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How to create table and insert data in oracle
This is a code to create and insert data in oracle database
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How to reverse a sentence in c++
This is a c++ program to reverse a sentence such as "Hello World" will print "World Hello".
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HCF of two numbers in PHP
This is a program to find the hcf of two numbers in php.
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why is the slope of a curve at maximum height is 0
This video will explain an easy concept why dy/dx of a curve at maximum point is 0.Hope u enjoy it.
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Fill Mode format in Oracle
This is the use of fill mode specifier in oracle to suppress leading zeros or blank spaces before any string.
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My cat Pootoo
This is my cat Pootoo. A funny cat who loves to play.
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Pootoo wake up!!
My cat pootoo waking up after a good sleep.
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Fatehpur village
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Life and Rain
Life and Rain -a poem imagined with the beauty of life that exists in each drops of rain that falls everyday.
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Three cute kittens
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How to see the port number of  tcp process
This video will show you how to see the local port number,process Id of an application running on tcp.
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PHP Quiz 2
This is a question on type casting in php.
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kitten fights
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PHP Quiz 1
This is a simple quiz on php.Its based on operator precedence.
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Hide and seek with Jquery
This is a program where you can play hide and seek between a text in two input fields .
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