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Project , Program & Portfolio Relationship PMP 5 Exam Prep
Project , Program & Portfolio relationship PMP 5 Exam Preparation Prepared by Abdelrahman Sheta PM instructor www.facebook.com/sheta.page
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Convert Dynamic Project to Maven & Add Dependency Eclipse
Demonstrates converting Dynamic JEE web Project to Maven Project with Eclipse
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Simple SQL statements Create,insert into, delete ,update table myslq command line
Perform some basic data manipulation statements with mysql database, Show databases; create database create table describe table insert into Select delete update
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Retrieve data from mysql database using jstl tags in simple table
Retrieve data from mysql database using jstl tags in simple table install jstl jar files, install mysql jdbc connector
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Retieve data from more than one table using join,mysql database
This is to demonstrate querying data from one, two, and 3 tables using join ,mysql database
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Oracle Linux Enterprise Setup on VMWare
Setup Oracle Linux Enterprise version on Virtual Machine workstation Step by Step
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VMTools Virtual Machine Workstation , Oracle Linux Enterprise 64 bit
Installing VMTools to allow mouse moving between host and guest, enhance graphics, allow copy and past between guest and host
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RC Music
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How to change youtube channel name and logo using Google Plus
this is to demonstrate how to change youtube channel name and logo
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Upload video youtube channel
Upload video , YouTube channel and Monetize your videos
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