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Stihl MS 661 7 vs. 8 Tooth Sprocket
I run 36" and 20" bars with both a 7-tooth (standard), and 8-tooth sprocket, and compare.
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Chainsaw Chain Types Explained
Go over what's what with saw chain and show some examples of the most common styles. Big thanks to Scott, parts manager at http://www.artslawnmowershop.com/ for letting me borrow the carbide and rescue carbide chains for this video. As pointed out, I did forget ripping chain. I'll do a video on them in the future. damnit!
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Stihl Pro Saw vs. Farm/Ranch
I go over the differences between the Stihl pro saws and the regular "homeowner/farm/ranch" saws.
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Stihl Bar Oil Warning
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No Pockets?!?!?!
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Stihl MS 661 C-M Muffler Mod, Before/During/After
Record the process of modding my 661 muffler to see what type of performance gains I get with it.
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Final Update: MS362
They gave me a new one.
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Drop Zone Request:     DENIED!
Tight fit oak we did last week. Yard had been completely dug up by the sewer utilities, wrecked the trees roots. Felt bad for the homeowner, lost all her landscaping and the tree.
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Storm Damage Trip and the Family
Drive down to the lake of the ozarks to help out my aunt and uncle with some storm damage.
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Second Completely Hollow Oak This Week
This one was even worse than the first, much larger as well.
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Echo CS-2511T Muffler Mod
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First day of work at the new job in tree service
Hardest I've worked in a long time, I'm beat down, sore, tired, and loving it =) (Too tired to even put these clips in chronological order) Skidsteer was down for the day so we hand loaded a metric shit ton of heavy as fuck wood. Staying on the ground a bit to learn before I ascend, pretty stoked to do so. Seems to be the perfect blend of physical exertion, mechanical aptitude, common sense, and situational awareness. Very much looking like this is going to work out well.
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Muffler Mods on the 362 and 461
Finally got around to doing it. Really going to miss that vest =(
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Stihl MS 461 R Rescue Quick Look
Didn't have much time/ability to make a proper video, wanted to get something though as I'm not sure when I'll see another. Hmm......add to saturdays itinerary, visit local firehouse. Anyway, here's a quick peek at the MS 461.
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Echo CS 590 chainsaw review
Echo rep was nice enough to leave me with a demo for a bit, took the opportunity to go over it and put it through some wood.
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The Fall
Tie in point broke on me, sending me 25-30' down. Broken pelvis (open book) and pars defects on the L5 vertebrae. Laid up for a couple months, pretty damn miserable......
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FUCK YOU Tree Removal Service Columbus Ohio
Columbus Tree Service Pros 605 N High St, ste 133, Columbus, OH 43215 Ph: (614) 681-3390 www.ColumbusTrees.com
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Solo Speedline
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First Cylinder Porting, Stihl MS270
Been wanting to try it for awhile, finally got up to doing it. Fairly mild port, I believe, be the saw runs beautifully. Also after finishing with the dremel, there were slight ridges built up on the edges on the inside of the cylinder. I knocked these down by hand with scotchbrite, very low impact to not screw up the cylinder wall. Next I'll be bumping the timing a bit, see how that goes with the muffler and porting.
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Husqvarna T540 Muffler Mod
Pretty self descriptive
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Into The Deep
Just because I miss running my saws so much. Felt great to be out doing it. Not going to feel so great tomorrow when I start my 8-hour long therapy, lol.
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T540 Resurrection
I modified the bar, so yes, it does oil.
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Saw Chain Cutting Speed Comparison.
Picked up brand new 36RM, 36RSC, and 36RSL chains. Do some timed cuts to see the difference in cutting speed between the three. Varied the pressure applied to try to find each chains sweet spot. If you're unfamiliar: -Round Ground Semi-chisel -Slowest Cutting -Longest Stay Sharp -Round Ground Full-chisel -Faster Cutting Than Semi -Shorter Stay Sharp Than Semi -Square Ground Full--chisel -Fastest Cutting Of The Three -Shortest Stay Sharp Of The Three Which is why I was surprised by the times of these cuts. Not sure, but I'm thinking I screwed something up. I did see the little stub on the bottom, didn't think it would make a noticeable difference.
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Tree Groups in Summary
Here it is again, with the ending removed =(
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Arbpro Evo2: Unboxing/Overview/First Impression
Product Page: https://www.treestuff.com/store/catalog.asp?category_id=260&item=15881 The ArbPro EVO climbing boots are a favorite among arborists worldwide for their slim and light build. The slim shape and the custom made high grip Vibram® sole with ‘climbing zone’ tip offers optimal grip in every situation, even on narrow crotches. The upper is made of premium quality leather with rubber profile and the Event membrane offers maximum breathability and water resistance. Newly updated to the EVO 2, these boots now offer better ankle support, durability improvements, and a more comfortable fit.
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First felling with the 362, and first barberchair. Originally was thinking my hinge was just too thiCk, thinking now that it was already cracked as well from the lightning strike. Either way, got my blood flowing.
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Unworthy #5
Fifth installment in the Unworthy series, hope you enjoy. Here's to Joe hopefully not beating me up, lol.
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Large Tulip Removal: Full Edit
Apparently I have some frames that need to be analyzed, lol. The sewer district dug up a bunch of roots around it, enough to think it was going to die, so they went ahead and decided to remove it.
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20: Prison and Depression
Telling the story because I said I would. I ramble quite a bit and missed making quite a few points I intended to, was a bit anxious talking about it though. Originally started down this rabbit hole as I wanted to say thanks to those that support and encourage, absolutely helps.
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Stihl MS 461: Overview/First Start/First Cut
Go over my new saw
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First Contract Climb
Not even really sure if it's considered a contract climb, as I was just paid cash, no clue how that stuff actually works. Was trying to get out of there quickly though, no matter how much repellent I sprayed, we were getting eaten alive by mosquitos.
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My first in-tree removal
First time climbing up and piecing down a tree. Many thanks to coworker Joe for allowing me the opportunity, and for the patience as after reviewing the video, I was working at a snails pace. Safety first of course, but I must get more efficient. Swapped out the 201T for me modified one with 16" bar over the stock with 14", in case you were wondering.
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Reecoil Chainsaw Lanyard: Unboxing/Overview/First Impressions
Proud to present, in collaboration with Treestuff.com, my review of the Reecoil chainsaw lanyard. Product Page https://www.treestuff.com/store/catalog.asp?item=16572 Use discount code (online) to receive a 7% discount on your entire order at Treestuff.com.
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Nervous As Frig
No good tie in, weak brittle wood, going to take some time to not be nervous doing jobs like this. Just took it slow, played it safe, left the job on my own feet, lol.
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39: MS260 Break In
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Test/Fun climb with new gear.
Quick little climb I did to test out all of the new equipment I just got. Including a Petzl sequoia harness, ABR 2-in-1 lanyard, drayer chainsaw lanyard, ABR adjustable friction saver, Arbpro clip'n'step boots, Stein micro-pulley, and Silky zubat telescoping pole saw. Very happy with all new gear used, will be posting reviews at a later date.
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Unworthy 17:  Absentminded Cameraman
Been slacking on the filming, guessing the heat just gets to me and I forget to turn it on, hence the jumping all over the place in this video.
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MS 201T C-M: Did mods make a difference?
Put my modded (muffler and timing) 201T C-M up against our new (broken in) one and time the cuts to see if the mods actually added any performance. Safe to say that the performance gain was significant. Didn't notice till after posting and watching again that on the 2nd cut of the stock saw, the clock starts early. results are pretty much unchanged though.
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Amazing squirrel survivor
Third and final job for the day. Already felled the tree, and was mostly limbed by the time we heard it crying. Blows my mind that it dodged all of the boots and brush.
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36: Saw Maintenance
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APTA: Air Powered Tree Access, Unboxing/Overview/Review
Treestuff.com and Human provide a look at, and review of the APTA: Air Powered Tree Access. Wanted to do a segment with pressure used, and the corresponding throwline height, only to learn I don't own a basic tire pump, only one for presta valves. Will do it at a later date. Product Page: https://www.treestuff.com/store/catalog.asp?item=11138
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Homemade Saw Rack For The Truck
Show off one of my recent projects.
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Quit my job today...
Knew it wasn't going to last when on my second day there I had a decent size sweetgum to remove, asked for a porta-wrap, block, and bull rope, and was handed a climbing rope only. I wasn't clear in the video. The accident happened about 2 years ago in a different tree. The second tree I'm in when I recap the story was next to the tree I just came out of. Was just taking out the limb over the arbor vitaes. I kept working on the job until the weather moved in, called it quits at that point.
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Stihl MS 661 Wrap Handle Conversion and New Paint Job
Wasn't 100% sure I could even convert a standard handle into a wrap, so I picked one up and tried it out. Also had some requests to show the painting I just did, so I describe how I went about it.
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30: Horrible Day
UPDATE: Guess some of my luck rubbed off on him, the broken ribs and bruised lung ended up being his only injuries and he'll be back to normal in a few weeks. Huge thank you to the Riverview FD and Paramedics. Incredibly professional and caring, truly helped out in a traumatic situation.
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