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Dredger Crew at work
A very normal day at work for a dredger crew. Practicing fire drills, Survival suit drills, Swimming drills and general operations.
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1993 Seadoo Explorer Sea Trials- 5820 Rotax
Recently re-furbished Seadoo Explorer undergoing 'Sea' well, pond trials. Running in lasted about an hour then it was time to have fun. Videos to follow.....
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Passing Southern Spain
A short film made on board using a go-pro camara, a stainless bolt and a boat hook. Best veiwed in full HD
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What we did at work today
Short experiment with Go-pro time lapse photo's. For anyone who is interested I had a fan hub with a worn bearing seat. I machined out the worn material and froze and shrunk a new bearing carrier in its place with liquid nitrogen. Then machined it down to size to accept a new roller bearing. Not everyones interest but it pays the bills...
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Para Motor ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
I know the Ice bucket storm has passed but I'm late to everything. I pledged for ALS, you know the number...
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Snow play at Xscape
1st try with Go Pro Hero 2. Didnt really put any thought into the filming, just messing about with camera mounts and position and getting to grips with slo mo filming and fps's Then edited with windows movie maker to see how that works.
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NO Limits Trackday 6/7/2015 The laptop did its best to take the shakes out
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