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Julio Iglesias & Nana Moskouri - Se que volveras
EN: Se que volveras - composer Nikos Ignatiadis. GR: Se que volveras - ο συνθέτης Νίκος Ιγνατιάδης.
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Ballet Folklorico Orizaba at Sibiu, Romania
EN: A Mexican folk dance performed by Ballet Folklorico Orizaba group at Sibiu, Romania occasionally with the 36th edition of "Cantecele Muntilor/Mountains Songs" = an etno-folkloric festival that took place every year during August in Sibiu Downtown, Romania. ESP: Ballet Folklorico Grupo Orizaba de México en show en Sibiu, Rumania de vez en cuando con la 36ª edición de "Cantecele Muntilor / Mountains Songs" = un festival etno-folclórico que tuvo lugar cada año durante agosto en el centro de Sibiu, Rumania. RO: Dans popular interpretat de ansamblul Ballet Folklorico Orizaba din Mexic pe scena celei de-a 36-a ediții a festivalului folcloric "Cântecele Munților" din municipiul Sibiu, eveniment culturalo-etno-folcloric care are loc în luna august a fiecarui an.
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Panzer-Grenadier Großdeutschland Division in Romania[April 1944]
EN: Combat footage taken in the Spring of 1944 in north-eastern Romania.It is showing the first tank battle of Târgu Frumos. We see among other German soldiers, colonel Willy Langkeit(1907-1969), generalleutnant Hasso von Manteufel(1897-1978), two Romanian military and Soviet POWs. You may find out more on the 1st battle of Târgu Frumos here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Battle_of_Târgu_Frumos. RO: Secvență din timpul primei bătălii de la Târgul Frumos desfășurată în aprilie 1944. La o privire atentă, printre militari germani,(între care distingem pe - atunci- colonelul Willy Langkeit(1907-1969), generalul Hasso von Manteufel(1897-1978)) și prizonieri sovietici, se pot recunoaște și 2 militari români(între 0:52-0:55). Mai multe despre prima bătălie de la Târgu Frumos se pot afla de pe link-ul: https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bătălia_de_la_Târgu_Frumos.
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Marmura de/The Marble of Ruşchiţa, Poiana Ruscă, Romania
EN: Rușchița (Croatian: Ruščica; Serbian: Рушчица; Hungarian: Ruskica márvány; German: Ruschitza) is a reddish, pinkish or white marble found in Romania. The marble deposit is located in the north of Caraș-Severin County, about 10 km northwest of the village of Rusca Montană, in the Poiana Rusca Mountains. Rușchița marble mining was done in the shape of a turned-over bell between 1884 and 1960. Nowadays the extraction is made in descending horizontal slices. RO: Scurt documentar despre exploatarea marmurei la cariera de la Ruşchiţa din Munţii Poiana Ruscă în nord-estul judeţului Caraş-Severin.
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Chase run through Oradea railway shed, Romania[1972]
RO: Secventa din filmul românesc "Pistruiatul" (https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistruiatul) realizat în 1972 la Oradea. Este vorba de o urmărire prin rezervația strategică de locomotive cu aburi din depoul Oradea. Pistruiatul(Costel Baloiu) epuizează fizic un polițist îmbrăcat civil(Peter Paulhoffer), alergandu-l prin toata curtea depoului. EN: Footage from the Romanian movie Pistruiatul(https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistruiatul) ”The Freckled boy” taken in 1972. It''s showing a chase run through the former steam locomotives strategic reserve of the Oradea depot.Pistruiatul/The Freckled boy exhaust physically a civil dressed cop by chasing him throughout the depot's yard. ©2016 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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The Rescue of an ATV DT-30 Vityaz in Siberia
RO: Recuperarea unui vehicul DT-30 Vityaz in Extremul Nord al Federatiei Ruse, mai precis în Siberia Occidentală(Districtul autonom Yamalo-Neneț, zona Urengoi-Salehard), pe un ger năpraznic. EN: Recovering an all-terrain multi-purpose DT-30 Vityaz vehicle during extreme freezing conditions on Kynsko-Chaselsky field in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Western Siberia, Russian Federation. One can read more on this vehicle at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vityaz_(ATV). ©2017 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Steam in South Africa in the 1980s
EN: 50 years of steam on Cecil Rhodes' historic route through Africa. Cuprins/Content: 1. 00:40 -"The Civilisation of Africa" (1930) B/W: Vintage 1930s travelogue from the days of the British Empire with period commentary and music. The Union Express from Cape Town is piloted up the Hex River Pass by a Mallett. In Rhodesia a 12th Class is on the traverser in Bulawayo Works while an 11thClass steams over the famous Victoria Falls. Plus early Garratts in Angola and a supershine loco parade at Atbara in the Sudan. With full supporting cast of double-deck trams, vintage road motors, rickshaws and Nile river steamers. 2. 03:20 - "Birth of a Giant" (1946) B/W : Construction of Class GEA Beyer-Garratt articulated locomotives for the South African Railways at Beyer-Peacock's Gordon Works in Manchester, plus an East African 2-8-2 being hauled from the North British Works to Glasgow Docks by a steam traction engine. 3. 12:00 - "African Steam in Action" (1980) Colour:- Steam in Cape Town, Class 24 on the classic Ladysmith branch, the mighty Class 25s double heading freight across the Karoo Plains, the Garrratt's last stronghold in Rhodesia(now Zimbabwe) and steam on Hwange coal. Filmed by Nick Lera during 1979/1980 Narrated By: Paul Vaughan Published with the kind permission of Nick Lera. AFR: 'N unieke videoproduction van Nick Lera vertoning die bou van 'n Beyer-Garratt lokomotief in 1946 by Gordon Foundry in Manchester, 'n 30 minute loco parade in Kaapstad stasie Suid-Afrika en 'n opwindende Rail Safari in Zimbabwe. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED WHATSOEVER. ©2015 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Romanian-built passenger waggons at Estrada de Ferro Carajás, Brazil
EN: I proudly present you some of the numerous passenger cars built in 2014 for Brazil by Astra Vagoane S.A. Arad, Romania.They are on service in north-eastern Brazil on the Irish gauge(1600 mm) of Estrada de Ferro Carajás(see the green strip on the map). More on this railway can be learned here:https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estrada_de_Ferro_Carajás. Here is the description: 1.00:03 - Passenger train on Estrada de Ferro Carajás, state of Maranhão. 2.01:12 - Train passing through Vitoria de Mearim station, MA. RO. Două trenuri formate exclusiv din vagoane de călători construite la Astra Vagoane Arad S.A. pentru calea ferată cu ecartament de 1600 mm Estrada de Ferro Carajás din Brazilia. 1.00:03 - Tren de pasageri pe linia Estrada de Ferro Carajás, statul Maranhão. 2. 01:12 - Tren intrând în stația Vitoria de Mearim, statul Maranhão. ©2017 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Rail trip Russia - Romania(with track gauge change at Vadul Siret)
Footage taken during a Summer rail journey that occured some years ago aboard Bulgaria Express between Bryansk and Bucharest via Kiev-Chernivtsyi-Suceava. Between 01:45 - 04:58 you may watch a bogie change at Vadu Siret border station between Ukraine and Romania. Cuprins/Content: 0:26 - Sukhinichi/Сухиничи; 0:44 - Bryansk/Брянск; 0:52 - Konotop/Конотоп; 0:56 - Crossing the Dnepr river/Днепр/Днiпро in Kiev/Киев; 1:04 - Station Kiev Pass; 1:09 - Chernivtsi/Чернівці. 1:18 - Vadu Siret border station; 1:21 - Train goes to the bogie change facility(1520 to 1435 mm); 1:45 - Changing gauge works; 5:00 - Suceava(Burdujeni) station. ©2015 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Amazing! Garden of Sound, Japan
It is located in Hokkaido, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
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Geared Steam Locomotives in USA
Steam locos show at Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad, WA, USA, August 2009. It can be seen both Shays and a Climax type locomotive. One can learn more on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geared_steam_locomotive#Types_of_geared_locomotive. © 2015 Cornel Sibianul: www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63/videos. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Zalishchyky on Dniester/Zaleszczyki nad Dniestrem
EN: Aerial video of the city that was between 1919 -1939 a border between Poland and Romania. PL: Aerial wideo z miasta, które było między 1919 -1939 punktu granicznego między Polską a Rumunią.
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Steam in Romania at the beginning of the 1970s and in 1995
EN: A video compilation consisting of: 1.00:07 - Very rare footage shot by an Australian rail enthusiast at the beginning of 1970s. It shows steam power at Feteşti, Simeria,Subcetate, Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Cluj, Oradea and Arad. Features examples of Škoda-built Class 130, Reşiţa-built Class 150.100, Romanian-owned P8s, an USA-built Consolidation, CFR Kriegsloks, narrow gauge Class 760s, a rack and adhession Class 40, 140.200, former MAV Class 324 and some magnificent 142s. Commentary: Robert Symes. 2. 09:50 - Steam chartered trains in 1995 worked by various standard & narrow gauge locos. RO: Compilaţie care prezintă diferite tipuri de locomotive cu aburi aflate în serviciu în ultimele decenii ale secolului trecut(sfârşitul anilor 1960-începutul deceniului 8 respectiv mijlocul ultimului deceniu). ©2015 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Bivolițe în România/Water buffaloes in Romania
RO: 06:00 - Bivoli folosiţi la tracţiune la Poşaga, jud. Alba; 01:51 - Bivoliţe la baie la Sohatu, jud. Călăraşi. EN: 06:00 - Buffaloes at work in Occidental Carpathians; 01:51 - A herd of buffaloes comes out of bathing at Sohatu, Călăraşi county. Mulțumesc doamnei Ioana Spielman pentru permisiunea de a folosi primul video.
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Rail Away Canada(Vancouver - Banff)
The video's description is available in Romanian and English. RO: Dragi spectatori și abonați, În primul rând, aș dori să precizez faptul că documentarul de mai sus a fost făcut de compania olandeză Meskers Media în anul 1996. Eu l-am publicat mai ales pentru spectatorii care nu își pot permite din motive financiare o excursie în Canada, să se bucure de frumusețea naturală a acestei țări. Acum permiteți-mi să spun câteva fraze despre videoclipul de mai sus: Cea mai faimoasă călătorie pe Rocky Mountaineer vă duce din metropola Vancouver spre pitorescul oraș Banff. Natura frumoasă și frumusețea liniștită a zonei sunt remarcabile. Banff este un oraș minunat unde poţi vedea elani mergând pe străzi.   Vizionați-l, comentați & votați! EN: Dear viewers and subscribers, First of all, I'd like to specify that the above documentary was made by the Dutch company Meskers Media in the 1990s. I just shared it especially for the viewers who cannot afford to enjoy the Canada`s natural beauties. I suggest you to positively rate it and to focus on the beauty of the magnificent landscape from British Columbia.Thank you. Now allow me the speak just a few phrases about the above video: The famous journey on the Rocky Mountaineer takes you from the metropolis Vancouver to the picturesque town of Banff. The beautiful nature and the quiet beauty of the area is remarkable. Banff is a magnificent town, where elks just walk through the shopping streets. Enjoy, comment & rate!
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Cab Ride across Volga near Saratov
EN:Crossing the Volga aboard a TEP70 diesel-electric locomotive of RZD; RO: Traversare feroviară a fluviului Volga în cabina unei locomotive TEP70 a Căilor Ferate ale Federației Ruse.
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Bisericile fortificate săseşti din Transilvania/Fortified churches of Transylvania[RO]
Vizionaţi în HD - se vede mai bine! În sudul Transilvaniei, în Podișul Târnavelor, de la Mediaș la Saschiz și în Valea Hârtibaciului se află un important patrimoniu construit, o extraordinară moștenire istorică și culturală existentă din vremea când aceste zone erau locuite preponderent de sași. La venirea lor în Transilvania, sașii au adus cu ei arhitectura occidentală atât în domeniul religios, cât și în cel laic. Recunoști ușor satele săsești, cu casele colorate aliniate disciplinat una după alta, frumos decorate și cu porți mari din lemn. Imagine şi montaj: Cosmin Giurgiu Documentare şi text: Andrei Pogacias Fotograf şi Design: Alina Bondrea Coloana sonoră: Audio Network ©2015 Publicat cu permisiunea GVT MEDIA.www.ghidvideoturistic.ro Published courtesy GVT MEDIA www.ghidvideoturistic.ro.
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Locomotive coupling in Russia
Sumar/Content/Inhalt: 1.00:10 - Hitching TEP70-0522 with train at Yekaterinburg Pass. 2.01:20 - Locomotive change at Balezino station, Udmurtia - Škoda ChS4T. 3.02:49 - Hitching ChS4T-269 with train №012YA ”Yamal” at Vladimir. 4.04:16 - Locomotive EP1M-740 coupling at Voronezh. 5.08:05 - Electric loco VL60PK-1517 clings to the train at Kizilyurt, Daghestan. 6.10:21 - Locomotive change at Yelets, Lipetsk region;TEP70-0034 leaves and EP1M-699 is attached. 7.15:07 - Сoupling ТEМ2 to passenger wagon. 8.16:19 - Extra! - 3TE116U-001 with a freight train, Krasnodar region. © 2016 Cornel Sibianul - www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63/videos. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Romania - Sibiu city and Sibiu county in 1968 & 1970
RO: Secvenţe de arhivă din judeţul Sibiu luate între 1968 şi 1970. EN:Archive footage from 1968 and 1970s showing different places from Sibiu county in 1968 and 1970 respectively.
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Rail Away Namibia (Tsumeb - Mariental)
EN: Journey aboard the Shongololo Express touristic train across the Namibian desert in the second half of the 1990s. DE: Reise an Bord der Shongololo Express touristischen Zug über die namibischen Wüste in der zweiten Hälfte des letzten Jahrzehnts des 20. Jahrhunderts. AFR: Reis aan boord van die Shongolo Express toerisme trein oor die Namibiese woestyn in die tweede helfte van die laaste dekade van die 20ste eeu.
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Recital Adi Neamțu la/Adi Neamțu show at Jina, România
Unul din cei mai apreciați soliști instrumentiști din România în show la Jina, județul Sibiu, pe scena celei de-a 41-a ediții a nedeii pastorale "Sus pe muntele din Jina", eveniment etno-folcloric care are loc anual, în ultima duminică a lunii iulie în marginea de sud a comunei, mai precis în locul numit Șesul Jinarilor. Îmi cer scuze pentru acoperirea camerei cu degetele. Am fost nevoit să șterg lentila exterioară de câteva picături de apă care au căzut, aduse de vântul puternic, pe această parte a camerei de filmat.
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Train Ride from Germany to Turkey (1995)
EN: A cultural tourism journey that took place by mid-1990s through Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and the European side of Turkey. Enjoy, vote, comment and subscribe! DE: Eine kulturelle Reise, die am Mitte der 1990er-Jahre nahm durch Deutschland, der Tschechische Republik, der Slowakei, Ungarn, Rumänien, Serbien, Bulgarien und der europäischen Seite der Türkei. Bewerten, kommentieren und abonnieren!
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Mareşalul României, Ion Antonescu, in inspectie/Rumänisch-Deutsche Waffenbruderschaft
RO: Scurt documentar care prezintă două vizite ale mareşalului Ion Antonescu pe front; prima este la litoralul Mării Azov, la sfârşitul toamnei anului 1941, iar cea de-a doua în primăvara lui 1942, undeva în Ucraina. La sosire, pe aeroport, mareşalul este întâmpinat de generali şi ofiţeri superiori români şi germani, printre care distingem pe generalii Petre Dumitrescu şi Gheorghe Avramescu, precum şi pe mareşalul Erich von Manstein. Spre sfârşitul cele de-a doua vizite, mareşalul decorează militari români şi germani care au săvârşit fapte de arme deosebite. Am postat acest documentar spre a fi exemplu generaţiilor viitoare, ca un modest omagiu adus împlinirii a 70 de ani de la jertfa militarilor Armatei Române în al doilea război mondial, pentru reîntregirea Patriei. DE: Dokumentarfilm zeigt zwei Ansichten der Marschall Ion Antonescu vor, bei Azov See kuste bzw. Odessa, im Spätherbst 1942. Nach der Ankunft am Flughafen, Generäle und hohe Offiziere rumänischen und deutschen, einschließlich der aufstrebenden Generäle Gheorghe Avramescu und Petre Dumitrescu sowie Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein, grüßt MarschalI Antonescu. Gegen Ende der zwei Besuche, Ion Antonescu übergeben Medaillen zu rumänischen und deutschen Soldaten, die große Taten zu begehen unterteilt. Ich habe diese Dokumentation veröffentlicht als Beispiel für künftige Generationen als eine bescheidene Hommage feiert 70 Jahre mit rumänischen Armee bei Stalingrad, die Wiedervereinigung des Vaterlandes sein.
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Turkish Railways' High Speed Train[August 2016]
EN: Dear viewers and subscribers, I proudly present you a video compilation on Turkish Railways 'Siemens Velaro HT 80001' High Speed Train. TR: Değerli izleyiciler ve aboneler, Türk Demiryolları 'Siemens Velaro HT 80001' Yüksek Hızlı Treni'nde size bir video derlemesi sunmaktan gurur duyuyorum. Cuprins/Content/Içerik: 1. 00:07 - On the way to Turkey, a stop at Kaspichan Bulgaria; 2. 04:15 - Test run at Ankara Gari; 3. 05:27 - Test run between Ankara - Konya depot. ©2017 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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The Funeral Train of Romania's King Michael, Piteşti[16 December 2017]
RO: Dragi compatrioţi, Cu ocazia depăşirii a 2.000.000 de vizualizări şi totodată a peste 4.600 de abonaţi, am plăcerea de a vă oferi spre vizionare o scurtă filmare cu sosirea trenului regal cu sicriul Regelui Mihai I la staţia Piteşti în drum spre locul de odihnă veşnică de la Curtea de Argeş. Dumnezeu să-l odihnească în pace! © 2017 Cornel Sibianul - www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63/. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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The Hunedoara Narrow Gauge Railway
EN: Footage from the DVD "Narrow Gauge at Work number 2 INDUSTRIAL ROMANIA", author: Steve Thomason http://www.ingr.co.uk/ or http://www.ingr.co.uk/vids_dig2.html). It is a documentary about the narrow gauge railway between Hunedoara, Govăjdia and Crăciuneasa when it was still operational in June 1998. A blog about the narrow-gauge railway of Hunedoara can be found here: http://thenarrowgaugerailwayofhunedoara.wordpress.com/ Historical photos about the railway and present day photos are uploaded on the specially dedicated panoramio account: http://www.panoramio.com/user/5131912. It was published as a tribute to the former industrial narrow gauge between Hunedoara and Crăciuneasa. RO:Un film documentar despre ce a fost odată combinatul siderurgic şi mocăniţa de la Hunedoara când ambele mai funcţionau în iunie 1998 (extras de pe DVD-ul "Narrow Gauge at Work number 2 INDUSTRIAL ROMANIA" autor: Steve Thomason, http://www.ingr.co.uk/ sau http://www.ingr.co.uk/vids_dig2.html) Un blog despre CFI Hunedoara: http://mocanitahunedoara.wordpress.com/ Mai multe poze frumoase din istoria şi traseul mocăniţei se află pe contul de panoramio special dedicat mocăniţei de la Hunedoara: http://www.panoramio.com/user/5131912.
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Steam in Eastern Europe by the end of 1960s
In the 2nd half of 1960s Harry P.Dodge travelled through the Iron Courtain just in order to capture genuine steam operation. The result is rare footage from Poland(02:00), Romania - 14:50( with footage taken at Fetești, Simeria, Subcetate, Cluj, Alba Iulia, Oradea, Arad), Hungary(24:45), Czechoslovakia(29:55), Yugoslavia(35:10) and East Germany(48:30). Steam freight and passenger trains, are included, as well as tank engines and turntables, and everything from mighty 2-10-0s to tiny narrow gauge locos; whilst not forgetting all the activity behind the scenes. This rare archive steam footage was lovingly captured on 16mm film by the famous American railroad enthusiast, Harry P. Dodge. Along with the rest of the series, it provides the unique and incredible story of the world's railways in the '60s and early '70s. ©2015 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Dampflokbau bei/Steam Loco Building at Krauss-Maffei München
RO: Construcţia locomotivelor Pacific pentru CFR(anii 1920),urmată de recepţie şi probe de drum în Germania. EN: Archive footage taken in the 1920s showing the building of Pacific steam locomotives for Romanian Railways(CFR) and some test runs. DE: Archivaufnahmen aus den 1920er Jahren, die den Bau von Pacific-Dampflokomotiven für die rumänischen Eisenbahnen (CFR) und einige Testläufe zeigen.
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Carpathianhorn concert from Apuseni Mountains/Concert de tulnice
The Carpathian horn is a very popular communication and musical instrument from Romania`s Apuseni Mountains. One can find out more on it at:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucium.
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Sibiel - a village from Mărginimea Sibiului, Romania
RO: Plimbare matinală pe strada principală din Sibiel, un sat pitoresc din Mărginimea Sibiului. EN:Morning walking through the main street of Sibiel a nice village located 25 westwards from Sibiu at the foot of the Transylvanian Alps. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!Viel Spaß! © 2015 Cornel Sibianul - www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Stay tuned on my channel for more videos!
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Tramvaiele din România/Tramways of Romania[1966]
Un scurt film cu tramvaiele care erau în serviciu în 1966 în Arad, Timişoara, Oradea, Sibiu şi Bucureşti. Publicat cu permisiunea lui Dave Spencer, deținătorul copyrightului. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Testing the 2nd Battery Electric Locomotive built in Romania
Upon ArcelorMittal Galati request, ROMANIA EUROEST together with INDA developed the 2nd Li-Ion Battery Powered Electric Locomotive from Europe, LEA-002. This was achieved by replacing the Diesel Hydraulic Propulsion of the LDH1250HP locomotive with an AC Electric Propulsion System powered by Li-Ion Batteries. The new locomotive addressed specific requirements of ArcelorMittal as: a.Shunting service on internal railroads; b.Hauled tonnage: 1500 t; c.Maximum speed: 5 km / h; d.Full recovery of the electric braking energy. INDA has designed and made the AC Propulsion System consisting of the Traction & Charging Converter, the Auxiliaries Static Converter, the Integrated Traction Control System of the Vehicle, the Battery Management System (BMS) and the corresponding Charge Redistribution System. Now let's speak on LEA-002 Propulsion System in Few Words: Generally speaking, the use of the conventional propulsion systems employing fossil fuel engines leads constantly to significant increase in CO2, let alone the other harmful gases found among the emissions of all the vehicles based on these systems. The efficiency of the "classical" propulsion systems is generally poor enough so that finally one can get rather a modest efficiency in using the fossil fuels, all dependenton resources in quite a decline for the time being. Developing a propulsion system powered by Li-Ion battery and operated with an AC Traction Motor controlled by an Electronic Converter is the key to achieve Vehicles with a significant higher efficiency in the use of the energy and a lower degree of pollution by far. In addition to the above, for LEA-001 we developed an innovative propulsion system with a higher performances than of the similar systems currently available on the market, as follows: Apart from propulsion, the AC traction motor provides the necessary conditions to charge the battery through the on board traction converter from a regular three phase network. The Battery Management System teams together with a quick Charge-Redistribution System between the Li-Ion Cells as an innovative and comprehensive Unitary System that allows a fast charge of the battery from empty state to 99% in about one third of the time required by other common systems. Neither a separate DC charger, nor an external DC supply is required to charge the battery of the Electric Vehicle (as almost all commonly used systems do require), but any standard three phase supply outlet in order to allow recharging almost anywhere. The overall efficiency is enhanced by the use of the regenerative electric braking as often as possible, almost to standstill, the energy being fully recovered back to the battery by the traction converter. Cuprins/Content: 01:15 - Tractând un tren/Pulling the train; 04:45 - Împingând trenul/Pushing the train; 07:55 - câteva detalii interesante/...some interesting details; 09:00 - Filmare Bonus/Extra footage.
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Shunting activity at Sibiu railway depot, Romania[July 2016]
For clickable index(RO+EN) please expand. EN: A glimpse of activity in a typical working day at one of the most important roundhouses in Southern Transylvania. RO: Un crâmpei de activitate dintr-o zi obișnuită de lucru la depoul Sibiu. Cuprins/Content/Inhalt: 1.00:10 - Preparations; 2.00:40 - Moving a Class 89 diesel-hydraulic locomotive; an EMD powered diesel-electric enters on the turntable; 3.10:05 - Shunting a canibalized Class 62 Sulzer; 4.15:50 - An EMD powered diesel-electric is prepared for the service; 5.20:10 - A damaged Sulzer is moved in the workshop; 6.30:57 - Bonus; departure of InterRegio 1921 Sibiu to Mangalia Summer service.
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Trains at Reni, Ukraine/Trenuri la Reni în Basarabia de Sud
Video shot on the cloudy days of 23 and 24 February 2013 respectively at Reni in southern Bessarabia. 00:08 - A crossborder freight composed for more than two thirds of wagons loaded with coke for Mittal Steel Galati arrived in the afternoon of 23 February at Reni marshalling yard. 06:51 - The "international" passenger train Reni-Basarabeasca runs on both UZ and CFM metals. 07:28 - After a 25 minutes stop the wagons loaded with coke have been decoupled from the rest of the train. They continued the journey to Galati behind 2TE10M-2834. 09:37 - View towards the maritime Danube and the river's Dobrudjan shore. 11:45 - A freight consisting of empty wagons was returning from Galati behind the same 2TE10M-2834. Enjoy, rate, comment & subscribe! © 2013 Cornel Sibianul - www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63.
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Rail Away Vietnam
Train ride aboard the Reunification Express from the south to the north of this very picturesque south-east Asian country. The journey from the former Saigon to Hanoi is a long journey. We visit the sites of Hoi An and Hue. Hanoi remembers destination in terms of architecture at the time the French had the power here.
Views: 54938 Cornel Sibianul
Steam in Eastern Europe in the 1990s
Journeys with chartered trains that occured by mid-1990s in the Russian Federation(00:01:20), Ukraine(double- even triple-heading on the hard gradients of the Carpathian Mountains), Hungary(the 150th anniversary of the 1st railway line from July 1996 shown between 27:55-31:15), Poland(31:15), East Germany(01:16:30) and Romania(01:51:45).
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Topârcea & Ocna Sibiului/Tschapertsch & Salzburg in Rumänien
Imagini din satul Topârcea şi din oraşul-staţiune turistică Ocna Sibiului.
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Romania-Ukraine Border Crossing/معبر الحدود بين رومانيا وأوكرانيا
EN: The border crossing between Romania and Ukraine at Halmeu, Satu Mare county. At 4:54 you can see the demarcation between the two states. AR:المعبر الحدودي بين رومانيا وأوكرانيا في هالميو، مقاطعة ساتو ماري. في 4:54 يمكنك أن ترى ترسيم الحدود بين الدولتين.
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Trains in the Carpathians and at Constanța, Romania[ February & August 2015]
RO: Activitate feroviară înregistrată în 2015 la Predeal, pe cursul superior al Mureșului și la Constanța. EN: Rail activity recorded by myself in 2015 at Predeal, on the Upper Mures Valey and at Constanta. Cuprins/Content/Inhalt: 1.00:07 - Passenger train departing from Predeal - Romania's highest station(1030 m alt.); 2.01:21 - A container train is leaving Predeal towards the same direction later on the same day; 3.03:26 - View from a fast train between Toplița & Deda. 4.09:05 - A Phoenix Softronic-built locomotive did some shunting at Constantsa. 5.10:30 - The same Softronic-built engine departs from Constanța with a Bucharest bound fast train. ©2015 Cornel Sibianul - youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!Viel Spaß! Stay tuned on my channel for more videos!
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Trenuri la halta Sibiel/Trains at Sibiel stop, Romania[May 2013]
RO: Câteva trenuri surprinse într-o zi de primăvară la halta Sibiel de pe magistrala 200. Dedicație pentru pasionații locomotivelor GM-EMD. EN: Electro-Motive Diesel sounds at Sibiel stop on CFR's 2nd mainline between Sibiu and Vintu de Jos/Lower Vintsu. Cuprins/Content/Inhalt: 0:22 - InterRegio 1621 Bucureşti Nord-Sibiu-Timişoara Nord; 1:05 - Regio 2443 Sibiu-Târgu Mureş; Enjoy, rate & comment!
Views: 942 Cornel Sibianul
Sibiu/Hermannstadt/Nagyszeben - Romania
SIBIU - HERMANNSTADT (Siebenbürgen/Transylvania) - Stadtswanderung, 29-30 juni 2015 Video performed between June29th & 30th Pedestrian Tour through the City's Downtown: Strada Nicolae Balcescu (Heltauergasse), Piata Mare (Grosser Ring), Piata Mica(Kleiner Ring), Casa Artelor/House of Arts(Fleischerlaube), Piata Unirii (Hermannsplatz), Strada Mitropoliei (Fleischergasse), Greek-Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity(Catedrala Mitropolitană), Greek-Orthodox Theology Faculty, Huet Square (Huetplatz) where we meet the statue of Georg Daniel Teutsch in the Lutheran Church (Stadtpfarrkirche), Strada Croitorilor (Schneidergasse), Strada Turnului (Tower Street/Saggasse), former Dragoon Guard/vormalige Dragonerwache, Strada 9 Mai (Elisabethgasse), Podul Minciunilor(Bridge of Liars/Lügenbrücke/Leugenaarsbrug) & in the Atrium Classic Café we met live pianomusic.
Views: 1617 Cornel Sibianul
Romania - CFR & Private railcars in service[French commentary]
FR: Malaxa, ex-DR et ex-SNCF automotrices vus par un cameraman français en 2004 dans le Banat de Roumanie et entre Brasov et Zărneşti. EN: Old Malaxa, ex-DR(LVT) and ex-SNCF railcars seen by a French cameraman in 2004 in the Roumanian Banat and south-eastern Transylvania respectively. © 2015 Cornel Sibianul - www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63/. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!
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Udatul Ionilor/St.John's day ritual - Tălmăcel, Romania[January7th 2013]
RO: Tălmăcel (în dialectul săsesc Kli-Talmesch, în germană Klein-Talmesch, în maghiară Kistalmács) este o localitate în județul Sibiu, zona Mărginimea Sibiului, Transilvania, România. EN: Tălmăcel (German: Klein-Talmesch; Hungarian: Kisstalmács) is a village in Sibiu County, in central Romania, 24 km south of the county capital Sibiu. It lies on the south-eastern end of the Mărginimea Sibiului area. At the 2011 census, 95.3% of inhabitants were Romanians, 3.3% Roma, 0.8% Hungarians and 0.6% Germans.
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EMD 8-710G3A Engine Show at Sibiu, Romania[December 2015]
The arrival and entering in service of the repaired Electro-Motive Diesel powered 92 53 0 641179-2 owned by CFR Passengers and currently allocated to Sibiu depot. For clickable index please expand. 1.00:10 - Arrival from RELOC Craiova repair workshop; 2.00:35 - Preparing for shunting; 3.01:35 - Uncoupling from the train; 4.06:20 - Entering in service with Regio 2565 Sibiu-Mediaș; 5.08:25 - Arrival at platform with the above mentioned service train; 6.09:35 - Waiting for the departure signal; 7.15:30 - Departure with Regio 2565 Sibiu to Mediaș service train. Enjoy, comment, vote & subscribe!Viel Spaß! © 2015 Cornel Sibianul - www.youtube.com/user/emdiesel63. Stay tuned on my channel for more videos!
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Romanian-built Passenger Carriages in Brazil(EFVM network)
For clickable index please expand. EN: Some of the several passenger cars Made in Romania by Astra Vagoane Arad S.A. at work. They run on the 1000 mm gauge track owned by Estrada Feroviaria Vitoria a Minas in south-eastern Brazil. One can find more on the Arad-built waggons here: http://www.romania-insider.com/romanian-astra-vagoane-calatori-to-export-wagons-to-brazil-for-eur-100-mln/. RO: Am plăcerea să vă prezint câteva trenuri formate din vagoane construite în anii 2014 și 2015 la Arad pentru calea ferată cu ecartament metric Estrada Feroviaria Vitória a Minas din Brazilia. PT: Alguns dos vários carros de passageiros produzidos na Astra Vagoane Arad S.A.Roménia no trabalho. Eles correm na rede com bitola 1.000 milímetros da Estrada Feroviaria Vitória a Minas, no sudeste do Brasil. 1.00:06 - Dash 9-1151 with a passenger train near Rio Piracicaba; 2.01:25 - Arrival at João Monlevade station; 3.03:00 - Arrival at Desembargador Drumond; 4.04:28 - Departure from Desembargador Drumond; 5.05:46 - Arrival at Intendente Câmara; 6.07:07 - Train at Federico Sellow; 7.12:48 - Test run through Governador Valadares station; 8.13:58 - Arrival at Guvernador Valadares; 9.15:23 - Closing the gates of the rly. crossing for a train passage; 10.18:10 - Train entering Resplendor station; 11.19:44 - Train stopped at Resplendor station; 12.24:50 - Train leaving Resplendor; 13.26:51 - Departure from Aimorés; 14.27:58 - Departure from Itapina Station - February 2016; 15.30:37 - Entering at Colatina; 16.31:35 - Arrival at Colatina from Pedro Nolasco; 17.32:36 - Passage through Fundão Station; 18.33:44 - Return trip from Pedro Nolasco. Enjoy, rate & comment!
Views: 4504 Cornel Sibianul
Winter Sailing on the Danube-Black Sea Canal[January 2017]
Winter sailing under extreme weather on the Danube and Danube-Black Sea canal respectively from Cernavodă to Constanţa Sud-Agigea. For the clickable index please expand! 1.00:10 - Pusher Mercur 307 on the Danube at Cernavodă; 2.00:45 - Snow storm over Danube; 3.01:15 - Giurgeni - km 240; 4.01:40 - Meeting with Mercur 309 at Hârşova; 5.02:40 - Cab view on the Danube at Hârşova; 6.03:05 - Mercur 309 on Canal km 10; 7.03:35 - Canal km 10; 8.04:20 - Sailing to Agigea on extreme freezing weather; 9.05:30 - Same as above; 10.06:05 - Overpassing towboat München; 11.08:05 - Winter landscape at Poarta Albă; 12.08:25 - Evening at Constanţa-Sud harbour. Thank you for your time. Enjoy, rate, comment & subscribe!
Views: 1364 Cornel Sibianul
Strămutarea Orșovei/Relocating Orsova city(1966-1970)
EN: Orșova (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈorʃova]; German: Orschowa, Hungarian: Orsova, Serbian: Оршава/Oršava, Bulgarian: Орсово, Polish: Orszawa, Czech: Oršava, Turkish: Adakale) is a port city on the Danube river in southwestern Romania's Mehedinți County. It is one of four localities in the county located in the Banat historical region. It is situated just above the Iron Gates, on the spot where the Cerna River meets the Danube. During the works at the Iron Gates, the old center of the town was flooded and Orșova was developed (1966–1970) on higher ground, including the southern side of the Almăj Mountains and the villages of Jupalnic, Tufari, and Coramnic. Also flooded then was the neighboring Ada Kaleh, with the scattering of the mostly Turkish community of the Danube island. Ada Kaleh and its inhabitants, as well as the ancient city, are still present in the memory of its surviving locals. RO: Orșova (în germană Orschowa, în maghiară Orsova, în sârbă Оршава) este un municipiu în județul Mehedinți, România. Este situat pe malul lacului de acumulare Porțile de Fier I de pe Dunăre, în zona de vărsare a râului Cerna în Dunăre. La recensământul din 2002, populația orașului era de 12.967 locuitori. Ca urmare a realizării lacului de acumulare Porțile de Fier I, vechea vatră a orașului a fost inundată în 1970, iar populația a fost strămutată pe un nou amplasament, incluzând terasele Dunării și ale Cernei și versantul de sud al Munților Almăjului, unde s-a construit, în perioada 1966-1970, un oraș complet nou care a înglobat și satele Jupalnic, Tufari și Coramnic. Actualul oraș nu se află pe vatra orașului vechi, deoarece acesta a fost mutat mai sus față de nivelul Dunării, în prima parte a anilor '70, odată cu umplerea lacului de acumulare format de barajul de la hidrocentrala Porțile de Fier I.
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Pescuit de sturioni la/Sturgeons Fishing at Sf. Gheorghe, Romania
RO: Sturionii se pescuiesc pe furtună. Film didactic realizat în 1971 care surprinde aspecte din viaţa pescarilor din acele vremuri : pescuitul de sturioni, uneltele şi sculele folosite, colectarea de caviar etc. EN: Sturgeons are caught in a storm - 1971. The didactic film captures the aspects of life of fishermen in those days : sturgeon fishing, tools and workshop equipment, collecting caviar etc. Sursa/Source: Sahia Film.
Views: 5466 Cornel Sibianul
Overturned Truck on the Olt Valley, Romania[23 February 2017]
RO: Un autotren încărcat cu băuturi răcoritoare s-a răsturnat pe calea ferată între localităţile Câinenii Mari şi Robeşti din judeţul Vâlcea în după-amiaza zilei de 23 Februarie 2017. În concluzie, autostrada Sibiu-Piteşti este mai mult decât necesară. EN:A long haul truck loaded with soft drinks crashed and was overturned on the Olt Valley between Câineni and Robeşti. Fortunately Romanian Police was on the scene. February23rd 2017.
Views: 255 Cornel Sibianul
Test Drive with Military Truck Praga V3S
EN: Dear viewers and subscribers, I proudly present you a test drive with the famous all-terrain multi-purpouse Czechoslovak-made Praga V3S military truck. More info on this type you may read on the following link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praga_V3S. CS: Vážení diváci a předplatitelé, Já vám hrdě představím zkušební jízdu se slavným vojenským nákladním vozidlem Praga V3S, který je všestranný všestranný československý vůz. Více informací o tomto typu můžete číst na následujícím odkazu:https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praga_V3S. SK: Drahí diváci a predplatitelia, Som hrdá na to, že vám predstavím skúšobnú jazdu so slávnym vojenským nákladným vozidlom Praga V3S, ktorý je všestranný multifunkčný československý automobil. Viac informácií o tomto type si môžete prečítať na nasledujúcom odkazu:https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praga_V3S.
Views: 12429 Cornel Sibianul

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