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Classical Architecture: Three Fallacies by Robert Adam
Article in the Architects Journal, 7 May 2010 Classicism has been wronged, argues Architect, Professor Robert Adam. Although its longevity proves people still want classical buildings, three fallacies about style, relevance and authenticity are used to justify the hostility it receives from the profession.
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What does Traditional Architecture Mean?
Robert Adam of Adam Architecture talks about Globalisation and his practice in 2011. Adam Architecture, based in Winchester, England is one of the the largest and finest architectural practices of traditional and classical architecture today.
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The Idiot's Guide to Architecture by Robert Adam
Based on "The Idiots Guide to Architecture" by Robert Adam. Article in Building Magazine by Architect Robert Adam on 12 December 2008.
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The War Between Traditional and Modernist Architects
Article in the Guardian on 6 November 2011. The war between traditional and modernist architects flared up again after Paul Finch, chairman of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, praised the fact that modernists had prevailed in bids to create Olympic buildings. Robert Adam, a member of the Traditional Architecture Group, and Michael Taylor, a senior partner of Hopkins Architects, the firm that has finished the Olympic velodrome, met to discuss architecture, Marcus Vitruvius and half-timbering, with Lanre Bakare in the middle.
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2011 Tribute to Robert Adam Architects
A Tribute to Robert Adam Architects / Adam Architecture, the largest and finest architectural practice of traditional and classical architecture today, based in Winchester, England.
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The Modernity of Tradition by Robert Adam
Lecture by Robert Adam at The Glasgow School of Art on Friday 8th November 2013
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Sir Inigo Jones Final Justice
A sad story of injustice and unfair dismissal in the place of work
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