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Titanium Mobile: 01. Introduction to Appcelerator Titanium
Welcome to my new video series on Appcelerator Titanium. Appcelerator Titanium is basically and API created by Appcelerator, and it let's you create native iPhone and Android (and iPad) apps using only web technologies, so without the need to learn any Objective C or Java! All you need to know is JavaScript.
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JavaScript - 23. Introduction to HTML DOM
From this video, we will be looking at HTML DOM, and using it in JavaScript. DOM stands for Document Object Model, and by using HTML DOM, we can create dynamic HTML webpages.
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JavaScript - 34. Using an object constructor
In this video, we look at another way of creating our own objects in JavaScript; using an object constructor. We use functions to create an object.
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Titanium Mobile - 46. Adding local audio playback
In this video, we will be adding sounds to our app. For this tutorial, we used local audio files (music files stored within the app folder).
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CSS3 - 09. Working with text-overflow
In this video, we look at the text-overflow property in CSS3.
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JavaScript - 30. Removing existing HTML elements using DOM
In this video, we use JavaScript to remove HTML elements. I use a p tag as a simple example to remove it from my webpage.
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Titanium Mobile - 08. Adding an alert dialog
In this video, we add the alert dialog in to our app. Alert dialogs are really useful, especially when you want to verify a user's action with the user; for example, deleting selected contents.
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JavaScript - 16. Break statement and continue statement
In this video, we talk about the break statement and the continue statement. Break statement is used to jump out (halt) of the loop in for example, for loops and while loops. Continue statement is used to jump over to the next loop, skipping the current one.
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JavaScript - 14. while loop and the difference from for loop
In this video, we look at the while loop in JavaScript. While loops are really similar to for loops, except you don't declare the variable within the loop. We also look at the difference between the two.
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JavaScript - 17. functions in JavaScript
In this video, we start looking at functions in JavaScript. JavaScript is a really usefully yet complicated part of JavaScript. If you master it your website becomes completely different.
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Titanium Mobile - 10. Flip between windows, and fun animation
In this video, we create multiple windows, and create a button & eventlistener to switch between the windows. I also add a nice animation (which unfortunately only works on your iPhone) to make your app look nicer when switching.
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JavaScript - 44. Simple form email validation
In this video, we create a simple email validation you can use in your form. An email address has a general syntax (contains one @ symbol, a . symbol after the @ symbol, and so on), and checks whether the inserted text is following the general syntax/structure of an email.
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JavaScript - 25. Changing HTML content and attribute
In this video, we look at ways to change HTML content and attribute using JavaScript and HTML DOM.
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JavaScript - 26. Changing CSS using JavaScript
In this video, we look at ways in which we can change the CSS using JavaScript and HTML DOM. We also play around with the style.visible property to hide/show our text.
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JavaScript - 29. Creating new HTML elements using HTML DOM
In this video, we look at how we can create new HTML elements using HTML DOM in JavaScript. As an example, I created a new p tag with text inside.
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JavaScript - 33. Creating a direct instance of an object
In this video, we create our very own object. There are 2 ways to creating a custom object, and in this video I will show you one of them, and in the next video I will show you the other method. I also add properties to our object.
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CSS3 - 01. Introduction to CSS3
In this video, we look at the new version of CSS; the CSS3. CSS3 is currently still in development, but some of its features are already available to major web browsers. CSS3 adds a whole lot of new features to web development, from rounded borders, box and text shadows, to animations. With CSS3, you'll be able to create sleek websites without the need of using other languages such as jQuery.
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JavaScript - 37. String methods: match(), and replace()
In this video, we look at the two string methods: the match() and the replace(). The match method finds the exact string, and the replace method find the exact string and replaces it with a different one.
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Titanium Studio - 23. Creating pickers
How to add and use pickers in iPhone and Android. In this video, I am basically creating a simple app which has one picker and one label. When I move my picker around and select different data, I want my label to display that specific data (January, Feb, etc). In order to do that, I first created a picker using createPicker. The picker requires an array of pickerRow objects (basically, a couple of 'rows' of data) in order to work. I created an array called "data", and created a couple of values with createPickerRow. This is where the 'row' comes in. Every PickerRow requires a title property, which is the text that gets displayed when you use the picker (January, Feb, etc). The value is optional. Then, I added the PickerRow objects in the "data" array to the picker by writing: picker.add(data). Now, the picker contains the PickerRow objects. Now, for the EventListener, I am listening to the "change" event when using the picker. So, whenever I use the picker in my app and select a different month, the EventListener will execute. With regards to "e.row.title", I want my label to display the current data (title) I selected with my picker. If you go back and look at the array, the data in each "row" in the array has a title, and I want to display that title in my label. This is where the e.row.title comes from. "e" is basically the parameter I am using for my callback function within the picker.addEventListener, "row" basically tells the code which "row" I am currently selecting with my picker in the app, and "title" is the property from the pickerRow object I want to display. Same goes with the e.row.val.
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JavaScript - 32. Accessing object properties and methods
In this video, we look at how to access object properties and methods in JavaScript. I use a pre-defined string object, the string.length property, and the string.touppercase method as an example.
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Titanium Mobile - 26. Adding date pickers
In this video, we add date pickers to our iPhone/Android app in Titanium Studio.
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JavaScript - 27. DOM events- onclick and onmouseover
With HTML DOM you can use JavaScript to react to certain HTML events, such as clicking on to a certain part of your website, hovering over it, and so on. In this video, we look at onclick, onmouseover, and onmouseout.
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CSS3 - 12. Changing your background image size
In this video, we are going to look at how to change your background image size using CSS3. Up until now, the background image size depended on the size of the image you use, but with CSS3 you can change the size of your background image using CSS3. It's not the most fancy feature in CSS3, but it's still useful to know about it.
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JavaScript - 22. Confirm box and prompt box
In this video, we look at the confirm box and the prompt box in JavaScript.
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Titanium Mobile - 14. Creating forms
In this video, we create a simple form using a textfield and a button. We enter a value into the textfield and then after submitting the button, an alert message will pop up with the submitted value. Normally, you will have multiple fields and the submit function will store the values in for example, a database. However, for this video we keep it simple.
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JavaScript - 35. Adding methods to JavaScript objects
In this video, we add methods to our JavaScript objects. Adding methods is similar to adding properties, except we need to stick a function underneath it in order for the method to behave how we want to.
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JavaScript - 10. if else statement
In this video, we will be looking at the if else statement. The if else statement is similar to the if statement, but you will write a code which will be executed if the condition was false.
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Titanium - 09. Url and splitting code to multiple files
In this video, we use url to split code in to multiple files to make the whole project neater (e.g. when you have too much code in one file). It's similar to the include in PHP and the external CSS/JavaScript in HTML.
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Titanium Mobile - 35. Animation cycles
In this video, we look at how to use an event listener to listen to the animation "complete", and load another animation after it.
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Titanium Studio - 22. Adding switches to your app
In this video, we will be adding switches to our iPhone/Android app. Switches are really useful and is often used in settings of many apps, to turn on/off a particular setting.
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JavaScript - 28. onmousedown, onmouseup, and onfocus
We continue to look at HTML DOM events, and in this video, I talk about onmousedown, onmouseup, and on focus! All 3 of them are fun and quite useful!
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Titanium Mobile - 44. Timers with the setTimeout method
In this video, we use a setTimeout method to our app to create a timer. setTimeout methods are used when you want to execute some lines of code after some delay.
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JavaScript - 36. String methods: indexOf()
We look at some built in methods in JavaScript for the string objects; the indexOf().
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Dropbox - 06. Making your files & folders public
Get Dropbox through this link and get 500MB extra space! - http://db.tt/sgY59i5P Enable public folders in your Dropbox here! - https://www.dropbox.com/enable_public_folder Dropbox is a cloud storage & file synchronisation service which let you store files 'on the cloud', synch files and folders with multiple computers, and share folders with friends/families/colleagues. In this video, we look at how to make your files and folders public in Dropbox.
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JavaScript - 18. Function with a return value
In this video, we look at functions with a return value. With the return statement, we can return a value from the function.
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JavaScript - 08. Comparison operators
In this video, I talk about comparison operators. The operators I looked at are the following: == is equal to === is exactly equal to != is not equal to !== is exactly equal to "less than sign" is less than "greater than sign" is greater than "less than sign"= is less than or equal to "greater than sign"= is greater than or equal to You need to know these comparison operators in order to play around with condition statements which we will look at in the next video.
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Titanium Mobile - 11. Adding and displaying images
This is a short video where we look at ways in which we can add images in to our app. I got a really cute cat image and displayed in onto my app.
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JavaScript - 19. Functions with arguments
In this video, we look at functions with arguments, or parameters. With arguments, you can choose the value you want to pass through to the function. With arguments, you can create functions like addition and subtraction for calculators.
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Titanium Mobile - 16. Creating tables
In this video, we create tables! Tables are one of the most useful tools when creating apps for both iPhone and Android. Whether you are creating a game or a utility app, you'll use tables in one way or another.
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JavaScript - 24. document.write
In this video, we look at document.write, a simple method to change (write to) HTML directly using JavaScript. I also talk about the cautions of using document.write.
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CSS3 - 11. Radial-gradient
In this video, we are going to look at the radial-gradient property in CSS3. This is similar to the linear-gradient property we looked at in the last video, expect this time we create circle (technically ellipse) gradients instead of a straight line.
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Titanium - 32. How to create a flash card game in Titanium
In this video, we create a simple flash card game app using Titanium, using simple Math objects, views and labels.
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CSS - 11. Background-repeat and background-position
In this video, I talk about background-repeat and background-position. Background-repeat can be used to only repeat the image horizontally using the repeat-x, vertically using the repeat-y, or none using the no-repeat. Background-position can be used to specify the position of the image.
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CSS - 04. Style priority and comments in CSS
To finish off the topic of the 3 ways of inserting CSS in HTML, we look at style priority in CSS; how one declaration overrides another.
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JavaScript - 11. multiple if statements
In this video, we look at multiple if statements - if statements inside the if statement, and if else if statements.
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Titanium Mobile - 02. Installing Titanium Studio and the SDK
In this video, we will install Titanium Studio, the IDE we are going to be using to create our apps. Titanium Studio is similar to Aptana Studio, because Appcelerator acquired Aptana and created Titanium Studio from it. We will also look at installing Android and iPhone SDK in order to get ready to start coding!
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Titanium Mobile - 19. Image overlap and the zIndex
In this video, we look at image overlapping, and the zIndex.
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HTML - 06. Adding links in our website
Check out the whole HTML Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHGSE2kjRS_Yob2CqafHk_M_r8UiYO8Wk In this video I talked about adding external links into our website, using the 'a' tag and the href attribute.
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XHTML - 03. Converting from HTML to XHTML
This video is last of the short series of XHTML, where I talk about how to convert HTML documents to XHTML. IN the couple of minutes, I also talk about the HTML/XHTML validator provided by the official w3.
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JavaScript - 39. Playing around with the getTime method
In this video, we play around with the getTime() method shown in the last video.
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