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Marshy Hope Creek Hike/Bike Trail
Recently purchased a GoPro Hero Session and decided to test it out on a bike ride along the 2.5 mile Marshy Hope Creek Hike/Bike Trail. After getting the GoPro I realized I need some mounts as the adhesive ones provided aren't well suited for my needs. The entirety of this video is shot while I am holding the GoPro in my hand; most of the time with both hands off the handlebars because I realized holding the camera and the bars made the video extremely shaky. Once my chest and pole mounts come in, and my Surface screen replacement, I will create some higher quality videos. Until then enjoy a somewhat shaky, tablet edited, biking video.
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Alone In KPPC!
The Kings Park Psychiatric Center, commonly referred to as KPPC, is an abandoned psychiatric center on Long Island, New York. It closed in 1996. The building in this video is Building 93; one of the more popular buildings on the property which has numerous other remaining unused buildings. There is a tall fence surrounding this building and many windows are boarded up to prevent trespassers, however, knowing one of the town police officers who was on patrol that day I was given the okay to enter under the condition that I do not do anything more than walk through and I in fact encountered other patrol inside the building who permitted me to continue after communicating with my police officer friend. Unfortunately, I only had cell phone with a nearly dead battery, hence the short unprofessional video. Again be advised trespassing and graffiti is illegal and can land you with a hefty ticket or arrest. Enjoy and safe travels to you all!
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This is how I put on my hat, and then I turn it around because I never wear hats backwards.
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