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Ela Orleans - Something Higher
Lost (La Station Radar, 2009)
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Henrik Schwarz & Band - "Endangered Species"
"Endangered Species" by Henrik Schwarz & Band (forthcoming album "Henrik Schwarz Instruments") from Henrik Schwarz @ Boiler Room, Berlin http://www.henrikschwarz.com/
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Dry Ice ~ Mary is Alone
Is she the lonely one? Is she the lonely one? It all began one fine day when Mary felt depressed So she paid a visit to Doctor Fave and there you know the rest Her life was filled with ecstasy but a normal life she wanted Deep within was misery and a brilliant needle that haunted Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is death Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is Meth She left her home To live alone and sold her body and soul And paid the man with the gentle hand ?When he came alone to go? The parents reacted to the problem and set out to find the daughter Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is death Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is Meth To the city jail They made their way In panic and dire straights To be greeted by a priest and Doctor Fave And burdened by heavy weights The priest revealed the shocking news To the couple 17 years wed They braced one another Burst into tears after hearing that Mary was dead Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is death Mary is alone and wants to live but all she sees is Meth from 'Mary's Meth Dream', recorded 1967-1969. brilliant US Psych released on American Sound Records in 1998. Ok, bye \~.´´
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Basti Grub "Unzucht"
Höhenregler is geregelt
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Jungle Brothers - I'll House You (Einzelkind edit)
"Even if i still don´t like the fact that in todays world Facebook fans are more important than skills sometimes i am happy no matter what that so many people like what i am doing from day to day. So thanks to everyone who supported me over the years in one way or the other...." I´ll house you http://gigs.gigatools.com/u/Einzelkind
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Raymond Scott / Evolution Control Committee: In An 18th Century Discotheque
http://www.evolution-control.com/ http://raymondscott.com/
Style of Eye | Run Things feat. Baby Ark
Gioco EP / Classic Music Company, 2oo4 http://theclassicmusiccompany.com/ https://myspace.com/classactrecordings https://soundcloud.com/classic-music-company
James Din A4 – Fistel Rose Power
Ab Morgen Gibts Statt Brot Nur Steine / Esel (2oo3)
Heartz4 ~ Eep Dip Deep Jeep
Bad Heroin Or Is It Morning Sickness? http://www.dazemaxim.com/
Neil Landstrumm - The Paint
Munich 72 EP / Snork Enterprises, 2o11
Lithops ~ Tubino see through
Filterabend / Static Caravan, 1998 https://myspace.com/lthps
Mossa - Splatina
Blastula EP / Cynosure
krikark - Boulevard Rushcouard
École de Musique / Karat Records
One Token Left - Before We Met
Before We Met EP / Sushitech, 2005
Samim - Ukaka
Just put it back up since I couldn't find it here anymore / from samim's "Flow" Lp on Get Physical, 2oo6 :p
Gold Chains – Nada (Kid 606's hold on to your hardcore remix)
Nada / Pias, 2oo3 http://www.gold-chains-worldwide.com/ http://kid606.bandcamp.com/
Silver Haze - I don't care
The Fly in the machine / Crack & Speed, 2oo4
Christian Burkhardt - Leg back
Toolpool Ep http://www.flashartistbooking.com/artists/christian_burkhardt
özil vs. mallorca, 2010 - 2011
First game for Real Madrid coach was Jose Mourinho that time in 2010 http://www.mesutoezil.com/ oh, the song is by Alan R. — Logarithm
Spirocheta Pergoli + B-Sides  " Combination"
"Trax Xtra" compilation released in 1982, which features colaborations of some industrial, experimental and electronic wave artists. The collaborations were done by mail between various individuals ^-^
Fym `Drop Tears´
Say No To Primate Research Labs / Telegraph (2oo4) "Human primates. Invisible signs shining bright. The dotted line indicates a foremost welcome distinction between ordinary law and ultimate truth. Each individual lonesome alien creature and humanoid primate friend is defined by a clear and solid outline that ensures that the surroundings are kept out. Still - the given picture might be useless. Who cares anyway... do you... I don't... Seems a while since I could smile the way you do. Tasty hot tomato soup. May all beings including you be happy." http://www.boogizm.net/
Badun - Fast Crackers
Shadow Case / Not Applicable, 2o13 http://not-applicable.bandcamp.com/album/shadow-case
CW/A – Day of Riddance
Parachute Records (2o15) http://www.soundcloud.com/avatism
kings of punani ~ rocking down the house
angel alanis and christian smith

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