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Lunch n Learn   Important Oracle Wait Events
Oracle Wait Events DB File Scattered Read and DB FIle Sequential Read...tips and techniques...
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2014 11 03 12 15 Oracle Lunch n Learn Explain Plan Syntax
Oracle Explain Plan content including Plan_Table setup, SQL*Plus and bind variables, and newer DBMS_XPLAN syntax.
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Oracle SQL Performace Issues Review by Dan Hotka
Dan reviews common SQL performance issues along with some problem SQL...he has many tips for solving the issues.
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Oracle Explain Plan Content
Dan goes thru some of the items you will find in an Explain Plan, what it means, and what you can do to improve it. This is one of Dan's Free Lunch 'n Learn Monday short webinars...sign up for these ad www.DanHotka.com
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Oracle Internals  A Close Look at the CBO Trace
Oracle 10053 Trace, Cost-based Optimizer Trace Review
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2016 01 19 11 17 Lunch n Learn  Finding Problem SQL  Why is my Oracle System slow
Finding Problem SQL in your Oracle Database
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2015 03 02 11 17 Oracle Scripting Tips and Techniques
An introduction to Oracle scripting tips and techniques. I cover a pivot table in SQL*Plus...formatting the output nicely. I also cover a simple script that populates and uses the contents of a variable.
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2014 11 17 12 15 Oracle Lunch N Learn by Dan Hotka
Oracle Permutations and Query Transformation presentation. This is part of my SQL Tuning class...check out outlines on www.DanHotka.com
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TOAD Setup Options
Dan Hotka (www.DanHotka.com) covers part of his TOAD class in this video...on TOAD Setup Options.
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Rev up your Oracle Functions using Result Cache
Dan shows you how to dramatically increase function response time using a newer Oracle memory structure called Result Cache. Still on Oracle10? Dan has a solution for you as well.
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2015 05 04 11 19 Oracle Wait Events   The Good Bad Ugly
May is Oracle Wait Events Month. This video covers the background and basics of what Oracle Wait Events are. I also cover how to get more information
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Oracle OBIEE Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI s)
This video gives details on how to get Oracle's pre-setup OBIEE environment and does a nice walk thru of buiding and using KPI's.
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2014 11 10 12 15 Oracle Lunch N Learn with Dan Hotka
Oracle SQL Tuning Architecture. Dan reviews how Oracle RDBMS processes a SQL statement. He covers library management, result cache/deterministic, SQL Directives, and Adaptive Cursor Management.
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Dan drives the Model T
Dan drives several of the Model T cars at the WAAAM Air and Car Museum in Hood River, OR in July 2017
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2016 02 15 13 17 Dan Hotka Lunch n Learn  Advanced Explain Plan Content
Advanced Oracle Explain Plan Content
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2015 01 26 11 17 Lunch N Learn   Free Explain Plan Tool
How to use my FREE Oracle SQL Tuning Tool
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2015 01 12 11 15 TOAD Tips for Developers
TOAD Code Analysis tips and techniques
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DanHotka LunchnLearn Oracle12 1 0 2 New Features
This video is on Oracle12.1.0.2 New Features primarily covering new PDB syntax and options, 2 new Indexing Features, and important Procedure/Function permissions.
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2014 10 27 12 18 SQL Developer Lunch n Learn 12 15pm
Oracle SQL Developer Setup and other Tips
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Dan SteamEngine WMV5
Dan driving Engine 40 at Ely, Nevada with their 'Be the Engineer' program.
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2015 02 02 11 15 Oracle Lunch  n Learn by Dan Hotka
Oracle12 Approx Count Syntax
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2015 03 23 11 18 Lunch N Learn Scripting Month Continues
SQL*Plus scripting techniques include error handling and a tablespace code snippet useful for application install type scrips.
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2015 04 06 11 18 Oracle Lunch n Learn by Dan Hotka
Oracle SQL Creating SQL Examples
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2015 01 19 11 15 Lunch n Learn   SQL Developer Topic
SQL Developer building a Master Detail Browser
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2015 03 30 11 18 Oracle Scripting Tips and Techniques
Oracle SQL*Plus mixed with PL/SQL (a 3-up Labels program) and some SQL creating SQL techniques
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2016 03 07 11 16 Dan Hotka Lunch n Learn
Oracle12 Navigating the Plugable Database Environment
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Oracle Scripting Contiued
Oracle Scripting continued. Dan shows a practical use for SQL*Plus variables...
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