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Molly to the Rescue
Nicky goes to the wood by herself. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Mollys Mudness (Teaser)
Mollys Madness 16.25mins https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ Nicky is desperate to investigate the deep swamp she found in "Wellies in a Swamp" It was far too deep for her wellies so she goes back with Molly and their waders. The girls giggle and shriek a lot as they get completely stuck, fall in and need helping out. Molly who is covered in mud jumps in the lake.
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Mollys Super Power
Just for a laugh https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Muddy Mischief
Visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ 19.28mins After Nicky has an accident she unable to play in the mud so her friend offers get stuck in for her to cheer her up. She swops and changes into four pairs of Nickys favourite boots getting them all very muddy. She gets very deep and stuck even having to leave a pair of waders behind with mud up to the very tops.
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Hunter, Riding Boot and Waders in an Estaury 19.35mins
You can buy the full version of this video at https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ On arrival Nicky is wearing Hunters and Molly is wearing her rubber riding boots. When Molly gets stuck to deep Nicky rescues her by bring her waders. Nicky put on her waders but keeps getting stuck. Both girls use all their energy staying upright, freeing themselves and rescuing each other. You can buy the full version of this video at https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Nicky in Deep and Mud
Nicky in Deep Sticky MudNicky is better and can't wait to get back in her wellies. She finds an excellent area of sticky mud which is so deep it reaches the tops of her boots. She has a massive grin on her face while she slowly moves around getting stuck. She then washes the mud off in a stream but its so thick she struggles to clean them. Visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Pigsty (Teaser)
11.06mins, 720MB, MP4, Nicky jumps into the pigsty with five feisty pigs, they chase her round and try and eat her wellies. she gets her boots muddy, crushes some apples and then washes off her boots. download the full version from our website or using this link https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Nicky and Molly Go Deep
Nicky & Molly Go Deep 14.48mins/HD, Another classic wader video from Nicky and Molly. Deep mud, lovely rubber waders, rubber gloves and full seat suede jodhpurs. The girls go deep, get stuck and help each other. to buy this video visit www.nickyswellies.co.uk or click this link https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Flooding Wellies with Tights
Nicky and Emily are about to go to the pub, they are dressed in pretty dresses and tights. Before they go they fancy a dip in the stream. download from https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Three Girls, Wellies and Waders
Nicky and new girls Fiona and Rachael are in the mud supposed to be posing for pictures for a calendar (Coming Soon!) but they find the mud far to much fun to concentrate on their photographer. Fiona and Rachael enjoy losing their wading virginity. buy full video visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Calendar Shoot (Free Video)
For more videos please visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Stuck and Flooding
visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Hunters and Wet Look Leggings
Hunters and Wet Look Leggings 8.28mins/ HD/ £10 Nicky has a brand new pair of hunters which she can't wait to get flithy. She gets the mud to the very tops of the boots. To buy the full version of this amazing video, visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Dirty Wader Weekend (teaser)
On a weekend in Norfolk the girls find a wonderful spot of mud which they explore in their waders.
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Norfolk Muddy Fun (teaser)
Visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ for more details
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Dirty Girls
12.05mins/ 613MB/ MP4. . Nicky and Emily, Dressed in wet look leggings visit an Estuary. Nicky and Emily, Dressed in wet look leggings visit an Estuary. The mud is too deep and thick for the hunters so the girls get completely stuck and have to rescue each other and switch to their waders. This video can you instantly downloaded for only by clicking this link https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Knee Deep (teaser)
Nicky finds an nice patch of mud but quickly realises shes into deep. As shes struggles to get out she gets deeper until her Hunters are completly flooded and the mud is over her knees. When she manages to get out she wants to empty the mud from her hunters but finds they are stuck on and she has terrible difficulty removing them. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ for more information
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Suitable Footwear
15.08mins Visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ Nicky has been sent a pair of heeled over the knee boots to trash and a catsuit to wear while doing so. She scratches them in a prickly brush and then gets them very very muddy in deep sticky mud! Climbing up and down mud mounds on her knees.
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Two Girls Swap Hunters for Waders (Teaser)
For Full version visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ Nicky and Molly both have new hunters which they want to get as muddy as possible. When the mud gets too deep they test out a pair of new waders which they both find very exciting. They get their boots so muddy they need to wash them off
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Nicky's In (Teaser)
Nicky introduces Emily it her first pair of waders. Emily is a wader virgin and Nicky plans on showing her the ropes. But instead Nicky ends up getting stuck and needing Emily to help her out of sticky situations. Although when Nicky ends up falling in Emily can’t help for laughing. To download the full 13.49minute video for only £15 visit www.nickyswellies.co.uk or please click this link https://my.digitalgoodsstore.com/product/wycxp it will take you to paypal and them you will be emailed instructions for the instant download
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Hunters and Riding Boots- Special Offer (Teaser)
Molly is playing in the mud while Nicky waits to help her free herself and rescue lost boots, https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Perfect Consistency
Nicky makes the mud in to a perfect consistency. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Stuck in Waders
visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Flooding Wellies with Shiny Stockings (Teaser)
Full version can be bought from the website https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Wet Dogs
Nicky is training the dogs to retrieve dummies from the lake. She gets in wearing a pair of hunter waders and goes in really deep. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Nicky's a Farm Girl (Teaser)
Nicky gets invited to help on a farm. She has to bed down some calves whos bed is very dirty. She then meets the pigs who seem very interested in her boots and bully Nicky. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Left to Decompose
Nicky has a brand new pair of limited edition Hunters, the girls are very excited to give them a good christening. In the absence of good mud they turn to the muck heap. Emily buries Nicky thigh deep, she is completely stuck with filled boots when Emily leaves her to decompose with the rest of the heap to instantly download the full 15.34min version use this link https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Wellies in a Swamp (Teaser) Special Offer!!!!
It's a really hot day when Nicky finds a great swamp to play in. The mud is nearly at the top of her boots as she stuggles through the sloppy mud. The sound of the swomp bubbling and squelching as she moves around. Full 14.24min version at https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Molly Goes Barefoot (Teaser)
For full version visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ When Nicky gets stuck she needs rescuing but Molly doesn't have her wellies. She walks in barefoot sinking shin deep and manges to free Nicky. both girls go into the lake to get clean and Nicky floods her wellies.
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Horses and Hunters
Nicky brings in her favorite horse from the field and gets him tacked up. She rides him in her Violet Hunters. To buy the full version visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Heavy Boots (Teaser)
On a damp Autumn afternoon Nicky is out walking her dog when she spots a nice patch of mud at the bottom of ploughed field. She walks along the field and the mud gets stuck collecting on the Hunters untill they are really heavy. to buy this video please visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Have a Very Welly Christmas and a Muddy New Year
A present from Nicky and Molly to all their fans xxx https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Squelching Spring (Teaser)
After searching the woods Nicky finds a little spring where the mud is really squelchy. The noises that are made as the hunters get stuck are fantastic. Turn up the volume and enjoy. For more of this video visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Spring Sink
11.12mins/ HD, £10 It's a lovely Spring day and Nicky is in the mud. She is wearing her hunters and a Spring outfit. The mud in deep and sticky. She keeps getting stuck and her socks keep falling down. At one point she even stands on the edge of the mud with only one boots on and her sock, pulling the other boot out by hand. To buy the full version of this video visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Flood Prevention (teaser)
After heavy rain, water flows into Nickys riding arena, damaging it. She had to chang the flow of the water by digging a new passage. to buy the full version of this video please click this link https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Wellies in Concrete
visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Over the Knee Boots & Wet Look Leggings
For the full version visit www.nickyswellies.co.uk Nicky is wearing sexy over the knee boots and wet look leggings when she gets flithy in the mud. She jumps in and splashes around having really good fun. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Muddy Fields (Teaser)
Nickys fields start drying up, the mud is very sticky. visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ for more details
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Mud Virgin Goes Too Deep
Nicky and one of her friends who is a mud and wader virgin find some very deep mud. Nicky is in deep when her friend walked in three steps and gets stuck then sinks so deep one of the waders was under the surface. She gets flithy. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
Views: 67630 Nickyswellies
Get Digging (teaser)
Get Digging 18.59mins Nicky is playing in a pile of sticky mud. She gets completely stuck and has to dig herself out. She manages to release one leg but the other is still stuck and she is unable to free it. She changes into a different pair of boots and digs the lost wellie out. visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
Views: 49185 Nickyswellies
Denvers Swamp (teaser)
visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
Views: 14098 Nickyswellies
Poo Picking in Deep Mud
see https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
Views: 23377 Nickyswellies
Waders in a River (Teaser)
Nicky and Molly go to a estuary only to find it's high tide. So Molly wears a pair of waders and ventures in to see what it will be like when they return at low tide Visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/ for more details
Views: 54567 Nickyswellies
Dirty Socks
8.33mins Nicky is in her riding clothes, Hunters and Hunter socks. She finds some really good mud which is so deep it makes the top of her socks flithy. She cleans her boots in an icy lake. ~To buy the full version of this video visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
Views: 16297 Nickyswellies
Splashing in the Stream and Hot Tub (Teaser)
For full version go to the website https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Bored of Fishing
12.39mins/1.85GB. Molly and Nicky go fishing but quickly get very bored. They decide paddling in Wills ponds is much more fun with water to the very tops of their waders. https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Trough Repairs
visit https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Turning Out the Horses
Watch Nicky turn out her horses into their muddy field whilst wearing her pink rubber riding boots https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
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Nickys First Chest Waders
Nicky's First Chest Waders 9.18mins/ £10/ HD Nicky gets her first pair of chest waders and LOVES them. Molly is there to help in her pink rubber riding boots. To buy the full version of this video visit www.nickyswellies.co.uk or click this link https://my.digitalgoodsstore.com/product/0ygah
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Horses and Waders (teaser)
13.40mins/904.24mb/ MP4/. Nicky and Emily are riding in their waders when they find a lake. The horses aren't brave enough to walk in without a leader so the girls jump off and paddle in. The horses splash them with water. They then jump back on and ride the horses deep into the water- thank god for their waders. Can be downloaded via the following link https://nicky-wellies.umd.net/
Views: 23757 Nickyswellies

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