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wetlook161 Carmen 2
Great movie of Carmen in tight jeans (Blue Rags), a simple black shirt with a marvellous shine when soaked, and 1 meter long red hair to soak and swing with! Can you do the same with your hair? :-)
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Wetlookcouples033-8 Kelly & Tom
Very playful young couple Kelly and Tom are on the beach and try to throw water at each other. Tom is much stronger and throws Kelly in the water, wearing all her clothes (white leather boots, a tight denim jeans and a little gray tanktop). They feel romantic and have fun playing in the water.
Views: 31583 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels082 Nynke2 demo
Short sample of longer movie of www.mudmodels.com: Great movie of lovely Nienke on Adidas sneakers and an only jeans which she rips to shreds. Also a nice hoodie over a shirt. She laughs a lot and is very funny :-)
Views: 109284 LeatherAngels
Mature Wetlook.avi
Mature ladies in wet clothes. Older girls wearing regular, every day clothing while getting wet. Maturewetlook at www.wetlookworld.com
Views: 114129 LeatherAngels
2 sisters in business suits in the pool, great wetlook!
2 sisters wearing business suits visit a sauna and when the manager is not looking, they jump into the pool with their clothes on. Great wetlook!
Views: 264198 LeatherAngels
Cleo in purple pullover in the pool
Sample: Cleo in purple pullover in the pool More at www.wetclothinggirls.com
Views: 99666 LeatherAngels
ThaiWetlook: Nat in wet mud and Bon in a lake
ThaiWetlook: Nat in wet mud and Bon in a lake
Views: 124423 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels043 Ingrid
Cute Ingrid in white outfit is building her own dyke of mud to create a place to roll around in.
Views: 74778 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels097 Young couple face-forward in mud (demo)
Superb movie of Eileen and Mike, they jump and play in the perfect clay and have fun going face-first all in! He is wearing a baggy pants with guns-n-roses T-shirt under a jeans shirt, plus sneakers and socks he loses in the mud. She came in a red denim pants under a black shirt, wearing brand new ES skater shoes that got stuck as well Visit our site or downloadstore for the full 14-minute movie.
Views: 134055 LeatherAngels
MessyModel: Laura and Kitto in Deep Mud
MessyModel: Laura and Kitto in Deep Mud. They talk and play around in very sticky mud!
Views: 72243 LeatherAngels
Weenchi in very sticky scandinavian mud
Weenchi in very sticky scandinavian mud, she tries to free herself, but gets in even deeper. Nice jeanssuit. Full 18 minutes available on www.messymodel.com
Views: 54660 LeatherAngels
Tess and Valerie lovingly getting muddy
Tess and Valerie are very vanilla and kissing. They're both wearing nice jeans and slowly get eachother dirty with mud.
Views: 87941 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels 019 Ania in jeans and hoodie
Lovely Ania on bare feet in well-filled jeans and in a purple hoodie pullover slowly wades in wet mud. She gets her pants dirty, then rolls around giving herself a healthy skin treatment. At the end she washes herself.
Views: 58800 LeatherAngels
Blond girl gets stuck in very sticky mud
Blond girl gets stuck in very sticky mud
Views: 125299 LeatherAngels
Bambi in Forest mud and water, nice WAM
The original movie is 23 minutes long and takes you with Bambi into the forrest, where she tries to find all the muddy and wet spots. She is wearing a black wig in the beginning, but soon her blond hair comes out. A tight jeans and a white bomberjacket / downjacket make it a perfect outfit to go with her high leather boots. Great wam! You should do it also: just go into the woods and enjoy nature close-up!
Views: 156776 LeatherAngels
Boys in wet clothes, absolutely non-nude! Wearing jeans, coats, sneakers, etc.
Views: 19907 LeatherAngels
wetlook184 Patricia 1
Movie of Patricia in an expensive dress with flaps that can fold in several ways. She slowly gets it wet and then rearranges it, making it 2 dresses.
Views: 85804 LeatherAngels
MessyModel: Pernille
MessyModel: Pernille in a great movie. She wears a white bomberjacket/downjacket and gets covered in thick mud. Now this is something else than all that nudity :-)
Views: 62911 LeatherAngels
MessyModel: Laura and Kitto in paint and wet mud
MessyModel: Laura and Kitto in paint and wet mud
Views: 162276 LeatherAngels
mudmodels026 Valerie Leonie
30-minute movie of intense mud play! Valerie & Leonie are both wearing gowns with loads of tulle in them. They first pose elegantly, but soon they start there own mud fight, not sparing the dresses at all!
Views: 37205 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels058 Valerie and Leonie
Valerie and Leonie are both wearing a plaid skirt, and barefoot. They walk into a muddy shore and start making their own wet mud. Then they put mud all over their own clothes and over each other, slowly and gently, enjoying the wellness for their skin and the fun of doing something that you aren't supposed to do :-) Original HD-video of 19 minutes available on www.mudmodels.com
Views: 47482 LeatherAngels
Wetlook146 Carlein 3
Carlein in a nice jeans video with very tight jeans and a denim jacket over a white shirt. She enjoys the rolling waves and gets her clothes wet. Pretty girl :-)
Views: 60608 LeatherAngels
Sporty Wetlook at WetlookPlanet - collection
A collection of samples from www.wetlookplanet.com, all taken from longer movies, mostly focussing on sportive wear with Nike, Adidas or Puma, but also some PVC and lycra. No nudity, no sex, just plain fun of sportive clothes getting wet!
Views: 126790 LeatherAngels
3 Thai girls in very sticky mud
16 minute movie of 3 Thai girls in very sticky mud. It's hard to move in their jeans. Actually it was one girl doing a photoshoot, and her friend and the photographer jumped in at the end of a nice day.
Views: 62613 LeatherAngels
Wetlook138 Sigrun 1
Movie of Sigrun in a tight denim jeans, low heels and a sheer top over a brown shirt. The waves make her wet and she has fun like a little girl, being outdoors getting soaked!
Views: 40702 LeatherAngels
WetClothingGirls: Lesley
Lesley in purple shiny blouse and jeans.
Views: 47456 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels 051 Levis and pink Buffalo
Long movie of girl on pink Mustang boots, a Levis red label jeans and a red shirt under a pink jacket. She walks into a dried up lake and soon she is completely covered in mud! And she likes it :-) We might need some sponsoring from a detergent company and a new washing machine ;-) Complete movie is over 17 minutes.
Views: 59427 LeatherAngels
Trash the dress: Mandy in weddingdress on mudmodels.com
18 minute movie: Trash the dress: Mandy in weddingdress Mandy is wearing a shiny white weddingdress with 6 layers, gloves, jewelry, matching shoes and a tiara! She obviously enjoys it very much! It's a nice way to do something creative, so if you have your dress still hanging around somewhere, let us do something funny with it! Write us :-)
Views: 122770 LeatherAngels
ThaiWetlook - Thai girls splashing around in a lake
ThaiWetlook - Thai girls splashing around in a lake
Views: 15095 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels040 Mandy & Amy
17 minute movie of Amy and Mandy, sitting on a muddy shore, putting mud on each other until they are covered in it. At the end they wash it off in the nearby pond, they have fun the whole time :-)
Views: 47019 LeatherAngels
mudmodels038 Amy
Movie of Amy in nice satin blue dress, getting herself muddy and laughing a lot!
Views: 64271 LeatherAngels
Thai girl goes on a mudding trip
Bee goes on a mudding trip, walking around bare feet trying to feel every kind of mud she meets along the way. At the end she gets half stuck in a quicksand pit.
Views: 67226 LeatherAngels
wetlook113 Chrissy 12
Girl takes a shower in her raver outfit, with brand new DVS skater shoes. Grunge PVC raver pants and a downjacket or daunenjacke over a pvc raver top. Also with hoodie. Awesome outfit! She takes off her shoes at the end, showing she had no socks on.
Views: 23064 LeatherAngels
Mathias takes a shower in his clothes
Planking is old! This is the new thing, taking a shower with your clothes on! :-) Mathias in a gray trainer suit and yeloow Puma sneakers gets all wet.
Views: 7497 LeatherAngels
Cute couple plays in the mud
Jessica and Yves are wearing all their regular clothes, but jump right into a great mudpit to play, kiss and have big fun! At the end they wash themselves in a river, excerpt of a 14 minute movie of www.wetlookcouples.com
Views: 156329 LeatherAngels
Premiumwetlook: Gothic Nathalie is extremely pretty
Sample of gothic girl in a great black skirt over a meter wide and a black corset. She is completely soaked in water, doing a combination of ballet and wetlook. All her clother are wet in the end.
Views: 21236 LeatherAngels
Sidney in tight jeans and white jacket gets soaked
Sidney Saffier in tight jeans and white jacket gets soaked, sample of wetclothinggirls.
Views: 38581 LeatherAngels
Beer in white lackboots gets muddy
Thai girl becomes a work of art, staring from clean white boots, all the way to be covered in mud and be one with nature. :-)
Views: 25309 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels Amber
Cute Amber is taking a mudbath to get a soft skin :-) She is fully clothed and even gets her face covered in the think, fat mud!
Views: 127739 LeatherAngels
Girl in mud! - Mudmodels006 Jessica
Movie of new girl Jessica getting slowly covered in mud. She wears a jeans with flares and a pink pullover. After a brief introduction she puts some mud on her arms, her legs already sinking away in the wet mud. Rolling around she gets all covered, but her head gets an extra muddy treatment, when she lets her hair hang in it. After she is totally covered, she is laughing, she didn't expect it to be so much fun! Note that the samplemovie is in lowres-quality, the full movie is a great HD-version!
Views: 99050 LeatherAngels
Naomi in white clothes in the pool
Naomi in white clothes in the pool, glasses and a cute Indian girl make this a great shoot! This is the sample, make sure to check the original HD-movie at www.premiumwetlook.com
Views: 143833 LeatherAngels
Thaiwetlook W132 Noi & Gao in ricefield
25 minute movie of Noi and Gao on the border of a rice field. First they make a mud spot but soon they roll into the water and get their jeans all wet. Lots of Thai talking and laughing! :-)
Views: 47313 LeatherAngels
2 Thai ladies in very deep mud get stuck
2 Thai ladies in very deep mud get stuck while climbing a landslide. They laugh and play and try to get up. At the end they reach the top, where there's a mud puddle waiting for them.
Views: 25082 LeatherAngels
MessyModel Sofia in bomberjacket stuck in thick mud
MessyModel Sofia in bomberjacket stuck in thick mud
Views: 178165 LeatherAngels
Venora covers herself in mud
Venora is wearing tight leggings and a shirt under a top when she gets into a pond. The shore is very muddy, so she soon gets black from the mud. She even covers her face in it! At the end some nice washing off.
Views: 28823 LeatherAngels
Mudmodels 042: Ingrid covered in mud
Ingrid in a brown dress and long leather boots finds a spot near a lake where she can create her own mudbath. she mixes water and mud together to get a good fluid kind of mud to put on her clothes, face and hair. Pretty girl with nice curly hair.
Views: 95220 LeatherAngels
Thaiwetlook137 Nit and Tip in mud
2 friends go for a walk and find a little mud puddle. They first get their sneakers (Converse All Stars) wet and muddy, before they roll around in the mud in their jeans and downjackets. Total movie is over 20 minutes long at www.thaiwetlook.com
Views: 52611 LeatherAngels
Simone in wet jeans
New girl Simone is wearing tight jeans and a gray pullover, which she gradually soaks in a lake. Also special attention to her long blond hair and colorful sneakers.
Views: 102457 LeatherAngels
Wetlook033 Kelly & Tom 7
Young and playful couple, both in jeans. He is wearing a white T-shirt under a green sports jacket, and she a grey tanktop under a white hoodie. Nice playing in the water.
Views: 53852 LeatherAngels
Wetlook074 Girl in Office Suit 6
Girl in great formal outfit! Or actually more some business outfit she usually wears to the office. Wearing a black skirt and jacket over a sheer white blouse makes a great revealing! Very nice and shiny wet panty as well.
Views: 143857 LeatherAngels

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