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Smart warehouse management system powered by RFID
Warehouse management is a huge and complex task which comes with its own share of challenges. Peerbits’ smart warehouse management solution powered by RFID technology uncomplicates the whole process. It streamlines the entire process thus saving time, money, and effort. With our smart warehouse management system, you can optimize all the processes to gain the maximum result out of each. Challenges faced by a typical warehouse Prolonged quality/quantity check: - Quantity/quality check becomes a time-consuming task since it requires at least two resources, one for scanning the barcode and the other to check the presence of a barcode in the order receipt. Unnecessary time consumption: - To determine the current stock availability you have to process each barcode manually which consumes a lot of time. Scanning limitation: - To scan a barcode it's imperative to have a clear line-of-sight. Due to which it becomes impossible to scan non-reachable bins. Barcode durability: - Barcode’s durability is a big issue as it often falls off, fades away, and are highly prone to wear and tear. Product pilferage: - Since no proper records are maintained for products, it becomes extremely difficult to prevent product pilferage. Redundant document procedure: - In case, a document is lost then all the procedures must be followed to retrieve it which creates a redundancy. Human errors: - Since most of the tasks are not automated and are carried out by humans, the chances of human error are more. Moreover, due to fatigue it affects the overall efficiency. Our smart warehouse solution We carefully studied all the challenges in detail and came up with a solution to all of it with our smart warehouse software. With our software, you can streamline all the processes of your warehouse processes to gain maximum output. Inbound process Our smart warehouse management software will make your inbound process swift and smooth in the following way. Receiving: - With our solution you can generate all the unloading documents in the tablet that are received at the receiving dock. Afterwards, you can check the quality and the quantity of the products and inform the supplier with an e-signature on the tablet. Sorting: - Afterwards, all the qualified stock is placed in a sorting area. All the stocks are provided with a RFID tags which are printed from a RFID printer. After that the staff will assign the serial number to each RFID tag with the help of a RFID reader. Putaways: - After that a list of all the putaways is generated which can be viewed on our system. Afterwards, the staff will put the goods in the bin along with associating the tags with the barcodes. This marks the end of inbound process. Impact of our solution on inbound process · Our solution improves the receiving time by 90% and reduces the expenses by 30%. · Offers paperless solution for reporting of unloaded items. · Paperless solution eliminates the cost for paper printing and maintenance. · Automated system suggests put away locations that saves times. · Tracking of putaway status. Inventory Our smart warehouse management system efficiently manages your inventory in the following way. Stock counts: - Our solution offers rapid stock counting with the help of RFID technology in one go. Earlier staff had to count all the stocks one by one. Product pilferage: - Our system keeps a track on product pilferage. It notifies whenever an item goes missing. Bin transfer: - The required goods are placed at an inaccessible height. They need to be transferred or lowered to human reachable height which is done by bin transfers. Impact of our solution on inventory · Our solution increases the inventory visibility by 24%. · With our solution you can count inventory with an accuracy of 95%. Outbound Process Make your outbound process quick and accurate with our RFID-enabled smart warehouse software. Picking: - The staff then goes to pick the items which are suggested by the system. They then scan it with a RFID reader for verification. Packing: - All the picked items are then transferred to the packaging area where they are verified and packaged. Dispatch: - At last, the packaged goods are sent to the dispatch area where they are bifurcated zone wise and then are unloaded to the trucks for the customers. Impact of our solution on outbound ·Our solution has resulted in reduction of picking error rates by 67%. ·It has also increased the shipping accuracy by 80%. ·Our system generates a picking list that keeps out the aged products. ·Our system streamlines the dispatching process by employing automated zone-wise bifurcation. ·Complete automation of dispatch and packaging process results in timely dispatch and deliveries. Regards, Team Peerbits https://www.peerbits.com/warehouse-management-software.html
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Doctor patient mobile application powered by blockchain technology - Peerbits
We have developed a doctor-patient mobile application that allows the patient to schedule appointments with the doctor. The working principle of this mobile application is powered by the Blockchain technology. Regards, Team Peerbits https://www.peerbits.com
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On Demand Fuel Delivery Solution
Peerbits has developed an on-demand fuel delivery app that helps you to deliver fuel to your customers anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re a startup, gas station owner, or a gas company. Our fuel delivery solution helps all of them to grow and become leaders in their respective fields. The fuel delivery app has three major components. 1. Customer app* The solution has a highly interactive customer app that helps all the customers to refuel their vehicles with just a few taps on their phone. The customer app is a huge sigh of relief for those who hates to wait in the never-ending queues at gas station. Below are a few of the highlights of the customer app. · Search nearest fuel provider · Instant ordering · Schedule order · Real-time tracking · Multiple mode of payment 2. Drivers app Make your driver’s task easy with our fuel delivery solution’s driver app. Our dynamic driver app allows the driver to manage multiple order requests efficiently. Our feature rich driver app allows them to execute all the deliveries with high speed and accuracy. · Easy onboarding · GPS navigation · Driver dashboard · Generate invoice · Manage profile 3. Admin panel Drive your business by managing your customers and drivers with our multifaceted admin panel. Our admin panel allows you to control and manage major components like drivers and customers. Our admin panel has several features which are mentioned below. · Admin Dashboard · Manage Bookings · Manage Drivers · Manage Customers · Reporting & Analytics If you’re looking to strengthen your fuel business with our solution then contact us at https://www.peerbits.com/fuel-delivery-software.html
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Mr. Lisbert -  Web & Mobile Application Development Testimonial for Peerbits Solution.
Video Testimonial : Peerbits Solution's client Mr. Lisbert is sharing his experience working with Peerbits for number of different IT projects over course of past few years specifically in the field of custom website development, PHP Web Applications, Magento ecommerce store, mobile application development (iPhone / IPad / Android) etc. Checkout more details about Peerbits an Offshore Web & Mobile Application Development Company based india @ www.peerbits.com Thanks & Regards, Team Peerbits
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Damian talking about Peerbits from Australia
"Damian Bowman (CEO) of Margaret River Apps, Australia" We created revolutionary app for the Scaffolding industry together, and he is sharing his experience working with Peerbits Team. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Jose talking about Peerbits from columbia
"Jose Juan Echeverri (CEO) of Photograph Apps, Columbia" He is sharing his experience working with Peerbits Team. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/video-testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Client Reviews | Alex Roberts for Peerbits, An Offshore iOS & Android Development Company, India
Alex Roberts is sharing his experience working with Peerbits for number of different mobile application projects. About Peerbits : Peerbits is an Offshore iOS & Android Development Company, India. @ Peerbits, we provide design and development services for iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web with aim of Delivering Excellence Righteously. About Alex : Alex Roberts is Co-Founder & Project Manager at Rainman Studios, California. We have been working together on number of mobile application development projects since last 6 months. Checkout more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Thanks & Regards Team Peerbits
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Digital Payment through NFC System
Peerbits is proud to develop NFC cards which are based on the cutting-edge technology. It’s a passive device that doesn’t need a power supply to operate. The NFC tags developed by us has the below features. 1. Scan & Read Put your NFC card on the backside of the phone where it fetches all the information and displays it on the screen. 2. Write and edit Put the NFC card at the backside of the phone to store the written & edited messages with utmost convenience. 3. Scan & Pay Just place your credit card at the backside of the phone to finish the payment as it fetches all your card details Github Code :: https://github.com/Peerbits/NFC-Android PlayStoreLink :: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peerbits.nfccardread Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Henry talking about iPhone App Development with Peerbits
"Henry Kurtze (CEO) of Colourvisionapps, Denmark" Henry is young iPhone developer and entrepreneur. We worked together on his very first Alarm Clock application and its been pleasure working with Henry. We thank him from an entire Peerbits team for sharing his experience. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Ryan Whiteside Speaking about Peerbits : iPhone 5 & iPad Mini Application Development Company
Ryan Whiteside is Owner and Seller of #1 Speed Reading iPhone/iPad app on iTunes Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rapidreading/id562532901?mt=8. Ryan found Peerbits just by doing google search few months back and today he got his dream application uploaded on iTunes store with nice UI and features that his target audience likes the most. Here in this video he is sharing his thoughts about Peerbits Team and Patel Nasrullah (Director Operations). Get to know more about us @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Thanks for watching! Team Peerbits
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Peerbits | Delivering Excellence, Righteously
Peerbits is a global IT solution company delivering web development, mobile application development, software development and IT consulting services of any complexity to clients worldwide. Peerbits has a strong team of 30+ highly skilled IT experts. As a premiere member of Elance, Peerbits carries trust of more than 100+ clients spread across diverse business verticals. ******* 30+ Young IT experts ******* 100+ Apps delivered ******* 90+ Project completed on Elance ******* 300% Yearly growth We are committed to excellence through the systematic and disciplined process. Our expertise guarantees quality, competence and rapid execution of any projects ranging from mid-sized portals to complex software development and custom mobility solutions. Our "Unique & Friendly" approach lifts us above the normal, the regular, the staid and the common.
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Dan talking about Peerbits from US
"Dan (CEO) of Health Vector App, US" He is sharing his experience working with Peerbits Team. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits https://www.peerbits.com
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Ben Dolgoff - Sharing his experience about iPhone Android Application Development
Ben Dolgoff from ByteVentures LLC, Boston (USA) sharing his experience working with Peerbits an offshore mobile application company based in India. Peerbits developed Android and IPHone application for Prize Per Day. Prize Per Day is a free mobile application that allows you to win prizes and earn points that can be instantly redeemed for gifts! Learn more about the project : http://www.peerbits.com/prizeperday-gift-contest-iphone-android-app.html Learn more about Peerbits @ www.peerbits.com Thanks & Regards Team Peerbits
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Jermaine talking about Peerbits from UK
"Jermaine Francis (CEO) of Tippy App, UK" He is sharing his experience working with Peerbits Team. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Peerbits Project Process for iPhone app / Android Applications
Our Process It is fact that every project and every client is unique therefore it demands unique treatment; however Peerbits approach every project and every client with a standard methodology. Research: "We will listen to you carefully" We never say your project would be like this but we run a research that what your needs are. What your business actually needs and what are your desires. Based on these findings we do successful planning of the development that leads us to a winning project. Planning: "Planning is the secret of success" Successful planning is like to win half the battle therefore we do planning based on needs of the client. We address every expectation of the client and their business specific needs in our planning and carve a path that leads us to success and prosperity. Analysis & Design: "We connect the people" Based on initial research we do thorough analysis and prepare documents. We clear all ambiguities at this stage and prepare a design for the development. Our design assures that our client would be connected with their visitors/customers with fruitful interactivity. Prototypes: "You have ample options" By creating prototypes based on design we give ample options to our clients so they can select the best design which suits their business specific needs or their personal aspirations. Implementation: "Nice coding halves the problem" Once you select the prototypes we start actual coding and your project start turning into reality. We use our best knowledge to create fresh solutions of your problems and leads to a particular goal. Testing: "Frequent testing leaves no bugs" We do frequent testing and leave no bug in your development. Testing at different stages ensure that you are going to right kind of development. With our technical ability we deliver a wide range of solutions which are tested in every kind of environment. Launch: "Finally you reach at destination" We launch the final product with aspirations that we fulfil all your requirements with desired functionality and quality assurance. We provide all tests cases, installation guide and user manual. Post production Services: "We take care of you" We are not restricted up to development but we offer our services for maintenance as well as marketing (if needed) because without maintenance you cannot assure that your application will run smoothly and consistently, similarly without marketing you cannot get return over your investment.
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Jasmin talking about Peerbits from Kuwait
"Jasmin Softic (CEO) of Benaa App, Kuwait" He is sharing his experience working with Peerbits Team. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Jesse talking about Peerbits from USA
"Jesse Pacchione (CEO) of Fishency Apps, USA" He is sharing his experience working with Peerbits Team. You may check out more videos @ www.peerbits.com/testimonials.html Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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How loyalty applications help your business - Peerbits
Loyalty apps play a significant role in boosting your sale as well as retaining the existing customers. These apps notify your customers about various deals & offers. Moreover, they act as an alternative for various loyalty cards and points. Regards, Team Peerbits http://www.peerbits.com
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Dylan Smith (CEO - RainMan Studios / San Francisco) shares his experience working with Peerbits
Mr. Dylan Smith, CEO of RainMan Studios (http://rainmanstudios.com) - A creative agency in San Francisco Bay Area sharing his experience working with Peerbits about number of Mobile Application Development Projects we have been doing together in past couple of months in Year of 2012. Peerbits is Offshore Web & Mobile Application Development Company based in India, specializing in providing custom iPhone Apps, IPad Application and Android application development for clients around the world Get to know more about us @ www.peerbits.com Thanks for watching! Team Peerbits
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iPhone, iPad, Android & Mobile Solution Experts
Just like any other story in the world, we also have our own story. It's not a fairy-tell, not a childhood story not any rumours. It's the situation what had been really settled up with us. One day in 2011, four like-minded IT technocrats started working together. What brought us together were shared values which remain true today. Those values -- Honesty, Ethics, Originality, Transparency and Friendship-- are still deeply ingrained into our culture today resulting our values drive our culture
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