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Very Funny Old spanish man laughing hard flv
Very Funny Old spanish man laughing hard
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In the beginning.. benninging South African president Jacob Zuma funny moment
The word is jammed and twisted in his toung
Raw material - I have taken poison - Slobodan Praljak kills himself in the Hague
Croatian warlord, war criminal, manage to smuggle poison into court. Former general who killed himself at The Hague 'easily' got the liquid past security who only confiscate metal objects
Swamped by the sea
People turn their back to unpredictable sea, by the time they find out it's too late.
German coach Joachim Low sniffs his private body parts
Disgusting behaviour on the pitch
Old days of making food in Palestine
Making different kinds of food in Palestine.
Men, Never leave your phone away from you!
Women, please know your man's voice! ...and stop spending ... lol
On no! This hurts to watch! ... a lot!
Poor woman excited to do pole dancing .. but end up in limbo
The best goal keeper ever
What a commitment form this young relented goaly
Coffee in the morning in the front garden is heaven
In Palestine it is important to have a nice garden where morning coffee can be enjoyed.
Old days when we were more social and humble
The more technologically we advance the more apart we end up
Making grapes jam read description
Put grapes in a sauce pan and barrly cover them in water. Boil the for 1-2 hours then add the desired amount of sugar. Let it boil until the consistency it similar to jam. Don't forget, when they cool will become less runny, so account for that.