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Ultra Tour Monte Rosa
In anticipation of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (UTMR) from 6 – 9 September, ultra runners from around the globe are ascending to world-renowned Zermatt and the surrounding Alpine region. Offering a combination of one-day ultramarathons and multi-day stage races ranging from 116- and 170-km distances with more than 11,200 metres, the UTMR stage event traverses throughout the Italian and Swiss Alps along a high alpine trail that is tough, technical and will challenge even the most seasoned mountain runner. Lizzy Hawker, athlete and UTMR Race Director, created this brutal and beautiful route while training for the “Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc”, and now the full 170km UTMR is a qualifying race for the UTMB. This year’s racers have had the opportunity to explore the trail through the UTMR training camps hosted by Lizzie and sponsored by Smartwool. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool | Austin Smith & the Micro Dojo.
Smartwool athlete Austin Smith decided simpler was better this winter and set up base camp in the RV parking lot of Mt. Bachelor. Music: License provided by BrandsForBands Baker "Without Me Instrumental" Unreleased Indaba Media
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SmartWool Life
Here's what we call our "Brand" video. It shows life at SmartWool, and how living in the Colorado Rockies inspires the products we make.
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ROAM TV | Hardrock 100
Running a hundred miles at an average of 11,000ft above seas level, over some of the most rugged terrain in Colorado sounds crazy. The Hardrock 100 is that exact race. People revere it and fear it equally. For Darcy Piceu, its racing with some of favorit family in the ultra running community. We follow her through her 6th. time running the #HR100. #WhenInRoam
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Smartwool | How a Sock is Made
http://www.smartwool.com/ John Ramsey, our Sock Development Director, takes you on a tour through one of our sock-knitters.
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Smartwool Classic Hike Socks
For more info, visit: https://www.smartwool.com/activity/hike.html Over 20 years ago, Smartwool introduced Merino wool socks and forever changed how outdoor enthusiasts look at their feet. The Classic Hike sock is one of the best-selling apparel items in the outdoor industry, and the starting point for relentless innovation in comfort and performance. #gofarfeelgood
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SmartWool | Wool Washers
http://www.smartwool.com/ Wool is naturally greasy, (sheep produce lanolin) and tangled with dirt and bits of plants. We turn greasy Merino wool into clean, soft wool that's ready to become yarn through a process that starts with three steps: scouring, carding and combing.
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Smartwool | PhD In Motion
http://www.smartwool.com/ Check out our new PhD Sock Collection in action with Patrick McGlade
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SmartWool celebrates 20 years.
http://www.smartwool.com/ As SmartWool hits the 20 year milestone, we reflect on the past, present and future of the company. As well as give thanks to YOU, the many Fan Field Testers, for making it all possible.
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Smartwool PhD® Socks with Indestructawool Technology
To learn more, visit https://www.smartwool.com/phd.html PhD® Socks represent the highest degree of performance. We pack these wool socks chock full of smart features, advanced technologies and dialed fit systems to offer best-in-class fit, comfort and durability. Featuring Indestructawool™ technology, a patent-pending, merino wool-based durability construction, they’re made to outlast your greatest adventures. #gofarfeelgood
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SmartWool - Merino Sheep
http://www.smartwool.com/ Quality Merino wool starts with quality growers; and we think we partner with the best growers in the business.
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ROAM TV | Hiking the AT
Follow on of our Fan Field Testers, Maija, as she sets out on the AT. Music Provided by BrandRacket "With You (Alternate Instrumental) James Mike and Tom Indaba Media
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NEW: SmartWool Fan Field Tester Video
http://www.smartwool.com/ Check out the Fan Field Tester Program. Review our products, tell us your story, become the face of SmartWool.
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Smartwool | PhD Approach with Conrad Anker
The legend is back with a new sock.
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Developing the new PhD Run Light Elite sock
Our Head of Product Development, John Ramsey, fills us in on the new PhD run sock and what it took to develop it.
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Smartwool | PhD Ski Socks
Learn more about PhD Ski socks at Smartwool.com. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool | Men's Smartloft | Fall/Winter 2018
Learn more about Smartloft jackets, mid-layers, and vests at Smartwool.com.
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Men's PhD Ultra Light Tees
smartwool.com/ Fan Field Tester and Professional Ultra Runner Jason Schlarb shares what makes the new PhD Ultra Light run tops so perfect for multiple types of trail running. You can see the collection here: smartwool.com/clothing/ul-tops.html
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Smartwool | NEW Phd Hunt Sock
The boys down south have a passion for two things: Hunting & Hosiery; How do they come together? Watch to find out.
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The Development of Smartwool's New Phd Socks.
John Ramsey, our fourth generation sock manufacturing guru, discusses the development of our new PhD Socks.
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ROAM TV | Steelhead to Steeps
Growing up in the Pacific Northwest got Curtis Ciszek hooked on two things: Snowboarding and fishing. Now a pro snowboarder, he spends a good chunk of his time on the mountain. But when he’s not slaying powder, he is going after a different beast – steelhead fish. Roam TV episode 7 follows Curtis from his quest for the elusive steelhead to the steeps of Retallack. The Deschutes River in Oregon is known for stunning scenery and world-class fishing. What better place for Curtis to share his off-season passion? Fellow Smartwool athlete Austin Smith came along for the ride and quickly realized why ten percent of ‘steelheaders’ catch ninety percent of the fish. After getting their fill of river life, they headed north. Picking up Bryan Fox along the way, the crew then transitioned from whitecaps to pillow lines and landed in Retallack, BC. There they found the massive backcountry playground the perfect place to enjoy some early-season laps and get into a winter weather mindset.
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Smartwool Merino 150 Men's Apparel
For more info, visit: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/mens-merino-150 Whether worn trekking to parts unknown or telling stories ’round the campfire, our Merino 150 apparel is full of ultra-comfortable layers made for life on the move. We made Merino 150 our most versatile and durable 150g fabric yet by wrapping Merino wool fibers around a nylon core. #gofarfeelgood
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ROAM TV | Ruby Horsethief
Life on the River. Somewhere between put-in and take-out, life slows down and you learn that going with the flow is exactly where you want to be. Music: Hazy Memories by DRGN KING Baltimore Crush Bar None Records Licensing provided by BrandsforBands
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Smartwool | PhD® Pro Endurance with Rob Krar
We worked with pro ultra runner and Smartwool athlete Rob Krar to create the ultimate ultra-run sock. This purpose-built sock features Shred Shield™ technology to reduce wear from toes, activity-specific minimal and targeted sole cushioning, and a new malleolus ankle cushion designed for protection on the most rugged trails. These socks were built to go as far as you want to go, with unwavering comfort and performance. #gofarfeelgood Learn more: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/phd-pro-endurance-print-socks-sw001163
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Smartwool | Women's Merino 250 | Fall/Winter 2018
Learn more about our 100% Merino wool base layer at Smartwool.com. #gofarfeelgood
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#SmartwoolMakers | Scott Sullivan
Passion for doing things the right way and for the right reasons should be celebrated. Meet ‪#‎FanFieldTester‬ Scott Sullivan, the owner of The Strait Slice Pizza Co. in Port Angeles, Washington. He chose to slow down his professional snow sports and surf photography career to make East Coast-style, hand-tossed pizza the right way. ‪#‎SmartwoolMakers‬ Music provided by: Brands for Bands Artist: The Deathray Davies Song: Clever Found A Name Album Title: The Return Of The Drunk Ventriloquist www.idolrecords.com
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Smartwool | Hands That Make
Craftsmanship in the heart of the south.
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ROAM TV | Surfing in Tofino, BC
We take trail runner Paul Hamilton, whose never been surfing, to Tofino, BC for some fall cold water surfing.
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Smartwool | PhD Pro Approach Sock with Conrad Anker
Pros expect the best from their gear. So should you. Legendary alpinist and Smartwool athlete Conrad Anker helped us design, test, and dial in the activity-specific technologies in our PhD Pro Approach socks. They're made for tackling scree, choss, and your favorite approaches in absolute comfort. Learn more at Smartwool.com #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool | Fall Hunt
www.smartwool.com Ultimate warmth for your longest days. Song: "I Don't Care" Breakfast in Fur Bar None Records www.breakfastinfur.com
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Smartwool | PhD Pro Freeski Sock with Angel Collinson
Pros expect the best from their gear. So should you. Our new PhD Pro Freeski socks were created in partnership with Smartwool athlete and pro freeskier, Angel Collinson. We designed, reworked, retested, and dialed in our ski-specific technologies with Angel - bringing you what may be the best ski sock ever. Learn more at Smartwool.com. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool | Big City Mountaineers
The outdoors are a place that we all celebrate, and we want the next generation to treasure these spaces too. Smartwool is a proud supporter of Big City Mountaineers, who works to transform the lives of under-served youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions that instill critical life skills. BCM partners with community-based youth organizations and caring adult volunteers who act as mentors in the field to help young people realize their potential. We sent two Smartwool ambassadors out with a group of teenagers for an unforgettable week of adventure, laughter, and discovery.
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Fall 2016 Snowboard Preview
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Smartwool | The Growers Are Coming To Town
http://www.smartwool.com/ A quick message from some of our grower-friends in New Zealand
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The Science Behind Smartwool's New PhD Socks.
Technology overview of Smartwool's New PhD Socks.
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Smartwool | Fan Field Tester
http://www.smartwool.com/ Check out our Fan Field Tester Program. http://bit.ly/ZSDfMS. Help shape the products you love to use.
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Smartwool | Who is Smartwool
www.smartwool.com The brand, the people, the culture.
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Smartwool | Men's Merino 250 | Fall/Winter 2018
Learn more about our 100% Merino wool base layer at Smartwool.com. #gofarfeelgood
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Men's PhD Run Socks
www.smartwool.com/ Professional Ultra Runner & Fan Field Tester Timothy Olsen shares how the PhD Run socks help him go far, and feel good. See the PhD Run sock collection here: www.smartwool.com/phd-collection/socks.html
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SmartWool's New PhD Sock
http://www.smartwool.com/ A look at the New PhD Sock and the Technology behind it.
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Smartwool Merino 150 Boxer Briefs
For more info, visit: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/men-clothing-sport-underwear Every epic adventure starts with a solid foundation, and the last thing you want to overlook is the first layer you put on. Ultra-comfy Merino next to skin helps regulate body temperature, manages moisture and resists odors whether you're in Tennessee or Timbuktu. Features smooth, flatlock seams and a wide elastic waistband with Merino lining. Made from our ultra-soft and durable Merino 150 fabric. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool Merino 150 Women's Apparel
For more info, visit: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/womens-merino-150 Whether worn trekking to parts unknown or telling stories ’round the campfire, our Merino 150 apparel is full of ultra-comfortable layers made for life on the move. We made Merino 150 our most versatile and durable 150g fabric yet by wrapping Merino wool fibers around a nylon core. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool | Men's 120 Series Smartloft
www.smartwool.com Want to cover some ground in the cold? Designed from the inside out, the Corbet 120 starts with Merino next to skin, adds heavyweight 120g SmartLoft insulation for ultimate warmth, and is topped off with a DWR-finished nylon facing to foil the wind.
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Smartwool | PhD Pro Socks
Learn more about our new line of PhD Pro performance wool socks at Smartwool.com. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool Men's PhD® Shirts
PhD® Ultra Light Long Sleeve: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/men-clothing-phdrun/mens-phd-ultra-light-long-sleeve-shirt-SW016097 PhD® Ultra Light Short Sleeve: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/men-clothing-phdrun/mens-phd-ultra-light-short-sleeve-shirt-SW016096 Featuring our quick-drying Ultra Light fabric, these tops are primed for sweaty workouts. The temperature regulating and moisture managing properties of Merino team up with polyester for greater stretch and recovery and quicker dry time than Merino alone. Men's-specific mesh panels increase breathability. #gofarfeelgood
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Smartwool | Women's Smartloft | Fall/Winter 2018
Learn more about Smartloft jackets, mid-layers, and vests at Smartwool.com.
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Girls On The Run | Smartwool
SmartWool is proud to team up with Girls on the Run, spreading the love of running to the next generation. They inspire and motivate girls through runs full of cheering, teamwork, and of course, lots of fun.
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Smartwool PhD® Ultra Light Sport Jackets
Men's PhD Jackets & Apparel: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/men-clothing-phdrun Women's PhD Jackets & Apparel: https://www.smartwool.com/shop/women-clothing-phdrun Our PhD® Ultra Light Sport Jackets are the perfect shell for layering. The DWR coating provides wind and weather protection, while body-mapped mesh panels for additional breathability and moisture management. Plus, it packs completely into chest pocket for easy storage. #gofarfeelgood
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