge the DJI Mavic Air
The intelligent flight battery of the DJI Mavic Air is in Hibernation mode before shipment to ensure safety. Also, the battery of the remote controller needs to be charged before using it for the first time. Here is a tutorial on how to charge both batteries with the provided AC power adapter. If you want to get yourself the Mavic Air too check https://goo.gl/xH5rLs http://on.fb.me/unboxingexperience
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