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Shigeaki Aso Breaks In A Glove - Paragon Sports NYC
Wilson's Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso visits Paragon Sports to provide his legendary glove care service to customers. --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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LandYachtz Switchblade Longboard - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports skateboard specialist Subash discusses the benefits of one LandYachtz latest longboards, the Switchblade. Paragon Sports | 18th Street & Broadway, Manhattan http://www.paragonsports.com
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Paragon Sports Staff Selection: Lowa Boots
Paragon Staff Member recommends the Lowa Camino GTX FreeFlex. http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/lowa-camino-gtx-freeflex-mens
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Top 5 Fall Men's Jackets for 2015 - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports' top 5 picks for Fall Men's Jackets. Canada Goose Macmillan Parka http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/canada-goose-macmillan-parka Fjällräven Greenland No. 1 Special Jacket http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/fjallraven-greenland--1-special-jkt Marmot Mountain Down Jacket http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20499--1/marmot-mountain-down-jacket-5006-71640--1 The North Face Fuseform Dot Matrix Insulated Jacket http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20499--1/the-north-face-m-fuseform-dot-matrix-in-5010-nf00cky1--1 The North Face Polar Journey Parka http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20499--1/the-north-face-m-polar-journey-parka-5010-nf00cql3--1 --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Top 5 Fall Women's Jackets for 2015 - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports' top 5 picks for Women's Fall Jackets. Canada Goose Chelsea Parka http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/canada-goose-chelsea-parka Arc'teryx Darrah Coat http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/arcteryx-darrah-coat-womens The North Face Shavana Parka http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/the-north-face-w-shavana-parka-5010-nf00cqk8--1 Marmot Chelsea Coat http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/marmot-wms-chelsea-coat-5006-76560--1 Arc'teryx Kappa Hoody http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20547--1/arcteryx-kappa-hoody-womens --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Paragon Sports Ski and Snowboard Repair Shop
Paragon Staff Member Marcin takes you on a tour of the store's Ski and Snowboard Repair shop located on the 5th floor. Music By: "Siesta" by Jahzzar (http://betterwithmusic.com)
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Top 3 Men’s Jackets for Fall 2016  - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports’ Outdoor Apparel Buyer points out the details, functionality and fit of the Kuhl Spyfire Hoody, Fjallraven Raven Jacket and the Arc’teryx Ames Jacket. Kuhl Spyfire Hoody: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/kuhl-spyfire-hoody Fjallraven Raven Jacket: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/fjallraven-raven-jacket Arc’teryx Ames Jacket: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/arcteryx-ames-jacket-mens Music from: http://www.purple-planet.com --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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2016 CCM Super Tacks Skates Preview - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports Hockey Specialist Alex Manon talks with CCM Rep Dennis Dansforth on the upcoming 2016 Super Tacks Skates. The NEW SUPER TACK SKATES are available 7/15. --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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ASICS GEL-Nimbus 17 Running Shoe - Paragon Sports
With a nearly seamless FluidFit™ upper, improved weight reduction and forefoot GEL, the GEL-Nimbus 17 is the latest running shoe from ASICS. You can find the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 17 here: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/SearchDisplay?storeId=10551&catalogId=10051&langId=-1&pageSize=24&beginIndex=0&searchSource=Q&searchType=2&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&pageView=image&searchTerm=GEL-Nimbus
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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 – EDITOR’S CHOICE This lightweight shoe is built for speed but stays soft enough for long runs as well. The Zante V3 features an aggressive toe spring and a new no-sew material application for a sleek fit. New Balance has reworked the shape of the sidewall and the outsole protrusions for greater flexibility and road feel. The outsole treads were reshaped to spread side-to-side, so as not to detract from the overall flexibility of the shoe. This is a great all around shoe for neutral runners with varied workouts Each shoe is available for purchase online or in-person at our store on 18th & Broadway in Manhattan, New York. Come in and see one of our talented Running Specialists and get a personalized fit backed by our fit guarantee and find out if these or any of our hundreds of other options are right for you! Womens: https://www.paragonsports.com/products/fresh-foam-zante-v3-womens?sku=WZANTV3-400033481669 Mens: https://www.paragonsports.com/products/fresh-foam-zante-v3-mens?sku=MZANTV3-400033481546
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Adidas Supernova – BEST UPDATE Adidas went to work and revamped this shoe from top to bottom. It’s overall softness was ramped up, making it more appealing to runners. More Boost was added in the heel for a bouncier feeling and to amplify the cushioning than it’s former models. The ultra-responsive boost midsole is made to deliver maximum energy return with each stride. Both the forefoot and the heel were made much softer, while applying a rail of firmer EVA foam to help runners stay centered over the midsole. The supernova features a Continental Rubber outsole for amazing grip in both wet and dry environments. https://www.paragonsports.com/products/supernova-1
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Tecnica Forge In-Store Customizable Molding
Introducing the first hiking boot with a fully moldable upper. Paragon is one of the select retailers to perform Tecnica’s Heat Customization process. Our Trained Boot fitters use a specially designed machine to heat and mold each boot to your individual foot for ultimate comfort and wearability. Call to schedule your fitting today 212-255-8036
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Interview with Timmy O'Neill - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports interviews Patagonia Ambassador and mountaineer, Timmy O’Neil on the aspects of climbing, life, and his organization Paradox Sports, an organization with the goal of assisting people with physical disabilities to participate in the world of human-powered sports. For more information on Patagonia's Ambassador program: http://www.patagonia.com/us/ambassadors For more information on Paradox Sports: http://www.paradoxsports.org --- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Men’s Top Fall Boots for 2016
Here's a review of our staffs pick of the top men's Fall Boots for 2016. Please click the links below to check out the boots on our online store. Danner Mountain 503 Boot http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/danner-m-mountain-503-wp-5550-35612--1 Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven Chelsea Boot http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/danner-m-mountain-503-wp-5550-35612--1
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Interview with Shigeaki Aso & Ryan Smith - Paragon Sports NYC
Wilson Sports Master Glove Craftsmen Shigeaki Aso and Ryan Smith visit Paragon Sports to talk about the latest gloves and the glove care process. --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Asics Dynaflyte Running Shoe - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Jacob, from Paragon Sports, as he discusses the 2016 Asics Dynaflyte Running Shoe. https://www.paragonsports.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=dynaflyte&button=search --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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2016 CCM Hockey Sticks Preview - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports Hockey Specialist Alex Manon talks with CCM Rep Dennis Dansforth on the upcoming 2016 Super Tacks and RBZ Revolution sticks. The NEW RBZ REVOLUTIONS STICKS are available 8/12. --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Glove Care Center - Paragon Sports NYC
Get your gloves steamed, stringed, and ready to play ball for the 2015 baseball season at Paragon Sports Glove Care Center in Manhattan.
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Tennis Racquet Stringing - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Jared, one of Paragon Sports tennis specialist, as he discusses the fundamentals of Paragon’s tennis stringing service. Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway, Manhattan http://www.paragonsports.com
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Paragon Sports Gait Analysis
Paragon Staff member Leo performs a Gait analysis on a customer looking for the perfect running shoe for an upcoming race. Come to 18th and Broadway, to get fitted for your perfect shoe. www.paragonsports.com
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Paragon Sports Boris Becker NYC Racquet Review
Paragon Sports Staff Member Reviews The Boris Becker NYC Tennis Racquet
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Ski Demo With Paragon Sports
The Paragon Sports Staff demos some Ski gear on the slopes.
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Top 5 Training Shoes - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Henry, Paragon Sports running specialist, as he discusses the top 5 training shoes for marathon preparation. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Mens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/nike-air-zoom-pegasus-32 Womens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/nike-l-air-zoom-pegasus-32 Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 Mens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/mizuno-wave-enigma-5-mens-ebl-w Womens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/mizuno-wave-enigma-5-womens-was New Balance Vazee Pace Mens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/new-balance-vazee-pace Womens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/new-balance-l-vazee-pace Asics GEL-Kayano 22 Mens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/asics-gel-kayano-22 Womens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/asics-l-gel-kayano-22 Brooks Pureflow 4 Mens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/brooks-pureflow-4 Womens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/brooks-pureflow-4-4-120180--1 ---- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York City http://www.paragonsports.com
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Merrell Capra Sport Mid GTX Hiking Boot - Paragon Sports NYC
The all new Merrell Capra Mid Hiking Boot. http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/merrell-capra-mid-sport-gore-tex-5023-j64974--1
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"IT Band & Hip Stretch" - Yoga For Runners - Paragon Sports
Paragon Sports yoga trainer Patricia Pinto instructs on how to perform an IT Band and Hip Stretch. ---- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Gait Analysis | Paragon Sports NYC
A Gait Analysis is the perfect way to accurately determine the best and most comfortable shoe for you. Our running specialists will learn about your shoe preferences, any pain you might have, and make his/her recommendations. Whether you're a long distance runner, casual runner, or looking to get active a Gait Analysis can improve your comfort.
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"Warm Up & Breathing Exercises" - Yoga For Runners  - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports yoga trainer Patricia Pinto instructs on how to perform Warm Up & Breathing Exercises for running. ---- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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The North Face Fuseform™ Dot Matrix Jacket - Paragon Sports NYC
The North Face Fuseform™ Dot Matrix Jacket is a lightweight technical 2.5 layer range shell with yoke sleeves, velcro cuffs and a fully adjustable hood. This jacket is special because it eliminates almost all seams and has a blend of robust fibers throughout the garment. Buy it here at: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/the-north-face-m-fuseform-dot-matrix-ja
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Women’s Top Fall Boots for 2016
Here's a review of our staffs pick of the top women's Fall boots for 2016. Please check out the links below to view the boots on our online store. The Dankso Maria Boot http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/footwear/footwear/dansko-l-maria Rockport Caroline Waterproof boot http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/footwear/footwear/drydock-footwear-group-l-caroline-wp-side-zip-7062-ccp04st--1
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adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoe - Paragon Sports NYC
Just the right amount of soft feel, the Ultra Boost features an Energy-returning Boost in the midsole and a breathable mesh upper that fits like a bootie. Log the big miles on this neutral ride with a grippy rubber outsole that's built to last. You can buy it here: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/SearchDisplay?storeId=10551&catalogId=10051&langId=-1&pageSize=24&beginIndex=0&searchSource=Q&searchType=2&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&pageView=image&searchTerm=adidas+ultra+boost
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Paragon Sports Staff Selection: Eric recommends "Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 Running Shoe"
Check out the NEW Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 Running Shoe, just in to Paragon Sports!
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Chaco Sandals - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Natalie, the Outdoor Footwear Buyer at Paragon Sports, as she discusses about the popular sandal brand Chaco and their limited edition Made in the USA styles. Chaco Z/1 Colorado Limited Sandal - Womens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/chaco-l-z-1-colorado-limited Chaco Z/2 Colorado Limited Sandal - Mens: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/chaco-m-z-2-colorado-limited ---- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Marmot & Paragon Race Your Own Way #YOW Contest - Paragon Sports
Race Your Own Way (#YOW) around New York City and win BIG! On race day, we'll provide the list of iconic NYC landmarks and your exclusive Marmot tech-tee. While wearing your new tee - tag photos of yourself in front of these landmarks with #YOW on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The fastest participant to race through the city Your Own Way (#YOW) will win some serious shopping fun. Sign up and find more details at: http://www.paragonsports.com/YOW/ Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway, Manhattan http://www.paragonsports.com
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Arc'teryx Acrux FL GTX Approach Shoe - Paragon Sports NYC
For technical approaches and day hikes, the Alpha FL GTX is durable performance footwear with an adaptive fit GORE-TEX liner. The waterproof and breathable membrane extends to the full height of the separately constructed liner for maximum climate control and waterproof benefits. http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/arcteryx-l-alpha-fl-gtx
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Brooks Ravenna 8 – BEST BUY Brooks went out and created a very versatile shoe. The Ravenna 8 is capable of handling both long runs and temp runs with ease. The update features a softer ride and springier toe-off, and BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning to dynamically adapt to your every step and stride. This shoe is for use on the road and the track alike, and has an adjustable saddle, which pulls from the heel, to wrap the midfoot in a secure fit. The midfoot transition zone and segmented crash pad was included to create fast heel-to-toe transitions so that you can be even closer to beating your PR. Womens: https://www.paragonsports.com/products/ravenna-8-womens?sku=120238-400033602224 Mens: https://www.paragonsports.com/products/ravenna-8-mens?sku=110248-400033602095
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Bike Repair Service - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Timothy, one of Paragon Sports bike specialists, as he discusses Paragon’s bicycle repair and service program located in New York City. ***Bike repair service is available only to customers who have purchased their bike from Paragon Sports.*** Paragon Sports | 18th Street & Broadway, Manhattan http://www.paragonsports.com
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Paragon Sports Tuesday Night Run Sponsored By Adidas #Boost
TUESDAY NIGHT RUNS @ PARAGON EVERY TUESDAY 6:30PM Paragon tests the new Adidas Boost Running Shoe during our weekly Tuesday night run. #boost Launch Party Product Information You put a lot of energy into your run, and the adidas Energy Boost shoes give some of it back. Designed with an energy-returning boost™ midsole, these running shoes feature a techfit™ upper and the TORSION® SYSTEM for support. Weight: 9.5 ounces (size 9) Energy-returning boost™ midsole keeps every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy; TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity techfit™ technology for lightweight and flexible upper support Flexible textile upper with welded synthetic overlays for support and stability External heel counter for maximal heel fit and running comfort; miCoach® compatible ADIWEAR™ outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability Imported
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Canada Goose Liberty Parka & Westlock Parka
https://www.paragonsports.com/products/liberty-parka https://www.paragonsports.com/products/westlock-parka-jacket-mens
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Will Leather Goods Envoy Messenger Bag - Paragon Sports NYC
Inspired by the beauty and culture of Oregon, Will Leather Bags are known for their superior quality and heritage look. The Envoy Messenger Bag utilizes wax coated canvas imbued with paraffin and nylon ripstop canvas to prevent wear and tear. You can find Will Leather Goods products here: http://www.paragonsports.com/srch/Will-Leather-Goods.htm
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Edge520 Promo
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Paragon Sports La Sportiva Climbing Shoe
Paragon Sports Staff member Thomas shows off the La Sportiva TarantuLace Climbing Shoe - Unisex. Pick up your pair at 18th and Broadway or online here: http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/la-sportiva-tarantulace-climbing-shoe-unisex
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New York's Largest Selection of Custom Knives - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports, New York's largest selection of Custom Knives. For inquires on our complete collection, please contact Robin Bremner at 1-800-961-3030 or visit http://www.paragonsports.com.
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Paragon Sports Staff Selection: Allen Reebok CrossFit 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Top - Mens
Reebok CrossFit 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Top - Mens mbrace your softer side - this Play Dry brushed stretch fabric feels deluxe. Reebok quarter zip, henley-style pullover has smart seams around your back, shoulders and Traps for added range of motion, plus the credit card/money clip arm pocket protects your essentials when you're in between WODs. http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/reebok-xcf-1-4-zip-ls
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Boosted Electric Longboards - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Paragon Sports skateboard specialist Darryl as he discusses the benefits of the Boosted Electric Longboards. Boosted Boards Dual Longboard http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/dual-longboard-2465-dual ---- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway, Manhattan http://www.paragonsports.com
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2018 Warehouse Sale Extended
Visit Paragon Sports, 18th and Broadway in the heart of NYC's Union Square for 50-80% off your top footwear, running / fitness clothes, winter gear, skis, and much, much more!
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2018 Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale
The 2018 Paragon Sports Warehouse Sale is here! Stop by our store located at 18th street and Broadway for 50-80% off top brands and your favorite selections.
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"Sun Salute & Core Strengthening" - Yoga For Runners - Paragon Sports NYC
Paragon Sports yoga trainer Patricia Pinto instructs on how to perform a Sun Salute and Core Strengthening for running. ---- Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Demo The HEAD YouTek™ Graphene™ SPEED at Paragon Sports
Head YouTek™ Graphene™ Speed MP 16/19 Tennis Racquet. http://www.paragonsports.com/srch/Head-YouTek.htm Demo info Here: http://www.paragonsports.com/srch/Racquet-Demo.htm
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Go Skateboarding Day: Ruben - Paragon Sports NYC
Meet Ruben, one of Paragon Sports’ skate shop specialist, as he discusses his love for skateboarding in honor of Go Skateboarding Day. Paragon Sports 18th Street & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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