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03 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Cummins NV4500 walk around/ride
Finally! Been building my truck for a year and shes doing great. Hope you enjoy the video. Please be sure to like, comment, suscribe, send me money and have a great day. Thanks for watching!
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Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe Budget Stereo Install
Planet Audio RGR35B reciever MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 wake tower speakers Wal-Mart speaker wire Universal USB/audio input Removed the warning sign Cut a rectangle opening Cut a piece of sheet aluminum to match the warning sign Wrapped in blue vinyl re-rivet in Enjoy
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Yamaha Waveblaster Rockered + 1200cc
Second time out on the girl. Breakdown is now complete. She is a 1994 Yamaha Waveblaster with a Carter Bracket Gen 3 nose and rockered rear end. Full 155 pump Custom carter bracket tunnel WB2 pump shoe Custom driveshaft shortened west coast plate Shit tons of 701 stuff Blood Sweat Tears Rum Whiskey Thanks for looking.
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Chevrolet Cummins aka Chummins 24V GMT800 cold start. 1 battery/no grid heat!
It started snowing right after I took this video! About as cold is it will get down here in S. GA. We are 20 miles from the FL border. Air temp was 28 and all the metal was in the low 30s. With only one battery and no grid heater...I'm pretty impressed how fast it fired up with a good battery!
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1992 Suzuki DR 350
My new toy. A 1992 Suzuki DR 350. BONE stock!!! Had to rebuild the carb but other than that it fired right up! No kick starting problems on this one!!!
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1973 KO ATC 70 in desperate need of help
I bought this on craigslist today. Timing was 180 out. Spark plug gap was .050. timing chain tensioner was broke at the case, bent axle, no brakes, XR 80 front end with no bearings on the top, etc, etc. Plans are to shelf it until I can properly get it going. Originally she was Daytona Orange until some goon painted it.
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VW Rabbit GTI TDI swap RUNS!!!
Full 1.9 TDI swapped into a mk1. 2001 ALH from Auto Beetle 1998 02a trans 2003 02j shift tower vdubspeed tuning mounts vdubspeed tuning swag
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Yamaha Waveblaster rockered 1200 triple walk around.
Just a quick run down of how I built the ski...
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Diesel Rabbit runs after sitting 18 years.
My friends and I rescued this rabbit that sat for 18 years under a tree. Took about 30 mins of tinkering with to get it running. Diesel's are fun.
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1991 GTI 16V
My unmolested 1991 GTI 16V that is currently for sale. Mods include Koni coilovers and Sony CD player.
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E30 BMW 325i Magnaflow 11256 2.5 exhaust DIY
Good bye dual exhaust...Hello $135 2.5 exhaust with a magnaflow 11256 muffler. Thanks for viewing.
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1984 VW GTI Turbo Diesel
I made this video to show my EGT gauge at work. The car is a 1984 GTI that I swapped a 1.6 into and then added a turbo. Boost is unknown and set by the wastegate. Turbo is from a 98 TDI. Gov mod, 2.25 exhaust/Magnaflow, 1.5 turns on the fuel screw, spearco intake, no intercooler. Runs awesome.
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Sea-Ha? Yama-Doo? Yamaha engine swapped Seadoo. 701cc Seadoo!
Braaptastic Yamaha/Wetjet 61X glassed into a 94 GTX Carbon Tech reeds 46mm SBN Mikuni Factory B Mod Pipe Custom coupler U.M.I steering stuff
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ATC 70 motor from hell.
I've done everything I know to get this ole girl running right. It starts perfect but will not take fuel. You can coax it up to higher RPMS but it sounds like the timing never advanced even though the timing on these motors is set by the points. By the way...adjusting them does not change how it runs. HELP.
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84 ATC 70 Lifan 125 swap
Take 1 1984 Honda ATC 70, subtract the engine/carb/exhaust, add a lifan 125cc engine, 22mm Mikuni and a one off exhaust with a Banshee muffler. What do you get??? my new deathtrap.
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Waveblaster 1200
A walk around of my newly finished Waveblaster 1200. 93 Waveblaster 98 gp1200 65u Waveraider 1100 waterbox Jetski solutions ignition wires ADA conversion plates Rad dudes exhaust, oil level, and air breather blockoff Ocean pro flame arrestors Blowsion pump shoe Solas 14/21 WB2 steering cable A couple other things.
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89 Seadoo SP
A happenstance seadoo gets another lease on life. Unfortunately...it has no rev limiter now so it's only a matter of time until the old 587 slings a rod!
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Priorities of a VW nut
Yeah...I think some guys might not approve.
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Yamaha WaveBlaster riding in Hurricane Hermine @ Mexico Beach
First time taking the blaster to the waves! 1995 with a wetjet engine, 46 carb and a B pipe. 10/16 Hooker prop. Awesome little ski!
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ATC 70 motor with a factory Rev limit!!!
This motor is owning me. I'm about to just build up a TRX 70 bottom end and ditch the points all together!
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VW 1.6 turbo diesel PCV system
Adding a PCV system to my homebrew turbo setup.
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Yamaha 61X 701 into a Seadoo. See-Ha? Yama-Doo Special
She's complete! 94GTX 95 61X Yamaha engine from a wetjet 165psi 46mm SBN Factory Mod pipe from a blaster Custom coupler Custom all the things.
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Bench testing a VW New Beetle Cluster. Prepping for a TDI swap
Gotta figure out how to: 1. Turn off the ABS light 2. Turn off the Airbag light 3. Get the fuel gauge to work
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1984 VW Rabbit GTI turbo diesel gets A/C
Finally got around to wrapping up the a/c install on the daily diesel. Summers in South GA can be pretty rough without A/C.
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VW Rabbit TDI swap cluster issues solved
Bench checking of cluster is complete. The fuel issue was the last problem to solve.
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Pine Grove Middle First Competition Cheerleading 2017
First cheer competition at Colquitt County High School. 9/23/17
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Abandoned Bath house at Suwannee Sulfur Springs
Exploring Suwannee Sulfter Springs now known as Suwannee Springs. The attraction died years ago but there are still ruins nearby to explore and the water still flows! This spring DEFINITELY has a higher sulfur content then the others we have visited. Still stunningly gorgeous and must visit if you are in north Florida. Another Fl gem!!!
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Waverunner GP1200 Donor for Waveblaster
Follow the build thread on X-H20 http://www.x-h2o.com/index.php?threads/my-400-score-stoked.154536/#post-1669252
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Allis Chalmers ACP30 Forklift w/ Continental F163 cold starting and moving Cummins 24V
Just a quick video for you gents(and perhaps ladies) of my favorite tool around the house. An unknown year A/C forklift I got on craigslist. In the year I owned her I have only put 15 hours on it but the help it provides is amazing.
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1987 Honda TRX 350D running.
Nice clunk from the clutch.
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Liquid Roof application onto my RV (Part 3)
The rubber is down. Sorry the video cuts out by my camera ran out of hard-drive space. This stuff was VERY easy to work with once I got used to it!
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Kawasaki X2 with Yamaha 701 61X
86 Kawasaki X2 Yamaha 61X 701 engine Girdled ADA head at 185 comp factory pipe mani 650sx header and chamber JSS wires Umi steering Stock impeller in this video but new impeller is inbound!
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Liquid Roof application onto my RV (Part 1)
My 1998 Fleetwood Class C was HURTING for some roof work. I purchased this RV last September and am mad I waited this long. If you're RV needs a new liner...consider this stuff immediately. Thanks for viewing.
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79 2.0 16V daily driver.
My 79 gets a makeover, new brakes, wheels and engine.
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1985 VW Golf
A final movie to show the old 8V running. I'm yanking it out to install a 1998 VR6.
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Jetsking in the surf of Hurricane Nate 2017
Chris - 94 Kawasaki 750 Tyler - ancient superjet with tons of motor Me - 94 Blaster 1200
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Moto2: Honda Z50 vs. Kawasaki KDX50. Sister vs Brother MX!
Mason won the earlier Moto by getting the holeshot and holding the entire race. Madison wasn't having any of that this time around. Mason only had his training wheels removed two months ago and both of them switched from quads to dirtbikes in February!
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1997 VW GTI VR6 donor.
I bought this car specifically to part out and stuff into a mk2.
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1984 VW Rabbit GTI-TD towing.
Best damn daily EVAR! Can't be stopped.
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1980 diesel idling but not running
I think a fuel block is causing this old 1.6 to not wanna rev up.
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VW Caddy from the woods after sitting 15 years.
Another mk1 VW saved.
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BMW E30 M52 build. Part 1 - Meet the the lucky lady....and her donors!
Time to capture my latest build! the base car is a 1991 BMW 325i auto. Along the way I'll steal parts from a 2000 328, a 1998 528i, and my trusty 1989 E30. Please suscribe and comment so I know what more to video and what less to show! Thanks for watching.
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Mason's 4th Birthday. No training wheels on the Kawasaki 50!!!
6 months ago I traded a Suzuki atv 50cc for this kawasaki. With no training wheels, an open face helmet, and unlimited throttle, we had to go to the emergency room 10 minutes after we got home. Now...for Mason's 4th birthday...his training wheels are off and he's doing great!
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VW Rabbit GTI 20V AEB RUNS!!!
AEB cranked second try. Forgot the ground on the first try!!! EASY SWAP!!!
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16V swap complete..
mk1 GTI 16V
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Yamaha Waveblaster 1200 in Tropical Storm Nate
This small clip was taken before the storm hit. The next day the surf was much cleaner and larger. Good times riding with Chris (94 Kawa and Tyler (SN superjet).
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1984 VW Rabbit GTI diesel swap
Pulled the 2,0 16V on Megasquirt in favor of a 1.5D.
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Freaky Friday 2005.
Freaky Friday, Fayetteville NC. August 5th 2005.
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Short ride at Dirtfarm MX in Folkston GA
Track prep was perfect today. Had a nice reunion with the Kawasaki 450f and now it's time to start pushing harder!
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