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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Deluxe Series.
Harley Bentons 12 string electric guitar is a cracking guitar. plays superb straight out the box. It's roughly the same size as a epi LP guitar. I'm trying it out playing A hard days night by the Beatles.
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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series 12 string guitar.
Really enjoying this electric 12 stringer from Thomann. A play along with "Ticket to ride", backing track from karaokeversion.
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telecaster five way switching upgrade kit (bucky123)
picked up this tele upgrade kit off ebay and it's made a huge difference to the tone on this standard vintage brand tele, volume/tone knobs roll off really smoothly (unlike the cheap pots that were on it), nice depth of tone options with the 5 way switch are amazing over the 3 way standard switching. Alpha 250K pots, K40-9 paper in oil caps, 0.001uf/150K treble bleed kit.
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EHX Ravish sitar. within you without you.
Quick demo of my new Squier VM Jazzmaster & the EHX Ravish sitar pedal. I played in C# exotic mode through my Line 6 pod xt live using a Vox AC 30 multitap tone. isolated Tabla drums backing track from Beatles rocksmith you tube video.
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Harley Benton TE-90QM trans red thin line Telecaster style
Using a Fender twin reverb tone in Amplitude 3
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blue squier strat, ironstone gold pickups.
Ironstones pickups Gold grade on a mid 90's squire body with a late 90's squire neck.
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yardbirds  heartfull of soul bass line
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Harley Benton MA-500 Telecaster Mandolin
A little bit of McGuiness Flint "when I'm dead & gone".
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The Beatles Money (that's what I want) cover.
Hofner ignition Bass & Harley Benton 'Prinz' Tele.
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something The beatles bass line hofner ignition b-bass
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jumpin jack flash bass
A quick bass cover test.
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Cant buy me love cover the Beatles
It's a strummy day. Squier Custom II Tele & my Harley Benton 12 string.
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ELO Long black road cover
A spot on the 70's porno wah pedal & clean solo duties.
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Harley Benton TE-80 NT Deluxe Series LTD
Quick demo using clean tone with reverb
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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series. Look through any window, the Hollies cover
Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series guitar. amplitube roland jazz amp tone. backing track karaokeversion.
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Rover 75 2000 Connoisseur SE highline 2.5 V6 Auto
The missus is in me car, that's why the cameras shaking lol.
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When you walk in this room, the Searchers cover
Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series
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Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Series
Playing with a twin reverb tone on my Line 6 Pod XT Live & through my EHX Ravish sitar pedal.
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Harley Benton PB-Shorty BK Standard bass
Quick clean demo of my DEKO bass.
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mama wee all crazee now Slade Cover
I'm playing bass on this tune with me trusty Harley Benton P bass with a full time Cannuck & part time Cannuck.
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ironstone pickups platinum grade tone test
ironstone gilmour scratchplate with platinum grade pickups.
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Surf Rider the Lively Ones cover
Squier VM Jazzmaster using my Pod XT Live with a Surf tone from the Line 6 Custom Tone Library.
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Trio of Harley Benton instruments Fishermans blues The Waterboys cover
It's a Harley Benton trio, 12 string/bass & Mandolin. playing to a karaokeversion backing track.
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Ironstone pickups amplitube 3 hendrix tones
Trying out some of the Hendrix presets in Amplitube 3. Ironstone Gilmour scratchplate with Platinum grade pickups.
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Harley Benton MA-500 telecaster  Mandolin copperhead rd.
played through line 6 guitar port/gearbox clean tones/country chords.
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HST class 43 train sim world
Trying out the cab controls.
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Running down a dream.cover
latest collab between friends. bass duties on this one.
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a wee bit o green manalishi
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the beatles birthday   intro bass guitar
epiphone eb-o sg bass
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My sharona bass test
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Day tripper  the Beatles collaboration
collaboration between some great mates, and another excuse to use my Hofner Ignition bass.
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First attempt at playing a mandolin, used my line 6 guitarport gearbox, clean tones "like heaven" into reaper DAW. Beautiful instrument, very well made & easy to play.
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aria aw 20 grs acoustic
quick mess in drop D using cam mic.
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EHX B9. Je t'aime... moi non plus. Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
ehx B9 organ pedal with my Squier strat & line 6 pod xt live pedal using clean Fender twin & reverb. backing track from karaoke version.
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peavey Generation exp HSS telecaster
These really are a great sounding/playing guitar.
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dave edmunds I hear you knocking bass line
Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector http://directorzone.cyberlink.com/video/11970154
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some brown sugar on bass
That yorkie boy made me get outta my sick bed and do this. http://directorzone.cyberlink.com/video/11957653
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pod xt pretty vacant tone
trying out a tone for sex pistols i was bored and just fancied some sid snot!
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lady madonna bass line
great way to spend a Sunday morning jammin on a Beatles tune.
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All my Loving Beatles bass cover.
Quick test of my Hofner ignition bass after a set up.
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Fender Squier custom II telecaster, Epiphone EB-o SG bass guitar
first try at playing bass guitar
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promised land bass line!!!!!
had the vidcam on while messing about with a bassline...ish http://directorzone.cyberlink.com/video/11969161
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evil walks acdc
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Back to black Amy Winehouse cover
A practice session in the cauliflower studios on bass & guitar with a karaokeversion backing track.
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Nextbase 312 GW GPS Wi-Fi dashcam test
a drive around to test the quality of the dashcam.
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bass practice G minor arpeggio
Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector http://directorzone.cyberlink.com/video/11967010
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CCR Fortunate Son
Harley Benton Shorty P Bass / Harley Benton TE-90QM Tele / Squier VM Jazzmaster recorded through Line 6 tones from their Custom tone Library using my Pod XT Live floorboard.
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wild horses bass test
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Snowfoam wash & brush up Rover 75
Beautiful day so battery maintainer off, snowfoam & drive.
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