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Wet adidas running
Wet adidas running along the river and wetlook training)
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Wet Adidas suite
Washing my Adidas suite after morning running.
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Wet jeans jacket and shorts
Evening shower in cute jeans jacket, jeans shorts, tights and socks. If You have any questions or propositions - write to [email protected]
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Wet and mud blue jacket with jeans
A beautiful wet and messy blue down jacket, amazing wet jeans, sweater, boots, all of that wet and mud... Lucky day)
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Wet blue jacket
Finally a new video! Today in a dark blue feather and tight blue jeans. I'm playing with a down jacket and his red fur. Today I was pleased to be in the river in it. I would like more dirt, but we did not find a suitable place. I was wearing old boots, because there is no way to buy new ones. If you have some questions ot want to help our channel - write [email protected]
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Wet leather jacket and leather dress
Present to you me and my wet leather jacket and leather dress. I hope you enjoy my jacket. It's no so good but I love it) And a dress... You see, I feel it nice when it wet. And my pants adds all enjoy of bathing in river. It was wonderfull weekend...
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Wet rose jacket and jeans
Unfortunately today I can't to go to the river and mud. So I'm going to bathe in the bathroom. But tomorrow I will definitely go out into the countryside and take off for you a lot of great videos. I have a lot of fun with my rose jacket and jeans. It was great)
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Wonderfull white and mud wet jacket
Hey. Finally, I'm in nature. I'm not myself, with me is my lovely and warm down jacket. He has a very beautiful fur. I'm going to wet it and cover it as much as possible. In addition, I have warm winter boots. They too will be wet. I very well amused myself with my down jacket. Subscribe to my channel and like my video.
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Dress washing
Hi! I'm here again) Tonight I want to show you my new black dress. It's reither shiny and comfy. And I decide to wash it a little) P.s: Follow me)
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My mini wet dress
I'm back. For a start, I'm missed the shower in my clothes. My dress was wet and stuck to my body. It was very pleasure.
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Wahing clothes after river
Wahing clothes after river
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Wet fur coat
This is my first attempt to swim in the river in a fur coat. It is very interesting and pleasant. I liked watching the fur get wet in the water. In addition, I had new boots) Unfortunately we did not find a good mud, but still I really liked this bathing in the river. The fur coat became very heavy when it got wet. I could hardly lift it. Subscribe on my channel. Waiting for Your questions and propositions on e-mail - [email protected]
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Wet jeans and jacket
I love wet jeans and down jackets. And I decide to try something winter) I don't know what do with this jacket... I doubt to rip it, to burn or swim on in it. I hope you enjoy this video)
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Down jacket and me in the river
After hot burning of my black jacket I need to chill. So I take my warm down jacket and go to swim a little. It's so funny to swim in warm down jacket, it keeps me above the water and does not let me drown. Besides my warm black pants did not want to get wet at first)
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Leather pants and jacket
Today I want to take a bath with my lovely ginger jacket and a new leather pants... It was very pleasure, and especially I love a wet fur... I was so pleasure to play with a wet fur... Pure jacket, I love it.
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Wet shiny Jolina jacket and leather leggins at SEASIDE!)
Finally I found a place on the seaside to shoot my video. Today I'm dressed in a shiny Jolina jacket, which I will today wet and smear with healing mud) Besides I wear shiny leather leggins. It was very fun running on the sea firth, swim and smeared with mud. I was very tired at the end because Jolina jacket was very heavy when wet. It weighed about 20 kilograms! It was very hard to carry it to the car, so I thought of leaving her there ... You can support our channel through PayPal to [email protected] or in other ways) Write to us ;)
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Evening shower
Taking a relaxing shower after a long day in a sexy dress and stockings... P.S. It's my first wetlook)
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Mini shower wetlook
After washing my dirty clothes, I and my jacket need a shower. A warm and pleasure shower in my dark blue down jacket and a wet shiny jeans) It's a short mini wetlook for you before the big videos wich are waiting for you in a close future. Be with us!) P.S. Waiting for your proposition on [email protected]
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Washing my clothes
I wash my clothes in shower after swamp swimming. They smell badly) P.S. I still waiting for your advices and opinions. Subscribe on my channel)
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My office dress
Hi! Today I decide to wash my office dress. I work hard in it this week and it seems to me it needs to be washed a little)
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Lake bathing
Ok, I'm first time here. I'm afraid everything yet. Please, say me what I do wrong. I have a big variety of clothes and I need Your opinion.
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Black shiny jacket ripping
Today I decided to go for a walk in the forest. I was hot in my black shiny jacket. And I thought to make it shorter. But it was difficult for me to make it short. I had to completely destroy the black shiny jacket. What to do next? Burn it?
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Burning black shiny jacket
And the final scene) Burn this wonderfull soft shiny jacket.... I will miss you shiny(
Views: 3231 Leona Wet

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